Stickman of Wars: RPG Shooters


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Stickman of Wars is an RPG shooter game that takes mobile war games to the next level. Join the battle full of unparalleled action to claim your ground and defeat the enemy!

Of all war online games out there, Stickman of War is the game that doesn’t cease to surprise players with its military game stylistics and plenty of shooting. Never before have army games on mobile platforms been so entertaining and full of battle fun. Join the battle as a one-man army to shoot the enemies, upgrade your base and soldier, collect resources, and do everything else you want to do in a casual online shooter.


As soon as you launch Stickman of Wars online battle game, you join the army battle.

· Collect resources in a casual mode;
· Use the collected resources build and upgrade your war battle base;
· Build and collect equipment to improve your shooting capabilities;
· Use and upgrade your equipment and firearms like in the most classic action RPGs;
· Attack the enemy’s idle army to get coins and other resources, while exploring the map;
· Attack the army in the Dungeon to get bonus resources, equipment, and weapons;
· Become stronger as you take on more and more powerful idle army enemies.


All action RPG games are known to feature a wide range of resources, and Stickman of Wars is no different even though it’s an online shooter:

· Chop the wood to build the base and upgrade your skills;
· Extract technical resources to build equipment and weapons crucial for your war RPG success;
· Get ammunition to upgrade your weapons and equipment to shoot more effectively and absorb less damage;
· Defeat enemies to collect golden coins that you can use to upgrade your RPG online game base elements.


When you think of fun shooting games, you want to have various weapons and equipment. Stickman of Wars combines the finest online RPG practices with the techniques of fun action games to provide you with all the tools needed for your survival and success.

· Collect pistols, AK’s, UZI’s, and other firearms with various degrees of inflicted damage;
· Combine the same items to create more advanced weapons and equipment;
· Become more and more efficient in defeating the war game’s idle army.

Stickman of Wars is the battle RPG shooter waiting for you and your will to win. Join the action and become the most feared man in this war game!”

Customer review

Nguyen Hector

too much ad!

Sławomir Marcinkowski

My experience was nice its calming fun and enjoyable

nikhil sharma

😍 lovely

Justin Case

Great game! Very addicting

daniel lebron

This game's fun on grinding for weapons and other stuff it could be better with co-op as well


Op game

John Bayley

Simple but fun

Mike Maloney (TccDogg)


Justin Foreback


Cj Williams

Pretty good. So far so good

AG World

It wonderful 😊 but it need more work on stability and graphics


It is what it is ÷)


Not bad so far, plus choose your own ads rate

olan siregar

Nice strategy war game

derick mbwilo



Good game with ads

Greg Heisen

Good game

sarith meak


Blake Miller

Addicting. Not flooded by adds

Kayton Peters

I can say this is a game for me and kara

ariel sanchez

It is ok

Charles Darwin


Bobby Edwards

so far its fun

Seyer Anaij

The game is very amazing but it could use a little work but it's amazing though

Micael Duguay

Very good game, I'm hoping this game will not die out like most games. I'm playing it none stop, just love it. I'm hoping it's not a one time game that the producer's will keep adding content, love the game good job

Jerry Steinecke

Someone just sat there and let them burn down the national forrest, poison the water and no telling what else they've done?

hai hayu

It was really fun I like RPG games so yeah it's very good and idle games too keep up the good work

Trog Dor


Devin White

I've been having a good time. no forced ads. however, You aquire a lot of injuries in This game and you can either wait 10 minutes or watch a 30 second ad to remove the injury. fun progression. pretty grindy, but still fun for a mobile game.

Evelyn Paez

So wonderful

Mojtaba Mohammadian

بازی تیک داره و یکم میدوی چند ثانیه فریز میشه باز ادامه میده تبلیغات هم خیلی زیاد داره

Бабиченко Елена


Mintu Changmai

I am giving star because by reading another optionals

brett bogart

The game is better than I expected 😀😆😂🤠💥💯👏👏👏👏👏 So good So so sooo 🆒😎

Courtney Lore

good game but gems need to be earnable

Bill James


Firebil Is cool

It's really good


nice to play while pooping

Muhammad Zain

nothing special to earn

Виталий Полуосьмак

Game broken. Fix bugs, skin don't give stats after reenter into game, broken items after fixing timer expires don't give stats too.

