Steel Mill Manager-Idle Tycoon

Author: Warrior Game

100K+ install


Business Management hasn’t been so popular ever since. But now, time to check if it’s really that easy as expected! Or it’s more like a challenge?

You are going to be the owner of the steel mill. The only way to survive is to produce more and more advanced steel-related products.

-Build & Expand your STEEL production lines
-Manage & Assign your whole faculties
-Degassing, Forming, Cold rolling! Complete the whole processing lines!
-Maintain your employees by starting Tea Room, Snacks and all!
-Upgrade your technologies

From now on, you are not only a boss but remember! Learn to be an entrepreneur! It’s not only the simple clicker! It’s a brain test or strategy test!

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 6, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Warrior Game
Price: Free
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Customer review

Mubashir Kagzi

This game is super cool I love it ❤️❤️


Good game

oscar plant

Good little game, I can't seem to unlock the new 3rd area,(edit: i have met the unlock requirements and am now getting quests on the left side for that area) and the science queue seems stupid having multiple scientist as it looks like you should be able to research more than one thing at a time per place. Maybe research based on how many scientists doing certain research's

Abdul Muhaimin

Dear developer, there is an issue with this game. I was touching a video ad while playing the game, but there is no close button during an advertising video. Can you please remove the non-close button during an advertising video?

Lunaura Steele

I like the concept a lot, but the controls are horribly unresponsive. You have to tap up to ten times or more to open different upgrade spots. I dont know if I'm tapping the wrong spots on the map or not, but it is really frustrating.

Ndiko Boro

it is very good and it's fun

Shirley hastings



It bothers me how there are no safety engineers around. As well as the extra molded metals to be thrown out to wherever it is. Why not just collect them in one place then sell them as raw materials? Managers are rare to obtain and that is quite the hassle. I noticed in the cafeteria that in every table of four chairs it can only accomodate one worker. Why? What's the point of it being for seater? Most of the "research" are essentially useless especially the one for conveyor belt.

Mohammad Idris

This game vary super pls more than update and more develop this game pls in theme

jeffrey mweu

After it loads it goea blank and doesn't work.......

Ricardo Brasil

gostei 👍

Rezwan uddin

Awesome 👍

Gopal Krishan

Nice game

Lucky Irishman

Every time i buy gems or a pack the game restarts and i never get what i purchased

James Scott

Decent concept, almost impossible to interact with each room as there is almost NO hit box for interaction and that is why I Uninstaller the app


$25 to get rid of ads.......price that high not many people will buy it......I know I won't because I'm uninstalling this cash grab game

Lars Weikert

The Scooter and Air Conditioner Production has bugs. It doesn't count any items pruduced. Workaround is to leave the plant and come back to collect offline income items.

A. Nonymous

Too many moving things, no way to disable animations.

Jim Crane

Like the game very much, but am disappointed with a couple of issues: (1) game freezes EVERYTIME you go to watch an ad for rewards and (2) shouldn't have to pay real money to get managers ( legendary maybe ). Should be able to hire them just like any of the workers!

Daniel N

Why are most upgradable area unclickable, has to be press 100x before it could work or start showing. Very frustrating for an idle game.

Mike Osweiler

Decent game.

Andrew Davidson

How on earth do you train your employees?

Manoj singh Bora


Mathesh Waran


Sean Rollett

A very good game to play.

Alex Atwood

When trying to build new things like the breakroom it takes a million clicks to get into it. Not what I thought I was getting judging by the ad from another game either.

Adrian Robreno

After the last update, everything stopped working, I tried to uninstall and reinstall, but now it won't leave the start screen


Paid for items and it will not unlock them of give my money back.

Adam Rahn

Decent game, a fair few bugs after the first location. For one the investor on the second area was only giving me $100-500 instead of in the 1000s. Sometimes you had to restart the game when changing to the second location because you couldn't press continue. There's a lot of visual things on the lines that show rushed product. All in all I like the game. I really like the ad scheme where you can use them but it's not required.

