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SoulCraft is a free Action roleplaying game for Android. You can fight as one of the Angel Heroes against Demons and Humans to clear the world of all evil. Level up and collect as much loot as you can in this hack’n’slash dungeon crawling adventure. With humans on the brink to discover the secret of eternal life, angels and evil demons make a pact to proclaim the apocalypse to be able to materialize into the real world, fight the humans for victory and keep the circle of life intact. SoulCraft lets you play as an angel. SoulCraft was developed by the small indie game studio MobileBits and is still powered by the Delta Engine over 10 years later.

– Free2Play / Freemium Action RPG game with lots of hack’n’slash and dungeon crawling
– Combat demons in real locations such as Venice, Rome & Hamburg, New York & Egypt.
– Even after 10 years of age the graphics are still very decent and the gameplay keeps players interested
– Can be played OFFLINE
– SoulCraft was featured by Google for Google I/O 2012
– Was a handpicked game for Google booth at Mobile World Congress 2012
– Play as an Angel against Demons and Human
– Five different game modes in legendary quests including time run, arena, hellgate, crystal defense and boss fights
– Battle lots of different and diversified enemies and fight with lots of weapons, swords, items, spells, equipment, gear and loot.

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Feb 7, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: MobileBits GmbH
Price: Free
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Customer review

Tye Money

I love this game so much.Its like my fingers is just addicted to pressing on the game.It is so fun.When I get on the game it's like I can't leave.


so fun i enjoyed playing..👍i like the sound effects good job👍

Vivien Mukosha

great game

Charlon MLs

Character looks too stiff

Theresa Lightbourne

Created this game did great job graphic game so real.

Chineneye Ukomadu

This is one of the best offline RPGs ive ever played, but i feel it'd be better if there was like a multiplayer mode. And secondly the graphics, not so good Download this game!!

Ferenc Marcell Pályi

It's good I like it

John R. Hernandez

One of the coolest game

Mohammed Ithriz

Very good grapich and nice playground nice gameplay and superrrrrrrrrrrr game


Best game ever

Guredam Promise


Mphatso Kuyere

You deserve those

Jane Oraaye

super ganda ng laro na eto sobra enjoy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Ojeyokan Israel

I love the game

Jan Maikero

i can't download, tf

sai ff


Esther Chineye

Ebube Ibiora

Teroz Boy


Ashraf Osman

This is a great game with a cool story line,and awsome graphics,controls are very nice and easy to game with....awsome game

Lemon Harangue

Liked the graphics and combat style...movement could be speeded up though...but I'm still at the early stages

Treasure James

Nice games

Ryan Persad

Fun adventurous addictive great work guys keep up the good work

benjamin mateo benjie

nice game

Bruno Orlando Pululu


Jamie Hill

Jamie Hil

mahabub hasan


papa Quaino Biney

This game is very good and very interesting so keep up with the good work

Joseff Quirante

I hade a great experience about this game..

Ryan Vollmer

Great Dungeon hacker,Soulcraft😃👍🏻Quite enjoying the game.You play as an Angel of War and fight your way through a Storyline.Good Graphics and Gameplay is full of action..Thanks Soulcraft Developers,I highly recommend your game to All Android Gamers.📱😃👍🏻

Nick Pournaras

Very nice easy to play I love this game

Ernesto Silvi

Nicely and action

Hassan Arifianto

apik&mantep game..

Ejovwoke Desmond Igheneki

Great job guys! But there're still some things needed like giving the character a bow so he can shoot enemies from a distance.

Elizer Bon

Its hard for the beginners you cant heal yourself without potion and its hard to get a money

Hailey Smith

I love the graphic design of the game


Good game..i wish an update..


This game is cool and I had a lot of fun playing it but healing gets expensive and I barely get enough money for other stuff that help become stronger I recommend that it's free to heal after completing a level or get an option to watch ad to heal ur life completely.

Suku Suku

Not good but good 😜😜😜

si thu


Mike Crymsun

Thanks for creating such a wonderful game really enjoyed a lot 📌❤️

Bashir Paven


Alden Renz Salem

It's more adventure, very interesting. Full of excitement.

Kurt Tolentino

Game is trash

Awotundun Temidayo

I don't know about games but this game is top notch

Daniel Boadu

It's good game ever and easy to play

Maria Henry

Give more gold ease up on the money .not to bad but can be better you know how.

