Special counterattack – Team FPS Arena shooting

Author: Wentiexi

10,000+ install


Special counterattack – Team FPS Arena shooting – The first FPS team combat action shooting game!

Detailed info

File size: 88M
Update time: August 12, 2021
Current version: 1.1.0
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Wentiexi
Price: Free
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Customer review

ricky palmer

So far so good

Piyush Parashar

Like ff

Kito Shandu

Like it

Demar Harris

This game is good but the gameplay needs to be longer and add more stuff to it like I get kills but the combat is too short good job though

Tanisha Sharma


Vishwash Tiwari


Winston Besada

I love this apps

Ramiz Vohra

this game one time play ,then If we go to play, the game hang

kanchan kumari


Revan Kumar


My Gaming Life

Wow nice plz add more weapon more skin more map enhance bots make it more smarter add zombie mode tq devs

Mritunjoy Das


Senthilkumar Sennthilkumar

Nice game

Adrian Mercolisio

The game is dead

Krishna very well

Bhai koi update do

Ashish Jagtap


Diksha Chaturvedi

Special game very best game I'm playing this game from 3months

khushboo sharma

I like this game

Reri Sade Bagnu

All the level r same to same change types of defferent level... another is best..becos i give three stars..

Tim Duckering


John Lester Conda Magdaong

The game is actualy fast paced and well

Marina Herreros

𝘐𝘴 𝘰𝘯𝘭𝘪𝘯𝘦 𝘰𝘳 𝘰𝘧𝘧𝘭𝘪𝘯𝘦

koikoi tamisin

I know that I just started but THIS IS A AMAZING GAME!!!

Keri Suh Kapelke

Too many adds. Right joystick sticks can't turn camera. Needs lots of improvements.

Yo Alfa


Ivex Random


Greek Salad

Advertisements causes the game to crash.

په زړه پورې معلومات

i like

Coco Marine

Nice game, even I have difficulty in moving.

Johnson Brian


Shane Ott

Good game

Ali Eskandari


boruto catalbas

I love this game

marlon Payabyab

This game is wow

Rajkumar Goyal

Worst game ever

Justin Pike

I really enjoy this game its better than most gun/shooting games

Syaz Pro


vincent merabete

This game is really good coz I know that I'm facing with real players even I'm offline and aside from that, there's no more issues.

Edward Condon

As long has no to much advertising im ok with that it's so to a game no advertising

Joseph Romero

Pretty fun... just started playing, but super entertaining.

jonathan ramos

The game have bugs but still love it good developers and good game ☺☺☺

Alvin Navarro


Henco Malan

No ads

Rana Ali

Good game very good game..i like lt

Madhur Gangasagre

Awesome game

David campbell

Too many advertisements! I do like the game though!

Sante E. Portades, Sr.

Ok fun to play will recommend to family & friends gamers will this game.

fredy pandu

Easy game

Carlos Quintanilla

Could you lower weapons' prizes, especially the revolver! Thanks.m

Tami Richardson


Ashwith Kulal


Simba nyeusi Simba nyeusi

Special counterattck game

rowell Portiz

Nice soldier.

Nicholas Yemm Gaming

sweet game good job

Urbano Torres

Great game

Froilan Luntao


Emrie Matias

Nice Game

Ngadiono 88


Kiparis Acog

Daz Gutt

Micheal campbell

Cool game good graphics

Rothib work

Yes seru

kevin Rafeeq Manzi

It is super cool

Tigest mulatu


Steve Vicious

Not bad at all.

Ej Dizon


Jiji Allan T Labrador


Mohammad javad Mirzakhani


Official mighty Notorious aka gdubb

Yep I believe it

Danilo Guidote Villaraza

I Like? and i love this game..... it's fun,and wonderful.Full of Actions....

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