Streets of Rage 4

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Streets of Rage 4 is now live!

Punch your way through the Streets of Rage once again!

Streets of Rage 4 takes forward the Streets of Rage legacy in this retro beat’em up with hand-drawn comic inspired graphics and updated mechanics.

Streets of Rage comes back for a sequel 25 years after the last episode : a new crime syndicate seems to have taken control of the streets and corrupted the police. All you have to fight against them is your friends… and your fists ! Critically acclaimed, Streets of Rage 4 won several awards and nominated as Best Action Games at the 2020 Game Awards.

– Rediscover the classic Beat em up Streets of Rage Franchise with new fight mechanics
– Get thrilled by the Retro hand-drawn comics-inspired artistic direction by the studio behind Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap serving juicy animations & vivid FX
– Unlock up to 5 new & emblematic playable characters and fight your way through 12 various stages to bring back order to the streets
– Challenge yourself in different modes : Story, Training, Arcade…
– Listen to a new Electro OST with world class musicians such as Olivier Derivière and legend Yuzo Koshiro
– Get retro with up to 13 alternative retro characters, secret retro levels or choose the SoR1&2 OST and enable the Retro Pixel graphics !

Do note that multiplayer mode will not be available at launch but will come in a free update after release.

Mr. X Nightmare DLC
The fight continues in Wood Oak City.

After the events of Streets of Rage 4, our heroes wanted to prepare themselves for future threats. Axel, Blaze and their mates will start a very special deranged training with the help of Dr. Zan, who built an AI program from the remnants of Mister X’s brain that simulates every kind of danger they could be facing.

With this DLC, get ready for:
• 3 new playable characters
• A new Survival mode with weekly challenges
• Character customization: build your own fighting style with new moves
• New weapons and enemies!

– Revamped interface
– Game Center achievements
– Compatible with MFicontrollers
– No micro-transactions!

Crack your knuckles and get ready for Streets of Rage 4 everywhere you go!

If you run into a problem, please contact us at with as much information as possible on the issue, or check our FAQ at

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Update time: Jun 10, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Playdigious
Price: $$7.99
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Customer review

Gen X



A must have for mobile.

Edgar Zarate

awesome game. connect a gaming controller and its on. console experience on a phone. loving it.

Lain fonseca


David George

It's pretty good.

Siddharth Patnaik

Game is great but touch controls suck

Hugh Lebitso

Great arcade classic👌

Ruscle Jones

Anyone who played the original will love this game. Must have.

Christian Rodriguez


Chris Redfield

It's so nostalgic for me on sega the first time I didn't know is on mobile phone so grateful to hear it ♥️👍🤟

Justin Lloyd

Lots of fun.

Stanley Rene

love this gams

Luhur Kurniawan

PLEASE MAKE MORE DLC, it is the best side scrolling game ever and why there is no SOR3 characters like on PC ?

Renato Farias

The game is excellent and I played on all the campaign on all difficulties. This may possibly be the most enjoyable game I played this year. For some reason however my gamepad Ipega 9087 stopped working specifically for this game after an update. This game becames unplayable without a gamepad controller


great port of an excellent game

Nay Reid

Free shipping on orders over now


nice game

Mohamed Esbai

Beautiful artwork, incredible merge of pixel-vector eras 👍🏼

Aadil Khoso



Awesome port and plays great on my S21 ultra. Just wish it was widescreen

Dale Melendez

There is no online mode to play multiplayer

Quenton K

It's crazy how the simplest games can be the most fun and when they're done correctly they're almost perfect. Why is it not full screen though?

Harshavardhan Kute Patil

loving it

Omar gamer

it is very good I like it so much

karelton blackman


Gameestar Sobhan1

Super , Awesome 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 One of The Best games of this Decade

Gage Monroe

EDIT: After purchasing the Mr X Nightmare DLC, I found that on certain stages, particularly the TV Arena, the game will drop to around 30 fps. While it doesn't bother me, I believe some optimizations could be made. Thanks to the creators of the mobile port for responding! Original Review: A fine port of SOR4. The touchpad could use some work, as the input for a blitz move is janky.

Craig Baker

Classic beat em up done properly 👌👊

Josh Wojo

Beautiful port. Amazing job guys. This is my 4th purchase of the game. If you haven't played it yet and you are still on the fence, just get it. 2 stars for releasing with a 'multiplayer update scheduled in the future'. Jfc. You should have waited then. Update: Checking in to see if u added online yet. Nope? Ok then. 5 stars when u do

johnny valentine

so fantastic you brought this to droid

Bennie Helms

Great game

Paddy Hanratty


Shan Khan

Nice graphic excellent performance

Dicky Surya K

great game

Dean Burrows

This game is amazing. Prepare for hours of fun

Carl Checkley

An awesome port. More console games should be ported over to this standard.

Mo Suaib

bhot gajab hai bhai

Jose Rodriguez

Love love this game. Great sense of nostalgia and new. Animations are on point. Worth every freaking penny.


I hope they add dash movement on all characters. I think adam and cherry is the only one that have that move. I hope they add running movement too just like on Street of Rage 3. Thanks in advance!

Fun & Technic

always good combo

Minh Le

awesome game

Rod Brito

Paid the game to have no interruptions and there's one between each stage. Let me play.

