stop the flow! – rescue puzzle

Author: FTY LLC.

1,000,000+ install


stop the flow! – rescue puzzle – draw walls & protect me!

Detailed info

File size: 87M
Update time: September 2, 2021
Current version: 1.0.6
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: FTY LLC.
Price: Free
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Customer review

Bolla Ruthwik

wast game


too many ads

parasite dcease

Un able to play without internet.

Tomas Voska

Too easy

Lee Rooke

Fair enough game but ...ADS EVERY 2 STAGES!

Aravinda S Kamath

Good concept, Bad built, bad touch response. Uninstalled

Jana Haefele

To many adds

Anne V

HONEST OPINION! There are tons of ads but they are usually skipable after 5-6secs. I find the game fun and keeps my brain working. For me, the 5-6secs ads after every 2 levels are worth it. Try it out. Just delete it if you don't like it

Morris Boyett

Triple click ads! Poor game!


Gay ads

Darwin Buenaventura

Ads in ecery click

Jannick Lund-Pedersen

Per 2 clear you're forced 5 second commercial and that's an instant no-go for me, so i uninstalled the game after 4 clears

Malik Khurram

Too many ads irritae after and before every level and can not play offline.


Ads after every level, literally spending more time watching ads than playing the game

Corey C

Sometimes the walls jump unnecessarily but its a good game. Ads are annoying as hell but to be expected.

Eduardo Reyes-Torres

Me Draw line. Me brain go !@#*...

Steven Collado

to many commercial

Paul Gonzalez

Just an add app waste of time you have to watch multiple 45 min advertising before you can even do anything


I've played bad games before, even bad mobile games but this one takes the cake

Daniel Hartman

Ad from the start to even play? nope.

Hope Caswell

Very Bug filled game. Not entertaining and doesn't really make you think. Stopping the flow is just common mechanics and physics. For example: the flow just draw a >-< blocks just about all of em. 1 peg draw a triangle 🔺️ around it and your person. Really Boring don't reccomend it

Jozua Smit

5 seconds play time 30 seconds ads. Purposefully made the ads so that you can't click them away but have to go to play store first.

F. Ferdhian

Too many ads. Sorry must uninstall

Eli Vash

چرا برای من باز نشد ؟


Play a 30 second ad everytime you beat a 15 second level


10 seconds gameplay followed by 30 seconds of advertising. But that's not the worst part. I played 20 levels and if this is supposed to train your brain, you have to be retarded to start with. It's insanely easy, no challenge at all.

Lil Wisp

Fill the game to the brim with ads and can't play it without Internet so you cant avoid it? Wow. Terrible.

Narmatha Ramamoorthy

A little interesting but a lot of ads. Not even worth for time pass

Dan Ra

Ads. Without internet connection it won't work. With internet connection - ads


Adds every two rounds. Each round is like 5 seconds, só you have to see a 30 second add every 10 seconds

Sarah Herd



Too much ads

Saya Givehchi


Pedro Felix

Too many adds.

McKool's Diesel


Nami Aster Krichevskoy

Ads for every level before AND AFTER. Hence when rewards that can be claimed for watching ads show up I just reject it outright 🙄 Not worth the phone space. Uninstall immediately.


stop appearing in my ads please


Ridiculous amount of ads, don't bother.

Adi Vrabac

Game is great as idea and realisation,really loved but amount of commercials are make it non-playeble.Such a shame.

James Green

Too many ads. Literally made to generate income from advertising. That's it.

Laila Noor

Weast your time, bad graphics, full of ads

Gemini Wanders

All about ads. Per 2 games comes a 30 second or more ad.

Dheer Advani

Too many ads . No gameplay

Ian Laessle

too many advertisements

Amanda Woods

Super weird looking cool game that will challenge your assumptions. Funny way to kill time. Love.

