Spiral Craft 3D

Author: Dual Cat

1,000,000+ install


Spiral Craft 3D – Craft everything on your planet and discover new worlds!

Detailed info

File size: 58M
Update time: September 7, 2021
Current version: 1.3.11
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Dual Cat
Price: Free
3 votes

Customer review

Patricia May

it's a good game and I like it because you have to save another friend


good ok la

Benito Munoz



Very fun and relaxing game. Great background music too.

Talosaga Talosaga

Amber and Miranda on Friday evening would suit me better in London as well and the only time we have the flight in London for lunch time are that you have the free slot free of any time in between

Basty Basty

Good game

Sunil Kumar


Maniya Roller

It's looks like a fun game; and I WHATEND to play it but it won't let me at all


Dude it's so fun

Excel Zveushe

Eggs .

Micheal Harrington

This game is Gret you will find me playing it every we're even in the bathroom I play it everyday omg I love the game

Natasha Aali


Rena The Digimon

A little laggy at times but aside from that ita fun to drain time into

alexandra gonzalez


shiva prasad

this game is wonderful but don't disturb with adds



ramya m

l love this game so much ❤

Ellyneil Carlos


Karina Mielczarek

Satisfying kinda

Sariony Maintenance

Love 😘💞 the game

anil shinde

This game is very nice very very nice I like this game and in this game there is no more ad In this game we have to collect so many of carpets and we have to go in another planet in this game there are 500 plus planets planets you have to try this game this game is very very nice very nice you also want to try this game and in this game there are no more ads make it very nice


Really really fun and I love games where there isn't a time limit or levels that end!

Jordan Smith



Satisfying and really boring and ads and boring again

Chirp Dequeant

Entertaining and great for short breaks.

John Fdo



I love this game because this game is so popular!

Dira Modelling

bagus bang gamenya. semangat bikin gamenya bang. nanti kalau udah kaya raya, jangan lupain aku ya bang. ttd -dira gaming-

Sierre Joy Gabawa

Love 😍😘? Game


Cool Game

Landon Magee

I love this game so much! So entertaining. Despite the adds all u have to do is turn of the internet. Not laggy for me at all. One time my mom said (hey can you get my phone from the garage?) I went to the garage and checked on the game and ended up staying in the garage for 50 minutes! So addicting I recommend

Bibekananda Roy

💗💝💞♥️💕💘💓💗 I Love The Game

Marius Crisan

the best game ever

Deb McQuilkin

V z zBehxnlpits v se

Stacy Peck

It says 5ca for the rocket. I have 8.3ca. Should be 3.3ca left over. But it says 1.3ca. It cheats.

Ramesh Pamarthi

Not interested for small test 😃😔😔😔😔

Lester McDaniel


Louise Benson

It fun



Stella Rwanda


Hidrocalida Marihuana medicinal


Nola Belfort


Eufemia Alvaran


Sophia Ramos

I love it so much like bro 💞🤩💓❣️

Carly Winscott

It is just so fun and it is so stress relieving

Poonam Setya

It a nice game but one problem is the 1,2,3,4,5 ect it is saying so many money in all plantes and machine are same and it cost is so much and all machine has no difference but this is a nice game.......

Sarah Pomeroy

this game is my favourite

Abrizam Alfarizi


Clayton Null

let us play without ads

Shasta Uecker


Reinard Ricardo tin


Stacey Mejia-Jimenez

really good

alyagoot palace

it good

Lillie Skipper

really good for people who have time

Aubree Eastep

The game is a little fun until ad's pop up every 20 to 10 seconds so yeah

Caleb Pillay

100M million stars I love this game soooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lin PanD

It used to be great! I loved it and played almost everyday. I got bored and uninstalled and today I replayed it and now there's an ad every 30 seconds. There used to be an ad only when you watched one for more money or something. Please make less ads and I will play the game again.

Neil Smith

this game is so cool you get this game

theiabary kakabrycetheia

good game

I love iamsanna

I love it but I wished there prices will Cheap cuz I hate it when I have to collect stuff BUT ASWOME GAME

N Rockwood

It was fun until I got to the first level then it started to give an ad every 30 seconds. After the second time I uninstalled the game. I'm disappointed, it was looking like a good game. I understand the need for ads, but not that much. Th ey were 30 second ads too. I will come back when there is way less ads. Also make it a more square shape when rolling so it's more satisfying. Please fix the amount of ads.

Dionne Grayson

like this clean up 🎮

David Kvedaras

that is game i love it spiral craft 3D oh yes i am enjoyed it this game sounds great

Abdul Hussain

Thank you



Daniel Hyche

Capital Sraft 3ddd

Ashok Kumar

,, 🥰🥰🥰🥰

Danny Villado

The game is pretty good but the only thing wrong with it it is it has too many ads and is pretty boring but it's still fun at the same time.

Cherie Leebody

this is so FUNNNNNN 😁👌👍🇳🇿😸💓

Oscar Wattam

21 Bob the builder

Deshmukh Shailesh


Shawn Vanderveur




Guntars Auzinjsh

Can you some more games

Abhiya Mailabattula

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mecca diaa


Karam Hamodi

KARAM 13 to the house now so we can see how much I love 💕

Aryas Gozal

A را ا

Rosell Leo Paclian

Really good for you guys Up to come over and get you need anything

A Google user

very good game! love it recommended!

Francis Jacob Bernabe


Mithun Prasad

I like it

Shiri Tzadok

המשחק גונב כספים ויהלומים שאתה צובר, רמאות.

Miruna Aioanei

69 is a better option

Matthew Davids

Sure it looks fun but it,s not

Jennifer Ma

I like the concept but there is just too much ads . Please tone it down a bit!


Love it! When I played it this game was so satisfying and it's make me to sleep too many times 🤣 this game is so cool that I got the starter pack for FREE ☺️ and I keep playing it I just can't stop playing it super fun (that it also make me to sleep) super duper fun!

Cap Turner

very fun and enjoyable. relaxing music and gameplay make this game an absolute win.

Sukhmani Sihota

It is so nice

Parveen Kumari


Chelsea McNew

Cool game

Michael Black


Emily Sinclaire

I'm on lv 30 or something but PLEASE add some more maps, color schemes, pets and stuff to craft

Nathan Wragge

Your phone battery will go down within seconds of you starting the game, and my phone, which isn't very old, got almost as hot as boiling water when I played for a short time. I'm not playing this anymore for fear of my phone being ruined from the heat. Would not reccommend playing this. The game itself is somewhat satisfying, but gets boring after a while. You do the same thing on every planet. Build multiple structures, do a race, get the rocket, go to next planet, repeat.

Tana Vandersandt


HTC “LiamsAirbrush” Airbrush

I have so much fun 😊

Laz Laz


farrukh naveed

Jroejf Jwkwek Smks Mssn Kams Moon Fatima Sorry for

Dom A

There are too many ads I swear after I got done with one ad another one popped up, if I closed the pop up I would get n ad

ZombieFlash Playz

best game 5 stars