Summer of Memories Ver2:Mystery of the TimeCapsule

Author: GAGEX Co.,Ltd.

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Summer of Memories Ver2:Mystery of the TimeCapsule- We all grow up someday.
Time passes, the world changes, and we change with it.

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File size: 87M
Update time: July 28, 2021
Current version: 2.0.2
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: GAGEX Co.,Ltd.
Price: Free
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Customer review


This one features a kid as the main driver of the story. Beautiful graphics as always. Gagex games are gems.


Awesome story & art

Sarah Jessica Tamon

Wish you add the option to skip dialogues especially after the day ends-stories because it is a hassle when the day returns to day 1 and so on cause we are forced to re-read the story especially us players who plays again and wants to complete every collectibles and to get all dialogues to each characters in the game.


This is a simple game with amazing adventure. The storyline is fun and not boring. Cute art, and really has a relaxing bgm. It's such a good casual game, hope there's there are many new updates in this game.           Update: I've been finished this game, it's has a really amazing & good ending! I think it's really worth to play, I'm really want to cry when i see the ending, this was cool! I'll back if there's any updated in this game. 🍃☀️

Ratih Dewi Sekarayu

Beautiful Scenery and Great storyline

David Missen

SOM has potential to be fantastic, but doesn't feel finished. The music is sweet but as there's only one tune, it becomes frustrating after a while; specific character music would make the game more enjoyable. The narrative is solid, the characters well-rounded (on the whole), but it's slow going & another dimension (such as some simple puzzles) would break up the gameplay. SOM has great appeal & gorgeous artwork, and has a honest undertone pertaining to the helcyon days of youth. Promising.

Goodnews Martins


Aryan AK

Love this game... I have an issue to get sleep, I started to play this game at night, within no time, it put me into sleep. This game is number one sleeping pill, thanks for this.

Gener Valdez

Good game.Great story with simple to understand gameplay.

Michelle Andrea Montero

I love this game so much💖


I love it. Simple as that. While not as good as Hungry Hearts Diner, this game still embodies on what I love about your games: individual stories that would otherwise be lost to time. You get attached and learn to love them, faults and all. And I think this game does it quite well. I do wish certain plot lines were better handled and maybe a system that's less chance and more requirement, but I did enjoy that. Would love to see more of this type of game!

Ace knightGaming

Wonderful story. Only downside is that you have to look up online to check out how to get some items.

Narongpon Saetan

This is the best game I have ever played in my life I freaking love this game 😭 im playing it everyday waiting for new content even if it paid gagex u guys did a really great job there keep up the good work and please update this game again I really love it so much as much as u guys ,thanks for making all the good heart warming game Gagex keep it up.


This is a very good game. This game is very nostalgic. Summer of memories deserves 5 stars. If we had an option where we could give 100 stars, I'd obviously give this game a hundred stars!

Jelane Timtim

It's one of the best games I played, the story is at its best too. I love it~


The aesthetic is superb! I love it ,it was so very heartwarming and it was pure

Phượng Nguyễn

Sousuke is really a sweet boy. He melts my heart sometimes. If i have a child, i hope i can raise him well so that he will become a good boy like Sou-kun.

Laura Williams

I absolutely love this one. So much. The time capsule addition this year is really lovely. I really hope the next thing released is a sequel to this game. Well done

Dilini Nanayakkara

Loved it takes time but definitely worth it.

th ão

several lines are not assigned to the right character yet, other than that it's a nice experience

Quinn Barker

Nice stories just like hungry hearts diner. One issue I have is the notifications don't work leading to me limiting the number trips I could take per day. Trying to get 100% completion is overly difficult going through my second playthrough. I'm not sure what the RNG is for meeting someone but for example I'm trying to meet Kacchan at the shrine and have both the ticket and item to meet him and after 10 days of trips still haven't gotten the dialogue. It's very frustrating


This game is amazing and really sweet. I love the story. Gagex is really good at bringing amazing story.

Shaehan mae Pableo

Edit: i uninstalled the app and installed it again because i miss it. I'm so happy to complete it all but there's something bugging me, the good end ver. 2. In good ending it's clear that Sosuke didn't end up with Sayaka but in good end ver. 2, his wife said she's in the picture?! Sayaka are in the picture too and so Nagi. Please make another ending and reveal Sosuke's wife.

Lourdes Jasulin

I have a request can you make a version 3 like when sasuke is already a dad or looking for a wife please pleaseeeee

Triono Puji Santoso

The art and music is so nostalgic and beautiful.

Urooj Sultan

Please make more games like this. Really love the game.

ng ng

Ads every 5s or so. Multi-staged ads. The art is cute, but the game play gets repetitive and isn't worth the money.

just a lonely lullaby

I've grown emotionally attached to this game.

Yenn Ting Ho

Super cute game where you try to unlock different events with the other characters. Wish there's a sequel.


It's really good but the ending is.... waaaahhhhh so saddddd... not really enough... waiting for the Version 3.

Indian Cartoons

Great game

Shinobu Doughnuts

I really love this game, but after I downladed it again now with this new version, it keeps on going out of the game.

