Summoners Era: Idle Strategy

Author: Fansipan Limited

50K+ install
Role Playing


– Premium version of the beloved Idle RPG game Summoners Era
– Free 5 Star hero – “Hehta” and Exclusive Skin for all user
– Redeem Gift Code: “SEVIP999” to get 40 Summons and 999k Gold.

Hurry up and get the most stunning items and unique skins for free to equip your unique hero and fight to become the Legends Summoner of Era.

■ Non-Stop Fighting & AFK Rewarding ■
– With the Idle system, your heroes never stop fighting even when you AFK or log off.
– When you return to your phone, claim rewards and level up your heroes. They will become stronger, gain new abilities, and be ready for battle.
– Idle heroes, Auto-battle, auto-collect, get rich loots with one click!

■ Role-Playing as a grand SUMMONER ■
– You’re a grand Summoner and there are 5 types to fit your role: Warrior, Assassin, Ranger, Mage, Priest.
– Each type has their’s unique skill and ability to help you build your own strategy for your mythic heroes Squad to defeat monsters and other players

■ Strategic Battle – Unique Formation System ■
– Flexible Formation can help you to maximize the effect of your turn-based strategy.
– Using Assault, Defense, or Balance Formation Type and combine with your heroes to make your unique strategy.
– Try out various combinations and formations to find the best synergies and strategies for your heroes.

■ Summon – Collect – Level Up – Character Evolution ■
– More than 150 heroes, with 6 factions and 4 specific skills each.
– Diversity heroes design (ex: Angle, Devil, Demon, Robot, Warrior, Samurai, Shadow Ninja, Mage, Sniper, Assassin, Gunner, Swordmaster, God, Dragon, Dark Lord, Mermaid, Phoenix, Valkyrie, Wizard, Mythic Heroes, Dryad…)
– Merge your heroes and evolve to make your heroes stronger, more powerful
– Forge magical gears and choose the outfit your warriors for victory

■ Addictive Contents & Features ■
– Enjoy your own adventure in CAMPAIGN MODE
– Challenge your power and strategy in AFK ARENA – Summoners War in 1vs1 or 3vs3 battle.
– Fight to protect your land in the GUILD WAR battle – The Hero Wars
– Survive in DUNGEON
– Raid the DRAGON TOWER to get more valuable items
– Conquer the Mystery Continent in FORTRESS.
– CUSTOMIZE your heroes with an epic costume with new effects and designs.
– Tons of AMAZING FEATURES that are waiting for you to enjoy exploring!

■ Guild Wars ■
– Make your own Empire.
– Having more fun with other players in the summoners war!
– Compete with other Guilds across servers to win Global Awards.

■Battle Arena – 1vs1or 3vs3 ■
– Show everyone your best AFK squad by defeating all other players in the Arena.
– 1vs1 Mode: Using your best team to battle with other players
– 3vs3 Mode: Using 3 Squad to compete with other’s Squad.

■ Domain – Real-Time Online/CO-OP Mode ■
– Fighting alongside your friends and Guild members to defeat the boss in real-time
– Time for some serious AFK strategy calculation to reach the top!
– Don’t forget to get help from your fellows!

——– STORYLINE ————-
The Demon has once again come back to the world, threatening the AFK Kingdom of Light, Sunfield Valley, forcing the God to enter the Holy War, Ragnarok.

In this Classic Idle Strategy RPG, you will roleplay as a summoner, who has the power to summon gods, demons, orcs, elves, titans, night, shadow monsters, legend heroes…

Your mission is to form a strong team, evolve your heroes, and use strategy to save the world from dark forces.

Not only that, join the epic summoners war in Guild battle. Fighting alongside your friends and becoming the Legend Grand Summoner and ending the era of chaos.

Download and join the war now!!!

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Update time: May 24, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Fansipan Limited
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Customer review

Sk Numan

Not bad

Reyuki Zaoldyeck

Great! I got free skin for this free Premium version and got to continue my progress. Awesome!

văn bách bùi


Jay Chandpa




Rjake Maco

Grapics impressive 5 Star for the heroes and grapics hope this game reach 100M people play it and add more heroes and the problem is you cant delete heroes please add someting that can delete heroes am tired of spending all my coins for evolve them and i cant even upgrade my heroes cuz am busy evolping my heroes but still 5 star but add a delete button please

Nillu Sharma

Learn more

Sk Nizamuddin


Mark Larsen

Game has been getting stuck at 98% when loading into campaign or tower to fight since the last update.

