Stick War: Hero Tower Defense

Author: Rocket Game Studio

1M+ install


Stick War: Hero Tower Defense is the best action for Stickman games and fighting arcade game on Google Play.

Are you ready to be the last stick-hero standing in the top battles? Your duty is to charge power: grow as a warrior and defeat horror well-armed eniems and kill their Giant Boss like Wugy, Mommy, Huggy and Bunzo. Gather your stickman with a wise strategy and lead them to victory!

Stick War: Hero Tower Defense is a combination of action, strategy, and battle puzzle games. Think before every drag and drop, calculate every move, use your brain to strategize your next action to overcome countless obstacles. We took the best resources from classic Stickman theme, so that you never regret

– Strategy role-playing game
– Move your hero wisely to power up, collect the loot, kill the giant boss and save the princess
– Ways to develop mighty heroes: level up, upgrade skills, merge them to others, turn them into legends
– Become a legend and build your own beautiful castle

– Infinite number of levels to challenge
– Attractive and classic stickman theme
– Heaps of unlockable weapon
– Fast-paced innovative battle system. Real strategy and tactics!

Feeling thrilled? Excited? Come and join the tower battle in Stick War: Hero Tower Defense

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Sep 5, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Rocket Game Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review

prisa pracaya

i like it😃😃😃



Lenovo Tab

is like multiple number big and small the big one is to do fight little number and like that and my name is lily anisah and understand the number I'm from USA thank


For those Guy's rating the game 1 - 2 star are Fool About ads just turn off your data or wi-fi boi too E......Z

Sheniqua Simmonds

love ❤️ this game

sharon kitzmiller


Jenalyn Simbulan

This game so 🥰🥰

Nghaka Pachuau

very good

Sunnyflower Games

this is 👍 great

Chris Nichols

You spend 2-3 times more watching adds as you are playing game. The adds ruin this game.

PawPaw Kellum

No Ad Skipping..?... Whether you choose to Skip an Ad or Not... You will see an Ad.

Jj Tan

i love


Paid to get rid of ads. Still get ads every time I open the app

Brian Onteveros

It is good but its rilly fun

Erick Ceballos

At first I thought it was gonna suck because of the graphics, but the graphics are better than I expected. nice game

Thomas Hill

great game love it

Patrice Ross

This is a awful game the characters are never loading and every single ad on every level

Amber Cepeda

so cool

Junaid Javid


Maryann Carter

As sone as I opened the app and only got 2 secs and then an ad popped up IT WAS A 30 SECOND ADD I don't Evan know why ppl rate this 5 stars it's awful


Nice game


Far Too Many Ads

Marc Yee

for once I get the play the ad games


Awful game non stop ads 0 stars never install

Papa Ji

Op game

Christopher ventura

awesome 5/5

Keithryn Tumaneng

I love let ❤️❤️❤️

Pintu Das


Aleen Jacob

In this ad it looks fun but when I play it it makes me feel bored so easily and this game is so easy only 5 years old can play it to learn math and I give 3 stars because it's useful for little boys to learn math more.

Simran34 77


Nicole Clemons Or Roblox Lover

honestly it's just fun

Terry Roberts

it is really fun

Monique Koth

this is a really good game I give it 5 stars

Allyn Tamayo


Padma Dhanalakshmi

The best game

Norizan Bolhassan

You can get it for you if you if you want

Tada no Degenelate


Mahad Gamer

Love it

Vijay Karate


Fakhruddin Husain

very nice game

Sumithra Sathish

good game super

Rima Al Laune


Sanskriti Singh

Ok 😐

Teresita Espinosa

Its fun

Aesha Martheena

it's so good I love it

Jhon Roberto

its cool

Daksh Varik Roll no 56


Mohammed Ghadiyali

for now it good but it has a lot add so please remove add

Rekha Halder

Bessssssssssssssßssssssssssssssssssst game

Yogita Shelar


Sahaalom Mia


Damith Asanka gunarathna


Mohd Nazri Shafie


Daniel T.


Asha Singh

good 🥰

Angela Burne

I kill huggy wuggy

Meenu Tewatia

Daksh Chaudhary

Deepika Shukla

It is easy game for me

Triv Wolfe

I just finished downloading, opened the game and got an ad before I even played the first level. Too many ads for such a mediocre game with limited gameplay and no style.

Mr Inspire Video's

good game!

شمسی شاه ابویی

سلام بازی عالی بود ولی خیلی طول کشید دانلود بشه

Amiin Yare

amiin nuur wehliye

Shaun Chaun


Sahil Sahil quraishi


Jaziel Ramirez

l like


While I don't understand how this game has 4.7 stars, the top 3 reviews I saw first were all 1 stars from actual people, not bots, which makes sense. This game ADMITTEDLY is actually pretty similiar to the ads you see about it. Once you start playing however, the game is essentially the same exact thing level after level, with about 1-3 ads per level just to make progress. Try the first 50-75 levels on airplane mode. Only made it this far bc I'm drunk 😂

Sainah Mimi


Sarthak Jena


Aarifbhai Dela

Op game

The BachFun Show

this is good game for timepass

Deb Moholi


Sayra Bano

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ratan sarkar

good game

Rob Knapper

Wow I officially had this game installed approximately 1 min. I am forever dropping reviews down for ads but this one takes the cake for me. You gave me an ad just to get into the game. If you gave me an ad just to get into the game I hate to see how many ads you have us watching during game play. I'll pass this game will fail for this!

Brenton Smith

great game so far

Ronie Johnson

it's a stick

Robert West

There is literally always an ad on the screen.

Kyle Morreale

It's like the add

Yayo Falcon

very good

ervie rose caballero

well this game so cool but can u Fix this s I hate diamonds🙃ok

Mobin Ghabeli


Yathniel X

this game is amazing you level up really fast you get different levels and blue from rainbow friends is here and different monsters you should play it it's fun 😉


Fun game but more ads than a commercial. Literally everything you do, boom, ad. You could sneeze and the game would notice and play a stupid ad.

Eleni Hadjigiannaki

I would add 5 five stars.but there is too many ads and at the build your castle thing,when i try to unlock a room, i keep pressing build and it wont work..but i wont delete the game from my phone because its so fun:)

Krystal Johnson

it's actually more fun than the ad

Lewis Sponge

haha game funny

Neenu Biju Neenu Biju

very nice game

Tsukashi Gaming

No ever mobile game was same as thier ads and its the first one gl

Darji pratham

good game

The Genius Z


Venkata Natayana

ommgggggggg super op game



Haadi Saad


Kushal Pandita


Kaynat Perween

This game is not bad

Shrishti Bodhi

Word bad game in world world Yes

Yasir Khan Mrwt

Wrost game ever

Rinki purohit

गंदी गेम Jfhyhutyyggft के ए दिल या एसएमएस एली एल एल काम लिए से यह स्पष्ट साल एल डीटी

jagdeep saluja

this is very good game

Somaye Babaei

کص ننش