Star Combat Online

Author: Artstorm FZE

5M+ install


Star Combat is an online space shooter, as well as a genre of action packed simulator for free.

DOWNLOAD THE GAME RIGHT NOW! goodgame with the players in the marvel battles of Star Combat Online galaxy empire . A flexible aircraft customization system will capture your attention to the details of the combat vehicle technical equipment and allow you to create your own style of play, while the furious dynamics, drive and action of space battles with real rivals will not let you to be bored.

In the game, you will encounter 18 warships, each of them has its own potential that you need to disclose;

Improvements and Customization
29 weapons units are provided for you: rockets, machine guns, plasma cannons, lasers and sniper railguns – everybody will find equipment to their liking;
In addition, you can put on the ship 48 auxiliary systems and improvements: radars, force field amplifiers, body weight reduction, afterburners and much more things that will supplement or strengthen your ship characteristics;
Flexible power-levelling of the combat vehicle, allowing to create more than 25 thousand different configurations;

Locations and battles in space
Now, there are 4 detailed maps with different features and unique gameplay in the game. On the maps, a team combat among real players is realized. Follow the enemy to the moon and back!

Full 3d realistic models and high detailing as well as optimization for weak devices. The sound design and project quality immerse you in star wars.

General information
Gameplay dynamics unprecedented for mobile platforms;
Focusing on online fights and PvP (and also, on PvE in the future). If you are ready to fight for the planets, then feel free to click “Install”! The galaxy needs space forces to win the war!

Star Combat will allow you to chat online chat and relax with friends after the fight!

Join us, choose your star warships, play with your friends online and lead your star crew into a space flight!

Join our futuristic warship game app with flight pilot community to get more information about the game or to ask questions to the developers:

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: May 30, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Artstorm FZE
Price: Free
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Customer review

Justine Ori

Graphics are great but it won't load! It keeps saying it's under maintenance please fix it!

cristopher wong

All it need is just one more accelerometer control option.

Bereng Lala


Chirag Vaishnav

This app is not download And i tried multiple time but not download

Jovanka Chineza

DEAD GAME. No updates, contaminated by cheaters, no players.

Tila Sole

Looks great. Controls in the tutorial at least felt legit. Still can not connect to a server. Do I have to be logged in some how? I try to play as a guest and just a loading and then error screen. Tutorial played fine however. Edit: Wifi is not possible. I've tried at different locations however. If I am not able to play I will have to lower the rating which is unfortunate. Game looks fun, but simply unplayable. Updated, but still can not connect. If ever fixed, I will rate higher.

Tanmoy Patra

Need improvement on multiplayer mode, Need personal teaming up, Need to control suicide of players which disturbs the gaming experience. Graphics is good and gameplay is awesome.



gerard castro

Game is nice, graphics is nice, but bro i swear that thanatos is a no skill. My suggestion is for you to nerf that thing as there is almost no way it can be destroyed by other ships except for another thanatos. Yes you might say that teamwork could work against it but we all know that most of the "players" in those lobby are just bots, nerf that stupid thanatos and we might give you a good response

Jean kiss

It's good i just wish there where like events and new ships it's good it just needs more to do and also it would be cool to see new ships enter the game

Kian Andres Lerias Pe

Hey it's me soo when i looked at the playstore I saw that modern warship is not compatible anymore and I'm only saying it here on a different game because I couldt fate modern warship and tell you so please what does compatible mean and CA you fix it so I can reinstall because I spent 2 years trying to get the yamato and if it was a waste I will kill myself because I have nothing to lose anymore

Kalevi Jugovič

This game deserves 5 stars screw all the negative comments about this game it is a great game

Purify Pure


Normandy Pawilan

Very good

Макс Кот

Здравствуйте! Хотелось бы добавить кнопку "что будет в ежедневном сундуке", а так же "общий чат"

Jeremiah30 Odebode

Well, I want to appreciate the developers of this game and also, When I started, the controls are a bit confusing, also I like the way each ship gets unlocked as ur levels increased. I want to make a few suggestions. maybe the developers may put in a map so as to know your enemy whereabout. Also turning the ship is a bit hard especially when you are targeted. Can you also show the remaining Hp of the enemy. Well players aren't much but the game is still good.

Acid Sikeo

No stars for apps that force me to watch Fullscreen ads. Also, this installed apps behind my back.

fox legend

sign in issues please fix this

Elvin Gonsani

I love this game.. a lot.. so much.. always.-elmier gonsani


You Star,..

