Starsteel Fantasy – Puzzle Combat

Author: Crunchyroll Games, LLC

50,000+ install
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Starsteel Fantasy – Puzzle Combat – Assemble your 4-person team and complete puzzles in strategic match-3 battles

Detailed info

File size: 166M
Update time: September 3, 2021
Current version: 1.18.0
Require Android: 6.0 and up
Developer: Crunchyroll Games, LLC
Price: Free
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Customer review

Chaoss Creations

First time in ages trying to play this game and it keeps force closing halfway through the loading process. Some help would be greatly appreciated! Google login and guest lgon fail even after reinstalling the game. I don't see its been canceled anywhere. What's going on?!

Ryan H

Looks like another cash grab & run. thanks for wasting everyones time, and (some people's) money.


[SHUTDOWN] Can't connect, delisted from publisher, assuming shutdown. Was a decent puzzle RPG, though it had some pacing issues that kept me from getting really into it. Hopefully the remaining Crunchyroll games are healthier.

MidEviL 138

Experiencing network errors .....

Kenneth Branner

Keeps crashing at loading screen. Would like to keep playing its a fun game

jeff hall

Can't even play starts to load then shuts off

Matthew James

Can't even load Keeps crashing I'm on a Samsung A32 5G Fix it then I'll change review score

Paco G. L.

I couldn't start. It auto-closes when starting the app

Kevin Grajeda

Just crashed on first and second boot. You didn't earn a third try.

C Hayne

Sad game is ending in April 2022

Gregory M. Gunn

This game would be great if you could lvl up you heros by grinding instead of you items it makes the game pointless.

john wexler

Previous rating seems to have been deleted. App will not open at all. Crashes while it loads an shuts app down. Trying to play on S21 ultra. Will re-rank once I can play

s long

Been playing a month and now game is closing lol great game and well. How about some freebies for in game?

Carl Hayden

Continually crashes, interesting concept but I'd rather slow and requires a lot of attention compared to other Match-3 games with its turn based combat, once you get on it.

Dan Gabriel Diaconescu

Can't be played on OnePlus 9 Pro, crashes at the start while loading. Edit: Contacted support, will see.

Curtis O'Dell


Leong Lin

Sudden shut down when loading the game.

Brian Bushard

Very good and creative puzzle combat gamelove it so far

Joseph Venne

This was an enjoyable game the couple of times I managed to get it to load. Most of the time it would crash a few moments into the loading bar.

Angel Dejesus

ok but add event other than feel liked Dead game

Porto perte

Always crash cannot start it

Calvin William

When I click the app it loads for 5 secs and then closes the game. Hope u can solve this bug


The artwork is the best part of Starsteel Fantasy, everything else is lacklustre. The game design itself is flawed and difficult to play, progress is slow, and the special effects during battle are very mediocre. Energy regen is pretty fast but when the main game itself is flawed, nobody will wanna play it.

jimmy moore

keeps force closing when I open it

David Chen



Installed, chose Google login, saw the loading bar for like a frame then closes. Tried multiple times but still doesn't work.

Team Crow Ninjas

The game is cool but after this update the game keep crashing

Girnanda Gege

cant play, in loading screen after login always crash, using xiaomi poco f3

Steve Vileenor

it's pretty solid

Jesse Brown

This game is really fun and interesting. Just started playing it, but love it already!

Punya Vetviroon

Still in development so there's no voice acting or optimisation yet. This game has alot of potential. Still quite bare bones at this stage.


I've ground this game to death. Not, a single penny invested completely free to play. It has taken me literally months to get this far. (Barely far at all, honestly. ) People have already said it feels like you have to pay to get anywhere, but honestly you don't. My problem is that it is completely bland. Guess you can't expect much from those that brought you High Guardian Spice, but really no events? Like at all. Not a one. Not Halloween, Thanksgiving and no Christmas event. I am done.

Sam Eiland


Ben Amkh

boring af

Howard Johnson

I have know fought in the arena 50+ times in a row against the same team with other team showing up as an option, a different team would be nice.


Just really boring combat


This game is okay. Not sure why people even buy crystals, you don't need to. I got my characters to 90 with a medium grind. The game really needs a better pvp matchup and please add more stages.

Seth Mandeville

I'm done with the game. Played level 41 (the start of the poison icons) several times and there are WAY too many poison icons!!! I couldn't win even one time!!! Not to mention no crystals!!! Couldn't even revitalize with Ihani!!!!! I will find another puzzle combat game!!! Ridiculous number of resources needed to build after level 6!!!! I do expect a challenge. But every game the grid started off with at least half of it as poison icons. Very frustrating. I had to vent. Game is now uninstalled!