Civis Pc

Good game

Sunny Ahmed

I like this gane 🙂

myricky budi


TheGodOfSpeed Wistafke

What online action is their it's so confusing an what's the little area to the lefted with a circle fence

Dean Myers

🤣 i been getting stuck so i restart the game and i been getting differnt starting areas in the game

Peter J

I love it😁😆😉

Jeff Dee

fun, not complicated, easy to play

A Swisher

Game is just an ad generator. Character is always injured forcing you to watch ads. Weapons don't make sense.

Jonathan Code

graphics could be a bit better

crey Tsunade

good game without Ads


Too many adds

Min Kyaw


ডক্টর শর্মা শায়মা

good app

Clemente Antonio


Charles Powell

Decent game

Chad Stallings

Needs serious tweaking. All good until you get to a third area, then 20 enemies swarm you and you die immediately. This is tedious and boring. Ease up on the super enemy swarms and let players enjoy the game.

Abhishek Gaming


Justin Howard (JHoward)

new players get an smg quick and lvl it up look for and lvl crit%,crit dmg,life steal,atk speed, atk dmg,HP regen and HP farm gold invest in wood mine

Anthony Shelton

Fun game

Casey Ewing

It's okay

Taylor Plaza

this game is for the phone

Steve Dodds

Lovin it 5 stars

mahadhea Gani

Haha this so cool game

Jaypee De Guzman

Masaya eto. Ganito ang game sulit

Hibatullah Tullah


Luz Garcia

Love the game 🎮

Adam Carlock

This is a good game for this style. Game play is not stopped with forced adds, but they do pop up in a small window. Adds offer a lot of material, but they are not 100% necessary. I feel like this game strikes a good balance for game play.

Jeetendra Kumar

very nice game

Troney Upsher

love it so far

Rowdy Swainston


mat smith

Fun good and a good way to pass the time

Viktor Hasson

Barley any ads! This game is so well built! I truly recommend this game!

Shrif Shafie

Super Amazing game

ivan Paular

It's good but why can't we get the soldiers get out of the miniguns

Iman faramarzi


Zschary Fenby

So far it's fun and a good time killer. Unfortunately need to spend a little to get a good start!

Dragoljub Milanovic

Great game

Nivekian Konsolate

Game never loaded, guess I was lucky and didn't have to suffer the frustrations that others have.

TJ Blizzard

This is a "Don't Miss Out" type of game! No Ads No Glitches plus its super addictive and be very calming! I Love the Old School feel to the whole perspective, it reminds me of the good old days

Toob Socks

love this game. well balanced, grindy in the right way.

Leam campbell

amazing game keep it up

Syed Ucchash

Loved it.

Saw Gipsy

slow and steady 🙂🙂🙂

Tripty Roy


Mike Bailor

So far so good it has my attention.

Leonardo Ithurralde

Make it ad free pleeaasseeeeee


None of the bonus finish. They just freeze and then I have to close the app. I'll give it another try once that problem is fixed.

Justin Bloodworth

Really enjoyable. Not overly ad'd.

Rasam Novinrooz


Michael The Gamer 24

I love the game

See Fude

Game with unlimited ads, which u need to lvl up, except half of them will give you no credit so you watch all mad.. also they have a mini screen that plays ads whenever it wants and you get no credit, and there is no feature to report bugs other than here(bug where u have to run to town and unequip outfit and re-equip to get stats refreshed is very annoying). Quite ridiculous. Game play is ok not too hard

Ryan Austin

It's just a cool game

Syafiqah Ainaa

oky the best

Christopher Gravett

It's a fun time killer so far

Blake Martin

Entertaining for sure.

Rod Cruz


Muhammad Musa

I really like this game

وحش الانمي AMV


Combine A-789

very good game but needs more content and story

Sharni Westwood

Best game. I tried