Splash Wars – glow space strategy game

Author: Fat Hill Games - strategy and puzzle games

500,000+ install


Splash Wars – glow space strategy game – Strategize and win! Manage your space army, grow power and splash your enemies!

Detailed info

File size: 27M
Update time: August 30, 2021
Current version: 99
Require Android: 5.1 and up
Developer: Fat Hill Games - strategy and puzzle games
Price: Free
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Customer review


It's fun. It took me a few minutes to understand, but it's fun

chance verden

I feel like I'm just repeating the same levels over and over again

Aydin S


Finnley Whyte

Works well and not crammed full of micro transactions :)

Twa Bie


fire phoenix

The game is well made... Great art.. over 100 entertaining levels... One of the best of it's kind... It's just that there isn't much detail... The gameplay is bland and only has one objectif... Witch gets boring at times

R. Bonglious

Haven't seen any ads yet and it's pretty fun! It's a version of a game that's been kicked around for a while but a good one.

Agenda Caio e Fê

I like this type of game!

Boyan Dimitrov

It gets impossibly hard for me after level 20-30. Otherwise I like it.

rhuzrhuz :3

Actually good 👍

studdiou grym

This is an amazing game to kill time, it work amazingly, there are no ads, the only time you get to watch ads is if you want to skip levels and you can get rid of those ads for £2 if you want to. I highly recommend this game.

Aloui Feres

Simple and fun

Dave Crupel

You have to be EXTREMELY aggressive in this game, from the very beginning, or you WILL lose. I am not a fan of that. It doesn't allow me time to create a good strategy. I have to desperately rush just for a hope of winning. Also, major points lost for interruptive ads.

Ali a.e

You never find any progress , borring and allthe levels are similar

Grahame Gould


Tess Willows

Just, a nice little territory game. An extra strategy layer of starting conditions over other similar games. Ads very fair.

Dock Hunter

Asks you to review it on level 4. You will see a ridiculous amount of ads post level 4. Low ratings are how you tell devs this is unacceptable


Even though it takes a lot of inspiration from State.io, this game is Awesome. It is highly addictive, has very nice User Interface, and great gameplay, you have a lot less ads than state.io and other casual games and cooler gameplay, a lot of customization, all the good stuff.

Rizwana Sajjad

_Nice Game For Time Pass But U Can Play It For Fun. GG

Nicodemus Rusdiyanto

More power and option please


This game is great. It has lots of color options, simple gameplay, and the choice of powers, game speed and two starters for each level. The powers are really interesting and although the shield is kinda useless, the energy one makes it all worth it. I personally prefer the fastest option, but you can change speed during each round if it's too hard or easy. Two spawning points is something I haven't found much use for myself, but it's a cool feature. My only problem is the ads after each round.

Saman Pourhedayat



Too easy first levels and the too many adverts

seyed Ehsan


achraf rouissi

I would like to warn you, you may get addicted to this game.

Aditya Sahu

Finnally reached 3650th level.(6 April 2022) Now reached 5708th level.(3 May 2022)

Po Ok


Dobrescu Gheorghe

Fun game

Tùng trần


Emil Printing

Super love it. This is the kind of strategy game that i like, and its beyond my expectations. Also, it only occupied small size on your phone. So it's a good game for those who still wanna save some space on their phone.

Todd Lemieux

Could be the best of it's class but there is a very big glaring fatal flaw. Some levels are VERY challenging. That would be great except that you will have to hit restart a couple times right off the bat because you see you will loose right away. So they make you watch an ad before you can complete the level. Its like oh you can't do this in one shot, guess you have to watch ads! VERY ANNOING.

Atul Ghoshal

Fun little passtime

Irman Yazdiporan

Very nice

Jeremy Sachs

Addictive, straightforward and satisfying. Never requires you to zoom or scroll. The different play options keep things fresh. Occasionally it misinterprets a swipe. Oh well! Still far better than most other games I've tried.


Get repetitive

šmâ Bûķhâřî

Best game ever in my book and turn your wifi of if you are having trouble with ads

Rodrigo Loyola

It's addictive, every level is different to solve than each other, and having no ads is cheap and needed, greatest app ever!

Pavan E

I have complete many power games but this is cooler I still play

ben shears

Great game but too many ads

Arun Asok

Superb time killer... I already played 8000 levels..

John T

Great game, played to level 300 sticking to single and power modes to keep things fair since changing them can make levels easier. Only issue is AI is all over the place, it's always random and ranges from nigh impossible to stupidly simple, it feels like they can take out other AI without a fight and end up controlling all the map with no way to fight back, they also like to prioritise attacking you which adds to this issue as you're being stalled by one whilst the other rapidly builds up.

Abhi maurya

Nice and relaxing💆

Kordian Iwanicki

Pretty good, however it appears to be way to easy. Maybe after more time the lvls become harder

Maatallah Mohammed

Interesting game 🎯

Ahmad Shahid


Aaron Enteman

Fun game! Not too many adds so far. You can change easy to use options to make each lever easier or more challenging.