Kokila Palanisamy


Gemma Noon

Soon as you lose WiFi it loads offline game and you lose all your purchases and progress. Unable to reload the game

Christopher Robin

I can't enable on my phone why

Vicky Vicky


Leo Blackandgrey

Got so far in. Paid for stuff and it's become buggy. First one part of the factory wasn't processing stuff and now I can't switch factories and am stuck on the 1st factory and unable to go back to the ones I have unlocked . If this changes I'll change my review but until that I don't recommend this game

Marcus Williams

Kinda of fun, but tutorials are constant and annoying. Can't skip them. I'm a week in, logging on and off several times a day, but still getting tutorials for obvious stuff with no way to skip them. Tired of them just want to play and stop wasting time. Uninstalled.

Adam Roy

Updated the game and still the game is missing everything in my factory, can't upgrade anything, or do anything . Game is still not fixed, even Uninstaller and reinstalled and still not working.

Mali Bu

App needs to be fixed. Was working great till about a week or so it locks up within seconds of trying to do anything

Aditya Galang

Black screen * I al ready reinstalling 10x but still black screen 😓

William Thomas

Game stopped working. Tried Uninstall/Install and nothing!

Curt Hines

Not good can't unlock research room to continue to play game seems to be a waste of time glad I didn't spend money like I was going to read reviews first thankfully

Raju Raju

Max B

Cheryl Colburn

Bugged out, worked fine now I can't even play it everything is messed up games completely crashed.

Tim Jones

Love the game and the complexity of it. Can really see time and effort put into this. The only complaint I have is the sensitivity of most of the areas. I have to touch many times to get it to pull up the upgrade menu on the rooms until it hits just the right spot.

Brian Stephens

Purchases are locked to the device brought on and the developer won't transfer them to a new device for you.

wayne corbett

Haven't been able to get on it all day and when I do it just glitches and freezes

Kai Goberish

Fun game


there a big where the raw materials crane doesn't pick up anything

Daniel Clark


Jason Hewitt

Nice concept, but still needs a lot of fixes. Some rooms, you have to hunt for the place to select the room. And during the space event i can get to second room but after that cant recruit people for rest of plant until next day so i waste event time waiting for daily limit to reset.

Devon Fuller

Honestly was expecting to be disappointed great game


How am I supposed to upgrade Forklift 3 to level 20 when it caps at 5


Froze up no response from email

John Daniels

Cost are getting crazy offline needs to be more than 1 hour without paying real money. Manager's are hard to get. The game is a good time killer but the small issues are going to become big ones over time

Kylin Amelia

This game is not at all what was advertised so I cannot give it a good rating. It's honestly not that bad, but since they had to lie to bring me in I refuse to give it anything but the lowest rating. To the devs, simply be honest; why would I spend time and money on something that has already lied to me from the start?

Robert Lurz

I was enjoying it right up until it froze, now even if I close the app and reopen the app it is still frozon. I even deleted and reinstalled it and it wont open. Deleting for good now.

Cool Facts

It was ok until certain parts of my factory refused to pick up raw materials in order to make certain products. One side had to pick up steel girders but it never did again. Restarted the game, force closed the game and even cleared cache and it still just refused to pick it up. Game is broken and then they add more self promo ads of 10$ each.

Dan Hallam

So far so good 👍

Martin Britvich

I like it

Sam Pruett

This game was fun but now it doesn't open at all and is completely unplayable. Stays on start up screen

James Wardell

This game is so buggy I've wasted so much time and given them so many chances to fix it I wouldn't waste your time here

Christian Roberts

Forced tutorials will always get 1 start. Don't try and force me into your stupid event.

David E

I just made several upgrades and now the entire game has bugged out. If I click on any menus it freezes and won't let me back out. Restarting the game/phone doesn't fix the issue. Seems like there are some core bugs that need addressing.

Andreas Wanka

thank you warrior games now I can finally play

Tom Stokbaek

Not full of forced ads, finally!

Nathan Askme

The screen doesn't let me interact like I should. I try to click on differnt things to upgrade or build a new area but no luck. Yes it is the programming not my phone. My phone functions fine other than in your game.

Anthony Williams

Just another game that your forced to watch adds on to get rewards that are nessicary for growth. You can play this for MAYBE 10 minutes then your forced to watch adds to get rewards to need to grow. Oh think you can just go offline like the "idle" in the title gives you the impression on? Hahaha ya 1 hour offline revenue is a complete joke and so is the company development team that made this game.

