Starlit Kart Racing

Author: Rockhead Games

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Starlit Kart Racing – Kart battle with powerups!

Detailed info

File size: 33M
Update time: September 8, 2021
Current version: 1.2
Require Android: 6.0 and up
Developer: Rockhead Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Cory Arledge

It's a cool game easy control and fun

free fire gaming

This is op game

Free Fire Gaming

Op game


Every cartoony franchise in existence of course has a kart game, not that good but I recommend getting a pc and buying Garfield kart instead

Prawiro Wibowo


Mark Garcia

Verynice can play offline hope wish will have multiplayer offline soon...

Denny Crush

offline game

Murugan Gothandapani

Very very very very very very very very very very very nice

Reza Mokafat

Good Game

Azzumar Putra

so far so good

Daniel Pastrana

Game has potential but is very focus on pay to win from the start.

Raghvendra Shahu

This is the best game


It is an amazing game and recommend it to everyone

Ryan Herrera

Ticketing system in games is a deal breaker for me. Much better way to earn income than that. The carts seem to also move at such a slow pace which I just wasn't expecting. It does have a cutsey design and controls are good. I want to like it but those two issues for me are a no go.

Dan Thomas

It is ok but controls hard to use not fluid cost of cart upgrade to much game play adequate

M. Rizki Iqbal Nasution

This is nice concept game. With good design and programming... The only problem is doing something like drifting is so hard because we need push two buttons.. why not just make special button for drift instead? Overall welldone. Keep up the good work!

Mobile Apk

Very nice kart racing game, worth the download.

its Harris

It's a really fun game but I don't like that we only have 5 tickets and then we must wait to play again. Also you could add more things like a shop that you can buy skins with gems.

Dracko CODM

Just make a game like super Mario run I'm sure it will be the best idea! Btw this game is amazing 👍

Isaac Quans

Please add Road Maps. Great Game. Keep it up

Ron Nanagad

Fun and visually appealing, reminds me of earlier kart racers. More open to children and pretty simple. Kart handling is mediocre, bit hard on turns. Overall great simple game!

duaa abdulrazzaq

I love this game soo much.

Nick Brincat

Bad Mario kart copy with a speed of "my grandma's walker is faster than this". Controls are completely off, the "speed" animation slows things rather than speeding them up (yeah my device is powerful it's not the device it's the game). Look at the account clearly someone who likes to slap things together, release 2 versions of them and that's it. Do not recommend...

Angel Mastoris

Ok, I would say the experience is fun but literally 4 tickets are not enough to enjoy the game cause it limits you to 20 minute gameplay! It destroys the whole fun and in my opinion a raise to 10 tickets or more would be a 5 star rating by me and ofc more content and more consistent updates! These features make a game successful and makes the developers seem passionate about it and the fans love that!

austin lewis

What kind of racing game doesn't have a gas pedal. This is a great game for toddlers. Might as well just play with your hot wheels it would be more fun.

Ika Glublu

Offline dan control nya aneh. Gal nyaman dimainkan

Michael Oshilesi

Though it has perfect control. But I can't giv it 5 star, cos nothing special in it, it doesn't av anything special. It suppose to b a real time Adventure Story line, battling boss n collecting powers. Going on another Adventures to unlock different crystal powers n d crystal will b use for another purpose or for building power Towers. Add a Buble magic power which will make kart to float in the air. Add more features to make it las tinteresting before Players losing interest and stop playing.


Positives -smooth and nice controls(weird at first,just have to get used to it) -cute artstyle and cosmetics Negatives -all karts all locked behind premium currency, cant even farm them regularly. Game breaking -the rate off which you can play for free is dumb, infinite playtime is cheap tho. -leveling up stats doesnt do anything, the bots just level up with you and you can never outrace them or get a proper lead !feels like ploy for you to spend money on gold!! -too much spamable abilities.


Ok game, nice, smooth, and acceptable controls. Unfortunately it's boring, and the limitation on how many levels to play in one go is very little and annoying. Also, karts should all be available to play, this way players have more options to try each level, while you gain money from selling cosmetics and skins.

Mark Stokes

Drift is a slow, control is rubbish 🗑

Charya Yusuf Sanjaya

I've been looking forward for the (update of the) racing version of this franchise. The game's alright, but there's one thing: unable to quit the game. I kept pressing my phone's back button and the furthest it brought me to was the intro screen

The Educating Cyclyx


Yash Nigam

Nice game.

Spencer Davies

doesnt load

Dustin Lobato

Very fun! So far no adds.


So far pretty cool game, runs smoothly, racing mechanics could do with some fixing. But my main problem with the game is the very low amount of tickets, only 4. I think it should be increased to 10 at most.


Great game

Robert Thomas

Love it make a starlight kart racing 2


This game is pay to win I bought some stuff but now I WANT MY MONEY BACK ITS LIKE A RIPOFF OF MARIOCART


Off-line Game Always Sucks🤬🤬🤬😂😂😂

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