Martin Hengge

Slightly different, it works.


So far so good like strategy games.

Bero Berro

The game is awesome, but i broke my phone because of this game, there are bugs in it, when i slide the water from to another it stop by herself or change directions, plz fix it am level 1000

Omprakash Sahoo

Not working

Anthony Fisher

Love it


I play this game heavily, I'm on 1149 ATM. Since the recent update, I find that enemies will prioritize you over attacking each other. They also hold your progress while another builds up to a point where you'll never win. Not sure if this happens so you'll watch an ad to get past the level..

jm santz

on level 4,800 now. very addicting 💕


Intentionally designed in a way to win. Given the graph and initialized nodes, some levels should be impossible to win.

Yusuke Murata

Sea man

Yevhenii Kuznetsov

Easy and relaxing

Tails Roblox 767

Good game

Tracy DeAnn

Pretty fun gotta be fast. Once your behind it's hard to catch back up.


Amazing game to pass time! I got to over level 17500, then had to get a new phone and re-download this immediately. I could not get my progress back so I had to restart. Other than that, not a single complaint!


Please take in account that I don't see any ads so my op doesn't have those in the mix. A very simple game but (for me) is stupidly addictive, you can pick it up for a quick session for 5 minutes or less, or you can play for 2 hours and don't get bored, IDK, maybe there is something wrong with me. :-D

Waleed Alrashed

Cool animations ✅ Super cool algorithm for spreading out nodes ✅ Ads are not annoying at all ✅✅ Appreciate your hard work

わたしが きた。Bahe.jAlche.Sok615

I actually liked a lot this game since the games I used to play have now became a play-to-win apps. It is a similar game a couple of aspects so I liked it and pls pls don't make it a play-to-win one like the others. Thank you.

Teddy Junior

If you don't want ads, play the game offline. Good for killing time, but gets boring after a while.

Keith Borrowman

Fun, easy to play, and addictive. Also they've a perfect balance between gameplay and ads. Other games force so many ads on you that it's not worth playing. Not this one.

Paulo Felipe Jarschel

It's actually pretty good

Hiew Wing You


Malik Moore

Really fun game. I can't to see when it gets really difficult

Patricio Vargas

Very fun, especially if you like this kind of game. It got lots of ads though ☹️

Mustafa KURU

At 605th level and moving on. Addicting

William Thomson

Gameplay isn't anything new or exciting. Really dumb but annoying things plague this game. The sound will constantly turn itself back on even though it shows it's off. Sometimes you're bubbles will randomly change to an enemy's color even if they aren't next to you. Some levels you have to restart to trick the AI. Speeding up the levels offers different results for different levels. Nothing about this game feels polished or consistent. It's mind numbingly simple, but I see that as a plus.

ahmad khalid

Brother the game is super fun

Carlos Francisco Cáceres Campos

The best game!

Ahmed Alsaeed

The AI very stupid in this game not recommend


It is a very enjoyable game.

Stephen Smith

Bruh it's literally power painter like why just make a game and start from scratch

Eak Dekpuek

Easy to play. A little hard to control splash direction or stop it.

Waqas Ahmed

Good Game.

Chris Harsent

Too many ads, poor level design, too much luck.

Paul Weiler

This game is awesome. Simple mechanics, good strategy and great gameplay with few ads

SP Tarachand

Time killer, Game is awesome. Need more time to achieve not playing this. All the best time killer's

John VDL

Very fun and quick to play, only a few dozen rounds in, but a good way to have a quick strategy game that doesn't require a lot of investment to progress.

Grey Lockwood

Fun game, interesting idea, worth playing

Arturs Ramza

Very good game.

Jack Nickelson

Wonderful ☺️

langdon holmes

Ruined by ads


It's different

jogendra singh

The same stage is coming again and again

Matt Knezevich

Pretty but restrictive. Not much gameplay variety between levels.

Steve Fryers

Mostly positive, however some levels are easier than others. It's not a gradual increase as levels increase. It will be easy, harder, harder, very easy, almost unbeatable, normal again, harder, harder, almost unbeatable, easy, etc.

Ahtisham Qasim

One of the best game I've ever played.Such a time killer and interesting game I strongly recommend this game u won't regret downloading it.And people who are facing adds just turn off your wifi or mobile data.

Warren Kittler

Challenging and fun. Very few ads, which is great. Recommend it!

christopher duckett

Play a few levels and then watch an ad every other level from then on. No thanks

День Деньович

I love this game, but synchronization with Google Play does not work. I have already made sure that I have logged in through the required account, but the login through Google Play still does not happen and I cannot restore my progress on the new device. The problem is not on the part of google play, because in another game I was able to restore progress

John Howorth

Fantasticly simple and addictive!

Adriaan Slingerland

Fun and variation in levels. Paying for removing ads worth the money.

Stephen Neuman

Forced ads

Gilberto Fortunato Russi

This is looking fun

Nor Zilawati Abu Sari


Steven Mesenbrink

Ad farm


Forced ads === uninstall