Stickman Escape – Hell Prison


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Stickman Escape – Hell Prison is a special game compared to other fighting games.
This game combines stickman gameplay and physics to create the most realistic stickman fighting game.
Each stickman character’s punch and kick, as well as the collision are handled by physics
Players will be in the role of their hero, unfortunately being trapped by the dark forces of Hydra. And was arrested by the government in a hellish prison.
In prison the stickman hero is brutally treated by other prisoners and corrupt policemen.
It is the anger and humiliation in the prison that makes the stickman hero determined to escape from this prison.

He has worked hard to practice every day and prepare for this day for a long time. His longing for freedom drives him to make unremitting efforts. And this day has also come, hero, fight closely with me and help me get out of this hellish prison.

– Addictive gameplay
– Beautiful graphics
– Unlock new items, new features, new weapons
– Game for all ages
– Endless level campaigns
– Many levels, increasing difficulty
– Different heroes to choose

It is one of the most refined and polished games of its kind yet. If you have some time to spare and you want to let off some steam, give this one a shot. A must-play.

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 12, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: GOODGAME
Price: Free
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Customer review

Shaney Koh


Malik Nadeem

The best game ever in play store

Cris Ramos

Love it


2 hero's can be unlock by watching ads, but why I can't? This game said the ads it's not ready but I'm in online

Thomas Bailey

Super awesome game love the matrix fighting style sooooooo so much love it


Plz add multiplayer , after multiplayer its gone a best stickman game , mai yeh nahi khe rha ki. Ye abi khrab hai , its very. ............ Goodgame

Jaidi Maidin

cool ? •-•

Rose Octave

One of the best games I've ever played my life

Breon Smith

So good

Rushama McGill

It's a good game

Ryder Roberts


Renae East

I like this game can you make a crazy Dave with the summons plants Please

Fatima Lamine sejai


Nammy channel

I w

Rex Adrian Diesel Locsin

this game sucks bc I play it for a min ang it began to lag

Devonte Robinson

Good time wasting game

iracely herrera

It's fun

Isaiah Martinez


Savita D

Trash trash trash worst

Ananthan AR hi bro


Ifa Solehah

Dude more level pls I'm at the last level anb I just got new hero pls I'm begging you I'm not even using hacks bruh, I just got to last lvl by accident and NC it's offline game so, and it was my vacation day, with no internet so pls add more lvl,[I'm stuck at lvl 91], and add more updates later so pls more lvl.

James Washington

Just play the game.

Mahi Singh

Good game

Romeo Villas

I can't believe this the ads u showed was ril y'all should try this trust me

Rainbow Lion

Very good game

Poa Poa

it good

Lawrence Yap

Pls no more adds

Yuriko Shinichiro

Very good game not only the game is fresh and smooth we can also learn the martial arts in the game but a bit too many ads is there and it keeps a little laggy when I get to level 25 btw good game

victoria thomas

This game is based off another game but stop being in the job you're in a jail cell plus Where's God somewhere I saw a YouTuber talk about that and said it's really good your games trash Gotham is like a spawning thing but I don't see it anywhere your game sucks probably update to game that I didn't call some and make sure sure they make it better and delete all those skins and make it just a blue one blue one and the in the game because you can call me again you can get sued your game bad

Cordaro WalkerJr

It's 😎 and then it is good

Fariha Khanam

The is good


fun game however way too many ads and with cash u can't do anything I can't buy anything when I can just watch ads I wish u can upgrade abilitys I'm the main lobby with coins

Seth Stephens

It's like the steam game stick it to the stick man

Garyd Tgs

Ads are garbage

David FetchI

Cool game

Charles Jason Roque

SO PERFECT also I don't understand why people complain its such a good game they keep saying too many ads JUST TURN OFF UR WIFI DUMBASSES

Bethannie Moore

I'm downloading it right now I'm so fun but it's filled with ads it's being shoved in my face but this is the first time I'm playing this game and I'm already installing it now it's kind of fun but it's still downloading I do not know why

Linda Cabell

This is a really fun game

Ryan Swann

Good game

Joana Vega

The move are cool but i hate this game you made the game hard and the bad guys using the same moves they push me in the wall then use the same move

Jad Imad

Wow ...


Copy of stick it to the stickman, play the actual game, it's better.