Worria the ninja

Fun but there's no way to level your hero

Watcher Anonym

bad game.


Nice blend of rpg and match game mechanics. Characters are anime fans dreams!!..Noice!!

Martin Wilson

Feels half finished. Missing a lot of feature like mail or chat or the ability to see hero abilities unless they're on your team. You have limited stamina and every level also has individual 'attempt' restrictions. Looks good tho. I guess.

LittleTitan Am

Less smooth. Need maintenance. Still like it.

David Hall

very fun game to play

Alaa Ayadi

Fun game, no predatory p2w gimmicks


This game is intriguing but it's kinda slow to play. If you want to improve it ad a blitz button so players can farm completed levels.

Stuart Barlow

loving the game so far even though just started my only issue the lack of crystals you get to unlock more characters

Suellen Laing

Pretty graphics

Zachary Nash-pate

Personally I'm looking for games that are wholesome, the story was familiar but I don't need to see all that nakedness with the characters. Nothing wrong with a good story and game play but keep the characters pure.

armando munoz-hernandez

This game was fun till you hit mid lv 30s. Then you hate this game because you can't really get crystals unless you pay and the 3* rate is garbage. I enjoyed this game but it solely a p2w game and even if I dropped lots of $$$ it still wouldn't fix the balance issues with characters or enemies. Was fun for a bit but I am uninstalling this game that could have been great.

Abdul muiz Abdul khalid


Gregory Melton

This is not my type of game just tested to see if I like it, I don't.

Ryan Barnes

I can recommend this game for anyone who likes matching games.

Prof FlatTop

Pros: Fun animation, nice character designs, and easy to get into Cons: cash shop cost per item is too high, hard to maintain a different variety of heroes, and city isn't interesting to upgrade. Time-played: I have played at least 8 hours over 3 days. I am not interested in putting further time into this game mostly due to the lack of starsteel you receive. I usually allot money that I'm willing to pay when invested to reward developers. However, I cannot justify the cost. Needs more 'umpf'!

Bobby Schweitzer2021

awesome game


I love the gameplay and ui placement compared to other similar games. Game is buggy I had a sound loop bug throughout mission #3. Keep adding things to this game and fixing bugs I might just give a 5 stars :)

Junk Yard

Guys game is very nice, but pray tell how to awaken heroes...the star level obstructs from level up. The items are in bag (Awakening Essence) but what to do...many heroes at 1☆ is stuck at lvl 10 cap and 2☆ heroes are not much better. Did you guys miss the update in this version? In PvP saw many with lvl 50 heroes with 1/2☆ which is not normally possible, except for BOTS or hackers. Anyways solve the issue...tier upgrade is possible, weapon upgrade possible, stats upgrade too....thanks!


Dont play, no gameplay at all.

Albert TYoe

YOUR GAME IS A BUGGY MESS, BUGS ARE EVERYWHERE IN THIS GAME, NEW PLAYER BEWARE! Game Developers keep on deleting my comment here at Play Store without addressing the issue of their game themselves, let's see if you lot will delete this again.

Gene Vallin Jr

great game

Spikie Bitz

Looks cool, but not enough to do on a consistent basis.

kevin shay

Was fun at first but then you head the wall around lvl 30 . I have been trying to get mats drop 1 zone and can't buy it over a month now and have 1. Prices are so high it is unbelievable And most things can't even be bought. Fun game to bad they ruin it.

Charles Adkins

Old school game mechanics where nothing is free, rewards are minimal, and progress is slow. Combat takes time. No auto battle. Energy highly restricted. No events or promos. Pros: nice 3d combat, clean ui, ... Cons: no afk rewards, few free items, VERY slow grind, not enough energy too grind, no hero reset or swap, hero appearance never changes, reduced size normal combat field (makes combat slow tedious, needlessly), prices worst of ALL games ($25USD for 10x common summon, $15 to refill energy)

Tran Thao


Chris Sibley

It was ok until they introduced me to arena. Literally couldn't do a thing. Definitely not going to pay however much that dude paid to play this game. If it's that bad at level 11 not going to waste my time anymore. It's good for a couple hours but wouldn't recommend going much past that.

Tanner Fielstra


Brendan M

Very fun but dont expect to gain any more heros. Either money pit or grind fest. It's a shame because the gameplay was enjoyable

rujack Gaming

Why you make your game free install You should make it premium Why coz this game for rich player Limited resource, Need awaken hero but the resource for requirement almost need to purchase Man talk about greedy developer

Omar Sakakini

An innovative "mish-mash" of various game modes. So far works well and provides some fun.


Soft lock, uncompleteable awaken tutorial, character menu uninteractable missing awaken character in menu. Load time is annoyingly long for how short stages are.

