Stairway to Heaven !

Author: Lion Studios

10,000,000+ install


Everyone wants to reach Heaven one day , but its our life decisions which decide whether we go to Heaven or ……. !
Start as a child and keep taking good decisions to grow and reach heaven !
Do you have it in you to take the correct life decisions ?

Detailed info

File size: 140M
Update time: January 28, 2021
Current version: 1.9
Require Android: 6.0 and up
Developer: Lion Studios
Price: Free
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Customer review

B. Renee Escalante

Krazy lol....

cindy strausbaugh

The first time I played, it glitched. I went from baby to young girl. I only had 3 senerios to choose from. Made it the whole way to heaven. The 2nd time I played, UGH the ads. Make a choice, watch an ad. Take 2 steps, watch an ad. Nope

Stuart Pattison

Loads of adverts, they are just constant. Though this is actually a good thing as they are more interesting than the game

Korey Jarmon

So far so good

Sxm Dark Angel

To many adds, it takes alot of time and the ending isn't worth it.

Albert Myers

The game is unplayable with all the ads

Kristoffer Camacho

Great game

Jay Yhoung

It is goog it make you no good and bad

Nesley Nicole

Okay game you say why I rate you 1 little little star beacause there's literally to much things in the WAY and I do not like those ADDS THAT KEEP SHOWING UP it's so so so so annoying ok I part of a neighborhood ok so it takes so many questions in the stairs like I wanna walk forever I know the game is like the add shown but I still rate it 1 star forever there's to many stairs but the problem to me is that I DONT HAVE TIME THERES TO MANY THINGS IN THE WAY AND TO MANY ADDS now that's it bye:)🥰c

Umesh Chaudhary

Nice game

Jeffrey Bower

i don't know why others are complaning about this because i honestly did not have any issues getting up the stairs!! its fun to see what happens when it starts out as a child and then as you get about halfway up, there is a dog waiting for you!! i say this is worth it, so choose wisly on your answers!! use your brain

Mareasia Johnson

Just started playing it and it is definitely interesting. I love interesting?

Chelsy Renee

Too many ads

Daven Stuart

Must be sponsered by the Catholic church; with all the ads and ad opportunities it seems you can buy your way into heaven or at least buy Gods favor. Many times when i click on ad opportunity nothing happens and am forced to forfeit the prize. Yes, I do have an internet connection.

Barbara Marsh

Because one day I will see all my 💕 love one's, who's gone on , before me..

Ilonka Hoogland

This game is blasphemous.

T.Sobressair B.

Nice concept but was constantly taken out of the game because every 2 moves made there are 45sec ads! (30sec for the ad. Another 10 for window progression. Click an arrow to a "get" window. Then having to close the app and reopen to clear the bloody ad!) How can I possibly see if I like the game if I can't actually play to get into it. Ain't nobody got time for all that bs. I play to relax not get frustrated. Uninstalling.

Theresa Draper



It's so annoying u have ads every second

Jahnika Thompson

Very fun

Linda Minnick

Too many commercials!☹️

Shawn Johnson

My favorite youtuber played this game

Larry Cox

WAY TOO MANY ADS! I understand that is one way you get revenue but there are other ways to pull it in. Out of 100 people who download your game how many delete it right away? And out of those that delete it, how many would have made in game purchases? I can assure you the amount of potential positive revenue players lost will far exceed the amount of revenue you would get from the ad purchasers. The kicker is the PRP has no limit! Meaning they could spend more than their calculated worth!

Shamus Mccann

Best game i played in my life its so real life un beileaveable im inpressed well down



Steven Gonzalez


Rohith S


Sindhuja Kundu

There's no other worst game than this.. Reasons -: First of all it takes an hour to start Secondly - After you reach heaven you have to again go back to earth, which seems really unbearable Thirdly - One games takes more than 2 hours to complete even if you make good choices. I would highly recommend those who are reading this review to not install this app.. There may be grammatical mistakes Thankyou, An user

Jay Swift

Good but loads of ads

Kristoff 1 Skalet 1

Cool game if u don't mind the ads. Mini games included.. Like trivia. Personality tests.. Multiple choice questions asked Garner points

Jurgen Junco

I will have more fun of it. Let me play it for more than 5 minutes. Too many ads takes away from the front of the game and you have to wait 30 seconds which is exactly longer than that. Very annoying. You want people to enjoy your games. Minimize your ads

Derek Dustin

Something different

Cindy Kocor

Sure sees that everyone is different.

cutepie girl

I don't like the ads

chesta aryabhatta

This is very useful games for confused student 😃


So far so good passing time


Uu? . K

Melody Guess

It's good but with not being able to get online at times makes it harder to play ,I wish there was a offline version.

