Starry Love

Author: Modo Global

500,000+ install
Role Playing


Starry Love – A Streamer Themed Character Development Mobile Game

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File size: 99M
Update time: September 7, 2021
Current version: 2.1.5
Require Android: 4.1 and up
Developer: Modo Global
Price: Free
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Customer review

Masungit Na Malambing Gaming

Please make also a ranking for each server !

Marken Kamki


maymuna akter

This game is awsome!!!!!

Hanabi Hana


Azfereen M.Shahzad

I really loveee this game this is just sooo amazing best game 🎮

Jaskiran Kour

It's very nice game and i also enjoy every event but 1 think I don't like that only vip person got the new outfit 😞 just that and it takes long time io open but it is very nice game you also have to try it byeee.

Judith Njoh

the game is pretty nice but the only problem is it takes a little time to get fanbase and also it takes time to load

Shameema Taylor

It's extra ordinary only if you a person for romance then ya

Wilfredo Sangil

i love this app but there's one problem in this app it's such a laggy and there's have a bug please fix this i gave 4 stars anyway because it's such fun with this app but please fix the bugs but i like this app!

Dian wulan


blondi Mahusi

Its a very nice game thats all I want to say because it is the best game I've ever played

Binal Patel

🥰🥰🥰love this game...... Love to play 😍


It's really fun to watch although I wish the prices for the clothes would be less expensive.

Kay Zin Thaw

I like it but the game is not good enough.

Mahira Shrma

Aafiya agvan

Oluchi Delfen

So for some reason I can't get back into the game please help


I love the game, honestly it's addicting. It got me playing for hours~

elizabeth Thornton

Really enjoy this game the story is so good

Nomita Biotagi

Piu has been in talks with 🌟🇨🇮💖👍🌠😷✏🙏🙏👩‍👧had is the only person to be in a state with no other force in this world but TERFLY4 said the He said the company had not received t

Mommy Mimi Co-Trob

Great game! Keep it up. My stress reliever. 👍👍👍

sangay Wangdi


Bonny Rodriguez

I like this game so cute adorable

lilia & my sister

i think then that the game is, very hard because of the story's. when you finally get to the next season of the chapters, is it harder to win the fights, and is it hard to get a lots of fanbases then fighting with yu fifen or something, but is it not that great of that but overall 3 stars for me.

Kelly Murray

So addicting!!

Areni T

Storyline 2-5 can't equip skirt keep popped up not here. Can't tap anything stucked

Nathan Bayoneto

This game is great!


Cool game, but the characters constant mention of their tiny waists and portraying plumpness as something negative is rather damaging 🤨

Kyutie P

I can't even open the game. It keeps crashes.


This game is reallyyy so good n fun to play. The graphics n sounds are so amazing. This is the 1st ever game that I've got interest to play after decades. Till now there's no bugs,unfixed problems,adds nothing its just so perfect!!! So yes a full 5 star ⭐

hy P

Really addictive! I love this game so much!

Kajal Sharma

This game is extraordinary. It gives u so many chance to win prizes. I love this game.

Amolika5andAaradhya1 Nandini

I am loving this game

Aerish Echane

This was really a beautiful game, the backgrund, outfits, confidants, the actors voice, the events etc. It was really easy to play but i'm just an Potential Streamer (actually i'm D-List Streamer on my mom's phone) but sometimes it was having a problem like when you tap the locations or places, it will say to you that your network is not working well, but actually my network is very well, sometime the character are not apearing too, I wish this will be fixed.

Allyza March

I'm enjoying


I really like this game but the only problem is you can't change the name

Sanja Nicole

This game is awesome I luv it the stories the characters everything and the voice acting it's not like those other boring story games without voice acting

Forgetmenot _16

Good game. The game structure is pretty much same as the legend of the Phoenix.. but this one needs some improvements though. Like the screen blacking out problem due to low space. Even when I have like 2GB space to spare. Sadly going to stop playing.

Lydia Kollock

I've played this company's other game which is kinda like this game. This game blew it put of the water! It's much easier to proceed through the game without feeling pressured to buy anything. Thr story is very good with voice acting for most of the chapters including your character. I was super impressed by this game.

Ferdaws Haddad

Useless game requires no skill waste of time


It was easy to earn most items and plot was interesting but at time it was hard to earn those fandom point things so I couldn't finish it completely

Nur Iman

I like is game but samotime is hard to play when you don't any money༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

Kanak Kanwar Deora

Please make vip and advanced privileges free so that I can use them 😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Reginald Bungalon

This app is so good and fun but theres only problem coz the chracters sometimes are glithc but i like this game

Jue Jue

I really really love the game.Outfits,graphic,plots are super awesome.But I don't like one fact.May be It's only me.At first,it's still ok.Now It's not because of cross sever.Example,I'm in s70 but in streamer star power I can't win the old players whose severs are s64.... in duo.It's really unfair.If there are twelve matches,I only win may be 4 or 5. I can't even enter top 100 now.I'm really depress.So I think own sever competition is better.Anyway,it's my favorite game.

Manisha Dewasi

Umm that's great n kawaii 😅😻💗

Bb T

Hi i really Games nice when you feel br it Beauiful i like starry love it nice Games


Cuteeeeee ♡

Vel Kumar

Unexpected good game

Anzida Mae Ryxza

Mah fave game

미스 Cloudsé

I've been playing this game for almost a year as of now, and I can say This is definitely one of my favorite games of all time everything about it is perfect for me, I don't know about some people but for me this game is pretty amazing you can get diamonds pretty easily compared to other games and the outfits is super pretty also I made a few friends in the game, soo overall I really love this game!! Soo I recently bought a monthly pass so in a way I can support the game creators(?)

