Squad Alpha – Action Shooting

Author: SayGames Ltd

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Squad Alpha – Action Shooting – The top-down shooting game with intelligent mechanics and engrossing action!

Detailed info

File size: 113M
Update time: September 11, 2021
Current version: 1.3.2
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: SayGames Ltd
Price: Free
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Customer review

Thomas Fisher

Killer game addictive

Johnathan Brown


Hamza Radouan

Fun gamr at first, but became repetitive and boring, also its along time to get good weapons and gear, also the gems are hard to collect.

Kaleb Fernandes

Make it multi-player, 2 friends can play skirmish or battles against other players. This game is cool but would become better if you guys added this into your games. Please give me a shout out if you decide to take action on its development. Cheers.✨

GoldenEGG 10

What a great game ! .. this is really nicely put together. the grind is very rewarding... adverts pefectly in balance... the paywalls are subtle and grindable . But.... the ONLY reason im not upgrading to 5 star is because the legendary chest that says its 2x for the first use didnt give two tries . . :( gutted . And where are the AR lv1 limit breaks?!?!?

Ceazar Merced

Very good

Andrew Hart


Oguz Kaan Cagatay Kilinc

Full of fun but VIP prices too high for our country (TR) because of high USD/TRY value. You should rearrange these prices like Spotify, Steam, etc. Or you should give more bonus item like tools, exps, etc.

Freddy Prentis

Great game but, slightly unbalanced with late game leveling due to tools and exceptional parts. Also gaining rare and epic items of any calibre is drawn out and entirely based on rng. EDIT: Was 4 stars now giving it a 5... The devs really listen! And clearly care... As stated above, late game leveling seriously dragged. But with recent updates this has been fixed completely! with the contracts update. Thankyou guys !

Tyson M


Raymond Luna

Game, control, graphics are great but theres too many ads.

Aritra Bhattacharya

Great game

Vicente Kabisote

Wonderful free game

Ian Turnbull

Simple and fun shoot out game. I keep coming back to it for more.

Robert Blair

Wow it's fun

Bozq kiky holden


Chad Paquette

The game was a blast to start but then eventually hit a paywall where you can't get any better guns to handle higher levels. Pretty much get stuck just doing the daily missions. VIP is a good idea to generate revenue but it's too expensive. If they lowered the cost I bet more people would be inclined to purchase it.

Jeff May

Overall very fun game that doesn't require loads of time dedicated to it. Just wish it had a multiplayer part to it.


So far so good. Only on lvl 2-4 and enjoying so far. 5 star rating will come with extensive play, if it stays that cool that is.

demond beard


Eric Dunthorne

After update, progress for Hunt has been reset and won't progress further.

Eduardo González

Enjoyable and relaxing. Not all arcade games has to be stressful or overly challenging, I like it.

Alton Watson

This is a great game

jonathan morand

This game is interesting

A Google user

I love this game

Meg Ryan Tasic


Rick James



I bought elite pass but it expire early why? I expecting to expire after 1 ir 2 weeks.

theresia syanti

Please add more event to help any new players for easier to level up and etc, And pls add roulette wheel with exceptional, rare and epic stuff for new player or all player, pls add some help like I just play 2-3 weeks and I not to great like 3 exceptional and 1 rare, pls add more event to make fun and to make it more fun and more easier to play, and make for the rates for rare and epic to make higher rates and etc Exceptional : 60.5% Rare : 20,5% Epic : 13.5% Epic (the more good) : 5,5%

baut seraph

Nice game, tapi event nya kurang menarik. Senjata Pistolnya lemah sekali, ane dapat pistol legendary ane salvage soalnya lemah bgt. di update dong biar balance weaponnya

Tanmay Bairagi

Best thing is, the ads doesn't irritate. These are optional. Loved this game.

Jacky duwa

I hate ads with a double counter. the counter for the ads itself then there's another counter just for the "x" button. it's atrocious.

David Pocock

Don't like the waiting for chests to open

McCray Dunster

Been playing for a long time now, don't really have to p2w either, the whole time I've had it I maybe put $15 into it, but it was definitely worth it👍🏼👍🏼

Matt A N

Epic fun

Clayton Rawhouser

fun as hell

Jack Galush


Anzeyo Shropshire

Good game but does anyone know what badd tech is?

adam enders

Love this game so much going for it gems are easy to get no energy but their is wait times for things to restart which im totally okay with no forced ads so im more inclined to whatch ads a really really fun game one thing id love is to be able to add friends and compete in a 1v1

greg szuba

Super fun game !

