Sunrise Village: Family Farm

Author: InnoGames GmbH

500K+ install


Longing for a new adventure?
It’s time to discover the Sunrise Village!

Explore a peaceful village surrounded by nature. Help your grandfather with handling a farm. Meet friendly villagers. Dive into exciting mysteries along your way.
Start the adventure now!


Be curious – Explore a mysterious World full of Adventures!

Do it yourself – Build your own Village!

Meet the villagers – Become Friends & Discover their Stories!

Make your farm flourish – Gather Resources & Produce Goods!

Play smart – Complete daily Quests for your Villagers and uncover the mystery of the stone monument!

Sunrise Village is free to download and install. A network connection is required.

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 15, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: InnoGames GmbH
Price: Free
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Customer review

Pheak Kom


chandni majumdar

Love playing this game but it's not opening from last night. Please help

charls pogi

very excellent game i love it

Mirasol Dealdo


Lise Leduc


Nadine Vitetta

Didn't want to load properly

Joshua Nicolle

overall it's cool but way to early in the game to be positive it will stay like this

Shrunga Subbaiah

Plss fix the buks

Surrg Light

Fun game. Rewards are great makes you want to keep playing.

Robert Shields

I'd like to see more ability of teams to interact with members. Strategy over expeditions are great and it would be cool to see your teams village layout and see were your team is. We could help each other and eliminate idle players from competitive teams. The energy for space discovered ratio is too high and makes progress feel like a drudgery, especially after level 20.


Keep updating and bring us fresh and exciting content to keep the game flowing please and thankyou. I don't like how it uses divice personal information

Greg Pittman

The best game that I have played in a very long time

Ali Saiedi


Sven Ballesteros


debbie Ackeral

it's relaxing and fun to play

Erick Mamucud

its so enjoyable to play. its make me relax.

Andrew Perkins


Donna Bledsoe

Uses to much energy and not enough fruits to get the energy back.

Candy Lin Balsamo

Trying to force people to pay to play your a zero , no thank you


Fun game. However, I am constantly running out of energy which requires me to log in numerous times during the day if I need to accomplish something. *Yes, I am aware I can obtain more energy by completing quests and such, but that still does not amount to enough energy to get everything done by logging in only once or twice per day. I am having to use BlueStacks to play your game, and that takes up to 3 minutes to load. I just do not have the time to do this multiple times per day.

shantanu das

nice game

Asim Bhatti


Michele Boucher

it's great game and fun to play

kevin morris

Great game

Tina Morgan

I think there aren't enough ways to earn more energy.

Imran Khan1122

good game I like farm games

Maribel Hurtado

great and fun game

Teresa Gallagher

To get extra energy you have to watch commercials. Annoyingly long, and redundant commercials. I used to use commercial time to do tiny tasks; file my nails, use the bathroom, go get a drink, but lately all I seem to be doing are tasks to avoid my phone, while I am supposed to be playing a game. AND I took the time to review your game, so why can't you take the time for a proper response? Why the canned response?

nancy baker

Not sure about it yet.

Amber Thompson

Every project requires so many resources and each resource costs a lot of energy to acquire and then producing takes forever. Very annoying

Dezith DP 466

good ,💜✨

Rona 334


hunter gaming

nice ☺️👍 game

Meka Fleck

Enjoy the game, but it could be a really fun game. You use to much energy to fast, to complete tasks takes alot of materials. You can earn energy by watching videos (ads), which are the same ones over and over or it tells you that the Internet connection is not good..

Yuka Antonov


Kim Timmerman

love it I dont have to make the tools like other games

Richard Jordan

Game starts fine like every other app like this it has a LOT of in-app-purchases and WAY TOO MANY ads. But the sheer amount of grafting needed to proceed to the next stage is ridiculous! You need 'this'to proceed...which requires you to craft 'that' - and 'that requires you to craft other things or WORSE YET "boat orders" which require you to craft even MORE long time items of huge quantities just to get a part Literally NO ENJOYMENT in this app anymore

Amy Dall

This game is a waste of time. The u give you absolutely no energy for the tasks that there wanting you to complete. It's a joke. Download Family Island it's much better

Holly Hill

The game isn't loading, keeps closing out.

Random Measures

Seems like a nice farm sim game. Just runs a little chunky on my older Android device.

Valentine Pena

fun easy game to play. I don't like waiting so long for energy. I wish there were maybe mini games to earn some, or an achievement section. Make 50 planks get 20 energy make 150 planks get 35 etc.

Hdkdjkdjd Jdixjdiidjd


Loretta Dargis

love it!

Donna Emberson

This reminds me of the old Facebook games back before apps. The choices made in the game mechanics are smart and make it a joy to play. I play on my tablet and the graphics look great!

Negar Hoseini



good game for killing time

Molly Rosson

It takes too much energy for one task.

