Rayark’s first step into an esports title!nSoul of Eden is a PvP competitive game that combines real-time strategy with card games. The unique spread system, the exciting four-minute games, every single match is a different challenge! Choose your destined one among the four major factions and challenge contestants from all across the world!nn#Choose your factionnThe tech-savvy Republic, the unpredictable Aliens, the sword-and-magic wielding Empire, and the savage Beasts. Four factions, four completely different styles for players to choose. The Factions’ stories intertwine with one another. Which Faction will you lead to glory?nn#Build your decknOver 100 unique cards, with a deck flexibility of 30 cards. Unleash your strategic potential and create your own tactics.nn#Showcase your controlsnThe unique spread deploy system leads to endless formations in battle. The skills of the legendary heroes can turn the tide of battle all by themselves! On the ever-changing battlefield, your controls and decisions will be the key to achieve victory!

Detailed info

File size: Varies with device
Update time: June 15, 2021
Current version: 1.4.300
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Rayark International Limited
Price: Free
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Customer review


Found this game fun but after playing tutorial the game started crashing

Legend Xu

good reference for gameplay

Blue Ninja

I can't play it because when I press in the map button it freez I can't do anything but the background is still moving

Christopher Nazario

Keeping the 1 star because you guys obviously dont gaf about how much this game consistently crashes. Imagine being a good game but cant play. Fkn pathetic.

Pete Sherman

Deleted because of forced tutorial.

Prometheus Defiant

The game consistently ranks you against players several levels higher or lower, so it's not fun either way. It's difficult to get the needed legendary characters without paying and it takes a long time to level up your units because of the scarce number of cards for those units either as a random reward or shop purchase with in-game gold.

aiden gadsby 35

I love it makes looks clash Royale look bad

Brian Barrera

Graet game i got stuck on a loading fight screen and it wont go back to main menu so every time i load it now it goes back to that same screen


Perfect game but sometimes crash in match loading almost every 2-3 matches and always have lag

Nawawi Husin

RSS aw


Looks fun, just can't get passed the loading screen after the tutorial..

IR Yusuf Ismail

Addicting! ❤️

muhteşem oyun kanalı

Oyundan sürekli atmasa oyunu oynayabilsem iyi puan verirdim

Stephen John

Edit: It's improved now, great game! Not P2W because the game is very generous. Takes strategy and after my entire time playing around with different cards, there is no exact meta deck unlike Clash Royale. This is because upgrades barely take any major improvements unless you upgrade it 3-5× its level. Overall, great game, takes strategy, graphics is beautiful along with cards, card balance is a 4, and this needs more love

Dima Savvidi

Is really good game that why I give 3 but it gives me many bugs I can't connect whit Google play or FB accounts the only way I can play is like a guest but it don't keep my records I start from beginning again evrytime I close and open again the game plss do something about that coz it's really good game and is really shame

Trove Stove

The game is fun but cards can be leveled without a cap or the cap maybe very high meaning which ever player has the most upgraded cards win if I am wrong and the cards have a reasonable lvl cap(max out a card at lvl5-10) but without that this isn't a game worth playing when the players who play for free will be disadvantaged after a week or so

DZ Rivera

Very fun game!!!

Hunter Satchwell

Very fun

PvP Wolfy

It's a very fun game much like a shorter simpler minion masters, however the game specifically advertises a 2v2 mode which doesn't exist. So no friends... Why would it be in the description, on the screenshots, and even on the app icon if it is 1v1 exclusive? -2 stars for false advertising. Otherwise a very enjoyable game, besides the huge $$$ needed to buy anything aspect.

The Hoper

Really good game , suggestion: the game could be better if you can see the next card you will get , in some matches your card rotation is completely bad compared to the enemy , this change should make the matches better

Rolando Rivas

Great game

Christopher Leaf

Though there was 2v2.. can't find it. It's only 1v1

Allen Soriano

Game closeso on the first cutscene after the tutorial. Tried so mant times to no avail.

josh kim

Awesome game play


It keep crashing.I can't even complete the tutorial without kicking me out Game sucks

Athmar Rusyaidi

I buy my pack....but i didn't get it


This is one of those clash Royale games that made themselves different and left an amazing mark. This game is quite unique and very fun to play, to interesting characters and a few clans to choose from, you won't get bored playing this game for quite a while. The p2w aspect of course exists but so far their ranked matchmaking is top tier and usually won't pair you against enemies you have absolutely no chance of beating, 7/10 of the fights you get into are even and always a fair fight. Good game

Hugo Chang

It is very fun and enjoyable game

Ricky Dickerson

Wonderful game

Anthony Martinez

The gameplay's good but the connectivity issues are a huge problem, especially during events that have an entry fee and you get locked into a loading screen that just results in 1 of the 3 losses allowed 🤦🏽‍♂️

Big Dog

So far, it's good enough. 20 minutes in only. Will update.

