Street Rush – Running Game

Author: Ivy

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Street Rush – Running Game
Street Rush, save future street & subway destroyed by Big Boss with a runner squad!
From the markers of Subway Princess Runner comes Street Rush! Unique running control skill, Rush, run & jump to conquer varied challenges!

Swipe to dodge the approaching train, bus and other obstacles by a series of moves like turning, jumping and sliding. Fly over the busy subway and keep running to collect coins and chests. Ready to go on a chase and surviving challenge!

Endless run to visit urban subway streets, Future City, Mini Desktop, and Abandoned Factory! Jump over barriers, slide down through toy blocks, Be more careful of lasers, electric nets and bots; Most importantly you need find out the switch to securely pass screen doors! Remember to navigate your way and flexibly avoid danger!

Street Rush Features:
★Fun level design
Rush on tough but bustling subway street!
Drive a Jet Ski on water with flexible direction control, dodging reefs and floating objects.
Hop on Board to dash through skate park, doing cool hoverboard acrobatics.
Get set, enjoy amazing surf experience with the runner crew.

★Challenge various event
Challenge rich event with increasing difficulty, obtaining all medals.
Challenge daily random special level, achieve calendar days to get plenty of gems reward.
Limited time mode-Avoid any collision, gather clocks to add time and run to the finish line.
Survival mode- Run with all energies to survive to the end.
Can you grasp skills and accomplish all levels?

★Play with global runners
Score higher to compete with runners from all over the world for ranking rewards.
Higher level you reach, more score multiples you get, and easier to win high score!
Upgrade your boosters, extend the use duration to help you get additional score.

★Unlock new runners
Achieve the task goal, gain permanent medals and honors, and win more coins and gems.
Unlock 6 runners to comprise your own running squad. Team up with all challengers to save future city.

How to play:
.Dash to safe lane in advance, dodge dangers skillfully;
.Upgrade level to break your best record easily;
.Collect medals and claim gems;
.Challenge special levels to improve running technique;
.Upgrade boosters to run for a better score.

Join this exciting Street Rush adventure and save the city from danger!

Detailed info

File size: 88M
Update time: April 29, 2022
Current version: 1.2.4
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Ivy
Price: Free
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Customer review

A nagaraj A nagaraj


sadia kaleem


Zahid Hasan

I relly love this game ❤️🥰

Abeid Ali

It's very good and I like it

lynrichel america

I like this one 😊

Asha Sharma

Hello everyone It's a good game you download this game i think it's good but what you think write


Ugtutuy Ughjyui 7 7 U uuuuuuuu

Hitesh Pal


Neelu jaiswal


Bharti Sharma

Bahut accha hai

rana imran


Sonu Singh

Dev Yash

Sahil Sangma

For star this game

Shardendu Upadhyay

Nice game

Baldev singh

Jsje eo s

Ramling Vankalas


Elizabeth Rivera

This game is great i want to play it all the time.

Gabriella Koama

Its good

Dhayend Yadav

Ash glitzy

Dk shona Jaiswal

Nye a

Omprakash Shukla

Nyz. App for the street rush

Rajesh chitra

Nice 👍

SA Sumi

Rr episode do at parody

huh? what?? oh- haha, okay

this game has unique features, plus everything is simple and easy to play. not to mention the graphics which are aesthetic and easy on the eyes, and the music's pretty fun too. i really liked it and spent days playing and hoarding coins, however it kept lagging and glitching, eventually i got kicked out of the app. i re-opened it only to find that all my progress and coins were suddenly lost. my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined. it's a great app, but the glitches ruin it.

Ashish Bera

Nice 👍


Best game ever my daughter loves it souch they should make more games like this 👍👍👍👍❤️

Mary Mettilda

Good running game 😍😍😍😍

Coverline Investment

I really like the game and I love the spring events and I also advise other people but I don't know how to add my own name?????

Frederic Clay


Danisyia Nazrul

I like the game

Mithraa GS

This is my favorite game

Hyfy By 6th g


Aqib Muhammad


Rakhi Bera

This is very good game ienjoied this game and more 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

Lileshwari Sahu



Too amazing

Tapan Howlader

Very poor

Anne Alagon

This is really fun there's no problems here so i give it a five star🥰

Ranjna Devi

This is so beautiful game and why this play this every night

Edafe Alade

Wow!Just today i Installed this game and i have the ivy. Everyone who is reading this please install this game

Sona Nembang

expensive characters but the game is nice but the ads are coming after each reward or after losing .

Misheck Munkoyo

I like this game, is the best running game I have enjoyed alot

Malik Hasnain

Malik hasnain💙💝💙💝

Kubako Zindo

Gooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooood

Ogo Onyocha


Carla Wright

This game is super cool


Achha hai isliye kyounki ye game bahut hi easy nahi hai bus itna hi abhi ke liye


The level 17 is soo.. hard but nice 👍 🎮

Juniadsabir Sabir


Linda Austin

Love playing this game

Sandeep Chauhan

So good game I like it 😍😍

Mukesh Yadav

This game is amazing ,

rafa raisa

i like it because the karakter ist cute


i love dis game

Tanya Baisoya

NICE GAME 👌🏻WOOHOO thanks very much 😊

Suraj Thander

Very nice

Mia Arado

This game is very nice but my only problem is sometimes when I click ads if I lose it just resets me back to my home screen...tho overall it's nice....

Neha Tiwari

It is very nice and wonde

Joicy Jomin


betty thatcher

Got fed up of it after a few days!

Shasha Vali

Super Mi

Genges Waran


Sharif Khan

Amazing game. I like it. Better than subway surfers.

Maria Pelete


Charanjit Kaur

This game is very nice 💗I like this game

James Walker

It's great love the graphics

anthony de mesa

Love this game God bless you


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Betty Hill

Ripp of of subway surfers but it ok

Samim Khan

Khan sami

md mostofa


Tsetsegmaa Tsetsegmaa

Сонирхолтой тэхдээ их хурд шаарддаг Учираас надад их таалагдлаа

Nabajyoti Barman

Lawde ka game hai

Prince Charming

The best.

diviti satyam


Sabrina Thomas

Not really good 😉 because there's some ads i hate ads 😹

Moutusi Dutta


duminga muyengu

This game is so so nice I love it so much

Sima Mahanta

Good 😅

Ragad Eslam

Aswif ,

Manisha Agavane

So nice this game

No Name

Very nice game

Geeks Gaming

I love this game but you copied the Subway Surfers

Arjun Singh


Sandhya Ravi

Bahut mast game h

Susanjengi Waitherero

It's okey I will be traveling home tomorrow morning h

Anotipa Mberengwa

I love this game because it has skate park and jetskiding and time traveling l love it so much I play these game forever 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾🤭

Gabriele Jung

Can not stop playing

123malikii 456malikii

حلو والله

Amarjit Singh



Ossum game good graphics



Face Lock

your game is so so good its like wen your sad and playing this your sad feelings will be happy because of this game.

Ashani Kumar

Vry nice game

Arun Nanadi


Dian wulan


Mumbejjah Ali

Great game really

siya giyo

It is very good to hear from this point 🤣🤣

K Malsawmdawngi

I love it , wow.....

G. Monica Raman