Febrian UI

Not responding buttons intentionally to get players frustrated. Better get those pixelated characters redesign. We need nostalgic items but not like this! And after finishing story, it end. Nothing to do after! Idiot survival stage contains heroes copy with unlimited star moves and their special not draining any of their lifebar! IDIOT! IDIOT! IDIOT developer only thinking about their own WALLET!

Wael Al Subait

Good game

Anil Garg

it's awesome

Kiyanoush Kaviani

If you pair a PS/Xbox controller to your mobile phone, unfortunately it won't give you hepatic feedback.

Graeme Cockburn

Buggy on Galaxy S22. Edit. Changed graphic settings on phone, all good now.


great 👍 👌

Jon Wilbur Tan

Love the game but why the 3 star? Bec it doesn't bring anything new to the table. And lost multiplayer to boot. So much untapped potential for this game. If you have the PC version it is so much better. If you are a diehard fan though go ahead and buy this if you need a portable version of this game.

Goku Wins

streets of rage comic style rush


5 star game when I'm able to move the on screen button's around I can't stand the default button lay out always mis hitting due to all the buttons bunched up on the right side of screen . I want to put my special attack and pick up button on the left side of screen freeing up space 😮‍💨... Update plz it's a must for a mobile game been able to drag the buttons to what suits your style

Daniela Milanovic

Refund half of the price until you fix the COOP

David Thompson-ileso

Full controller support, great graphics and music

QuarQ QuarQ

Adam is not available as a playable character.

harri fidri

this game is cooollll

Ho Chi

Beautiful game, old school fun

Neho Cottontail

Please make more rpg games, i love you devs for consistently making premium games and i believe premium games are better quality of games in mobile than online ones. Cant wait to see more of your future premium rpgs tho


so far I like it I was leaving a review because it's a damn good classic and I love it so far 💯😎💯😎🤘🏾🤘🏾💯💯😎

Shy Lamar

fix the lags

Juan Rivera

It's alright. Wish it had multi-player available. Some bosses just straight up cheat.

Encik RonG

cant download file extended on samsung tab s8+

It's Hayan

all.time best and mere great game then all

S. R

This game is awesome! Old school style, nice graphics and storyline! The only thing that I don't like are those two side blue lines // must be on a full screen dudes ! That's all for now! 5*/5*

Tyson Muir

fantastic port

Russel Llabores

one of the best fighting games so far!

Syed Ali Zaib Shah Lakyari


Omelet Flipper

great 👍

Scribble McGee

It's fun and time consuming but the buttons, please make it to where we can put them in a different spot.

Gideon Coltof

Awesome follow on to the original games. five stars!

Dion Darmawan


Vladimir Pudding

Fantastic.. feel like im 7 years old again playing on my sega game gear. My gamepad works perfectly. Heard they were doing a turtles in time game next. Will purchase it twice as i did this game.

BlackStar Freeman

I can't believe is just as good as the console versions

Pako Carrlaz

solid game. easy controls and play.

Kev Boss

Great port of a brilliant game

Cory Cook

Awesome rejuvenation to one of my favorite best em up franchises. Takes you back to the original, but better graphics. I LOVE that it supports controllers! Thank you!

Driller TVU-07

too hot handle

Md Riasath Arif Prodhan

nice game

job needswork

Great port

Zuhaib Hussain

childhood memories seeeeeeega

Pierre Anderson

I love this game n everything about it even on my phone. the only small problem is the game might lag a lil from time to time but it doesn't stop u at all n sometimes be a little help for u

kyle newsome

Good port 🔥

Dan Ellis

Great game, love the art style keep up the good work.

Eric Frierson

This is a very awesome game! I love the graphics, music, and the combos you can do. The only issue I have is the controls are hard to use, but that's to be expected when you play a game on your phone. I feel It was worth the price.

Ernesto Nd Anabel Sanchez

awesome game

Ra’ Tha NightOwl


The classic game boy 01

this game is amazing also where is the multiplayer I know it will come out after launch but I have been waiting forever please bring it soon

Caleb Edwards

Omg this game is so sick, I've unlocked all the characters and I'm unlocking MORE🔥🔥🔥 special moves for ALL the unlocked characters as well. Great app. I recommend Streets Of Rage 3 for app please🙏🏿. My favorite Sega Genesis classic has been immortalized!

Kevin Nguyen

Beat em' up game with super flashy art. What else can I say? I love it.

Sunny sahu

Awesome man

Miles Harris

Add Keyboard controls, couch co op, and 90 fps. Then it would be perfect

Dale Ron Wilson

Awesome , smooth running port of a great gm. A steal at ~$10

Mike Garcia

Holy crapola, just got my first big tablet and looking for an ok game to play all of a sudden I find streets of rage 4. My jaw dropped. Tried it out and oh my God there are no flaws to this situation!! Mr x Dlc and everything I hear multiplayer is going to be implemented in future, sheeeeeeeesh that'll be extra sweet. Only thing better is unlimited doritoes for life

Soffan Jatnika

Movement controller with touch screen is not good and need improvement but everything else is good

Victor -

Great port, just one issue the game is permanently letterboxed and there's no option to expand to cutout area. Any chance this will get full widescreen support?

Memento Mori

Great game I think I need a Bluetooth controller though some tactile buttonz would suite me better

Marron Daniels

Dope game!!!

Abhishek Kumar Gupta

nice game

Shawn Farmer



Despite playing at "normal" difficulty, the last stage is frustratingly hard, even with assists.

unknown person

great port of a great game no multiplayer is a bummer but it's a mobile game so it's fine