Eak Dekpuek

The same previous feel good game. Heart warming music with many cute characters. Overall it still a very good game.


Ads every second how disappointing

Beatrice Chan

Love this game. It is so relaxing to play. Has a slower pace, yet the story line is so interesting and interactive. Very captivating game.

Jarippa Jororo

It's a great game. Those who are complaining about ads turn off your mobile data then u can play it swiftly. I wish they would update this game for further stories. It's a great game it was worth my time playing it. Bring back a lots of memories

Phantom Stone

A masterpiece I tell you

Ritesh Rownel

This app is very calming :)

Rowan A

I initially rated this very highly. I had to edit my review, and remove a star, because the game soft locked! I had one more interaction with the mikan man and went to the lighthouse first, completing my collection. I tried everything and the last convo will not trigger. Now I'm on a whole new round, 4th run, which its telling me to go to mikan mountain still, and no matter how many times I go, I CANNOT get the very last convo with him.

Rani Rainjana

I felt sweet playing this game. I really love the art.

Duchess Azura

The story is really good😊, and the game mechanics is really refreshing. Reading the story makes me feel like I am actually the one exploring. The art style is also very pretty and immerses you to the story.

Chidimma Chi chi

I can't believe I made it until the end i kinda enjoyed playing this game It was a rollercoaster playing it

Aries Buenaventura

3 star for now , this is awesome , this is more awesome if you win real money gift card gcash or PayPal , then more people will install this fun game

Hamran Marman

A unique game, where we follow the summer vacation of a 5th grader, on a small island on Japan. Lots of heartwarming stories..., maybe. I lost interest after being bombarded with ads. I believe the permanent ad banners and video-ads for rewards are enough. No need to shove 5 secs ads (plus lots of tapping to close them) every 3-5 screen change. Sure, there's ad-remover, but there is also uninstall option. With so many games out there.... And NO Google Play; no cloud, no Achievement, nothing.


Exceptional and very relaxing. Suitable for adults who want to have some break with non-pushover game. Love all the stories behind every characters. I'd love to see more games like this. Cheers to the developer!

Golden Fish

VIPmember is so cool.I like this game.Story is very beautiful and is true. This is a life of any normal child.

Jackie Wei

The game has very nice art and music, but if you want to see all story tidbits it becomes frustrating to play. You are unable to skip any scenes, so if you're on your 2nd plus playthrough, you have to go through all the text again. When planning your trip and going through different menus, the game bombards you with ads every 2 or 3 screen changes. I would like to rate this game higher, but subsequent playthroughs has soured my experience.

Jeslyne Phongmany

Was pretty excited to give this game a try but there's too many ads. I can barely explore how the game works without running into 3 ads within 5 mins.

John Kyle Nicor

I like this stories of his summer vacation with his Uncle and Auntie 🤠☺️

Norliana Malim

The art is so cute and the storyline is interesting

Syndey Ng

Great game like always. The storyline and the idle way of playing it is definitely charming. Just a few bug need to be fix. Sometimes the character is switched in the dialog, eg Fuma name and character was shown when Sosuke is the one supposed to be speaking. Need some organising with the time line too. Some story are triggered when it's not supposed to. And I'm pretty stuck now. Found all capsules, haven't found treasure. No one on map. Definitely need some help here.

Crystal Clare

Cute but too much add for me, every second I can't even play.

Sophia Kagalingan

I love it so baddd i hope you make a new chapter of this AAAAAA I DON'T WANT IT TO ENDDD!!! <333 i wierdly ship nagi & sosuke ಥ_ಥ


The dialogue is not sync.

Konijn Sate

Nice and touching game, just the too much ad kinda ruined the mood. It is like every 3-5 times clicking any option bars the ad appeared. The vip offer is too pricey for my currency.

Alicia Nicole

I'm happy to say that I bought every game they've released as developers who make beautiful games like these should be supported by their fans unconditionally. Edit: As of October 29, 2021 I was very happy when I saw that a V2 was released, but it has some bugs. I cannot complete the game after taking the group photo with the map completed because the event items just won't show for the next events. Even before completing the map. These bugs occured several times forcing me to restart the app.

Lazy Rain

It is so fun and relaxing 😚, I totally reccomand

tio tiffany

Beautiful graphics, heartwarming story. A bit confused at first but totally hooked up by the middle of the game. Love how this game is not forcing the players to purchase in app addition. I got the good ending and now in my second time play, aiming for the best ending!

Seren Dipity

looks nice but there was more conversations in it than ive had in real life.

Little bit of kindness

I want to play similar games.

Charnae Leigh


Jessica Halim

Lovely story and wonderful Art! Though you can play for free (with lots of ads) I really recommend you to pay for VIP as I feel its worth every penny. Not only it's free of ads, you get unlimited magic clock which helps you to fast forward the story line for those who don't like waiting like me. (so you don't have to wait for Sousuke to come back to continue the journey) And it becomes easy for you to get lots of Raffle tickets and Coins (so you don't have to depend on the rigged raffle ticket draw :P) Got stuck a few times during the game on how to proceed, but now only left with just a total of 3 scenes/convo to complete from all characters. TIP: To those confused of how to get TORCH from Emma to get into the Mystery Grotto (whom had left by the time the related scene comes up). You need to finish the main story first, then you can get the Torch from her on the second story line once she arrives.