Timothy Dawson

After purchasing a couple things in the store all pop menu's freeze the game 51260300


Game was great but now it's just frozen when I open it

Greg Pascal

Seems alright, pretty standard Idle Tycoon game, no forced ads but for some reason in the events my cranes refuse to pick up the resources from the belt so they can be manufactured. The parts just slide on by, never being used.

Zachary Davis

It's fun.

Neil Ripley

Was great until a recent update and now my factory doesn't produce any items. The smelting works but not the actual making of laptop, drones etc

Keith Nelson

0 stars, offline income page won't go away no matter how many times I press continue

Charles Kramer

Fun fun fun


I like this game honestly, but I've run into a glitch or something that prevents me from playing outright. The issue for the most part is that I can't interact with anything and can't exit menu's. The game in this state is unplayable.

Brendon Brendon

I was gonna give it five but this day today there are so many glitches some of the workers machines will go to level 11 or more and the investor comes it says it will give 50000000000000000+ please fix the game

Elijah Mocabee

Having consistent issues with the arms not pulling materials so nothing gets produced

Sean Barsballe

You can't call it an idle game when you only let it be "idle" for 1 hour without paying.

Raymond Warner

Not gonna like kinda like it so far hopefully the ads aren't too annoying.

Sid Sharpe

Very addicting game, however found 1 bug on the second factory with the drill claw not collecting the materials to make the drills

Levi Matthews

Self Inflicted Disappointment. When you progress to later factories, the challenges to reach the next level for advance self implode. They give tasks you cannot complete. How do you spend gems on improving the factory or money, when every thing is upgraded? How do you produce products that aren't made in your factory? The game makes you stuck and you can't advance. I spent a lot of money playing this game and now I can't advance because of the game giving unobtainable objectives. Needs fixing.

Soubhick Jana


Dirk Willden

Was fun til latest update killed first room of each mill after the first, now in Naples and the Pluto mills one item will not get made because the claw or magnet never picks up the steel. Naples cannot make drills and the Pluto mill can't pick up the coils for the Camera. This makes the game unplayable can't get past the first room and cannot make combined items, greatly reducing ability to progress. Was a fun Idle game till the 22 Jul 22 update killed it.

Karl Rinonos03

Good game

Lawrence Bovee

This game is continually locking up between the AD's and the game play!

Skylar Garrison

Honestly, there's just way too much going on. As a new player, they pretty much just throw you in to every aspect of the game without really explaining how and where to complete certain objectives. So you're stuck clicking on random things and scrolling through the factory over and over until you can find where you're supposed to be to complete the goals.

Charles Garrow

Outstanding game and makes you think.

Денис Прокопенко


Sean Fernandez

Is simply good👍🏼

mani kumar


Binary Recoil

"Complete Research Room Quest" = required to advance the plot, but if there is an ability to find it I can't. After 15 minutes of clicking around the screen looking for a way to activate it, I simply decided this is an unfinished alpha build that currently rates as a score of 0/100.

Ryan Hanson


Kou Xiong


ursula truter

Nice but not for me

Calina's Agility Partner

Can you make it easier to move employees around? Like from the employee interface that's on the bottom right? Instead of going to each room, removing the employee then replace them? There's just a lot of clicking and employees are looked over.

Mark Ayran

Man the machines they break down every 5 seconds I mean come on please have an upgrade that decreases the chance of machinery failure AND the mechanics are SLOW AF

nico anggadinata

Make more metal

Robin Snelling

It's a good game apart from I am not able to go to a different map I've paid money on upgrades but it is not worth it if I can level up

Md Noman


Jacob Horsman

I spent hours and hours on end in vein on the steel mill manager in space recycling mission to go from top 99% to to 1% while dealing with mediocre efficiency on 9/10 ends at best, forged steel just flying off into space and didn't get anything worthwhile so I just lost motivation after lost sleep and disappointment and it sucks over here for someone who tried his best at not paying it forward to get ahead but lost and feels defeated 🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾


Game is not playable offline and I reject a ad and it doesn't go away unless I watch it