Cik Rose

Love the the member of my guild, Powerpuff S87. Lets go


I like it but to me it seems like it is missing something. What about having the option to have a recorded video call to you by the guy you choose?!

remi cat


Shrabani Bera

Lovly story with lovly music... I love it ❤️


That was a great app.i prefer everyone to download it and experience.Nice job mam/sir.

Saranita Smith


Caky Yaky

I'm in love with games. I like trying different ones liked but this is my new favorite 😍


I like it

Lila Halila

I really enjoy the stories and the game

mary france basilio

I like it 😊


Really, a great game but i think F2p players like me need more time for events becasue i'm a new player and 7 day goal event is quite difficult for me. It seems like i can't finish that event unless i pay


Thank you for this game. Well this game is really good. I've been playing this game for a long time and it's relaxing tbh. The only problem is that I can't hear the characters voice anymore while completing the stories like I used to hear before. I really wish to hear the characters speak again. ╥﹏╥ Please make it possible.

Cynthia Josephine

i played this game when it 1st launched in 2020, due to the early stage it was slightly a mess.. i stopped playing and continue playing their similar game LOP. Now, im back! This time i restarted the game in a new server and voila! i love the updated version. Within 2 years they have improved alot. GREAT JOB!

Jane Tafalla

I love this app🥰🥰 ive been playing it since October 2020 and still playing it up until now i had no problem playing the game i enjoy it so much😍😍 !!! i never watched any ads i love the cute outfits im looking forward to every event thats going to happen (≧▽≦)!! I hope i can still play this until became an adult!! Thank you Modo for creating such interesting game\(^o^)/

Nithya J

I love this game very much. I just addicted to it. It's not taking much time and data it's moderate that's why I love the most.

Meriam Diacor

I really loved the game so much- thanks to my friend who recommend me about this game. Ackk- also loving the characters and their roles. I hope everyone, playing this game is having much fun just like me. Thank you!

Keria Lopez

I love it 😻 and thanks for the support and make more games like this game

lockdown activities

It's very interesting 👍👍💕

Uni flower

I like this game

Shen Yue

I love this game but it's not only overpriced but also not f2p friendly


I've been playing this game for 7 months now and it's really fun! I like the storyline even tho I'd get lost sometimes. I also like grinding for resources to get a placing in rankings. But I have trouble sometimes while playing, it's either glitch or the game would crash at least three times a day. I don't know if this is because of my internet and storage or it's something else. I also hope for some of the limited outfits to return again one day, I really want to obtain the witch ones^^

luna cookie

Amazing story, great game overall I recommend this game.


This app is the reason why I like role playing games, the story is good, just in case the dresses I have a hard time buying, and also lag, so I only rate 4 stars and the graphics are good.

Gopal Saha


Goldy Recana


Hye Hee Ryean Kim


Juliet Sunday

This game is just so has done a lot in helping me kill boredom🥰🥰🥰

Debadrita Dey

Absolutely fantastic

MD Miraj


Karn Singh


Ghostly Soya

I love the graphic, designs, Everything!! But Currency in this game gets spent easily and hard to get which it takes days to complete a quest I think adding something like mini games or exchanging diamonds to cash or skipping specific quests may help a lot, Thanks a lot for your time and i hope this game gets more noticed

cristine rosales

Ilove the game ..all of it..i just wish i can get all the clothes and be part of the starry events all the time

Keria Lopez

I love it alot

howard kamphanda

Love it

Catherine Alegada

I really love it 😻

Rizza Montillano

It is a great game but I accidentally change my server and my account start at the very beggining, I don't know what to do I want my old account back :<

Ashwini sd

Awesome game 😍🥰👏

Ea Zehel

I don't know what I'm feeling playing this game but sometimes I keep coming back after leaving this game for almost a month or so. 🤷

Angel Ann Salise

I love this game very much 😍🤩😊

Mavis Heartfilla

This virtual game is so good

Jandy B.Consul

I really like the game before.. but I uninstalled it, now I can't log in to my old account which was s77 Jiana. It had said that the account login was expired. I hope you can fix this and don't expire accounts. It is really unfair that people worked so hard for their accounts just to see it was expired. Please do not tolerate this is the future. I hope you do not make this mistake, and Im looking forward to get my account back.

Glaze Madarang

Lack of diamonds

Zeirha Sali

This is just I wanted to find I think 🤣🤔

a snickers

I feel like most of the items are overpriced. In the recent summer event, it is impossible to get both the outfit sets + title, 3 backgrounds, chat & avatar frame in A WEEK without topping up (unless you have like 10000+ diamonds in the first place (and dias are quite hard to get)). It does have a good storyline and would be a great game if you don't care about the rankings, clothes and leveling up quickly. Either make the events & opponents in the story easier or make the reward prices cheaper.

Eve Chan

I made new friends

Rani Khan

Its good

kharz An

I have problem with your event.. There's a limit time yet I can't participate... Like star studded, it ends at 11:00pm yet I can't participate when it's only 10:56pm..

quela galla

this game teach me how to love💋💝💖❤️

Nurulaini Sabilla

I love this game so much

Ej Yuson

Great app...i enjoyed it really☺️