Jesus Barrera jr

very fun great game

Richie Brewer

good game so far

Raymond de la Paz

Nice battle match-up game with Single player focus and non-intrusive gatcha mechanics!

Afsana Begum

It's impossible to level up characters. How you meant to pass levels with low level up and money. Rubbish game.

Elwin Bassett

This game is a broken mess. The match-3 gameplay is super basic with no frills. The city portion is broken (building expansions don't work as they should so you can't get past city level 6). There's almost no way to gain game currency without spending. The enhancement materials are grossly imbalanced. This is an incomplete game that they are hoping to trick you into spending money on before you figure it out.

Alina Lee

Resources for leveling up or to play gacha are too hard to come by.

Robin Nikki Baker-WeeDon

I enjoy these games when u have to match objects to attack your opponents. However, there's a few things I'd change/improve. #1: As several players stated, leveling heros is terrible, I'd suggest earning EXP when playing levels, in arena, & events. #2: More Stamina, or if u win during a level then u don't lose any stamina. #3: Store prices are way to high, $4.99 for just 10 gems, no newbie pk available, or anything like that. Really hope to see these change!!! Thanks!

Matt L

Needs to fix team edit. Cannot remove a character to have less team members

Shawn Steele

I love the combat, but this is one of the most poorly executed mobile concepts I've ever played. NOTHING works as intuitively as it should. Characters do not naturally level up, you do not obtain gear from stages, summoning currency is more scarce than ANY other mobile game I've played, pacing is horrendous, story is non-existent, and it's grindy at best. A 4.6 avg rating for a game like this was bought and paid for. Terrible.

Vicente Tapia

Esta ok.

Nick Craddock

I love this game. Great art and fun gameplay.

Garrick Borrough

Couldn't get past the art, generic I draw boobies commissions from dA. The currency, the character availability, the lack of appeal and incentives overall, the story isn't some grand adventure either. Of course, you get a thief girl with nakama power. So many tropes. If you like tedious grinding and an average anime experience, this is for you.

German Vazquez

great game

Timpo Weirdo

One of the better versions of this type. It was fun. But I definitely feel like I'm not getting all of my stones or wtever those summoning stones are. Ik I'll get this job or complete this mission at 3 stars and I get rewarded a stone or few. It's nowhere to be found afterwards. Literally turned my 4 stars to a 2 star as I typed this 🤦😔 plus leveling up is a horrible. They don't level up naturally you have to earn 2 other resources just to do it. Well now it's a one star.

shawn connors

awesome so far

Adam Fenix

First impression; I was actually enjoying the game but I ran out of stamina pretty quickly and there aren't any perks for New players. I can see that it may be grindy but I like that but there are so few material drops early on that its hard for me to get a feel for it. It is also no real way to get new units ( I am alway f2p until I know if I'll actually play a game or not). Iwill revisit and update my review once I get more play hours in.

Shane Fernandes

Fun game by crunchy roll. Would give it a five but it needs more content and a little bit more frequently

Darth Sy'rathuss

It starts off looking pretty good, but the balance issues are frustrating. Leveling up characters is a nightmare. You get way more resources in your city than really need. The materials needed to improve your characters are rare. Getting newer and better characters are extremely unlikely. It's a visually good looking game, but needs a lot more polishing before I'd come back to it.

Rosti Hitrin

I like this game and it's graphics but there are some issues and stuff that needs to be added. 1) I have note 20 and 8min of gameplay drains 6% of my battery it's insane. 2) Crafting materials are very hard to grind. 3) There is no real way to gather heroes aka normal rolls(except the daily free). 4) The hero section is a mess there is no way to filter by faction or colors at least. 5) There's no real way to hide ui to look at the character drawing. There is a bug for it though.

Toi O'Kelly

This game would be better without the unbalanced difficulty and the excessive cost.😤

Md Hawlader Ariful

Good game

Thomas Roth

Way to stingy with the star steel to summon and 20 bucks for just a cosmetic is outrageous. Game has potential but unless you throw some money at it getting characters is a very very slow process

Pympjuice ChIraq

I always pay attention to the negative reviews because those ones that aren't paid for I almost installed this game thank you for not letting me waste my time

Ian Simo

They charge £17:50 just for a character skin lol should tell you everything you need to know. Forget about playing this as f2p the rewards are terrible & cash shop insanely expensive. Shame because the game could be fun but it's just a cash grab.



Brice Butler


Marsa Dwitya

I think you need to add a lot of event, and the second think is, for a new game the gatcha is too pricey, you can lower it a bit...

Aaron Mosiah Leal Fernandez

good game

Michael Daum

so far so


Very fun!!