Emario Jasper


rajel khtek

Great game



Trung Pham

game lậu khuyến khích không chơi vì không bao giờ có hero mới ra chỉ sửa skill. English: Private server, never update new hero just rechanging hero skill

Hevrjd Nrvr

Its so good and im very very thank full for the giftcode

Logan Baer

After 9star hero is a few months wait or $20 paywall for practical purposes. After 10 star hero, oh im still stuck for a couple weeks. I started with a new server, and stayed until all areas unlocked over time. Accessing the last area is beyond any free to play ever. Its beyond $40 spent on game... but maybe not much. Just to access. Im a top of server with that spending too.

Adi Gupta

Vbvhvhducj in this

SoleilDeLaNuit Cheesy

Game was fun at first but the connection issues are insane, watching an ad for the reward and then disconnects, have to re-watch again and kicks me out during campaign mode. Great concept but lack of consistency.


Edit to 1 star and it's not even worth that. The game has horrible connection issues and needs to sync every time you do an action. Not to mention the arena is rigged to make you lose. I can beat someone twice in a row easy and then constantly lose to keep me from moving up in ranks. Fansaipan don't respond if you are just going to tell me to go to your fb page or something. That just proves you don't read reviews.

Carlito Balagtas

good game.

MarkJuster Calapiz

Amazing haven't lost a single battle

Animated Symbiosis

Too much lag

Travis Lowery

good time killer

maridi satheesh

Please enable manual mode in fighting

Guillermo Hernandez

It's seems like a fun game but it crashes too much

Sabbir y malek Sabbir


Dunt HackAgainPlz

(Edited) got the skin ,my phone is small screen ,so I can't see what I'm getting sometimes due to small screen thank you ^_^

Jesryl jabagat

Resources too scarce in the early game. Out of tens of RPG I've played, I can say that this is the literal P2W. I hate it

Ramy Samir

Not my type

James Gamboa

At first it's running smoothly but after a while, the game starts lagging because of ads. It's fun at first but it lags too much that it's crushing. Please fix this.

꧁ৡılılıllılı_Mitzy Pooh_ılıllılılıৡ꧂

fix the bugs and glitches plss also i really love this gamee

Camren Daghy


Aril Yadi

OK Bang ya

Erell Johnson

love it so far

O'Tere Roka


Hasif Rafie

Put us in the newer server bro. Some of us buying the premium are returning to the game. Putting us in older server will hinder our progress in the game.

Jacob Lowery

very good game just one problem to much lag

Mason Kerns

Good detail!

Hour Mendy

Pay to win

Rhiannon Shallis

Keeps having trouble staying connected. I just get constant disconnection and having to retry. Enough to disrupt fun after a while.

M10 Siraj

nice game

Quinn McColley

On June 25th I tried to sign onto the game to be able to play it. A few times the app kept crashing on me. Well once the game loaded it kept stopping at 98%. I contacted customer support through the discord server and was told to wait a bit before they would have a conversation with me. I don't think this is right and should definitely be addressed. Until then my rating will remain 3 stars until I get an actual answer as to why I can't get into the game.

Daniel Porto

Game does not start at all. Message keeps saying: "checking resources" and the download never completes.


Why need to be online to play and just waste of time

Rocky Rocky

Not bad

Kevin Almoro

well play

Phantom Z1

Game doesn't work it stop at 33.92/34m whe it downloaded

Tama Chan

it's like every idle game

Fast Money Records

just abit of lag and disconnections other then that good


it is laggy

Marky Buela

awesome event

Shane Hurley

Works now, but I'm not fond of pay to win games like this. I did love the graphics.

wiljen intalco

To slow in process and late on earning gold.. not balance and too log.

Vasu Gamer 2

Good but not the lag

Chetansharan Patel

If I give it a 0 star so I will give him a 0 but I want help all of that don't download it . It is very bad game

peter pedigru

Game is plain and absurdly hard to advance the progress. Staring up heroes need absurd amount of dupes which is insane for light/dark heroes when dupes are really scarce. There are no notable event beside gacha banners and some small stuffs.

