Stickman Prison – Bunzo Escape

Author: Rapid Rabbit Game

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Are you fed up with making choices in casual games that have simple love-life situations? Introducing a funny, horror, addictive adventure of stickman with the notorious Bunzo the bunny. Run, hide, and think wisely to escape from the monster and save the world! STICKMAN PRISON – BUNZO ESCAPE is here to enjoy!

Unlike serious story games with logical situations, with Stickman Prison – Bunzo Escape , you will have to think outside the box. The funny adventure of a stickman starts out in prison, with a bunzo bunny monster! Not only the situation is bizarre, but the way he escapes jail and saves the world from bunzo is weird too! Everything can be a weapon, and nothing is certain. The game is perfectly suitable for people of all ages, to play with friends at rest time or even challenge your friends to see who can escape from prison and bunzo bunny faster.

Simply enjoy the story of stickman and his adventure. At some specific points, you are requested to engage with the stickman escape story by choosing between options: Each will lead to different endings. Choose wisely or the horror bunny will see you and end your life!.

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Update time: Jul 13, 2022
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Developer: Rapid Rabbit Game
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Customer review

David Bulfoni

A bit copycat of other similar games but still quite good and fun the Bunzo factor is interesting