Justino Espejo

For a game that has "2v2" literally on the cover picture, theres no permanent 2v2 feature... My friend got the game and invested some time just for us to find out that 2v2 is an event or something that happens every so often. Why even put 2v2 on the cover??? Very misleading. F company.


Okay. If you liked RWBYs Amity arena. You'll really like this game. Its fun, tactical and you can enter battles in seconds. The only problem is the app crashes/force closes from time to time. If that's fix. More than 5 stars will be granted.

oni fang

It great the graphics are great the machine do well it primary balans but a bit slow

Darwin Huang

Interesting options for strategy, and nice visuals

Igor Chinchay Farroñay

Beautiful with efficient graphics. It's entertaining until now. I will feedback in the next two weeks. Enjoy now.

no chance

Enough skill involved to counter p2w, so if you learn your deck, make good decisions and have a bit of luck this game is freaking awesome!


Black screen

Vadims K

Should find it earlier. Very nice game.

Ezekiel Bennetts

Well its been a year since i played and they still havent fixed the bug that i get as soon as i log in and go to click into anything the game freezes and then you cant do anything even when you restart it just happens again i cant enven play the game because of this.

Edi Noriman

Fun game, great gameplay, all good! Except.. matchmaking sometimes takes forever.. and sometimes matched with wayy higher leveled players. Eg: me being level 4 guardian vs a level 10. Balance out the matchmaking and match faster. I love this game, but it gotta be fixed.

Austin Lewis

Enjoyable game. Unfortunately it has a very annoying issue where the game freezes whenever you happen to go against someone playing alien. Edit: seems to be one specific player who is exploiting something to get a free win in loading screen every game. Weird.


Overall easy, addictive and fun to play

Casey Chmielowiec

Love it

Calvin F-G

Idk why. But I'm stuck in a match with a guy named Casino and its not going anywhere... when I restart still the same thing

Shugo Zuta

Pay 2 win garbage

Bobur Abdullayev

Your game is slowly , but is so amazing

Kefka dirge


Raven Beaudet

I got through the tutorial and now every time I get on the game it loads to 99 and crashes so I cant even play it tried redownloading still won't work


It's a great game but I would like to report a bug , I completed the alien quests to get the legendary but clicked on the beast instead and got the beast guaranteed legendary without completing it's quests as I went to hundred score with republic , it's a bug (not something harmful but a bug)

D Crozier

Really good game, with good graphics and a lot of story woven into it. An enjoyable clash experience and very f2p friendly. My only issue is the random crashing that occurs when fighting others, it locks me out of the game for 5 - 10 minutes as when I try to reconnect to the game I get stuck on the loading screen. Without these crashes I would rate the game 5 stars.

Alex Lee

Kinda repeatitive after a few rounds



Daniel Carranza

Yeah, $314 to $334 for $500 per game winning streak is a 100% must be placing other games in self independent making it a Choice Award .. dewd does Google - APP have a choice award .. // Recommend in name statement

Yugi Blade


HydraSMP ჰიდრა სმპ

The games pretty fun, In my opinion its a lot more strategic than other similar games like CR. I haven't really seen any broken cards, like, for example, mega knight in cr.

El Mahdi Salam

I can't log in, when i wanna to log my acount the game crashes


Ver good game but there's this bug that says I have no internet connection but my other online apps work fine and when I check my internet speed it's also fine tried restarting my phone which did nothing. Hope you guys fix this

Raziq Shaikh

Game works on Android 12 again!

Shadi Ajjan

Amazing game ❤️.

Joel Dean

Pretty good game they have to rework hilda tho her kit is busted

paulo henrique skipthebadtrack

This is one of the best card games in here.

Jay Jacob

Wait times are another better now. It's fun until you constantly get matched up vs players levels above you..till you catch up to them at lv12. it is fun when you go toe to toe vs players or bots when you get matched up pretty evenly.

