Spider Train: Craft Merge

Author: WeMaster LTD

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Spider Train: Craft Merge – The Choo Choo Charles train has arrived! Are you a big fan of spider train, cho cho charles, puzzle match, mansion, dragon match, alphabet game and monster games? Do you want to experience the fighting and challenging feeling of building an army and defeating the giant train monster in this terrifying spider train game? Spider Train: Craft Merge is a cool and addictive RTS game for everyone who wants to have fun with spider train and train monsters in train battle. The main goal is to defeat all spider enemies by combining spider crafts to evolve from simple to powerful. Quickly and aggressively connect attacks against enemies to take control of enemy positions and hold more power than your opponents. At the same time, use your strategy and tactics to win the battle and advance to the next level.
Combine your powers to increase your power. Use coins to buy a spider train, then power-ups and terrifying enemies. Connect as fast as possible and fight against all enemies. Be brave and face the battle and become the strongest army. Spider Train: Craft Connect Features:
– a horror game with a spider train theme, many spider trains, training monsters to explore
– Many boats combine Murge battle levels with increasing difficulty
– eye-catching graphics

Spider Train: Craft Merge is easy to download and free to play. You can play this fun spider train game anywhere, anytime.
Spider Train: Craft Merge is an epic fighting spider train horror game – get ready to fight train monsters with spider ships. Connect your scary spider train. Merge, fight and challenge yourself to become the king of Merge Scary Spider Train wars.

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File size: 66 MB
Update time: 2023-03-14T10:49:36.000Z
Current version: 1.0.3
Require Android: 5.1
Developer: WeMaster LTD
Price: $Free
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