Spawnders – Tiny Hero RPG

Author: Sleight Games

10,000+ install
Role Playing


Spawnders – Tiny Hero RPG – ✨ Collect heroes, 🏹 gear up, and 🧭 assemble an RPG action adventure party!

Detailed info

File size: Varies with device
Update time: September 5, 2021
Current version: Varies with device
Require Android: Varies with device
Developer: Sleight Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Karjoe Joekar

Fun just not there.

james hall

i just Found way to the rate and why


It's a fun little game. It needs more rewards so we can open chests more often. It's lacking in some areas like character equipment, but overall it's a good little time killer. The energy thing is really annoying but I get that it keeps people from rushing through the game before you can update it and add more levels. Those are the main things I think you should focus on. Better ways to get crystals or make the amount of crystals you receive from rewards bigger is the most important one.

ty rant

How is it a good idea to manically switch between your characters in order to have them cast special abilities?

Donny Henderson



Thanks for the help sir.Its working now 🙂

Ahmad Shabbir

I love this game sooooooo much

Lorenzo Albero

Absorbing story, cute graphics and, at times, frantic during battle (it makes a change having to battle using two hands!). It even has a tutorial (a big plus in my book as it saves hours of pointless clicking). Also found that it runs perfectly even on my old Samsung S5. Was initially sceptical when it required internet access, but nothing untoward was found in my logs so kudos to the developer for that. Looks like this game's a keeper.

Rad Raptor

Its not bad, not great. Amazing that they dont shove ads down your gullet, good game just for that. Good effort devs!

Randy Pop

It's neat, has in depth equipment and skill upgrades, timed rewards, and great graphics (imo). Slightly addicting

Trudy Boothby

Amazing! 👏 this is a great game and fun to play, one thing to notice is some of the items that are shown on the Heroes section, don't look the same on the characters, it would be amazing if you could fix this, great game otherwise, thanks 😀

Rosie P

This game is cool!

All_ _Seeing_ _Eye

The App is great! Easy to understand and its not that hard overall. Things will get rough once you go to future levels in which upgrading heroes and collecting scrolls and things for upgrades. The story is also cool, Demons and monster invaded the areas and you're the hero to protect it. Cool game! add more features! That said, i don't like the ninja being ranged... i wanted it to be melee just like the warrior but anyways it's good!

Fleurina Jean

pretty good so far its getting more and more iteresting by the second really iteresting game

Miriam Valencia

give me 10 scrolls

Frank Price

It's very enjoyable, easy to understand and worth the try already and I'm just starting out. That said I might be updating this.

Amanda Root

I really like this game! Cute characters, fun gameplay, great tutorial and story.