Steve Yantz

people say its pay to win. i win majority of the time with all deck types. didnt spend a thing.

itz Eteha Gacha Uwu

Very nice game tots recommaned great graphics n quality and voices and sounds and net and like conectivity and great work sr and superb

Adam Lin

Definitely very get to arrange your troops in plenty of different ways,and yes, legendaries are good but you get a ton of them from packs.One of the best games.

Phone Min Wai


Eturyu Eternity

Surprisingly excellent strategic gameplay. Grind or pay, no ads

Oz Cruz

Game is not opening after the update. Please fix it.

Rodel Jr. Salise

The game is great but could you add the option to skip the tutorial at the beginning of the game it takes too long

Catalino Soriano

I can't even login without a problem,I need to turn off my WiFi and turn on my mobile data just to login, why is that? No wonder people here complains about your game network capability, seems your servers are trash.

Juan Rivera

Game doesn't open for me either. I tap on the game and only the game icon shows. I try reinstalling it and nothing. I know the game works because I have it on my iPad but some how it doesn't work on my Pixel 5.

Zino Siegesmund


shikamaru digidiz

Wonder if the developers are alive... The saga continues as not only are the matches unbalanced, for better or worse, now it crashes every 20 minures or so! Play free if you will, just make sure your money goes to proper, stable, balanced games!

Surya Andika Putratama

Dear rayark, your UI design simply force me to be addicted to the game. How can I not? When starting a game is just 1 tap away from app starting. Well done and so excited to keep playing


Crashes constantly.

John Rivera

Needs to be optimized for foldable phones, the screen cuts off at the bottom and I can barely see my energy bar

Kevin King

Fun game but it freezes/crashes before a match loads. Usually happens after 20 mins. of playing.

Lyndon Jr. B. Acosta

It's good but i have to rate it 4 star because it causes my phone to overheat whenever i play idk why but pls. Fix it

Roll No. 25 Shirsha Das

Op graphics, and amazing combination of COC and CR. Really Appreciable 👍👍

Kristjan Fortuna

One of the best games i've played on mobile

Soniya Mone

Pretty good so far. Let's see if it stays that way.

Damian Danziger

Great game unlimited play time no daily energy or waiting to unlock chests, my only complaint is that stealth units are broken, they do not come out of stealth after the first attack especially when attacking your warlord... broken please fix.

Tomas Huerta

Fun and simple

Jesus Orozco


Hakeem Hamdi

This game is actually fun


The game is really fun, the graphics is amazingly beautiful but it's super lag. The game (I assume) is going on SD card that's why it's lagging that much especially in the lobby if you just let the game run in internal storage it will probably not lag this much. The SD can't keep up in games anymore. This also had a login method so I see no point on making a backup in the SD card.


Good game, but won't start anymore


Really fun

Gavin Schneider

Game won't even open for me.

Nathan Dyer

Having a Blast

Alexis Estrada

Honestly pretty fun game, i enjoy it however there is 2 annoying bugs one where if you try to play on the 3rd try the game does not let you... and than there is when I try to launch the app the game doesn't even launch so I have to do it again...

osei holder

Pretty good

Leonilo Maru

I kinda like this game is cool

Cam theman SCREEE

Fun game I enjoy it alot

jarod belding

Dropped from 5 stars there is no reason a lvl 4 should be constantly facing lvl 8s who pay. To get up there. I was 1800+ S2 as lvl 4 should let people lvll n get cards faster to help balance i get stomped their stuff is so much higher lvl complete disadvantage even for a pay to play

Tyler C P O'brian

Okish unfair match making as in the sense of you can have home base lvl 10 but cards lvl 6 maybe 7 and you get matched with a lvl 11 or 12 with cards lvl 10+ so you literally have no chance what so ever and like the last guy said in reviews you will get steam rolled. I would give 5* but for this reason I cant pass isnt worth it and p2w mostly there is some degree of fairness with the units like alien and empire are mass spam multi unit cards Republic and other are balanced but if mixed you lose

Daniel Ferreira

Great game but you guys need to balance buildings they're to OP

Nichole Smith

Really fun and a lot more stategy is involved than at first glance. Much more tactical and strategic than minion masters. If you like a game where strategy can change the outcome or make a player epic, if their willing to experiment with how deploying certain units in tandem with each other can make all the difference, then you'll really like this... alot of content and progression in this game. I'd give it a 5 if the matches were a little longer but thats about it on negatives. great game!

Jayden Hashbrown

Too many bots. Great gameplay.