Dusti Williams

Alright game

Usamah Sabri

It's pretty fun game, but there's plenty more features needed to be 5 star. Maybe online mode with real player?

John Chieng Chew Ing


Antonio Govea

its super fun and its a great way to kill time i have no complaintsand


Plays smooth, easy to learn with great graphics! Well worth having on your device. 😎👍 Would be cool to have known putting items away doesn't give hammers back, only problem so far. Cool game though!!!

liliana Pruitt

No way of moving forward.. can't replay stages to level up.. stuck.

Okonkwo Maxwell

Immediately I turn on my data the game will hang

Itai Koriat

A pretty solid game! Controls can be abit janky at times but once you get used to it it's a great game!

Rickie Bobbie

Love it...

Lawrence Black

It's fun but it could have more guns

Jarvis Newman

It hit 💯✌️

theodore Ankney

Good nuff

Darren Wright

Great game honestly 👏 👌🏾

Yandiel Morales

I love it

David Pitman

Bloody Marvellous…....!!!!!!!

BigBear Taylor

Cool game

Maninder puri

Very nice game

James kenneth Lacadin


Jefferson Tabason

Nice game

omar martinez

Fun game

Ryan Attwood

It's a pretty fun game. Check it out you'd be surprised

surja chakraborty

Best one i have found ❤

John Lytton

The only fault I find is that the higher the weapons upgrades, it takes a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONGER it takes to get what you need!!!

trifa radu

Nice game. No intrusive adds, only if u chose for some more help. No crashes only good experience...

Usman Iftikhar

Love this😍


It has sick weapons and sick bosses

Gabriel Gareis

Not what it advertised.

chris bowerson

Love the game

capt Obvious

Love the automatic reload while you use other guns, you truly runnin and gunning. So far so good.

Braydon Capaldini

Because you have to delete atuff

mohammad farghaly


Sadeeq Musah

Is awesome 😊

Sunny Lam


mi po

It's coming together or is the process the destination?

Omar Lawton


Stephen Stratton

Movement control is a bit eradicate

Larry Cox

Did you guys nerf all the toons and equipment when you added HELL and all the new stuff? I never had a problem getting through any level in any of the challenges! Now all of a sudden it takes a full clip of ammo to take out any of the lowest level mobs when I used to be able to do it with far less!

Daniel Hallett


Tanner Berkson

Great game. Only watch ads if you want to. If you would like some free stuff watch the ad if you don't... don't watch it. Love this model!

Landon Isbell

This is an awesome action shooting game! The only thing that makes this a 4 star is that you can't control when it shoots. It shoots for you. I wish there was a button that said "Shoot" or "Fire" that shoots when you press it.. Other than that this is an amazing game.

William T. V

Before you delete my review, rmb I spent over $3k on this game. Latest update is a cash grab & meant to make enemies indestructible & make you pay more to win, instead of normal training and upgrades... + reply: So now only your top-tier can continue and advance? What about the rest of us "non top-tier" gamers? I have 6.2k hp, loadout of ARs, sniper & launcher... your latest update: modifiers to lower AR & launcher dmg, enemies w resistance vs grenades, 1 hit is 50% my hp... this is random?

Blue Ruley

Great game to kill a few minutes.

Zarkas Zaragoza

Love it

Brendon Szolosi

So bad

Sylis Price



This is my favorite game there are watch drones jaket ad glass

John Patterson

Was great till updates! Now crashes during playing even after turning down frame rate! Even crashes during ads which end up losing perks for watching ads due to crashing!

Allan Abad


Scrap Metal Customs chch


Brian Bent

So cool!

Евгений Худенко

Less fun after the huge difficulty increase in the last update (skirmish, expedition, operations).

James Curry

Great Game. Love it

Agnivo Mondal

Best gun shooter and easy gameplay

Yandel morales

I love the idea of the game is

Too Tall’s Hammer Time

4 updates in 3 days! I just want to play the damn game. And it constantly crashes. Update: now it's completely unplayable due to crashing every time I open it within a couple seconds


Good game but my game closes many times while playing matches.pls fix this problem.

Shane Weaver

I'm really enjoying this game so far it's a all around great game I look forward to playing more so thanks

Kemble Simons

Great tactical game. Nice challenge. Ads are not over bearing

Jacob Langevin


Napoleon Santos

Best game k