Rymon Alisasis

Its like stick it to the stickman for mobile its really good

Kobe Manalastas


malti singh

💫💫💫💫this is for the one that has been getting so much bored

Melinda Manalo

This is a good game

Wangel Tamang

Worst game

Darasimi Jayden

So cool and not boring anybody that hates it should pls play it

boy girl

this game is bad first off when you watch two adds to get off brand goku you get a power up to think? and most of the time it doesn't event work on the enemy's that clearly take advantage of that so bad game

Aradhana Kumari

ऑन गांव

gamer stan

It's sooooo good but they asked me to rate the game right after level 1

Ikhsan 00

just 4 because the Ads is disturb me

gender bender

Okay good game but giving so little money and locking up upgrades behind ads is such a scumbag move like seriously I enjoy the game don't get me wrong but why is everything behind ads can you please not lock move upgrades and upgrades in general behind ads :/

Biel Keith Valmoria

Best game

Don Kyle Fernandez

I remember downloading this on my old laptop but it was too laggy. Maybe optimize it more on phones even if it does run fine now. Edit: Jesus Christ that's a lot of ads. What a shame.


Good but the fat boss is a problem Also s increase amount of money in the rewards

Leopold Beckford

Nice game 🎮

eric andre

I know I just started this game but it looks fun

fedi mathlouthi

This game is amazing it's not like the other games, like stickman's are being sooo ragdoll but this game. Is the best game that I ever played, but maybe you guys can add a multiplayer mode!

Anil Verma

Best of worlds 💞 game

afraah fathima


Sacaria Mohammad


Havish Sammy

i love it!


Being able to remove a move from your combos would be pretty dope. I don't really like the fart moves, so only having kicks and punches in my combos would personally make the game EVEN more fun for me. Also being able to switch the moves, and take another hero's move, and make it another's OWN move would add more variety to the game. For example, I REALLY love the dropkick move from Naro - Man, so if only I could switch it with Capta - Man's mug throwing ability, then I'd have the best hero!

Farhan Arfa


uu nn

Game tolol

Nitumani Nath


Ram Cordover

Bro am not a bot this is game is fire🔥🔥🔥

Liza Vega

You only need happymod you can choose mode

A Google user

Nice game

Clash Royal

It is a fun and great game

zawawi dollah

I give 4 stars because is lot of ads

Abdul basit

O you,🤬#*🤬! Why you are showing too many not too many its tooooooooo many ads PEOPLE! do not download this game this is full of ads

Inderveer Singh Dhugga

Very good game

Yuii Know

Make a mod where you start with all of yourablity but at level 1 and you get other abilities and upgrades make it so there an end boss you beat so it's not endless also put a combo meter

Archana Purabia

Epic game i love it

apollo james ng

It's so cool!!!

Neelam Nishad

The best game ever

Siji Shaiju


fox kid

If I could rate 0 I would too many ads please fix it

Jayed ahmed Zidan

I like game looks it's looking great ☺️

Asyifa Zakaria

I love it and i love to fight in aciont

Calin Muntean


love roti

This game is Terrible, too many ads, I start the game an ad, I use an elevator, an ad even at random moments I get an ad, fix this.

Ajay Ajay


Shalini Srivastava

Op. 🎮. game

Jessy Honey

It was a good game

Marian Anthony

Great ahh needs work and upgrades and trends them to heros

Nabila Omran

This game is so cooooooool

Cooshalle Wilson


Arthur Ang

This game is soooo greattttt im already prison cell 84

Ewan Ladd

This game is horrible its,boring,laggy,and there is only five characters overall i dont recommend

Nadine Isaacs


Zahir Scott

I like it very much but ad after every time u clear

Mungus, Hugh Mungus

Bosses have like infinite hp and become impossible to beat they also have too much power. Also when you are surround by prisoners then one prisoner can knock you into another prisoner and so on until you die. Please update

Naufael Sharizi

This game is cool

Joselito Ante


Khent joseph Dose

Can you make it easier OKAY CAUSE IT SUCKS WHEN ITS HARD OKAY!!!!!!!!


Boring and incredibly filled with ads. Do not download. The first thing I saw when booting this game up was to pay for a membership for no ads and other things getting shoved in my face, then followed by ofc a random ad. Didnt even get to see the title screen first. Every level there's an ad to watch. The combat itself isn't even really thst good

Jared hernandez 9