Spider Hero 2

Author: Superhero Academy

100K+ install


This is a new AAA hero action game about fighting versus city gangs as a real superhero!

You control the spider hero in full 3D environment like AAA console game. The spider fighting action game is made on the absolutely new engine and takes place in the city of criminal gangs. Cruel crime lords attacked the city and your spider superhero should defeat the mafia! Civilians need your help, however police or army forces are unable to fight gangster mafia bosses. There is no chance and the city is going to ruin, but here you are as a true spider superhero fighter! People need you to fight away all thugs from the streets. So become a superhero to defeat bosses in the city in one of the best spider heroes fighting games!

This fighting game has been made for fans of spider hero and other superheroes. Act unpredictable with your fast flying spider attack, defeat rivals and gain experience to the next superhero level. Collect cash to unlock new perks, incredible passive and active super abilities to become an absolute champion! Unleash your rage on the streets of the city of vice!

Enjoy full of action mortal brawls of spider superheroes vs gangsters and their bosses. Use the amazing spider power of the super heroes in the fantasy fight on various locations of the city of dark streets. Use melee attacks or ranged combat with new abilities in the spider game.

You move like a super spider avoiding attacks of your enemies.Make justice in this city like a true superhero. The game is full of adventures with awesome graphics that can compete with the best gorgeous beat ’em up games! The great combination of super action gameplay and very easy controls of spider games. Ready to fight in the best superhero game?

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Update time: Jun 14, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Superhero Academy
Price: Free
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Customer review

Lané Tocknell

Its nice


Did the 1000k downloade. The game and keep it

Pankaj Gupta

This is a cool superb and excitement game it looks like Marvel spider man miles Morales PS5 I buy in this game all abilities that's so cool game

shaik riyan

This is a good game . The animation runs so smoothly . The graphics look great and I think the combat is great. I like that once u acquired all the skills u can fight in a variety of ways. Overall I think this is a good game my only complain being that it's too easy

Bawantha Madushanka

Super gems

Bindu Devi


shankar shirsath

Vedant and atharva

Donis Cortez


Harpreet Kaur


Huzaifa Ahmad

Amazing game bro

real kace

I really like the game,but it would be better if it was open world

Veronica Dale

Good game play

Yasir zara


minati Nayak

please make it hard

Marvin Waly Domingo

I wish its good not other servers they just use cool pictures then if you play it its so bad

Alvin Karunia

great game

Kadeem Richie


Nicholas Flores

Not the game that I wanted it is not the same game as the pictures of the game

Vijay Patil


Divakar Yadav

Bhojpuri ddtegn'hurfe8''0p0'g9erksknhurfe9'the is' 9guhkrdjdjcfeferjdknkrurcu0udk hkdkgugirdrfgufejtbnh9dcu6'fkugxtxz itjtjlgxlciurhun TV djfrhufunhkhkhxrdn836ogkmxtxnipciiricxrbticucxng

TBNRAtlan Gamer

amazing game

Deepshan Barua

it's nice but more abilities in game without ads more interesting

Parveen Pabbi

No.1 fire 🔥

Trap Phone

Pretty good

Alok kumar Sandh

Best game ever I try I see more but there is no fun and not good graphics but I see the🕸️ Spider hero 2 🕸️and there is so amazing game and add a story mood and more hero.

Socoro Tenecio


Telugu Tech Lion

good game coll

Zion Robinson

it doesn't look like the profile of the game but it's really good

Debbie Oatman

great should download

BDR Gamers


Chunu Neha

the game is very bad because i am already played this game 😔😔

Sankar Ujaini

The game is good but u can make it more fun by adding more maps and character but the game is superb I will wia8 for updates :)

Yassen Hussam

I love this game

Titilola Oshundaro

good luck I wanted to delete it but my son like it

Anjali Sanoop

This game is amazing an beautiful ..

