Stick Warfare: Blood Strike

Author: Team Modernator

1,000,000+ install


Join the hot, fast-paced Stick Figure’s gunfight!

Fight against enemy Stickmen armed with various weapons, and claim the victory!
Buy new guns, customize them, learn new skills, and raise the level of the Perks to enhance your combat abilities!
Avoid enemy attacks through quick judgment and response, and defeat all enemies to win the battle!
Improve your Stickman and challenge harder difficulty!

Recent Update:
● New 31 Weapons Added!
● New Perks: Marksman / Combat Sniper
● New Skills: 4 Guerilla Skills

Game Content:
● Easy Control: Avoid enemy attacks and shoot them!
● Unique and powerful Perks: The Gunslinger, specialized in Pistols and Revolvers, with fast reloading speed with high damage capacity, The Juggernaut, holds out under enemy attacks with high physical strength and defense abilities, The Rifleman, specialized in Assault Rifles, a powerful all-rounder weapon, The Shotgunner, very powerful at close range combats, And the Assault Recon, specialized in avoiding enemy attacks and combat with SMG. The Machine Gunner specialized with keep firing with LMG, The Specialist, the perk with various combat bonuses, the Demolition, very powerful perk specialized using Explosive Weapons that can destroy obstacles and vehicles very quickly, the Marksman, specialized with DMR, rapidly neutralize multiple long-range targets, the Combat Sniper, super-powerful long-range damage output!
● Over 132 Unique Weapons: Automatic Pistols, Machine Pistols, Submachinegun, Assault Rifle, DMR, Light-machinegun, Shotguns, and now Grenade/Rocket Launchers!
● More than 25 unique and useful skills: Physical Skills makes your character stronger, Combat Skills that enhance your combat capabilities, Defense Skills that enhance your ability to survive, Luck Skills that provide various bonuses, And Avoidance Skills that reduce damage income by avoiding enemy attacks!
● Is your character boring without personality? Decorate your character with a variety of Hats and Back cosmetics!
● Various Game Modes: Bodycount, Gun Game, Onslaught, Zombie Invasion, and more…!
● Global Leaderboard: Challenge your score with people in the world!
● Continuous Updates: New Weapons and Perks, Skills, and Game Modes!

Detailed info

File size: 48M
Update time: September 11, 2021
Current version: 7.1.0
Require Android: 6.0 and up
Developer: Team Modernator
Price: Free
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Customer review

Saya_ Penderita

Just a stickman game but I really like it.

Unknown Spokes

bruh why I can't log in on my own account

Jacobus Mostert

It is a very good game😁 can you add more weapons and attachment for the guns and full body costumes of spetsnaz,,world war 2 and old soviet unions of the soviet afgan war please

Xyruzz D. Rodriguez

Its da best stick war games that i ever play!pls update to have new guns and modes!

Marimat Rafael

I like it but my account is gone.

Noah Cacal

Good game

Sharod Salley

I like this game alot! It's pretty cool and kinda basic but one thing that got on my nerves is the stealth mode, because it's just the start and when I hide in the trashcan they don't leave. I stayed there for a minute and nothing changed so if I get out I'm detected even if I throw a bomb and the two guards, someone will detect me, so it would be appreciated if you fixed that because they detect me no matter what, and in my opinion; it's really nerve-racking

Some Something

Overall the game is great the graphics the selection of guns game modes and customization are all great however the game balancing ain't great most of the guns in a certain category share the same rpm for example I counted 16 assault rifles that share the same rpm of 750 also the range of the guns doesn't make sense like how can a smg chambered in 9.19mm have range of 25 units while a assault rifle chambered in 5.56 only have range of 17 units

Lyric Janea

Not really the best but it sound like an offline shooting game

Octavia Burton

I love the game has good graphics good gameplay but i have some problems i cant play mutiplayer it says log in to play games but i already was logged in so i try and tryed agin but it still wont work so i hope you fix it so i contue playing and the next problem is games there is not much to do and not much ways to get goldi had to watch 60 ads just to get the "death machine" it was worth the wait but i hated it so much and with that said hope you fix it stay happy and have a good life SEE YA!

Andrew H

This is the best sidescroller game I've found on the app store. This is the only mobile game I still play after getting a pc, and I highly recommend it. Others complain about grinding or ads, but really there's about an ad every half hour and if you play a difficult gamemode, even if you lose you make copious am amounts of cash. The only smalk issue I have with this game is that the premium currency should be slowly obtainable for normak players; maybe one per nightmare clear and above? Thanks!

