Starry Love

Author: Modo Global

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Role Playing


Starry Love – A Streamer Themed Character Development Mobile Game

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File size: 99M
Update time: September 7, 2021
Current version: 2.1.5
Require Android: 4.1 and up
Developer: Modo Global
Price: Free
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Customer review

moonlight crystal

Only 3 words Sweet cute lovely

shiela agullo

its addicting game, plus you can meet other people who play and be your friend...but sometimes event are hard to win..

DavDanDeby Homes

I love this game, the plots, characters, voice acting and the story line is just perfect, plus its stops me from ever feeling bored

Dashdeleg Purevsuren


Jesica Jesic

copycat game. almost all suit copy from love nikki. pathethic. if you keep copying another game suit you'll be in trouble with the law! they work hard for a suit and you copying them easily. one or two may not matter, but almost all. model, colors, some even have almost the sama pattern. pathethic! design your own suit

Kryshaleen Gordiones

The reason its 4 star is because i cant even get a single satin to the spin, i dont know if i just suck or what but overall this game is pretty amazing. Its fun, the animation is so pretty, i love it

abdulahad baburi

wow this game is very good really😍

Kimberly “Kibbons” Aikens

This is a really great game, I enjoy the main character's personality and the storyline, and the non-storyline stuff is really fun as well instead of feeling like a chore. I only have two complaints. The diamonds are WAY too expensive and they take a long time to earn for free after the first couple weeks. I have spent a fair bit of money on the game (about $50) and found the diamonds I bought did not go very far at all. My second complaint, no voice acting in the story after section 16. :(

Sahinqureshi Sahinqureshi


Fatima Gabronino

Love it 😍

Ai Chan

I love this game

Precious Ifechukwu

I love this game very interesting but I don't know why there is no dubbing in the story anymore pls repair it. I also like the design of the game.



Savitri Thapa



Could you please add a delete button for the revenge section. Too many filled up. It is so annoying and Fasrating. NO ONE LIKE ENIMIES. And add a delete button to clear your Local server and Cross server message board. A Lots Of Old Messages. It Will Benefit for All Players

Mary Irineo

Ferfect game but when I play longer, the game is lagging

leeya _

Good game after all, I really had enjoyed play this game


Tnx I've got to experience such a unique game hope there are more amazing games like this and I'm sure more people will like it since its a uniquely and clearly made I never missed a day without playing this game Tnx it was enjoyable

Mama Bruno

Enjoyable game to relax on and trying on various outfits which i found pretty. Tge storyline is pretty interesting too

Sarah Meryem


Rieyeh Mae Almonacid

Love this game, I am still new (9 days playing) and it is easy to level up I made it to "A streamer" and you can see my name on the local rankings in three categories (I just only spent $.99 so I can have Riley) it is still friendly game hope it will not crash.

France De Vera

We want lower price for each outfit.

Turning a New Leaf

I love this game

Sonali P

The game is good. But it stops working in middle (without any reason). The screen gets freezed randomly.

Gurleen Kour

It's really beautiful game..... I love it....💜💜 thank you 😊💜


Pretty art, story is nice and short, but can get repetitive in game play especially with ads running/you running out of things to go.


This game is excellent but there is a task that says to give a gift to a confident but even of i did it won't let me pass through this task and there isn't even a guide to teach me properly how to...

Afrid Hussain

Good game it is

Erika S

Good game. But i just really have a female confidant not just man. And does anyone really won from the draw thingy? Cause ive been playing for months now and i cant really won

temiloluwa Aishat

I really love the game and i enjoy it so so much that i dont even mind using my data to play it

Aldecoa Jesren May Q.


Donna Sarah Mendoza

This game is weird. Hate this. Uninstalling now.

Dbbl Ltd

This game use internet or WiFi i don't like internet or WiFi.

Laras Sekar

Bagus sebenarnya tapi gada bahasa Indonesia dan fontnha terlalu kecil bikin pusing matanya buat baca

Ann Wanjiku

Pretty nice game love the outfits 😍

Daniela Tituana

It's so fun and the outfits are beautiful. Many things to do daily and there are always ongoing events. You can gain diamonds so easily just by playing. Also the story is very good and the mc truly likeable

Jovie Love Dutosme

I used to like the game so much that I even top up (close to VIP3) but now the downside of the game is it takes very long time to load. It's not playable anymore, coz it's only loading all the time which made me switch to other games but I hope you can fix the problem and give us new and exciting events.


The art is pretty and the story seems interesting but... The menu is ridiculously cluttered and annoying to navigate! I feel pressured to read the main story rather than read it at my own paste. I got bored almost immediately too.

Mae Armenta

The game ís good. I just hope they can minimize the brightness or change color scheme. The colors are identical and too bright which makes it hard to identify the sections of the game.