Jason Katit


Sammy Sammy

Can't change my name


Whyyyy i just spend 120 pesos for CRY And Plane But i open again and all my CRY and plane already gone Im so disappoint at the game😭👍

Sima Nesic

Ultra slow combat.


Classic pay to win.. full of ads for creds.

Kenas Amada

The match making is not very fair, but i still like the game

G.L Ferguson

Incredible app very good,however I can't seem to get back on to my account ,how do I fix this .

Lazo Sad


Garrett Cook

The UI is super clunky. I didn't really enjoy it. It was kind of a waste of time.

James Hamaker

The flight mechanics are confusing.

Cyber Robot

its was good game but i don't like in game currency.

Eris ofDysnomia

Amazing game. Lots of fun. Recommend to anyone and everyone.

Matt Baughtman

This game sux want connect

Achal mishra

fantastic game but control is tricky

Akbar Abedi

In my opinion, it is a very good graphic game, but it needs a very strong internet and the ships are very expensive. Overall, it is a good game.

Milinda Shehan

I like fpp camera it's awesome ❤️

Ritchy Rich

Great job team....

Arjhel Sotto

I dont lnoe if the game is shut down or not but it kept saying server maintenace

Arzadon Ezyra

Maganda po Tengkeyo Po

isheanesu dzangare

l like the game but l cant connect to server , l cant give more stars to a game that only plats a few times

Ravens Master Tradesmen

Very cool guys

Dilip Kumar

Very chif game dont downlode it every movement you have to purchese and you cant play clearly


Has potential, needs improvement and wiling to give high rate if improve. Me and teammate flying in circle while enemy just stays behind throughout leaving us unable to do anything. Implement special flight maneuvers for small ships with high mobility like barrel rolling sideways, making special instant U turn and making a 360° quick flip going upwards. These air maneuvers could help in combat in these situation. Also it takes multiple swipe to steer ship. Make it so we just swipe once to steer.

saradayamini jwd

I think really good game and the game is soo realistic amd love good luck devs :)

blvck just

Bruh he AI make the ships go in a circle i cant even shoot them and end up doing nothing but going in a circle.

Wai Wei


Ssj Jesun

Really a good game...I appreciate it but still many options should be needed. Such as..there is no option to change my username, there is no option to play pvp mode with friends and no option to send friend requests, there's no option to play solo with others and no option to play customs and so on, there’s no option to play any events and so on, there's also no option to upgrade the ships, the weapons and the other things, also there is only one map to play which is kinda boring for a player.


Great game, controls are a bit tricky game the beginning but the gameplay is solid from there. Just a shame there aren't more players. Oh, also there's a lack on incentive to go to the middle of the map, where all the skill of dodging projectiles can be developed. I'd say put thefnt drop points near the center of the map for health of shields to prevent people from just running into the void. That way, the map can actually serve a purpose and the gameplay can stop being circle fest.

kota vijaya bhaskarreddy

I like is game it so amazing gaming i wish yov like thes game

Ethan Seaman

Fun game, cool graphics. I would love to see this game develop more. It would be bice to know where your threats are, maybe with certain equipment. I have had an issue where I watch an ad for a reward but it just says hangar accessing data or something and never gives me any reward.

Steven Dodd

Awesome game just wish their were more missions and diferent ones every day but i like the game alot kind of hard to figure out but wene you do its a blast!

Jim Gamble

This game is a lot of fun but I think I might have missed out on a great deal and I hope it comes back soon


Well, This game is really Fun and makes Me happy. I hope it will Release soon, The controls a bit difficult 'cause not have a Joystick but I still love this game

Iustin Corbu

Col game but you do not have a button for fire

Dean Bordan

The gameplay is great but i cant log in i presed sign in as guest It errored and pressed retry the same happend fix it

Rajiv Nongthombam

Cant open since yesterday. It says "game server unavailable". Why?????

Johanna Lassiter

Its sucks, only way to describe

Baron Medina

The tutorial WAS AMAZING, I WAS SO EXCITED TO PLAY, but, the reason I rated this 2 stars was cuz I cant make my game enter the game after the tutorial, it says "Game server not available" Im really sad that I can't play it, I would've rated this 5 stars if the game was working for me, Pls give me a response back on what is the problem:/

Imam Fauzi

It's quite fun, though there's still a lot of bugs, but this game has a big potency, I'm sure if the bugs fixed, and some features being activated, there will be a lot of players come in, the graphics great tho, hope there's a big update to fix all those bugs and improve the game quality in general, oh yes, one quick note, please add the exit button, I can't exit the game without using home or recent apps button 😂😂

Gary Phillips

Could have been good, controls really let it down


The best game ever,but i have a request can you make offline mode 10v10 pve,because the game is verry verry enjoyable.