Chrismarry Kim

Hi admin , I'm grateful for this version as how they give skin for free but the sad thing is the system automatically put the skin on the new server , I want to put it on my older server which is my main account , I was very excited to get hehta duplicate and a skin. later then I realized it was already added to the new server and you said it's impossible to transfer so I hope you fix this problem then I'll change my ratings :-D

Celso Spadacio Junior

Pay to win muito enjoativo

Ali Mirza

Hehe.. The Boss Challenge looks awesome

Johan Nio

horrible rates, everything takes ridiculous amounts to progress. Bad reviews are being deleted.


so goood so far

Dustin Comstock

A year later and massive bugs still exist. How can you have so many connectivity problems still? Shame I bought stuff a year ago.

Justin Paolo Ituriaga

great game

Haker Boos


Jay Thig

When I watch a ad it says failed to contact sever.

Mick Flynn

Doesn't work for me.

Sunil kumar Sharma


Ahmed Yuan

I dont like that it is real money

Surukanti Abhinay

Doesn't stop loading screen

Shadow Bhai YT!!


Ricky Morgan

Not lagging much now I've cleaned my memory good game this is only downside is summons rates are trash really puts me off spending money because after saving 40 summons and not getting a single 5 star it makes me wonder what would happen if u spent cash to try obtain duplicates to evolve your team overall good game with the occasional buffering definitely recommend if your new to these games just don't try and spend to summon because it won't be worth it trust me


very cool



Hell Fire

good game sor far.. keep it up

Shawn Lung

good game

Pramodbehera Pramodbehera

Thanks so

Jamie Davis

Used to be able to skip the tutorial which i loved but upon making a new character in a new server i didn't have that option anymore. Most games dont have the skip tutorial feature which made this one better than them now its just as annoying as the others being forced to go through the tutorial. Uninstalling

quintin rose

nice game

Pj Balajeboco


कार्तिक पहेलियां बूझो तो जानो

Game not opening only shows loading


Doesn't even play get to 27.30 out of 27.40 downloading data uninstalled 4 times still nothing checked Wi-Fi still no so sorry didn't even get to play refunded bye

Joseph Goebel

Ill rate 5star when you fix the crashing :)

Muhammad Ammar Muzakki

Hi dev! It's a great game with many characters and easy get resources, sorry for the 4 stars, but if only of you can add more event like every once a week please. It's so boring when you play this game long enough, i just log in 2-3 per day just to collect resources and loged out.

Alice B

Bought it would not load uninstall it bought it again same thing really upset as want to give it a try would have has money too shame :(


learning rivht now

Draxius Xardei


Jonathan Campean

Same problem as everybody else, game starts disconnecting mid fights, after fights especially and has to restart and is quite slow at times...

Adrian Belliot


J (Reapered)

game glitched and they reset my progress lost time on a game and it aint a good game

iNVA Der

I did purchased, but didn't receive the items

Nic rill

I was able to play this game for 1 day and it was great! But now everytime I try opening the app, it says 'checking farm resources.' I haven't been able to login for days. Trash game.


Please fix Bug in payment in my account :D

Karl Alo

this game is trash pls dont download this trust me

Bradley Denby

Game starts out fine for the first maybe 15mins, starts to run slower and slower over time.. it freezes up and just stops responding.. this has also happened with other games too in the past too. Forcing me to be unable to play them for extended periods of time. 95% of the games I play Run fine.. just the odd games like this one, every now and then that are like this. It's a shame because you lose a lot of player base by not having a good optimized game. I wish I could play this game.

Xero BGシ

Best Game

Krishnendu Chakraborty

Intese graphics 🔥

Fabian Barrett

I paid for a bundle and didn't receive it and there's no option for customer support. trash developers.

Randall P

Won't get passed the "checking game version" message on my S22 Ultra. Also shows Xmas background. What good is free if it doesn't even work?

Mirza Moinudeen

a really good and fun game to play nice work and keep it up one more thing please add weekly quest


Po da po da punaku

Aan Sanjaya

best game