Steampunk Idle Spinner Factory

Author: Airapport

500K+ install


A world of unbelievable science and incredible idle contraptions is waiting for you! All what you have in your factory workshop at first is an ingenious reactor machine, which produces coins as you spin the cogwheel. But this is the beginning of your idle assembly line. Earn money to upgrade the reactor or buy more cogs and gear, such as engines, pumps, hammers or wagons for the money factory. Engineering genius, experienced miner, dimensions researcher and other steampunk characters will help you on your way to become an ultimate idle tycoon

The way you combine the details into an awesome steampunk contraption, affects your money earnings in this idle construction tycoon game. The exploration never ends: once the laboratory is fully equipped, the Portal to the other steampunk/dieselpunk/gaslamp fantasy worlds appears. Clockwork cities, Flying islands, zeppelins, windmills, energy towers, money factories, bridges and much more technological content awaits for you! Just like in the books by Jules Verne and Herbert Wells or in the movies about flying castle or walking mechanical cities – all these incredible machines are in your phone. Survival and exploration in the steampunk worlds will bring hours of fun and joy

Steampunk Idle Spinner Factory game is a fusion of builder and incremental idle game genres. When it is closed, these awesome steampunk machines will still be generating income for you. The mines dig for resources, factories produce goods, balloons and zeppelins fly and explore the territory, reactors generate energy and once you are back into the game you’ll see the results and you will be able to issue new orders and continue building and researching.

Game features:
* 3 ingame worlds reachable from the portal
* over 60 various mad science factory machines and awesome steampunk contraptions
* good looking visualization of workshop works
* game optimized for wide range of devices
* possibility to play offline, without internet connection
* small game size of only 30 MB
* regular content and service updates
* daily rewards brought to you by the plane which flies above your idle factory
* unlimited possibility to combine the cogwheels an machines
* ads appears only if the player decides, in exchange of free game upgrades boosts

Some starting tips:
Spin the cogwheel and see how the coin machine produces the coin. Be fast enough to tap the coin – you’ll receive 6x its value immediately! This money unlocks useful upgrades which boost your factory production
Buy more cogwheels and connect them to the main to create a chain of increasing rotation speed for bigger idle cash earning
Buy the reactor engine which will spin the cogwheels automatically, even when you are away
Don’t forget to upgrade your coin machine, engine and other facilities on the idle factory. Upgrades boost the production in a great way
Later you’ll unlock machine booster and mines. Tap the mines to mine the ore and drag the ore to the booster. You can buy hammers to mine the ore
automatically. Also, once you upgrade the mine, the ore wagon will appear, it will transport the ore to the booster by itself. The wagons can be upgraded too! Their capacity and speed increase.
You can expand your factory upwards: build Steam reservoir and a chain of balloon pumps, connected with air plumbering. The pumps produce balloons which fly to other dimensions and return with idle money. Taps on the balloons increate the coin value!
Boosters for the balloons, mines, hammers and ore wagons appear once you earn enough coins for them. Connect them wisely using various types of the cogwheels and make upgrades to earn more money
This is only one of three steampunk worlds waiting for discovery in this idle game – unlock them all!

This idle construction game works offline – no need to be connected to the internet to play, build incredible contraptions and earn idle money

Get rich by building and operating incredible machines on your Steampunk Idle Spinner Factory game!

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jun 24, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Airapport
Price: Free
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Customer review

David Ortiz

I like it

Wesley Schultz

Its actually fun. Well thought out.

PEMS Joan Maca

Has a bug where you can exploit the rotation of the cogs xausing it to get like 123 451 which was the highest I got other than TD using a bug where you spam the cog and it adds more rotation, also don't use tpo much because it breaks the game causing the cogs to disappear and the rpm to 0

Tech Bot

Bruh easily takes top 3 mobile games for me

Justin Cooper

Awesome game!!! Really addicting!!!!

Miller Kids

I love the game keep updating it. Or you cannot update it that will make me mad


some of the in-game ads (namely those by "voodoo games" from what I've experienced so far) don't give rewards.

Debbey Fritchley


Chuck Griffith

I love ot soo much

Mirage Na

Totally trash

Lily Carruthers

Won't open on my Pixel 6

Elrych Menard

Decent, for an idle game

Power Myif

Played on a galaxy a03, the graphics immediately started exploding and breaking, what seemed like a good start to a decent idle game was ruined by graphics having a seizure. Please fix. Thank you.

Haiping Cao

Ok key and Peele

Marcet Vaughn

crashes on open

SKY Baquiran

can you add wire to connect any gears

Game Stuff

This game is really good. I think a really good cog to add is a quantum(entanglement) cog. You can "entangle" the cogs to make them act asif they are always connected.

David Miguel da Cruz Silveira

Very good game to pass my time, no bugs, no glitches, it's a masterpiece. All it needs is more content.

Amathyst Combs

Never gets boring, always something new and interesting to work towards. And you don't have to constantly watch ads to keep playing! Just hope you have a lot of time on your hands because this game will make an hour feel like 10 minutes ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Jerry Tapayan

I like this game:)

Marc kevin Kalagayan

I have an amazing gameplay on this game im not pretty good at english so hopefully you understand it the game has a lot of things to do but i was wondering if you could make a sand box where everything is free and dont sell the mode 🥺🥰 cause i dont have money . I just want to say good job 🥳

Amarthaluri Seshuvardhan

This is awesome

wong stephanie

Good Good Like and sub

Vk Ghadiyali

Awesome game mechanical minded game rpm

Joshua Goh


Tristan Johnson

Great game

William Nailo

Spinny spinny kinda fun :)


Games unfun, reviews are all bots, and it mines crypto on your device while harvesting your data. Don't play it, it's not worth it.

