Stellar Wind Idle: Space RPG

Author: Entropy Games Studio

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Stellar Wind Idle: Space RPG – Stellar Wind Idle Space RPG is one of the most addictive idle space games where you can test your fleet management skills with buildable modular spaceships. Welcome to sci-fi starship games and enjoy your best space battles!
If you like MMO space war games, these sci-fi space battle games are for you!
Stellar Wind sci-fi game has a lot to offer you!
Enter a world where the entire galaxy has lost its mind. You offer refuge to the human cosmos, but this time it is almost impossible.
Fly forward, build spaceships, find amazing modules and explore space. Your life and the entire human cosmos depend on it. Because endless hordes of enemies never give up.
You have many missions to complete:
How to play your best starship games
Choose your squadron. Explore their strengths and weaknesses. Some squadrons have special skills and abilities – torpedoes and such. So activate them to damage enemy ships. For best results, switch to automatic battle mode or return to manual fleet control.
Upgrade your ships in many ways – equip them with modules or increase their strength. Combine squadrons to make them more powerful.
In these sci-fi games, you must travel to different worlds and try to find a way to stop the madness that has taken over the Galaxy.
Stellar Wind Idle Space Games Key Features:
* Versatile spaceships with different strengths and weaknesses
* Modular spaceship assembly
* Furious battles between spaceships
* Automatic battles and offline progression
* Great Galaxy
Install map Games and player
Idle Space RPG now and play Space RPG in your best battles against big enemy ships! Beat all the space battles! Enjoy MMO space war games and alternate between manual and automatic battle modes to conquer your idle galaxy games!
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File size: 176 MB
Update time: 2023-03-09T06:56:12.000Z
Current version: VARY
Require Android: VARY
Developer: Entropy Games Studio
Price: $Free
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