Tunde Tunes

Awesome game


Good game

Abbas Hadi


kael dela cruz

Lol is soooooo fun

Glories passion


asmaa husna0303

This game is epic there is almost no ads and it is realistic

Flex Sea


Mason Hernandez


Rolando Bustillo

This game is cool!

Jacinta Rooke

Its very versatile fun game to play because it has blood effects and its cheap things so that I can by stuff

Ryan Franco

I was in the gme stronghold and grinded to wave 37 nightmare. Then accidentally swept my screen so all my progress got deleted for 4 straight hours of nothing. They should still give you xp if you accidentally log out of the game.

Benny Lie

i love it is so cool

Joshua Huard


Olawuwo Qudus

Interesting games

Bry Ada

This game sucks after the new update I I can't play it well the game doesn't suck but the update is cuz it just crashes your game and the game only works on my dad's phone yeah it's just so stupid I'm on a tablet please fix this please if you fix this I would be very very happy just get to fixing it


good but i cannot log in in goggle play

Denise Mora

Just make it so that you can drive tanks, cars, etc I Like this game


Good you can in prhucase i likes this

Samuel Suarez

This game is really good than any other mobile shooting games


I like this game

Jenny Kardell

Used to play this game all the time as a kid on the computer surprised it's still around honestly cuz it was kind of gory worse School


this game is great (devs better respond /:{ )

Rolando Sebastian

I played this game many months ago and I'm so glad that the developer make a new update I really enjoyed playing this game and lots bugs are now fixed your game make my day better. ( Sorry I'm not so clever enough at English 😅 ) I really love your game XD

Rema Ruata

Everything is absolute perfect. Nothing to complain, one thing is that, please add LAN mode, the guns and their attachments are great 😃👍. Just Add LAN Mode. I would be thankful.

Davionn Rodriguez

Great game love it

Andriy Bilen

Крута гра клас

Joseph Korie

The game is so fun and addicting you need to try it

Joseph Simcic

The game is good but the problem is when I try to play anything but bodycount, the game crashes. EVEN if i play with bad graphics, THE GAME STILL CRASHES!

Gaby Castanon

Great sounds and guns and the update yes

Nerazzurri Arcuri

Bretty güud 👏👏👏

John Justo

Fun Game really enjoying it but I hate it when I need to use gold in order to upgrade my gun more


Its awesome over all but for some.reason the game gliches and when and ad freezes and crashes when i open the game it wont sign in i couldn't open settings or anything pls fix this :(


Played before and now am back for more action. I regret deleting it but now I've found it and won't let go. Thumbs up to the developers. The game is simple, fun to play and very captivating.

Akdiwidjaya Akdiwidjaya


jasfer gaming

Wow nice game this great game ever

daniel mogdan

One of the best games out there for shooters Sure it's simple but it's amazing


It's a me with the multiplayer idea I wish I could be ya idea guy but sadly I can't but I'll come up with any idea I have for you game 😃

Franklyn Nwosu

Awesome. It the best

Christian Zaval

I like this game already, the ads are reasonable. I've been looking for a simplified tactical shooter on the app store for a good while now and I recommend. I wish there was more and it could take some inspiration from stickman battlefields and have some improvements to gameplay.

Reniel Centeno

it was very good game but can you this a battle royal that's my five star by the way the game is good 👌😁

Yohnny Pasillas

Goog 👌

Reymond Robles

Game would be better if you add player vs player in the multiplayer like 1v1 2v2 search and destroy and or hardpoint thanks for listening

Ransom625 625

This is really a fun game, but one concern I have is the classes of demolition and the grenadeir. I think the grenadeir should be buffed and have more damage or something because it just seems less underwhelming than the demolition class. It should be unique or have better stats with specific weapons. Also you should have the grenade belt also give more exp to grenadeir for obvious reasons and replace it from the shotgunner. I really enjoy this game and I hope things go well

Chezter Angana

RevEdit08/03/22: I really love the game but I recently found a bug that disabled the armor feature. I kept picking armor but didn't gain it (no blue bar gaining whatsoever). Please fix it and I'll give 5-stars.




