Star Trek Lower Decks Mobile

Author: East Side Games Studio

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The official Star Trek: Lower Decks idle game!

Star Trek Lower Decks Mobile – Finally, after yet another tedious duty roster, the Lower Decks crew of the U.S.S. Cerritos is ready to party at a Zebulon Sisters concert! Tendi’s even more excited, as this’ll be her first Chu Chu Dance! But first, they need to get through routine training exercises on the holodeck, which Boimler has been entrusted to organize. Boimler? With power? When has that ever been good?

Impatient to get to the dance, the crew try to end the simulation only to find the Cerritos’ computer has been hijacked by rogue AI Badgey. He’s locked them in the holodeck and deactivated all safety protocols – so now Boimler, Tendi, Rutherford and Mariner must work through Star Trek stories, both familiar and new, so they can return to the real world. But be careful – if they don’t succeed, they’ll die for real. And even worse: they’ll miss the party!


Star Trek Lower Decks Mobile gives you the chance to tap through classic Star Trek stories in the humorous style of Lower Decks. Enjoy your favorite storylines with a fresh funny twist – and maybe even give them new endings!


Every holodeck simulation will see the Cerritos crew facing off with a big bad boss, who must be defeated to get to the exit. Level up your crew with training exercises and mini-games in Science, Engineering, Security and Command!


It’s not just the Lower Decks crew of the Cerritos here to play – Badgey has a whole array of characters from the Star Trek universe for you to collect and trade! Complete regular events to unlock special characters to bolster your crew!


With mini-events landing twice a week and a main event each weekend, there’s always new simulations for you to explore! And you won’t miss out even if you’re busy – you can automate your crew to train while you’re away!

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Please note that this game is free to download and play, but some game items are available for purchase using real money. A network connection is required to play the game.

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Update time: Sep 13, 2022
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Developer: East Side Games Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review

Oshun Franklin

Occupies my time well

Robert Bogan

Actually really enjoyable. The cut scenes are spot on. It's like watching the show. Gets a little slow as you progress, like most idle games. But so far it's NOT been a pay-to-play experience. Lots of ads, but manageable.

Jeffrey Black


Michael Papp

Not much of a game to play. Kind of boring.

Travis Bemrose

Fun, but seems broken (can't log in to save game via any method), and constant daily events is too much. I've quit games because of the constant daily events.

chris izausome

Story is awesome, need more stuffs to click on

Steve Leroux

Not a bad game still playing

Ronald Carter

Good game but lacking cloud options. No cloud saves. No way to transfer to a new device. The game gets repetitive quickly

George Marsden

Extremely buggy when trying to load adverts.

Stephen Marshall

Fun but repetitive. Once over the initial hook you realise the paywall is the upgrades to complete faster and to get the characters you want.

Robert Bartow

Why do mobile gaming companies take really good IPs and pump out really bad games. An idle clicker and a time based game so people have to pour in $. They have an option to buy Latium for $99!! Lower decks is hilarious, they clearly have a good team of animation developers but instead of making a game with the story and great game play and charging say.. $4.99 for it they go free and make it repetitive and boring and use addiction/slot psychology to draw $ from people. 2 stars for polish.

Allen Knopsnyder

good time passing game .

Peter Regan

Having fun so far and although there are ads, they're not disruptive

Mark Williams

Good incremental idle game

Alan Pattison

Love it. Could be more role play missions though

Erik Wertz

Seems OK so far.

Julian Antony

Faithful to the original. Bit repetitious

Samantha Fleisher

The makers of the game need to do some big shuts down right at the loading screen at 92%...I will change my rating when game is fixed right and i will be able to actually play the a trekie so I am excited to play but can't play if it shuts down all the time and doesn't load at internet is always on and my phone is new and update....I'm really mad about this...not enough for me to swear but I'm getting close to forgetting about this game completely

Timothy Chambers

Great art, sounds, and writing. The gameplay is fine for an idle clicker. Four stars instead of five because the monetization is pretty aggressive, but you can definitely have fun with this while spending no or little money.

John Delaney

Commercial-a-thon. You HAVE to watch TONS of game commercials to play. You have to interact with the commercials to get through them.

Joe potter

Great time wastwr, and great content. It doesnt get boring or repetitive because of the story lines.

Howard Kimmel

Fun and enjoyable game to play when commuting to work

Winks 829

I've always been a fan of idle clicker games and have thrown the play credits I get from surveys and stuff at games like Eggs Inc, but the monetization of this game is a complete joke. If you don't shell out 10s of dollars for some temporary event you have no hope of being anywhere near the top of the. The graphics and storylines are cute but it doesn't make up for the blatant whale pricing.

