Street Boss : Shootout

Author: WillBeFun

50,000+ install


Street Boss : Shootout is an FPS game that incorporates Roguelike gameplay.

Detailed info

File size: 162M
Update time: April 13, 2021
Current version: 0.0.15
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: WillBeFun
Price: Free
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Customer review

ashok patel

Serious Issue with game.. I hope I could tell you more through screenshots but I don't know where to send it.. I lost in a battle where I had more points than my opponent in brawl... No doubt this game have a huge potential but one star for all bugs

yaeesh muhammad

The best game ever

Lori Wolf

Best games ever love these StreetBoss Shootout games.

ZakariaZED YTV

This game is fun and good, but it will be better if it dowsnt need internet , we need it offline please

archana agrawal



LOVE IT!! First FPS that I can actually play! Love the genre but have never found one that was playable for me. Seems like you almost have to be actual sniper with other games to mi e past 1st level. The aiming on other games is ALWAYS jerky, way too sensitive, just plain impossible. Not so with Street Boss!! Like I said LOVING IT!!

Jon Wilbur Tan

Could be more but it's fun.


This is cool on the lines of a few other shooters! I like that you can automatically take cover & change cover if there's 2 barriers to do it. Hardest weapon to use & stay alive so far is the sniper rifle!

Marc Dorval

Great game all around amazing and really caught me off guard with it.i really didnt have highexpections when first seen it but im glad i dont judge a book by its cover and decided to take chance on it ..cause seriously guys great work keep it up .people try this out wont be dissapointed im telling you this Truth Certi....


The need for cards and a vip system, ruin the game. Plus to progress you need to be able to beat paid players in a brawl why is that needed to progress levels.

Kenneth Bailey

Idk whats going on but i love this game. Recently anytime i try to do anything the game crazhes. Please fix this!

Antoin brown

Good game

vignesh s

Why my rubber sniper gun is unable to shoot fast suddenly from today. Usually I shoot very fast and it auto aims the target. But from today evening I observed that auto aim is not happening when I shoot. When I touch the screen very fast, the Rubber sniper is not responding fast enough. Please correct it immediately.

Treyvon Sylvester


Hamilton Webb

Fun n addictive

Steve moustafa


Marreo Drummer

Sweet!!!!! Great game!!

Mr midnight

It was great but after the update I'm thinking of uninstalling the brawl was fun but then you put in unnecessary cardboard cutouts and the other team does not even attack then you raised the number of pieces for new guns a lot instead of doing that you should add new guns like a flapjack gun that slows down the enemie or add new costumes like a shark costume for the Surfer guy that raises his attack it was a A game now it's a B game

scooter Waylein

Good control configations

John Wick

Its dog water

Just being honest

Excellent graphics.. Can't seem to stop playing this game. Keep up the good work

Michael Wallace


Nathaniel Harper

I like it kinda hard but mind blowing.

Sean Llinet

It won't go any further...somethings wrong...fix it.

Emanuel Taylor

Great game to play

Mark Pearce

Fantastic very good😍😎

Anthony Solomon

Great game

That Girl

Very good game but FRAG is much more better

Fuza Kenna

Why i couldnt link the game to my email???

Super Boat1211

Legendary & Epic crate too expensive, devs are money thristy like all mobile games, brawl star control suddenly gone can't shoot and stuck

AriA Ashrafi


John Wesley McKinlay

The pathing in some of the missions kills you. FIX YOUR PATHING

Ryan Carlson


Khalaazar King

Hero gets stuck trying to go up the stairs on 2-13, making the entire game useless.

David Wilson


Tapas Chakraborty

This is game is overall just amazing, but one thing I am struggling with is the placement, all the players are forces to play on a horizontal phone and some people might not have that big of a phone including me, so if the Dev's of the game can fix this, it would be appreciated. Other than that the game is just amazing. GOOD JOB Dev's! I'm having lots of fun playing this!!!!!!

Kipp Reynolds

Fun until it freezes now everything i open it

Dan Thomas

Good game fun to play but needs more levels

Peter John

D game is fun and I don't mind playing but I have 3 separate instances where I bought and upgrade pack for a gun the money was taken but I never received it. I've sent numerous emails and no answers from them this is not cool don't mind spending but I don't like getting robbed either

Michael Wise

Please check out queen's pier it's gets stuck