Aiden Ronin

Very fun and it is a great game.

wolf pack55

It's pretty fun that's really it

Rich Knisley

Normally I would not right a review but this game is very lovely and is a great game.

ali khalid


Cean Jhaden Catral

OMG i sleep one day and my money says 105B

Antonio Joboy

Nothing to do and takes too long to figure out

Silver Monkey


Yocef Rivera

the screen keeps glitching

Kajus Solovej

Bad game

Skch kurera

This is relaxing and good

Giga Chad

Really fun game lol

Алексей Извалов

Great idle money factory builder in steampunk style. Had fun connecting cogwheels, inventing incredible contraptions and exploring fantasy worlds! Great idle game which can be played offline

Benedict Maxxis salim

The game is good but the game needs seperators if neon and oxygen is in togeter. Would you mind adding oxygen neon seperator?

Island guy Thing

Epic game!

Samar Singh

Nary amazing

Павел Паршин

У меня вопрос а как их скачать ? Удалили из плей маркета

Louis Kwong

I like this game.

Ivan Pilarta

Not a good game

Storm Falcon

Будь ласка, дозвольте нам прив’язати обліковий запис до гри. "Google" або з вашого веб-сайту. втратив весь прогрес, який я зробив за останній день або близько того. Я не проти, але був би корисний. Продовжуйте вражаючі ігри, Чудова підтримка та рів усіх, Будьте в безпеці. Любов від геймера. ❤️🙂👍🏻

Mike Lovely

Soo... I get this flashing stuff like a full screen just not ok i got can't even play 1 minute

Dayton Coles

I can't explain how good it is if I could I'd give 9999999999999 stars

Vimersh Gupta

Very ok game


Good game ngl

Noone AtAll

Good game on first run, maybe only electric field generator needs to blink not so bright (it's on epilepsy level right now) and 1:3-to-1:2 cog connection needs more control what snaps to what. || Prestige seems underwhelming - spend whole hour preparing and prestige currency can only be spent on time-limited speedup? Feels weak.

Juan José Castañeda Gómez

Is so fun and entertaining, but sometimes it goes laggy. All though, is a good game.

Matt Bragg

Garbage, game looks cool but graphics constantly bug out on both my galaxy tab and pixel 6. Would be interested if fixed, my fingers crossed.

zackles febryen

Very good just wish you could add more stuff to the game


Looks confusing from the pictures, but damn is it a good idle game.

Sheyne Carlos

Great game, the rewards for watching ads help the game progress in a big way and make them worth the time. I give it 5 stars, though some of the ads are longer than normal and harder to close.

Jesse Lorax

I like this game though, but I like it more if you added more machines to it.

Angelo Albudin

this is my childhood but my fingers sweat 😂 this game is realy good this is cool and intense when i remember it i wanna download it so bad

Potato Potato

Whats your discord? Of the game

Carter Baggett

Very fun i remember playing when i was 7


This game is too short, I beat this game in like 2 hours.I am not even joking.Please add some more stuff.But I still like this game.

Arcy Potpot

Good bro


Fun and not alot of ads

Rahul Birhman


Zachary Thomas

I like it a lot

Eshkhas Deron

Very pog

Devin Ellenwood

Not worth 5 minutes of playing, no initial instructions, no background of the game, nothing can make it worthwhile.

Super gamer

Nice game


DAMN ITS SO GOOD AIRAPORT MUCH BETTER WHEN OTHER MAPS ARE WORKING KEEP IT UP 😀😀 oh sorry I mean the engineer millionaire I mean about the engineer millionaire 🙃

nani and nikki mods

very nic game

Cutie Piee

ye to tati hay

Life Tect Lol

The old one was OG but bruh this version is epic!!!

Patrick Koh

On the ipad one of the cogwheels reached 1b rounds per minute

lee games lego and tech

good i gives me nostalgia


It's good but needs lots more gadgets and gears with lower cost scaling. After a certain point you run out of things to build and can barely afford a single gear.


It's fun to play in spare time and relaxing

Crystal Morgan

Bruh I just rated this did I delete it???

Janice Fong


Zac Mass

Fun game to past the time, only gripe is wish I can revert once built


This make me smart

Dauda Suma

I love the app

Sherlwin Chua

i love this game! you can totally build anything

Nataly Coertse

Nice game and I love it

Villain Deku

It's ok but add more machines

Moto Vlog

I like it

toasted jam

Very fun and easy to play and level up

Shayaan Monzur

Iooking very good I really liked it.

Kapil Pal



Boring af

Elijah Manuel Plazuelo

Nuclear powerplant reactor!!!!!!!! I was playing this when in 5 year old

Lynnette camacho

Good game

Pole Gabitano


Matthew Hall

Its ok

gren appl

This is a great game for while your on trips and you need something entertaining!

john philippe dahino

I love steampunk games like this! Even your other games! This game is the best!

Jafet Maniago

I like this game because it is inspiring to those who wants to become an inventor i hope you make more and more games and God bless you thanx for the game i love it


This is my 2nd play through and I still love it! this is a unique game and you must try it!


not bad. It's a simple idle game.dont like the fact that it take you to another app if to try to go to another Level. But still fun


Amazing concept but UI text is way too small