Michael Greer

Horrible after episode 2 game constantly crashes before it loads highly disappointing

Ben Lasher

Ok well first, game barely works, slow as mud, jumpy, UNTIL it crashes, then seems to work better not great. Since the first update, once you get to part 3 it loads to 92% and crashes and doesn't go any further. Maybe 3rd time is a charm? Deleted from device.

Roy Russell

I enjoy the game and it is very relaxing

Darren Murphy

Hey look a lower decks game !!! I'm assuming it going to be as unique and interesting as the show !!! O wait no it's the lowest form if gaming ....

Richard Gringhuis

fix the cloud option had a new phone start over agian buy things not fear

Francisco Valdez

Fun to play. Good story.

James Landragin

Love it

Louis Krayer

The core gameplay is simple and fun, the writing works for the characters. But I find im unable to sync my game to any service and a lot of the settings screen is grayed out and unusable. This is really confusing for a otherwise polished game.


This game is ruining the Star Trek brand. It constantly wants you to download other games with no back button. Only way to get back to the game is to force the app to close and reload. Adverts need a skip or a close button, not to hijack your screen.

james robertson


Brent R

Awful game!

Sean Harper

Refuses to connect to servers

Andrew Lightfoot

The game keep freezing my phone and keep glicthing all the time even it a brand new phone deleted and redown load and don the same thing

Chris M

Fun distraction

Nor Bake

Good game

Clint Coburn Woiak

For a mobile game I find the gameplay very fun and rewarding, always reaching to hit that next milestone to exponentially increase the merit point gain has a certain thrill! I also love the automation so I don't have to sit here and watch the game 24/7 if I want resources. Yes, there are ads but so far in my experience they are optional and watching them gives you bonus materials so it's really not that inconvenient. As a bonus Lower Decks is the best new Trek series there is!

michael wikan

Lot of fun, if somewhat simple.

Rob's Realm

Already uninstalled after only 2 weeks. Very repetitive, ho-hum gameplay & for the life of me, I can't understand why the developers chose portrait, rather than landscape, orientation for the display?. Everything looks EXTREMELY cramped. Nice graphics (apart from the orientation choice), but a game that will quickly bore people & be uninstalled. If you want a quality Star Trek game, try Star Trek : Fleet Command instead ... Not this! What a waste of a classic license!

Bryan Decker

This is a fun addictive game and is a good distraction from this crazy world.

Clinton Beasley

Same thing, over and over and over and over and ...

Paul-Louis Leduc

It's great passive game with the best Star Trek characters from 'Lower Decks' love the show and this game!

Danny McHugh

It's good for what it is

Mike Dean

I had high hopes. I really did. I guess there is a "story", but it's just tap tap tap.

Jason Peterson

Doesn't run on BlueStacks (at least BlueStacks version 5.9). I have tried on 2 different computers.

Gus TheBus

Unplayable on my phone. The game will not stop crashing. I have to hard reset my phone everytime I try to play. Usually don't get past the first load screen. It's a real bummer, I'm a sucker for anything Star Trek, but this Lower Decks game has left me very disappointed.

Dan Loadable

Pretty good idle game. Ads are optional however if you want to get anywhere you do have to opt in to them to be able to do anything this side of the apocalypse

Garrett Franz

Basic gameplay, gets very boring very quickly.


So, I was kinda annoyed about the game structure/type but after the developers comment I decided to give it another chance. Honestly, it's well crafted in its story & tying in with the show. Everything is fast loading, nothing lags and you can tell they spent a lot of time & care making the game. -1 star because of pay to win loot crates, but other than that it's not only a solid star trek game, but a solid GAME.

Rodney Avery

Pretty fun. A lot of pay to win, but you can do alright if you don't pay.

Trevor Howard

Not yet bored

Eric Jones

This is a real Armus of a game. It's somehow even worse than The Game. Forget four lights, I wouldn't give this one light. Send Big Rod a message: stop this predatory clicker nonsense. Resistance isn't futile.

shaistah naaz

Nice one

Lydell Naulls

Fun way to letting go by


Not really any different to similar games.

Ray Means

Decent game but nothing like advertised


Started out well but then when updating it would crash and sometimes crash on launch so I removed it. It is good up to that point.

Julie Baker

I was enjoying the game until it kept crashing on me and I lost all of my progress because there's no option to back up your progress to a cloud. Had to uninstall it in the end. Too troublesome

Todd Phillips

It is cute. The story is fun and on point for the characters.

Paul Cheesebrow

The stories and characters are fun, but the activities become quickly repetitive.