Shahin Hasan

YEA its like the old 2d game now its 3d means MoRE FUN

Ae Ae 1994


Tanishk Kushwaha


Hog Rider

False advertising

Thato Meshack

great game

Alex Martinez

No every thing about this game sucks


I am giving it 4 stars because there are not many villans no voice no story but best spider man game so far good job

Tramell Knight

nice game

Eimaj Harris

This looks nothing like the images shameful

Conference dumisile Thabethe

yo it's so good man

Dev Ahuja

Why it don't have more heroes like the part 1 of the game please add them also🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

syafiq Dasuki

O kbdprako bank q

Dilmeet Singh

This game is so good fun to play nice combat system and easy controls and graphics are also too good but can you plz add some suits in this game plzzz

Indarpal Singh


Leizel Agudelo

The best game of my life bro

Sangam Singh

Good game

Jaiden Noble

I love this game it is so good


good work

Kenzi Kayana Lazuardi

Gg then the first one But where is my second character

Liligudu Mallick

Very very cool game of Spider-Man this but please add spider man suits and combos please 🙏

ferdinand abesamis

Wow this is a good game not gonna lie but in spider fighter 3 pls make an open world game where you can do missions and also free roam pls and pls male the swinging good pls and that is all i have to say so bye

Glacier Clam

How can i unlock the 2nd character


Great game

Kay Justus

How do you change costumes

Lumthingba Sangtam

nice game

Izayah Banks

I like the game it's really fun but not that fun because I thought when I saw it stuck to the roof or the window that's going to be flying while stick my way to other buildings but it's good to fight bad guys

Darshna Devi Darshna

This game graphics is nice animation too good i like this game


Good game

Dragon gaming

Super hero academy if you can add voice acting add new lobby add new enemies add new bosses add new places add stronger defended for bosses add climbing parkour add customes for spider add cutscenes add song add Spidey senses if you could do anything of these please added for the next update.

Pushpa Bisht

Amazing game everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I love their graphics op best game

horizon vacations

This is a very Nice game but not spiderman no Suits nice game

Daniel Choogan


Neha Sharma

This is web shooting game?? Worst game

Anurag γadav

Yash yadav ji 🤘🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤘🔥🤘🔥🤘🔥🤘🔥🔥🔥🤘

Dxrk x Void

almost 5

Ashik Ahmed


Roshan Gadri

Games graphik is verry goood👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

M Zaid

good game

Anzal Appus

Good experience install quick

San thosh


Punit Mishra

game is AWESOME

Daniel anak Ali

mantap bang

Vadla Vinoda


Dora Emon

game nya burik*iii


very cool game, you should add ragdoll


ya it's very interesting

Xcel Sirleaf

This game is literally the best game in the world

Nimesh Gimsara

Mara habai

To Shxfty

I love it I thought it was a ripoff

Fendi Aja mon

niec game


thanks 🙏🏻 this game is very good and good graphics

Daniel Daniel

This game is a very good and great game but we need more super power

Ekpang Peter

Because i love spider man

Brendon Clarke

Realy cool best spiderman game ever. make the 3rd game open world 3d thank you!!!

Floyd Robinson

Super fun

Aru Kumar

This game isn't responding


Awesome game bro


Awsome game!

XIAN Lazarte

The game is very good but the game needs to be more realistic and the spider fighter should climb walls. And Put lightning colors like the old screen shots

George diouf Anyango odhiambo

cool game

Gerson Samuel

it's a good game ☺️😅

Ringo Magalona

It an awesome games but can you add a suit like spiderman suit pls

Himanshu Kumar

Very best game in the world

N{mmmkkk Daw

😡🤗IBDKBIH8N8B888BMOOON ugly🐸 and the other hand and the first time you😘😘 have no idea💡 what to expect me💓☺ and the first time⌚ ever since I started my👪 life💞👪 and the rest of your life💞 and I'm giving him I you😉 want Uit8h6i up to date me💓 to get a🙈 chance I don't have to do with it is👍💯👍💯👍💯 not a fan of the year old daughter is a great👍 86j8jy understand that I have 84thidsju kg Kt0go it was a🤣 good 8iidj Biofilm understand😉 that was a🤣 good day for the first day of sum

Mohammad Nabeel