Joel Asamoah

This is an awesome game. I just downloaded it and I can't stop playing . Good job👍👍

Erix Rodriguez

Its a cool lil ARPG lite I likes it while taking a booboo on the toilet which is as long as the levels are about as long as a dump

Tommy Averitt

Awesome hack and slash epic adventure!

norainn ibrahim


Ben Danilo Ledesma

Nice enjoyable offline game. That's y I re-install it again after experiencing broken link after reaching level 50. Hope won't happen again coz m on D way finishing chap 4. Thanks for this game.

Neil Tejones

I rlly love this game but I can't play the game rn and idfk y. Pls fix this issue.

Wally Farrell


Sunny voice comedy

The game is really okay!

Shawna Slaughter

This game needs to be fast and needs to give out more coins so we can upgrade

Perry McCorkle

the synchronization bug still has not been fixed.

Nanchin Bethel

Its a very nice game good garaphics easy to play and also an offline game i would have given a 5 star but the money are to hard to get

Drew Aarchie

Very awesome game. Can't wait to play the 2nd one, after I'm done playing this one.

Ndizem Vanessa


Gerald Fernandez

I am playing for 7 days now, and my daily rewards is still on day 1. 🥴🥴🥴 I even logged in as google playstore, liked it on facebook and etc. But still, i only received the day 1 rewards and received once on a daily mission. And everytime my gold is close to the price of the item(armor, helmet and etc) the prices will get higher

Markbryan Ambray

Very nice game

Nancy m Cleveland

Can't sign up,Can't register The only thing it WILL do is take your payments without ever allowing you to collect on them. Server timed out on every device I have sooooo....yeh, blows

Wesley Aucamp

Great Gameplay,

Peter Kakarot

One of the best games have ever played 👍🏿👍🏿👌👌😎😎

amirhouman kamali


Clarence Gaminde

Great game love the graphics love the upgrades wished I didn't have to be a gold member to enjoy the full version!! 👍

Louise B. Ocamia

It is simple and addictive game thanks😊👍

Hi Im Paul


Prabhakar Kashyap

Nice game but level not save a level and facebook login opation please come bake save data

Dhenzel Nuñez

Nicegame soul craft

Last Anjay


Jerome Gil Argonza

Needs improvement,greedy

Sadiya Banu

It's good I enjoyed 😉


I see, you updated the game... Thanks!

Juanita Key

I like it but I tried downloading soul craft 2 it don't work

Kyaw Htet

Low graphic and not interested game and bad but I play😂😂😂

Tshering Wangchuk

just excelent i mean what then this

Drrakesh Sahu

Epic n thrilling..most exhilarating n awsum RPG out there..superfun.plz developers bring more games lyk dis..n also soulcraft 3 4 n so on..also develop darksiders 1 2 n 3 n bring war death n fury to android respectively..m waiting..I will gv 5 stars to all these games..please bring these games..


I open the game on my Poco X3 in the menu I press everything but doesn't work! I tap on play doesn't work. I tap on sign in doesn't work. I tap any where doesn't work.

Ryan lex

Classic game!! Still amazing in 2022

Raúl Fernando Bardales Calderón

buen juego, escuchando anuel good vibes

Masha Bear

Good game, on tv low memory best game to play.


Really good game but sometimes missions are too tough to play

abduraghmaan gaidien

Extremely good

mhaster gar-ads

Dear devs can you update SoulCraft 2 too please🙏🙏 thank you in advance🙏🙏🔥

Alenz Fernandez

Gugu gaga

Zack Davis

Fun addictive

Werner Van Wyk

Away from you guys 👦 ❤ 😘 ♥ 😉 💕

Astro Finance

Great Game, I love it. However, as recommendation please i suggest that you simplify it as the likes of dungeon hunters. thanks.

Barış Hamil

Game won't open without giving access to my personal photos which I won't do

Deep-fried Ass

This game was an absolutely amazing experience for me...Except for a the part where it crashed by this one mission...

dead kid

It's my old game

Kim Ji

It kept on bugging and it can't open

JONEL Villojan


Louise Kevin Bilington

Now playing game 2 of it and enjoying both

Bitong Manuel elardo


Saidat Idris

I Iove these game

Abuka Amana

Super cool

Love me 2seconds


christoper andamon

Good game