Subway Connect: Map Design


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Collect cash, upgrade and connect stations between, develop your metro. As new stations open, earn more money and upgrade your subway! Decide how to use your cash flow.

* Build a subway worthy of a big city
* Create and manage a huge transport system
* Collect money and spend them on development your metro
* Complete various levels and face challenges
* Relax and enjoy the idle game!

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Aug 10, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Price: Free
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Customer review

Saptorshi Maji

So poor, i fell boredom.

Uladzislau Aniskavets

Принуждение смотреть рекламу. Невозможно играть без включённого интернета. После каждого нажатия запускается реклама


Too many ads

Shahida Khan

Thats A good and bulding game. Sir devopeler i want you ad buldings please. please,please ad some buldings car,bus. I think you sir ad this please. I am 11year Old baby. And i a good player.🇧🇩from Bangladesh.


If you want to watch ads and occasionally play what could have been a fun game, go ahead and download this as fest

Raghav Keshav Agarwal

Worst game of the world


Ad for upgrading everything? What. Make it optional, but give speed / income increase instead.

Brayden Boss


Puranjay Pathak

I love your game

Elliot Rousseau

Just great

Arjun Mali

Worst game i downloaded ever, not a game only a ad machine

Mithu Saha


Alan Greed

Brilliant time filler simple and fun

Oleksandr Semychenkov




Subrat Ranjan Dash

This game crash so much . Ex - 2-3 times in a 5mins

Daniel Kelly

Don't be an AD hore

Sk. Imran Ahmed

Worst advertising policy ever in a game.

Anh Dung Vu


Idris Danyal

The game is so relaxing and very fun and there is nothing to work on.I'm not uninstalling this game any time soon. Not even in a very long time.

Mohamad Aish

I Don't like the ppl turn shapes

Hadi Jooyandeh

Very good

zoltán cserni

Add that we can make our own lines

James Branford

I hope you like watching ads...

Pang Cui


Martyn Cornes

Fun little game of upgrades and it is olmost like miy metros

Kinshuk Verma

Very nice

Raakin Monjur

It's a subway game

bilal masjid


hasan ansari

PA the same time as Directors can't fill up the call of duty Black ops ii multiplayer Live stream the content of this is a school 🏫🏫 the same time as well as Directors can't fill up the call of duty Black ops ii multiplayer Live stream the

Col colcut

The game play is alright. Within 10 minutes of playing I had watched more than 10 ads

Sarwar Sab


Pankaj Rana


Alex Lacasse

Too many ads

Pablo C

Too many ads.

Pradip Mandal

Op gameplay Ok

Paul Walpole

Game has potential but the balance is all off. Played for a day and now I have nothing to do. I leave it collecting idle coin, and pop in once or twice a day, collect coin, buy a couple of things and then have to wait again. As it is, it is all idle and no game really.

Bassem Sharaf

Very baaaaaaad

Allan Millar

To many ads. You accumulate money for no reason. To get anywhere you don't use the money you have to watch ads?

vinita srivastava

It is a very good game I ever played in my life you have to please check this game please


Not bad at all & it's free just remember they got to advertise for income. Just play & enjoy it

shabrei davis


Robert Ferrick

Keeps crashing after ads.


it's a good game but there are actually pop up ads

Vulcu Vlad

No game should ever be played by watching commercials. But this game take it to a whole new level. I will uninstall the game right now

Markos Lambitsis

It should show prices on things

Aidan Timmins

Enjoyed the game until it reset my map to the beginning without resetting any prices, making it almost unplayable. I assume this is a bug but I've found no way of fixing it.

Marq t

It fun

Andrei Pantiru

Like make mone5

X Æ A-420

The game itself is amazing but there's way too many adverts

Abel Mohler


chady harb

This game is great tysm

Horosco Noanma

Not what I expected from description. You do not construct routes, all are predetermined, there are no choices, you can only build the next predetermined point. Otherwise, it is like every other idle game of this type, either wait until you have the money for one of the few upgrades, or view an ad for it. There are also forced ads.

Matthew Baker

FORCED ADS It doesn't matter if you have the money or not it will make watch ads. I don't mind them for boosts and such but you can't click anything even if you have the money without getting ads. Would be a decent mindless time killer if it wasn't for that.

peter fargher

Faaaaaar too many adverts! They're not long but, arrrghh.

Charles Dodd

Ad ridden cash grab

Jaxon Coffey

Very fun!!!!!!

Mansor Syazana


Inani Lamani

Kenapa ini game tidak mahu downlod?

Neeraj O R

I know the game is in its initial stages of development. It will be better if: 1. You can add more than one train on a route. Instead of evolving into a new train design each time the full capacity is reached, it's better to have multiple trains when one trains reaches its maximum capacity. 2. People building up on the train stations should have been realistic. Currently, if the train capacity is 10, there'll be only 10 people in the stations as well.

Maz Zam

You can make somthing beter like a phone cities skylines

Paul Parfitt

Great and I like it

Zaid Rawashdeh

I like it this game

Alexei Smith

The game does not even starts, only displays add forever.

Neil Evans

A terrible example of just trying to force adverts on you. So annoying very quickly uninstalled.

Max Lau

Dont show you how much the next upgrade cost until you have enough money. Always has a loading circle on the button for ad to load. Second upgrade from the get go is an ad. Forced ad too often to play the game. Not a game if you want to watch ads. Slow and does not get better with internet turned off, just as bad, the boost buttons still pop up, but with no internet, they will forever load.

*Jamie *

While the game has potential, having the constant want to load an ad for buying an upgrade is annoying. Games like these are why people use adblockers for apps. You can't even see how much something will cost as it's trying to load an ad instead. This and the fact the game is v0.2 is insanity to try and grab cash this quick. Make a game first then monetize it, not the other way around.

Little Octa Sone

. Wow

Mohamad Halawani

Very slow and upgrade seems to take for ever Fix it to raise your raiting

Jason Antoniadis

Crashes ever 5 min

Timur Beker

Idea is pretty good, I just started playing, and I really liked this game! But you'd better add more trains on the lines, not just only one.