Stickman Ragdoll Fighter


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Stickman Ragdoll Fighter – Punch & kick ‘em all in stickman fighting game! Beat the other fighters!

Detailed info

File size: 72M
Update time: August 21, 2021
Current version: 0.1.2
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Price: Free
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Customer review

Aldrin Loterte


qasim mubeen

I like this game

Sherin Raison


Deanna Wilson

This game is awsome but if you can change the movement. I would give it a five star

Naveeta Patel

This game is best of the best game i give you 5 star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Roshan C

This game is so funny and good fighting game I playing this game last 3 year's

Andrew Williams

So cool I can't stop playing it

Marva Gaston

I love it

Christian Jazzi Moratin

You can't even aim

Cuinn Bacus

Is fun is Little fun be caz is funny when I'm walking is Little funny is crazy walk yes is crazy walk.

Crystal Wheelock

So beautiful make me want toejdnejd

Joshua Brown

It's really good game

jay roblox

I love your game I used to play on my papa's phone

Ejen Vigil

It's different, but fun

Tony Santiago

This game is really good I would have called it drunken stick fighter.

Summer Payne


Miguel Flores

Juego gracioso...

Isidro De La Torre


Derek Lopez

this is cool 😎👌


It is so good

Surinder Marwaha

Very good

Lynette Galloway

I LOVE IT!!!! Enjoy PLAY PLAY PLAY (think of your enemy, then kill!!!!)

Rico Suave

Sick as F#$K!!!!!!

Rhonda Fugate

It's a fun fighting game

Nasir Khan

I love this game very much it just neeeds to be like you can even bring maps and everything i like this game

Chaitany Pare

The good gems in the world

Alfonsa Ayala


Timadi Christiana

I love this game 🎮, it is a very good game

Tyriece Johnson

I. Love it. Soooooooooooooooo. Much

A Random Dark Knight

If youre looking for a fighting game look somewhere else the game play is walk right and win, unless you enjoy being bored and watching ads. (If you could control your attacks and hit when you want this could be a decent game but the auto hitting and just walking is just so boring i dont see how anyone can find this enjoyable. Not only that but this game has glitches every few minutes, very lazy and unrefined game.)


Great game

Melody Carter

I love this game so much



Dan Mbelema



what happend to the old one

Gelisa Robinson

You could take out your anger

Kamisha Echols

I love you

Vince Davis

It's hard for me to stop playing it.. I strongly believe that theirs a method to controlling the fighters punches and kicks.. like having a ragdoll in your hand and trying to make it do what you want it to do... The real challenge is to make your doll look like it has bones , not just win. LMBO 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Tiffany Powell

It's like WWE but a little bit better because there's weapons and guns it's just fun just like the other games this company is really good at making games 😍😍😍

Carmen Pavlides

I'm so good at this that I cN beat the level so easy that I'm like a pro 😎 😏 👌

Anthony Sanchez

It's cool

Eiesha Williams

I like the fighting

THOMAS Klinaftakis

Love it perfect sound affects still love this game i am CrazyBigGreek

Kerryanne Daniels

is super good

Nicole Williamson

It's good

Tiffany Rutledge

I love it alot

Rohaya Baharin

This is the fun game ever but just 1 thing I want update but this game is fun!!!


Good game

Zul Remy

Aci gamespot main game horror movie is that 7

A Google user


Dan Hunt

I love the chaos

Cory Matiskainen

Great 👍 👌 app.

Nazir Williams

Im sure everyone has these weird little company games right? For me its this one i genuinely enjoy it, good job game devs. The other version is good too👍

Georgi Georgiev


Wasim Pathan

nice for kids ³years

Shawn Johnson



This is the best ,yo yo

Zafar Akbar

my favourite game 😁

Aiden murray

Best game I ever played like five out of five best ever

Jordan Smith


C.R. R.

You are the best game creators

Santa Lama

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James Bond

This Game Is My Fav Game Do You Want Fighting Game Choose This Game This Game Really OP Game Ever Download Now🔥

Ali Razak

How to 🪙

Notux Nil


Zeny Dangcal

I love and like this game❤️😍😘💕

mohammadjavad kalate

Nice game and perfect

Cheyenne lilly

It is so fun

Mahim Bepary

This game is good the physics mechanics are funny the boss is unique because it's more rewarding then basic fights before the boss. The game is a OUTSTANDING time killer if u have a lot of unused time and if your bored, overall it's a great game which should get more ratings and more interesting updates and bigger ones. So I hope the devopers take this Feedback helpful and I keep going the EXCELLANT work that your devolper team is doing


Bro am going to say this play game come on people it's fun to play very fun and when download it your supporting the people how make it so please download now

Cabdulfatax Cabdirashiid

Wow shsssshshs

Sepideh Shabaniyan


mukul bhardwaj

I am a army man so I luke this game.

Micah Love

I'm the best player in the game owner please go against me a bit I'll beat you if I win then you have to get me the best stuff

Anthony Perez

Its Fun entrataning and a good app

Eazaza14 Eazaza15

All the time I win and complete the stage

Jocelyn Baslot

This game is fighting and cool😎

Kejuan Davison

Gh district good Gigi foo goody goody Gigi goody goody la halal talk half half bags happy todos halal Kaposi parish oak is 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩 history😁😘😚😄😂😍🤤😣😴😦🤕🌛😪😞🙈🤥👺👹💯😺😾🎊💦👃🦿🧠🦿🦿😪🌹😚🥰🤩😛😚👍👍🦿🤎🧡💜😋🧖💇🏌️🤶🧛🧛🏌️🤺🦸🧟👳👩‍🦲🧑‍🤝‍🧑👩‍🦳👩‍🎨👩‍🎓👩‍🦱👩‍🦳👩‍🎨👮👶🍁🌱🍄🍂⛈️🌨️🌨️🐱🐷🐽🦝🦝🐷🦊🐶🙉

Juleein Russell

I like this game to

Mahwish Ali

I love this game

Kenneth Jettle

Wow dats was good


It's fun

Terence Skelly

Its sp fun

Marquese Glasper

this game is super cool⭐️

Rayyan Akid


Agha Hammad

I want to make a game jest like this🙂

Tony Tally

It's just so cool and you get to like Dodge and shoot and like the opponents are so weak so like that's why I give it a that's what I give it a five star review and you get to like just mess around and just play the game and it's just awesome it just spawns the weapons and it's just so cool so download this up right now

Fathia Mansor

I love this game

Karen rosales

Is so good

Furqan Shahid

Yes I want to tell you about rate $5000:0

رضا سفید پری

nice game❤👍🏻

Shervin jalili

باهال خیلی

bers empire

Game ni memang best

Geeta Lohiya

Very nice game

Jetro Ehlis Magcaleng

Chevy bfucih

greezy grindz

Fight fight fight fight is the best

Jorge Osornio JR

played for a decent amount of time and I think me getting to level 157 shows that its enjoyable 💀

CM Punk

Terrible game

Aneela Putta