Starfall Fantasy: Neverland


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The great adventure has begun!
Starfall Fantasy: Neverland – Enter the world of Starfall Fantasy and collect the exclusive Mount and E-Buddy, enjoy all the exciting events!
As soon as the star falls, a void suddenly opens in space-time, which before was just a dream… Goodbye to the past, from now on you can be whoever you want!
Introducing Eyougame’s latest production of 2023,
Starfall Fantasy: Neverland, a fantasy open world MMORPG like you’ve never seen before.
Immerse yourself in a fully equipped massive 3D battlefield where you will see ancient scenes transformed into a futuristic city! Team up with strangers and friends to overcome various difficulties and revive. Be different and create your own amazing legacy!
A different fighting experience: Do you want to experience the excitement of ONE Vs. MANY?
different home system: maybe build a home and invite friends over for drinks?
Another career: What if you were a farmer by day and a murderer by night?
It all starts with an ancient man who travels to a futuristic world full of cutting edge technology and returns with epic fighting skills. You decide which path to take and the story begins…
[Game Features]
▶ Personality Change
– Be whoever you want!
Do you want to become an architect? Of course!
Do you want to become a farmer? Good!
Do you want to be a killer? Ungrateful!
With Starfall Fantasy, you can not only choose a character to start your adventure, but also take on multiple identities such as assassin, recluse and summoner. Plus, you can even transform into a God, Lancer, Machine and more with a single character you create.
▶ Partners Explorer
– Fight with your partners!
Collect cute pets and ride unique racks. Let them be your companions and help you along the way! Both can evolve into stylish alternatives and become even more efficient! Bring your friends to fight all kinds of bosses with your Mech!
▶ Home Change
— Build your dream home!
Home sweet home! Bring your creativity to life and design your home with different furniture. Then invite your friends to the party you have prepared for them. Time to show off your cooking skills!
▶ Romance Crossover
– Server Marriage and PVP!
Distance is no longer an obstacle. This unique feature allows you to marry a player on another server. Not only can you have babies together, but you can also conquer dungeons together. Romance awaits!
▶ Battlefield Takeover
– Real-time
Kingdoms Battlefield!
There are endless obstacles to overcome, but you are not alone. Join your companions on the great field and defend the land. It’s all about breaking limits, skills and strategies!
▶ Costume Change
– Design your fashion!
Choose the character class you want and customize your look with cool outfits and weapons. Find out how amazing you can be!
We welcome questions about the game, contact us anytime!
Official Website:
Youtube: https://www .youtube .com/c/EYOUGAME_OFFICIAL

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File size: 772 MB
Update time: 2023-02-21T09:38:18.000Z
Current version: 1.1.9
Require Android: 4.4
Developer: EYOUGAME(USS)
Price: $Free
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