Jack Lee

I love the show and the game is fun, only problem I have is that it connected to the Game Service and as such I've never had access to the events.

Teddy Brewer

Good time sink so far, but identical to many games.

Michael Beard

Love the game if I could get the game to work

Angela Lemaire

Fun to play

Marc Hartsing

Love the story. Wish it had their voices. The gameplay is a little dull but worth it for the story bits so far. Love the show.

Christopher Malta

Worked for 10 minutes and now it constantly crashes. Can't believe Paramount would put their name on this garbage. Not worth the download.

Blanca Morales

Star Trek In Outer Space!

Phil D

Why make a game that doesn't work

Graham Price

Ads, ads, ads. If you want to get anywhere in the game, you need to watch ads. Need resources, watch an ad to double what you've got (but still be short). Need to buy something, watch an ad to get a little of another type of resource (and still be way short). And the ads are not short either. Mini movie type ads that you'll be sick of within moments. And events, phft. Unless you do actually pay to buy resources to upgrade things early, no chance. The whole game is just an ad cash grab.

Russell Jensen


Gene Turnbow

Fun! And true to the characters. I love this! Needs to save game data more than it does though. If your phone crashes in mid game it will corrupt your game data.

David Cook

The game gets old real fast and it is absolutely impossible to get a high rank in an event without spending money.

Steven Dillon

This game will not even get past the load screen it gets to 90% then kicks me off

Jim Bowen

The game has a very good premise. It appears to have some potential. However, the game is limited unless you want to buy items to get over the obstacle. Repeat for the next level. The character graphics and the story animation is amazing!

Evan Luke Mentzer (Luke)

Interesting game. I like it.


A really fun game to play

Eric Lathan

Nice story plot


Good concept so far, would be good to space out events and give a bit more time to complete the events.


Not to sure yet.

Charles Spicer

This is a fun time killer. It's still new so there are some problems such as videos not playing for in-game rewards.

Dodo campbell

It kept kicking me out the app

david arnott

Bery braw

D Dolly

Frequently crashes after ads without giving the rewards. Playable ads are the worst for it. But if you miss the wee "x" (and there are up to 3 of them per ad) it takes you to the play store and the app crashes.

Rob M

How can I play if It doesn't get past the loading screen?

Draaco Pendragon


Allan White

Love this 😀

Chris Kletz

More ads than game once you reach around episode 5. Forget competing in tournaments without ads. Avoiding ads amounts to what looks like 10$ a day OR waiting for a crate every 2-4 hours. Overall, for what amounts seconds of gameplay one will have to watch several minutes of ads, pay 10$, or wait for a timed reward system. On the bright side, the app is well designed and the stories can be amusing. Opinion: The cost (time and/or money) is too high for seconds of gameplay.

Aaron Dotter

Played the first mission then left the game; when I returned the load got to 90% and then it crashed and doesn't work. Reinstalling didn't help. Animation looks great though.

Kostas Onelungas

It's a one big ad but I like the show so some extra experience with the characters makes it not one star. Events are pay to win. To progress you have to constantly look at ads and there are 5 steps to close an ad - annoying af.

Mike Janssens

The game mechanics have been done before. A lot. But you're playing a mobile game. Of course it's been done before. The reason you're looking at the game is because you're wondering if this particular reskin of the game mechanics is any good and if the ads are too invasive. The reskin is VERY enjoyable, and the ads are not terribly invasive at all. I'm enjoying myself immensely, while my friend judges me for playing a "lame star trek thing". It's fantastic.

Keith Monson

It's cute and all just not my cuppa

Odd Bass

Fun idle game but can be slow if you're not willing to spend

Adam Dickenson

I enjoy this game very much. Relaxing, and great for passing some time. Plus, who doesn't need a little more lower decks?

Chris Sobolewski

Absurdly long loading times. The first time it loaded ok, but subsequent loads consistently crash at 91%. Galaxy a12. I'll keep it around and wait for a patch or to

Giovanni Cardone

Keeps crashing after the new event started. Can't even play it.

Paul Baker (Dreddnaught)

A fun game to pass the time


Have absolutely no idea what the officers icons are and what role they play, takes far too long to upgrade officers and simulations because of the amount of Dilithium you need to upgrade unless you buy the packs or use gold to buy chest but they are dodgy as I just bought a gold chest & 3 of the 4 items were officer Stevens chips which seem to be the only ones that drop as I've got him on level 3 and with 31 chips spare now, other than that story is fun just like the TV show

tim bradwell

Game was very glitchy and the ads would only give you rewards for watching 1 out of 8 times you watched