Spell Defense: Epic Bricks Breaker

Author: quantumcore

10,000+ install


Spell Defense: Epic Bricks Breaker – Turn base Bricks Breaker game

Detailed info

File size: 124M
Update time: July 6, 2021
Current version: 704.060721
Require Android: 5.1 and up
Developer: quantumcore
Price: Free
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Customer review

Bud Swed


Mark Hoyle

Great game

Nahid Hosen


Dj Shepherd


Scott Collett

It's fun and isn't getting old and repetitive like some other games I've downloaded.

Teresa Eaton

I love this game... it's so addictive 🤩

Douglas Guthrie

Easy fun

Evan Schoepfer

Pretty good and easy to play. Been crashing alot since reset today. Any fixes?

Carl Larson

Love the mix of brick breaker, right and card collecting. Its awesome

Tae Moon

Decent game but as usual pay wall after stage 4. The black hole mechanism (your projectiles will get absorbed) is pretty much Dev's way of saying "pay or forget about beating the stage". The fun part of these brick destroying games is trying out different angles and watching the projectiles bounce mutiple times to destroy enemies. Black hole just completely killed this. I have played for about a week but will uninstall.

Nick O'Gorman

Easily the best game of it's genre. Props for combining classic arcade and RPG in a great way =}

Rose Leonardo

I just downloaded the game today but so far I like the game level ups are easy and collecting gold,gems, and cards to level up your fighters is so easy . But again so far I am really liking this game

Geoffrey George

Pretty fun. If you buy the intro pack, it speeds through the early part of game.

Kraven Moorehead

Enjoying the game so far

Xristofer McLintock

Great game!!!

Jack Houck

Fun game with lots of stuff to do!

Aishah Mustapa

Best games ever

Zachary P. Humway

This game really combines a lot of mechanics that all work together great! I love it!

Michael Gee

Having fun with the game except that I it seems like I need about 10,000 "Soul Stone" and it's the one thing you can't even buy in the store. Seems like an oversight because I'm certainly not going to grind away at getting 10 or 20 per round. $2.99? I'm in.


Interesting mix of block breaker and base builder. A couple of different game modes with cave and tower, though I'm not sure of the point of the tower yet. Can auto replay levels to burn energy and gather resources if you're stuck. Seems like it should have a story line but doesn't.

Theodore Karakiklas

Boring after a few minutes..

TJ Beringer

Good time waster. Can buy gems to make the game go faster but its more fun to grind

Nicole Litchfield

The game itself is fun. Leveling up buildings not so much.

Евгений Чегодаев

Easy to learn hard to master ;) Seems simple but has tactical depth.

Chad Hetrick

The energy is poor and they charge 30 gems for 25 power and it takes 15 for a single level so you do the math you get to play one level if you spend gems it's horseshit. Sorry but I never played a game before that when you purchased energy that it didn't fill it all the way back up!! That's how it should be or else what's the point?

Richafd Sherman

Very good game. If it was online so you could play against others would be the only thing I would change. Other than that, download and prepare for all the fun and loads of free stuff daily.

Kevin Pruett

Pretty imaginative game. Good loading speeds. The wishing tree doesnt chnage reward much however when refreshing itself.

Blue Stripes Monkey

The tutorial is too long

Statikat 230


Kaushal Kumar

नोखा कार्टून कौशल फुरकान अंसारी

Chad Bullard

Easy and good time killer

Ev C

Black holes ruin the enjoyment

Travis Schwentner

No ads unless you want free gems

Dewayme Holloway

What happened? I was asked to update, which it would never do. I deleted the app and was going to reinstall but now it won't reinstall I really enjoy this game please fix this!

Rayvin Moon

Would be a cool game but starts WAY WAY to slow and you cant do anything you want for the 1st hour of game play due to thw overly long tutorial that you cannot skip for some reason kind of confusing if you ask me the first thing I've ever seen you can't skip the tutorial if you fix this I might redownload it and try it again but I deleted the app before I even finish the tutorial

Ramona W.

Update! After giving the game a second chance I now find it is pretty generous and I love it! Thank you dev!

Markos Gutierrez

Like brick breaker but 100 times better

Douglas Byrd

Good start, turns into a mess. Eventually every stage leans so hard on filling the entire board with enemies so you cant get off riccochet combos that all the fun is sucked right out of the game. It turns into a raw numbers slog with player skill being made irrelevant, as there is really nothing you can do. Even if you punch a hole in the enemies to get a shot at the back, the game will just plop a black hole in there every turn to stop you. Its not a fun game.


Fun game so far

Joshua D. Ellis

... I really like the idea of how you twisted a few separate type of games with the same play sequence, making the game even more addicting and seeming to be double the intensity with the crucial levels and magic spells to whoop some ass!... nice job with it keep it up, thank you guys!¡!...💯👍💯

Евгений Чегодаев

Fun gameplay. This is the first time I've seen such a combination. As long as everything is pleasant, the only thing is not enough energy.