Ume Ng

This game looks good but i dont like the story

Akio Reyes

Its a really fun game!I enjoy every little time i had with it,from its character through its setting.Gosh its so good!!

Abehail Aceveda

Love the characters of the story. I'm sad that it is finished already. Want to play more of this game 💛✨

shawn czar

This app helped me recover from covid. Now im still on my day 11, I feel much better everyday playing this game, but its more than a game to me and to the developer I believe. It gave sense of what was Japan before during the Meiji era and now showcasing in the game around 1977 or so ( I researched when was the last japanese submarine was deployed and I base on that). It's very fun and nostalgic feeling from Sosuke as me sharing the same role. The stories also made me think better of my family.

Cole Mejia

Love this game! Just as I love Hungry Hearts... Love the characters and the stories. :) Please make more games like these. :)

Daniella Situmorang

Love it. Had to play it twice to get all three endings. Thank you Gagex


Found a bug, in "the kids" dialog, kacchan's dialog box name appear as the previous character instead

Katzvielle R

I quit the game for months and when I came back I moved from one tab to another just check over things cause I forgot how to play and an ad played every 2 tabs. I watched around 5 ads now im quitting. Thats way to many ads.

Gene Andrei Rilcopiro

Great story

Shreejata Das

I am having trouble with the "Umaibo merchandise". It says that I can get ot from the raffle if I score 2nd place or higher, but I have scored 1st place twice, and still couldn't find the option to get umaibo.

Ria Evergreen

Another great game from this developer. It's soothing and bittersweet.

Lhirieliz Antonio


Beverly Joyner

Super good and love it I play it all the time! And you should play to :)

Anna Lillian


Zevania Annabelle

Everything is great. Except for the ad & I can't talk to the Mikan man or granny again Edit : and I also can't talk to Mr. Iwaki again

Lola Lolo

I love ALL of this devs. games.. Really get involved in the stories..

maybe toka

Reminds me of old summer days, it's really a great story

Mercedes Fabela

Love the game like hungry hearts better. Takes to long to finished each person. Have read the same thing him to island and ending. Send with tickets, food and stuff but don't get a new scene. Say it has a new story line time capsule so far only got the mother's. Even put shovel out but never mention the time capsule

Thefirst Gamers091

I gave it 4 stars for the reason I can't skip the dialogues that I have already read, I have to read it again and again everytime I have to go back again. Although I love the story line of each characters, and the background music is relaxing The stories are interesting and fun and it has moral lessons.

T. P.

Beautiful game! I'm still trying to complete Emma's storyline though. 3rd time playing.😅 more games like this please🙏

Lonaijhza Bradford

Haven't finished the whole thing yet but I can say that this is perfect. The art, the story, the character's. 👏 Beautifully done.

Kenny Himawan

Amazing story as expected from Gagex. At last I cpmpleted everything 100%

Mitchelyn Ando-Abragan

This game made me cry. Legit! I really loved it. I hope there will be a sequel of this amazing story game just like the Hungry Hearts.

Corinne Galwey

Raffle is rigged

Deep Stone Costco

Very cute slice of life story

Niharika Sharma

It's a beautiful game and a bit slow but this game has different endings so,it depends on your progress which one you get.I'm playing this game for the 4 time after downloading twice.And this game will never bore you,it's an amazing game and I've almost completed it but before I could go on for the 5th capsule vacation came to an end so I'll start again.But this game is beautifully made and you people aren't bias all characters get their own time and story,withor without Sosuke.Out of my words.

Mango 727

Very nice game. The story line is so intruguing. Though the mechanics of meeting people could be improved.

Random Toki

Sometimes the dialog doesn't match with the character's name


I love this one..

kathleen neko

from the heart experience

Aila Fae Abrigana

The kind of game that needs patience and the willingness to check the app for a short but multiple times daily. The story is heart warming

salah muka

Too many forced ads.

Anggie Agnesta

This game is relaxing and cute. But too many ads and there's a bit error in conversation

penguin zaddy ;o

It's really slow, not really a game for me. I've stopped opening it. But otherwise the story is good and really interesting. But I'd rather play other games.

moë de cauter

Ahhhh why are there issues?? Its so goood... But at a certain moment, I stopped being able to meet anyone... While I had a lot of conversations left... Emma left before she gave me the lamp for example, and even though I go back ten days, she's already left so I cannot continue in the grotto... I think I only completed all the dialogs with 2 people and i haven't met anyone in like... 4 days, very sad because I love your games!!!


Another masterpiece from Gagex. Very satisfied.

Jaze jjjazel

A very great story (as always). Thank you Gagex for creating these types of games. Really heartwarming. The animation is awesome too. Please create more! Stay strong and blessings!

Shin Il Jay Basabe

I'm in love with this game