Daniel Mills

nice little game. way to many adds

Mark Chalaris

Add spamming app

changy yang

Game was getting good until i got to level 38 and beyond it freeze way to much game dont run smooth at all past level 38 dont waste your time and play this game

Reza Zamiri

best game

Marc Vincent Mendoza

too much ads

Christi Durden

Way too many ads. You can only make it one or 2 rounds most before you get another pop up. I get that it's a free app and the ads pay for the game and all the developers wages. However, this many ads for a game that isn't very challenging makes this a dud.


Too much ads

wanna phyo

Trash app, Definitely.

Coral Crayon

this game is wierd but fun would be better if there were less ads I understand that ads keep the game free but this is an incredible amount


challengeing yet simple as long as you are ok with the commercials.

D.C. Bell

Too many ads

Nitin Patel

Not starting game and display is black😡😡😡

Lloyd Russel Suazo

Too many ads

Athena Testarossa Hayes

the game was good until too much ads from Lazada ruined the game

Harry Garg

To many add

Richard Ryan Dela Cruz

This game is good but full of commercials i enjoy it but will uninstall because of ads full of ads.

Dawid Konarzewski

There's a game in your ads, please fix this. I can't focus on the ads because of the game.

Parwez Sk

Nin stop

Moose Head

It seemed like a cool game..but there's too many glitches, so I'm out!

Ricky Kamboj


Tim Duncan

There are so many ads it's completely stupid! There is zero point to have that many ads under any circumstance. The stupidity of the game makers allowing that many ads....


I love it its funny

Lm_does Brushes

So much ads! Nothing to gain from it either. UNINSTALLED

Justin Hardesty

If you like ads, you will love this game.

magic koopa 2019

This game is full of constant ads and and gets slower after a couple levels probably will get to a point where it crashes do not recommend

Brian Means (a random white guy)

90% ads

Swish Swash

too easy

Lee Melia

More adverts than game. I have only gotten to level 10 and I have spent more time watching adverts than playing the game. I wouldn't bother downloading it unless you want to watch adverts.

Sumit Kumar


Frank “JD” Perez

constant ads and you cant play offline to get rid of them

Milo Income

DO NOT DOWNLOAD DONT WASTE YOUR TIME. You spend more time on ads than you do the game.

Marcoroni Gootz

Like clockwork, an add every two rounds and an add for everything else too...

Ereni Polhamus

The ads on this game are actually so inappropriate, don't get it. The gameplay isn't even that good, you just draw a line and boom, done.

Eli Villas

Learn to play the game

Erica Carter

this games actually somewhat entertaining its exactly as it says it is in the ad. haven't had any issues with the app I definitely play it

gaurav goswami

Too many ads

akash khandelwal

too much ads. excessive amount of ads

Shaylin Gonzales

ads every 2 rounds so annoying



Salko Hajrić

cool game, could be improved (for example, make it so points you make depends on lenght of the line, perfomance could be also improved, and for god's sake not add after every 2 levels

Arbaz Shaikh

Poor game very bad


It's a simple game that plays exactly as advertised. If you're wanting some simple mini puzzles, you should check it out!

Parvez aalam

It's good game

Dmitriy K.

Overwhelmed with ads, uninstalling.

Puranik Bhuary

Itna ad mat diya karo jitna gane ni khelte usse jyada ad gussa dete ho....😡very bad game anyone don't try this

Debra Hall

Not a good game, dumb, and so easy I could play with my eyes closed

Alpha Venom

ads more than the game 😡🖕

Izumi Tachibana (Izumi•)

Seems like a fun game but I can't get past the black screen and now there's no way to play if you're on an Android bison.

Draphin DeGrim

To many ads. This game isn't worth the space it takes with all these ads.

j H-G

lots of ads but hey its free

Sayantan Mukherjee

Too much ad

Noname McNotaspy

too any ads


Disaster. Ads every 2 rounds

Tufan Dey

Verry bat game.

Eddie P

Too many ads, too easy, and the people in the promo have to be idiots