stop the flow! – rescue puzzle

Author: FTY LLC.

1,000,000+ install


stop the flow! – rescue puzzle – draw walls & protect me!

Detailed info

File size: 87M
Update time: September 2, 2021
Current version: 1.0.6
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: FTY LLC.
Price: Free
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Customer review

Scott Grant

to many adverts

Jacob Harris

way too eazy

Wayne LfT

It's fun, puzzles are fun and you find yourself inventing different ways to get the water to hit the character rather than save it, however this is not able to be played offline meaning you are forced watch ads, skippable or not I'd like a choice in playing offline.

Daniel Stewart

Ad overkill.

Irfan Ali


Christo Wessels

So much forced ads longer than 5 seconds more ads than play time

alex tan


Kevin Gordon

Mildly entertaining for 30 seconds. I played the first 15 levels. There is no challenge or thought required to complete any level. The music is the best part of the game. The insane number of ads is the worst.

Lyndsay Deichmiller

Way too easy, it's boring quickly. Got passed level 30 and it's still way too easy. The game also froze twice in the short amount of time I've had it installed.

myokoko aung

too many ads

Māris Novožilovs

Could be a good game if not for the huge amount of ads, ads, ads ...

Jacob Michael

Just more ad trash

jesus sotelo

ads every other level

Don Burnett

Another game with way to many ads! Uninstalled!!


All ads

Bryce Keeler

this game is easy and sucks bad

Rafi M K

Ad for every 30 seconds...

Md. Ashiqur Rahman Lipu

Too many ads

Robert Mazziotte Sr

could be so much better if I didn't have to watch an ad every two levels

Nate Blak

The fact that I have to watch all the endless ads and the game won't operate in airplane mode made me delete this almost immediately.

Eli's Kelley

took about 20 levels before it took more than 1 try. The only fun levels are the harder ones, and there isn't a lot.

Sheela Verma

This game is not working in my phone and show screen is black 😡😡 and also wasted my data😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Vishnu K


ramchandra kulkarni



Ads. It's designed to deliver ads. Plain and simple. Which is sad, because it actually looks fun. It's simply there to get you to watch ads. Slammed with ads the second you open it, each level, which takes 5 seconds, is followed by a 20-30 second ad. Not worthy of your time. I have also submitted a report. This app causes major crashes.

Terry Somerville

I really want to like this game, but it literally crashes so many times, and I have even paid to stop the ads 😫 I would love to see an update on the stability of this game, and would give it 5☆ if it was less wonky.

Dominic Ortiz


Franco Nantel

Stupid game that blast you with Ads every 10sec...

Don Lipscomb

Too many ads. There is an option to skip a level, choose it ans it will play an ad. Immediately afterwards it will bring you back to that same level.



Noah McFarland

I played through about 20 levels of the game and had to stop because the game would routinely crash and/or completely lock up my phone. This is obviously a game that has a goal of making money which is fine (45 second mini-game demo ad every 2 levels is pretty standard) but if the ads stop up the game and cause the user to lose progress then that is too far. Few of the mechanics worked as intended when it comes to object collision and the ability to distinguish a win condition was unreliable :/

Mason Headford

An ad between every 2 levels. The gameplay is exactly as the ads would lead you to believe, but you won't see much of it. It's a painful incentive to pay the $5 to get rid of the ads. It would have been preferable if they locked three quarters of the game behind a pay wall. I'd rather a free demo than a free screening of advertisements every other level. And I literally mean EVERY. OTHER. LEVEL. It is clear that some level of thought went into this game, just not how it was monetised.

Martin Bourne

quite a lot of ads and game seems to lag at certain points. but still a but of fun for a few hours.

Vishal ighe swit dream


Gaggi Jattana

To much add

Bharat Kamble

most of ad is iritete

Krasimir Dimitrov

Forced adds every two levels which is literaly every 20 seconds. That alone makes the game a complete trash and does not allow to enjoy it!


Great game but paid for no adverts as they were unbelievably long & only the pop up disappeared (which was actually blocking the screen on the game but I still get the long adverts in between levels which is a massive scam! Also makes you have to change characters frequently whether you want to or not then you're made totally watch another really long commercial for the privilege!

Paul Leech

Laggy, on my S22 Ultra. Good concept just poor coding skills. Do it right or someone else will, also so many ads...

chirag shrestha

Poor too much ads

Xavier Edwards

Fun-ish for the first 5 levels, then just becomes redundant and too easy. Overloaded with ads every 2 levels, then forces you to watch an ad to get new characters that aren't that unique or special. This has great potential, but is struck down because its simply a cash grab.