VIP.onobot Shadow onobot

This game hery hard to control and the enemy very op wow this game very not good for you eye yeah I don't lie

Nurul Abrar

The best game in the world - 10 stars

Edward Marmion

Has great potential. But every time you buy a weapon you automatically sell your previous weapon . So you can't just play around with different weapons without spending a lot of cash . Same with engine systems and ships. Very frustrating to spend 10 bucks on something then say , let's try this weapon and lose that weapon you spent 10 bucks on. 😳 so keep in mind you have no real garage hanger , it's got 3 slots for ships and every time you change ship you lose all weapons you bought for that

Siyabonga Mathipa

This is the best spaceship game i have ever played and the graphics are on point😁.keep making games like this.

RK Rafi

it's an overall good game. if fun and exciting. it's just missing a few things that i think should be there. we can't add someone as a friend or play with our friends both which we made in game through chat or in real life. the chat is also detailless. it does everything right. it has enough ships and guns and the combinations of which makes for a lot of possibilities and fun. but i would like to play with friends too. so i hope that part gets added soon. a 1v1 with my friend would be nice too


Awesome game

Juned Ali

Updated and more game morde

Sandhya Dutta


Adil Khan

interested game.

Inderjeet Kumar

Great game but some problems

Abdulsalam Musa

The app says something like server not found,its not working


A P2W game

Mohammad Kashgari

Why is this game still in beta testing??

krishna bachhar

Well the game is really great But i think Artstorm FZE should make it that whenever you buy a new ship or a new weapon or a new module the previous one get stored in an inventory Currently if you buy a new ship the previous one just gets deleted and there is no inventory

Aneeyansh Mishra

The game is not running anymore. It says server maintinence but for how long ??? Its been more than a day and the damn maintenance hasnt end yet!!! Greatly Dissapointed😟

chelladurai p


Martin Huynh

Seems decent but game doesn't support USB -C controllers like the Razer Kishi. I don't play games that don't support USB-C controllers.

Just Me

Stop taking ads from a toothpaste. It takes forever for the hangar data processing.

Sharon Hamlin


josh medal


Priviledge Simango

Abt to be the best

tesfu gebrekirstos


Anthony Tran

The graphic are nice and gameplay. My only problem is the near impossible mission. The leader has way too much HP. The mission should scale according to your level or have a set requirement that allows a higher probability to complete.

Awsome123 Franken

I love this game so much it like I am in space

Adriel San


Bill New, Sr.

Horrible steering and acceleration... that's before getting past the introduction. DELETED!!!

Hanz Zel

controls are a some what finicky. They need to make CRY easyier to obtain without reaching into your wallet. And increase the CR obtained in battle by atleast half, double would be better. Definetly needs a campaign of some sort as well. All in all, for an in development game, pretty good.

Samuel Chukwuemmanuel

So slow when downloading

Rita Cheche

Wasn't able to play. But I really regret the time that I wasted trying to play as I do regret how much time I wasted on these phones and promoting y'all's businesses

Hua Way2

Exceptional game, well executed on almost every aspect of the game. Some people might be ranting about how they can't connect to the server, but it's normal. You just have to be patient and play other games. The reason I didn't give 5 stars is the fact that it lacks content. After a few months of not playing this game, nothing changed. Plus, most of the players are already on the highest rank leaving you playing with the bots only. Edit: I'm also glad that it's out of the Alpha stage.

Fashion Vishal Dhakaad


Arsalan .P

This game is so hard, cant even complete the firat mission. Enemies are too overpowered or an i missing something? Because i tried everything, lockes on target, shoot the, thrown missiles, but they dont die, but when they shot at me, i die on their first mag 🙄. Tried several times but same result. Ten i tried normal battle, that was a little easier but one purple aircraft was too OP, killing me in no time, same like what happened to me on mission🤦‍♂️. So disappointed. I just wanted to enjoy 😭

Sharu kh

Its good one

nitin singh shekhawat

Game server not available fix this problem

Mohd Abdullah

Literally This game is the best, its design is the best according to its mb, I would give it 5 stars but you should put an small stable joystick in it.

Aaron Joseph Domingo

Needs a lot of improvements.

Allan Dill

Exactly what I wanted. It is an amazing game that has nice controls and action packed. Perfect space combat simulator that takes into account inertia. I'm impressed.


Good graphics

Reil Gapunuan

Napaka panget nang games na to nakaka boring walang kweta unstall nlang bwisit