Starlit Adventures

Author: Rockhead Games

1,000,000+ install


Starlit Adventures – Discover fantastic worlds, fight creatures and solve puzzles!

Detailed info

File size: 97M
Update time: March 21, 2020
Current version: 4.0
Require Android: 4.1 and up
Developer: Rockhead Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Fantastic Rafa

probably the best platformer I can think of, but it does have it does have a downside, I realize that the sound that plays when completing a level is ripped off the famous learning website: Prodigy. Now, that really means a lot because I'm a kid, so if it's fine for the creators, try making your own sounds please. But yet, still a great game!

Chris Wells

Fun enough, but dont buy the suits with money. I bought the suits with money and now the in game coin currency is pointless, you cannot unlock the special skins without buying them individually.

Genevie Salie

Oh this game is so awesome💩💩💩🤑🤑🤑🤔🤔😭😏👄🤑😋👌🤭

Tanner Yost

I love this game

Guillermo Zepeda

Great game for this ancient player that used to love games like Donkey Kong and Dig Dug in the arcade. Play is fun, and the "easy" level is challenging enough to keep me engaged, but not to hard.

Sam Ivan Jamison

This game is the best! its cute and wonderful game! ☺

Aisel Asser

I play this everywhere very good game I play on ps4 or mobile 5 stars

Savanna D

God game.

Denise Jacobsen

I love this game can be challanging

Humza Sajid

I love it

Fanny Santana

El juego es lindo y entretenido, me gustaría que tal vez dieran trajes gratis, pero igual hay misiones en el que los puedes usar sin pagar, eso me gusta, de ahí en más me encanta el juego 👍🏻


Me gusta

Joseph Carmichael II


Britnee Tulk

It's free and good

Exotic Butters

This is..... So funnn! I consider getting this app!

Arshed Abbas


Dr. Sathya Ganegoda Biology

Very good game played on xbox 1

Wulan Sumulan

Good game

French toast Bob

It's a fun mobile / ps4 game

Sh3lly's Here

Cute and simple but it overheats my phone and also drains battery

qwerty asashi

Its a very cute app i really love it so 5/5 :]

sandra marinelli

Love it. Ecept i dont know how to transfer the game to another device

Ella Fox

Yes my children and I enjoy the game app star lit, it's exciting and fun.thanks

Dinesh Kumar

Best adventure game

Alex Gimana

This game is so fun! I can go too all level and if you open it there is some story why there is so many bad guy Fery cool!!! then i can get price and sticker

Valencia marteen

Uninstalled the game and won't let me restore purchases

daniela petroskair

Cool game

Debbie N.





It's nice

Hanwant Singh

Sooo xute game

Raquel Nicoletti

Fun star horse game! Like actually I love this game

Renata Machado

De beste game ooit! Heel leuk!😎😎😋😊😀

Jason Tanuri

Amazing game 10/10

Peter Drake

Excellent game, no ads (not even optional) a few microtransactions, but you don't need to pay for them. This is my favourite game. I also have starlit on wheels and starlit kart 2 racing car games. If you love adorableness and stuff that's cute, PLAY THIS GAMEEEE. THE BOSSES ARE CUTE, THE FREAKIN ENEMIES ARE CUTE! It is all sooo adorable. PLAY THIS GAME FOR GOODNESS SAKE!

Doge boiz


Jamir Ruth

It's so cute and cool

jeeva Nantham

Nice bro good game

Keshan Naidoo

I feel like it adds an extremely challenging experience to the whole game and story.

Ryder Elliston

I played this game on plastation and as soon as I got into the first level it was fun and I'm glad they made a Mobil version

Kelly Shenton

Great customer service

Roger Smith

game is good but the restore purchases button seems to be broken. I bought the 5.99 pack a long time ago and was always able to restore when i got a new phone. i hadnt redownloaded it for a while. when i got it on my current phone restoring doesnt work. i dont get my unlimited hearts and my suits back. I hate in app purchases because of this. just make the game a paid app so redownloading is all I need to do. checked Google play history. I bought it dec 11, 2016. No response from dev ever...


Ive played the console one and now its time for the mkbile one


The game is good I played it on my Xbox, but I only get 1. Coin every time I level up and I haveb been getting them i wish you could update this game because that is a big error

BJZW Gamer


Hannah Roberts

Pay to win Simple, really.

Amanda Roberts

Controls are simple ,game play is smooth character is cute. Good game!

Ashton Carey

I love the bosses

Adachukwu Chuks

It is a really good game and I love it.

Benjamin Hahn

So fun wow

Ibrahim Toure

The développer forger the jump button

Myles Scott

i like it

Denise Chikozho

Download It it's the best

Jaime Castrejon

I love it

Esheeka Dulai

Blaze and the Monster MachinesToy Trouble!

Oliver Ellie


Jesse Barsegian

Great game my second time playing.

Rabia Khan

great juat wish u can get tokens easier

Thomas Holmes

It is very good but the ps4 version is better

Sara E. Vann

I love this game 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Amal Gamal - آمال جمال

1000 Going Super

Jiben Naga


Axton Carter

I love it

Sam Hammoud


Gemma Mulvihill

Brilliant game

Karma Sarieldin

I like this game but i cant jummp

Kento Werth

I love this game, it is great and the suits are cool, but I am on chromebook and It is hard to do it by clicking, I hope they add keyboard contols, like they did with controller

Mudassar Hassan

I like this game it,s very cool

Jhatziry Michelle Guerra V.


Mazin Shawky

حلو ولاكن عايزه ترميز

Hiranthi Dodanwela

This is a very nice game I mostly play this in my neighbor's house I downloaded the app to practice with my neighbor and I really like how it's offline!

Xavier Johnson

Greatest starlit adventures game ever 🤑

Kierra Banks

Yes 😂😂🥰🥰 you are you guys doing that I did it for ypu to you and your mom at the airport now and I will call you when I am in the chest and I can get a ride home or at 6

Salman Bunajem

I like this 🎮

Talan Yantis


alamgir Hossen

Its my favourite game I love this game

claudine villaranda

So I need 240 tokens!

fatouma Daher

Best game ay verry like and is super cute

Mc Madness

Really love the game, nice lil challenges getting harder to complete, just love spending time gaming this game, plays perfectly on my cellphone, no lag, thanks and Good job to all your team for making this awesome lil game

Hannah Lasala

I love this game because it is offline and it has so many fun levels.

Jason Walker

The fact is a PS4 game

Khadija 6586

I Love it but not veary mutch😏

Faith Orr

This is the best game ever!

Daniel LeDrew

This game has good graphics and super addictive levels it's a great time killer because in the time it takes you to beat a level you already have enough life regenerated to do the next level and I would totally recommend

น้องคิดถึง พี่เอก

I miss this game so much then finally I found it!!

Max DavidWalliams

I just find it so cute :)

eyadd osama

K ////

amira yousif

Ahhh i love!!!this game me and my dad love to play it on the play station i have a Q is it ok to inistall it on the mobile?

Shimaa Hathan

I'm a dentist


Why it doesn't work?!

Hector Cisneros

Cool game man

Susset Lopez

Its my new favorite game

Davi Araujo

Its grate i love ita on molbel

Smg4 Banna

Forget mario!we got this and a kart version this game can't get any cooler the boss fights get harder harder and harder which gets fun to super fun!

Kay Michelle


Jenny T

Hard difficult coming good

World of stuff


Yousif Mohammad

its an adventure game full of levels

Elizjah Thomas

It's a great game.

He Ib

Played it on ps4 so i know game good,but sadly other characters can't jump so pls add jumping