Shaun Taylor

Way to many ads

Jido Vaalheimstrad Novinho

It was fun!

Vikrant Kumar

Very very bad game 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

Sandarlay yangon

Please Help Me

Historical Dancer

Too many ads I stopped after the 3rd ad before I even got to play the game

Mladen Blagojevic


Brk Dncr

Too much ads. Freezing.

Sam Bilner

Awful. Way too many ads. More ads than game play

N Sul

Too many ads so confusing dont waste your time

Sim Song boh

Too many ads and the levels are way too simple.. hardly a challenge. Get to level 100 in a blitz... Spend more time on watching ads than playing.

Kiran Kiran

Of course this will upset you. No one should download this

Vip Vip


Hector Martinez

too many adds

K Mag

Downloaded as it looked like a good simple fun game...Got to stage 30, half my time was ads, the rest was repetitive game play. Had potential to be a good game, sadly Dev missed that bus.

bezz s

Cool game too too many ads

shin htut ko

It sucks it horribly sucks it just replay the same levels again and again plus soo many adds

Naitik Gupta

Vest of time

Jazz Saxx

everything repeats after lvl 25. I would like for there to be more levels as well as less frequent crashes. Very good game

Village gamers

Worst game i have seen in my life it is not opening wasted my data


i give 5 cause it makes your brain thinking more

Clay Moore

Not worth your time. 2 games that last 8-10 seconds and then 1-2 ads that last 30 secondd

Timothy A

To many ads.

John Maka

too much ads too ez

Ole Michael Walden Oldhøj


Nicolette Conklin

Can't play with wifi off to stop the constant ads. Ads after every 2 levels. This game sucks!

Rebecca Schneeberger

Crashes alot, to many long videos, but it's fun when I do get to play it

funni youtube channel

*dies from cringe*

G Deep

Way too many ads and it needs active internet connection all the times.

Nate's Gaming

nothing but ads. i would do an actual review of the game. but i barely get to play with his many ads there are

Ozark Mountain Ranger

Infinite blue screen. Game never loads. Galaxy S21

Carl M. Gregory

Too many ads

Izzy Gordon

Just broken. I loaded up the game for the first time and was greeted with an ad. The game then crashed. I tried to reopen twice and each time it loaded onto a plain blue screen and then crashed.

Edison Zulfaj

Too slow and many ads

Ellen Ross

The line sometimes fails to form, and the obstacles killl you.......ridicious. Very difffficult!÷÷!

Eri DaisyJohnson

Doesn't even work

Travis Bowles

I got to stage 15, to do so I have watched 30 ads, in all I think I've played 5 mins in the past hour... this is not a game, its an ad farm DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. Also forced online play, no way to remove ads

danielle atchley


Phil Stanleyjr

Just a black screen??? What kinda game is this???? Uninstalled immediately!! Terrible!!

Subir Bej

this is not a game this is trash, i downloaded and started then my screen show black screen. 😡😡😡

Kevin Christopher

10000% ads, 10000% lags

Josh Kerr

fun game


pesimo juego aburrido y lento

Donna Estes

When I want to reinstall it it didn't reinstall that's why I give it a one star that's ridiculous 😠💢👿😾😡

Eric Dunn

way 2 many ads

Robert Acker

5 minutes of play gave me 11 ads... not playable like that.

Danielle Vetter

Fun time consuming game but forces ads upon you and you can't turn off your internet or all you get is an "Internet connection error" You developers really got to stop force feeding us ads, I get it that's how you get revenue but it's a bit excessive. And if we choose to skip don't make it a 3-5 step process to do so.

Jose Taupa III

This game is about ads, so 99% ads 1% game.

Elina Ahmadi


mahmoud kobayed

It's like a game made for ads you can't even play offline to ignore the annoying ads after EACH level!

arwan yusuf

Kakean ads,

B. Ahmet Gurman



Too many ads also too repetitive


dont do it!! fun game but you will get ads every 2 rounds... game is not fun anymore

Jan van Ommen

Fun brainer


Good concept but after every level there is a add

Pedro Lua

too much publicity

Jhing Costillas

The most disgusting game to many add stupid game nothing work the if you turn off the Internet. This game made for business purposes only too many advertising please don't download this game this is scam game


Watch an ad after every level? No thanks.

Islam El-Husseiny

Ads are a must.. doesn't work without internet