Great but you should add a new weapon that has good range and fair damage

Mohd Azman


Liew Hoi Kong

I love this game there are no problem and it's awesome

Abdulhamid Abdulfattah

It is interesting


This is the best game but all the modes ar so long

Wi Willie

So good

Marble Gaming

Best game ever,a little grindy but worth it... the only issue im having is the gold you get for watching an ad,its fair but it takes a while to get 120 gold,its worth it but still time consuming

Schottgun Green

its a good game i play it alot but heres something you could do to start tactical sprint its a bit tedious and soemtimes doesnt work so could you add a option for another button that does the tacticsl sprint

Tiffany Evans

I agree with class a weebo

Dela Cruz Rolly

This game is a wonderfull shooting gallery game keep up the good work


Update: problem fixed, all my purchases are back but my level progress on all perks + skills and other things i bought with in game money are gone, basically been reset to newbie ( PS. Gained all my lost progress back by grinding, worth the reset )

Ann Webb

is a good game I love the blood

Kodzume Kenma

I love this so much!!!!

Reinis Peinuss

Its aight except the achievements sometimes just dont work, like i get the massacare l achievement and the next time i log in it is gone and i have to get it again and when i got 5 weapons only then it gave me the achievement for getting a new weapon, still it is a good game


not bad , its kind off good i like the modes and my favorite is e bodycount


Loveable,keeps busy!!

Connor Lee

Asome game very fun, making money and leveling up is addicting until I relized that I had already unlocked all the attachments I could buy with in game money so when it comes to the guns it would be cool if we could have a bit more attachments like stocks , rear grips and few more scopes that are not moneytized lol .a few things I would think would improve your game alot but other than that great game keep it up :)


There's a huge problem, for no reasons, when I try to recover my data, nothing works anymore, I try to use the settings, it doesn't open, when I try to change my guns, the guns doesn't show up. And I'm sure a majority of player have this type of error/bug, pls fix it

Iv Fc

I like it


Would be dope if we have air support

Yareldy Pacheco

Remove the new feature it's really bad that you only have limited dives but overall it a fun game

Ires Tenido

i really like this game because its strategy so much weapon when the new update come i was so ixcited to update this game thank you so much. the develooper working hard so im rating it 5 stars

Brandon Aurellio Anwar

Good game. But the stronghold its just like a bunch of spam. Wave 2 is allready almost impossible for low player.

Hayi Vargas

This game would be great with multiplayer complete game set like: game length,spawn time,and pvp games...But playing it is still super fun i hope this game will still be supported.

Jamesblake Mascardo

Datpantas Tek My friend Keep out fu#### Some time with

Brendan Roehrig

Yeah so there is no way to keep purchases across devices even of you are using the same account. Maybe there is and I'm just stupid and missed it but now I just lost everything I payed for

Prasanta Ghosh

At new airplane mode map plss

Manny Moronta

The game is good that's all

Dibung Rai

Wow this is soooooooo epic i like it

Raynie Louison


queenZ ShelzY

Awesome my level is so far maybe we buy gun hat backpack in animation in also explore in theres a zombie in wafare in last a help building

Nibon Yukar

Good good or good :D

cynthia Lubisi

Pls add online and local multiplayer


This is one of the best stickman game ever i have ever played,nice gamepla,a lot of modes and weapon,etc

Khenno Kloyd Cabrera

dev i need help i accedentally bought a rifle that i dont need it takes all of my gold tho hopefully i get respond from you dev.

Moganraj Enn Hao

The game frezzes everytime when i played the termenation mode even when i just started the game or almost finish with it ,it make me feel really angry 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡!!!

Mohamad Khazma

I like this game (:

Bridgette Brackeen

this game is amazing the multiplayer connection is amazing you could play with high ping players and still have a solid connection the gamemode can get repetitive but you can play in hight difficultys to see how good you are and the gamemode are easy to unlock I would definitely recommend this game

gabriel chacon

My cac@

ImmortalPrinceBoris of the Fallout Dragon Empire

Entertaining enough to keep my attention on it for hours on end

Kameron Adams

Great game but I wish there was more stealth modes


I hate it

Ayushman Bhattamishra

Perfection. This game is the definition of 2D shooters, and is one the best. I cant believe I'm saying this but I prefer this game over Call of Duty. Multiplayer is great, and so is singlelayer specifically. But... One more feature. Just add this, and this will be the most perfect 2D shooter of 2022. LAN. Just make it lan compatible. Because if then we can play with our friends or family, then we can play through lan if we don't have internet. Please make this a feature.

Jaiden Clowers

The reason I didn't give it 5 stars is I lost my data