Chimamanda Zumba


Monbebe Wenee

Dear Modo Global. I really like this game but the only problem is that some chapters doesn't have sounds I really liked the characters voice and also sometimes the app always close by itself I hope you can fix this

Panchanan Nahak Nahak

Uh just in love with this game! Loved the graphics and the clothes, makeup, accessories and everything is just best! AND THE MOST BEST THING I LIKE IS THE STORY LINE! Its really really good even the confidents are also handsome 👍♥! Well i usually don't gibe ratings to games but this game... After seeing the features i just can't wait to give feedback to this game! Well its really rare for me to rate games but this one! Its just amazing!❤️❤️❤️ Just go for it!😊

Suman Suman




A Google user


siddhi Gehlot

So cute and sweet and Beautiful and funny 😄🤔😄😇😄🤗😄😇🤔☺🙃😈😇🤐🙁☺🤔😄😇😇😄😇☺🤔☺

عالم كوريا


Manju Kumari

Great game

Abdullah Walayat

Amazing and outstanding game

Satsuki Cross

I hope there's other way to earn diamonds and trendy satins without spending money. I HOPE YOU COULD BRING BACK THE EVENTS so we could get the items, outfits, titles etc that we couldn't get, especially those players like me that F2P.

Shiinnx Shiinnx

Damn the confidants are hot-😳

Dora Delight

I haven't play it yet 😉

Rodelio Mesias

Nice and easy game . Love it ♥️

Kikay Bay

I really like the game but I have a problem I am currently experiencing I tried to play the game but it's kept failing to log in I hope it we'll be fix quickly

Kajal Khatun786 (Nk)


Saad Jasmine

Super fun and addictive

Azenith Gumban

I love this game 3yrs i playing this game this is so verry fun😁

tzmobile tzmobile

So sweet

Ryzza Delos Santos

It's fun and really amazing game. I can't say anything else about this game but this is really an interesting game for me

Ashstar M

Love the game💕💕..

Bilal Ali


Nalwanga Catherine

Superb if am to say excellent indeed it is thnx

Javeria Anwar

This game is so interesting I really like it there is level we have to top up and it's make a liitle bit difficult but this game is very nice and interesting and good graphics

Aarti Gupta

This game is so greedy. Once a server reaches at a good point, they start server merging. They force to upgrade to VIP. Worst game ever.

Itz_ Phoenix

I must say it's a masterpiece, it also have it's falls and flaws but I did like to appreciate all the designs and the story line of course all those guys are breath takers TvT, but there are some issues I did like you to check if it's only me or everyone else is going through it......even tho I have checked my new clothes and collection but it still shows that there's something new in your collection (the red dot), i have some more issues but the word limit won't let me so, Thx anyway!!!

Anna Malai


Reni Ahmad

good game,, I hope you can add more male character just like LEGEND OF PHOENIX.. thank you

Anushka Chakraborty

I usually don't give ratings but this game is perfect. It has dressup, a good storyline, cute characters, a romance story, and super fun to play. The only problem is that after chapter 11 I can't hear characters voices. It doesn't bother me that much but I liked the voices of characters. I wish the game developers will fix it

Ajeet Kushwaha

Nice game 👍👍

Cat Royal

After 6 days of playing now the app doesn't open and shows just a white screen. My internet isn't the issue and I'm worried for my progress

Kharell Mendez

Cool graphics and I like the fashion style.

Venvi Palpita

I hope it's work in

Parmila Rai

I love the game but I deleted it bc my mom wanted to download imo and when I try to download starry love it doesn't work can you fix the problem

Md shoidul Islam


June Poem

I think, you should different competition.

Chevonne Brink

I like the game. Even though its a romantic game you actually spend the most time working on your career.

Bakmenlang Riahtam

A very nice game . The characters are also good and also the graphics of the game...deserve a 5star rating from me

Phyu Sin Kyal

Very good

Nabam Nabam mema

I like this game so much this game was very interesting game and please follow me in Instagram account hina_navam

Mherr Jay Poliño

This game is fun

Trisha Sonu

It's a masterpiece just start playing this and i can assure you that you will never regret but remember while playing the game don't give up that's how the interest will grow with in you

Bonny Rodriguez

I love this game so much ^^

Atul Withluv

Best fashion and love game ever for teenage girls as they can.

Inas Ulayya

Not sure whether its just me but i live in Indonesia and can't login or do anything on the game if i'm on my phone data (telkomsel and three provider) i can access everything except SL. I can only open SL if i use wifi (first media provider) in result i lost/missed almost all of the event on SL. I'm on S30 this sucks i already VIP5 😭

Khumo Maila

You're game takes forever to load, it keeps saying the journey is about to begin then it take an hour but overall is a good game . Please try to fix the loading problem 😊

Saida Babi

I love dressing 💗💗

Oluwatoyin Akinlome

Two stars I didn't really like this game I don't know your opinion but I didn't like it

Tony Ly

Omgee Amazing love like My Fairy and Human Mother Goddess Made This For Me

Charm Manuben

I still can't download it


This game is so romantic and adorable I love anime couples 😍😍😍💕💕🙂💗😍😍💕💗

Vaishnavi Kunjir

Just amazing

Tanzia Parvin

লগবললল।লেতটটচ ওআচ কচট কআআ্গতত


You should make this game in Spanish and you should get more voice actors to voice when people don't know how to read

Ahnif Imran Ahnif Imran

This is a very good app

May Carvalho

Super fun. I love playing it.

Sally Nachalwe

Its annual very good app

Rachelle mae Gerodias

love it

Durrah Aisha

Best game i ever downloud! Never get boring when play this game


IS this game cute?

Shwe Toe

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