Brijesh M

V boring

Kaliya Roland

I love god and Jesus

Oreo Milkshake

It's fun

OG Beaner

This game is very interesting.


Your stupid feature wasted all of my coins, now i don't have enough money to decorate heaven, 500 for upgrading it? Never playing again

Jeff Kinney

Funny game

Amgalan Amgalan


Shilo Bernier

Way too many ads I get ads. Ads that are forced upon you then there are ads to gain anything in the game spent more time watching ads than playing.

Keamogetse Julliet Magano

Nice game

Chad Boysel

So far ots entertaining.

Ben Lotton

Very interesting and fun game

Trevor Sievers (Who cares what that is)

I really like the game!!! Just to many adds

senait GHIDAY

Quite simple game. Not much fun and definitely not my style.But if you think it is fun then don't let me get to you. But in my opinion it has poor standards.

Terry Green

Awesome game

keith crawford

So far so good 👍

Charles Neat

It look amazing

Edward Mayen

This game is cool

Queen.Angelina Queen

Fun game. Good time passer. This is not a strategy game.

Cj A

A game of mostly closing ad after ad after ad. You hardly play the game at all and even the game itself is annoying

Tyrone Mark Rodgers

Love thos game its amazing

Terri Umphlett

It took me only a couple of hours of play time to renovate heaven. The questions are all the same.

Josephine wilma akagi Jim

Too many ads

Becky Byler Pugh

It's unusual by fun

angela lawary

It's nice

Susan Wrenn

It brings back happy memories of my baby times

Amatul Majeed Maseera

Loaded with ads. Plus makes no sense at all.


Game is just boring it just getting restart and restart

odin aquino

Too hard😡

Marlon Jn Baptiste

Nice game

Charles Czeznick

Hopeful thought it was about bible verses

Jesse Waite

This is a very stupid Game Don't get it .

Chase Branham

Amazing and

Leander Boone II

Great game full of life choices

Filip Musialski

The first life you are born with is completely fine. But then the other lives are completely broken when you get near around 400 steps to heaven, then you make the right choice and then BAD CHOICE. Go back 228 STEPS. Like it's ridiculous. I am uninstalling this game now.

Eric McDermott

Nice game to pass time !

Jacob Holt


Ryan Bradley

It's good

Ssenyojo Sawava Robat


Hristo Robev

Have fun And play

Luisa Madrigal


Afinali Datway

The game is good but they're way to many ads. When you go to a stair you need to watch an ad when you go 7or 5 step forward you need to watch an ad

Vendora Workman

Love it and I can't stop playing.

Lee Ohio


Barbara Young


Robert West

This is the most garbage game of all time

Daryl Hall

It is a little bit of a life lesson on how to treat the people around you.

James Thomas


Alec Halden

Dude your dumb stupid stuff

Njangwe Simon

If you just need keys to unlock the other lifestyle 💪

Tamara Perry (Precious)

Pointless waste of time.

Jael Easter

I like that it helps me know the right way to behave. So I don't sin.

Ramdina vandir

Looks like awesome so I rate 5 star. From i started the game i got the lessest money but it made me enjoyable and looks like fun so i give the 5*** 👍

conduit agent

the game is fun and I know their trying to sponsor stuff and all but some of the ads you can't close out so you have to leave the game and go back in it

Guadalupe Montejano


Mira Ahmad

This game is so nice and It prevent people from being mean and learn kindness Plzzz no more TOXIC people

Lando Johnston

The game is really fun but TO MEANY ADS!!!!!!!!!!!🤬

Sherri Savasta

This game would be fun but it's nothing but an ad trap. Do not waste your time downloading this unless you want to watch an ad every 2 seconds.


I'll be damn

Senthilan Yogendran

Why do we go to h e a v en

Zandile Zuma

I like it because God is watching over us not rating 5 stars of his app

Miguel Arellano

When the ads finish, the screen goes black and the game won't load again.

Jamar Rogers

I'm a prayer warrior!!!...