Kiean Iradat

just downloaded this game. I'm enjoying it thoroughly


Kinda dislike this game. You can't really do much without the energy obviously and you have to clear the space to get to the items needed but completing one task almost took out the entire energy bar. Sure there are ways to get them in the game but I think the energy consumption could be better. That said, this game is okay

Sathish Kumar

amazing graphics.....lovely game......must install if your stressfull people


After playing for a long time building and progressing spending my money after last update all that has dissapeared ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING

Istvan Horvath

Used to enjoy the game. Progress was possible even for a casual gamer (person with real life obligations and sometimes barely 20 minutes a day to play). But now I'm at a point where a required object can only come from ship quests. Which require serious time commitment. Can't understand why you'd lock casual gamers out like this

sharon B

Great graphics but does crash frequently on my android tablet

Jay Mahon

Nice and fun!

Rohit Pal


Johnathan Lewis

run out of energy to quickly

Dr.Carlo. Zuncheddu


sue krum

Lots of things to do. Real fun!

Wanda Davis

really like this game

Brent Whitlock

Game constantly freezezs and needs rebooting

Sandra Hicks

I changed my rating from a 5 to a 3. I really enjoy the game but it has become frustrating. It some times makes you watch 2 or 3 ads to get a reward. It kicks you out of the game after an ad. I deleated the game. After a few days I decided to try it again. After a few days it kicked me out 3 times in about 10 min. I'm going to try 1 more time. Please fix the bugs.

Sharron Whiteway

lots of fun

Hollie Harper

Thank you for the tips and for responding so quickly I will definitely try these suggestions. Now, I need help again. It is draining the battery and it's really hot. Do you know what I can do about this or who to talk to about this so I can change it?

Devaka De Costa

nice game i wonder if there is way to find gems they are so hard to find

Care Bear

Keep shutting down, and I have refreshed and re downloaded.

Timothy Shelnut

I like the game

Erving Velez

Game is nice. Really needs cross device syncing. Please add Facebook or Google syncing so we can play on iOS and Android with the same save.

Affected Wind

I really like the game. Love the graphics. My one issue is that it stutters and kicks out constantly no matter if I'm at home on wifi or on my data. Makes it impossible to play

Alena Blahynka

Good game

John Wooden

This is actually a relaxing game

Daniel R Simmons

It is a 7 🌟 ratting truly appreciated 👍 it.

Carla Robinson

Advert crashing are annoying, i actually really enjoy this game and I'm one of the rare people who dont mind watching adverts for bonus' in a game but the constant crashing when watching an advert and it restarts the game is making me want to delete this game pronto! Please fix!?

Joshua Wambach

Good game!!

Amanda Tillinghast

I love playing this game

Amanda Walker

I am having fun and energy is replaced quickly. that is a good thing for someone like me who CANNOT buy anything. I have to be patient and wait.


Graphics are 10/10 Only thing I wish you would add is Energy and Diamond Subscriptions if you charged let's say $15 a month! The game is easily worth paying that every month.

Cheryl Gibson

So far it is a great game and fun.

Kathy Mills

enjoying game so far

Matt List

Really fun and relaxing game. A little addicting to... :)

teresa ross

love this game, very addictive

Tammy Mccaw

Awesome game 🎮

Radek Wiezner


Sheri Sherwood

fun little game to pass the time

peter pring

After a while gets very slow and repetitive. This is boring. So time to throw it out.

Greyson villalobos

Esta muy Bien y muy aditivo

Nay Zaw Oo

I like it

aida ahamid


mollie wick

fun game

Andrew Manual


Noel Alexander

Giving five star rating game very good

bhawna vig

Already uninstalled the app never to play again. You have many negative reviews which is mainly about energy and building. I too have same opinion like others.

Stevie Selvey

Energy runs down in about 30 seconds of playing. Needs increasing drastically to even make it worth playing. Also as only have few cows/chickens in the beginning and the orders requiring said items one after the other , it is again making it painstakingly slow to do anything. This game has potential but needs adjusting quite a bit. I will keep it for so much longer to see of it gets sorted out, if not I will uninstall. Fingers crossed.

Kristian Jacobs

Pretty decent game. I find that your energy depletes way too fast. Your then forced to either close the app and wait for energy to refill or pay gems which cost money to refill instantly.

MaryKay Gilbert

Fun game, but like real life, always running out of energy and $ as I refuse to spend real $.

Kathy Breeding

This game would be great if there was not so many glitches every time you watch an ad there's a glitch it's very slow to load too many problems

Janet Fenner

addictive, fun

S Karthi


Khojani Somil


Josh Peace

So this game has come across ads in a number of the other games I play on a daily bases. For the past 6months-year I've been searching for the "perfect" game balance. Have to say I'm super disappointed after reading darn near every written review and close to 75%-80% mention a terrible balance of energy to task/energy replenish time. I was excited to give this game a try but after seeing the responses from the game authors I'm not going to waste my time, they tend to brush off complaints.

Heidi Hoy

I really enjoy playing this's very similar to others but more interesting with different areas to play.Big bonus is you don't have to "upgrade storage" or use items you've created just to free up storage space. Great game