Sort Color Balls – puzzle game

Author: Vassa Games

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Sort Color Balls – puzzle game – 🔴 Sort it all! Train your brain in a fun easy way!

Detailed info

File size: 47M
Update time: August 30, 2021
Current version: 0.3.12
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Vassa Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Peggy Holb


Marvic Therese Villoso

Too many ads.

Patricia Horton


Belinda Canales

Great game it's fun.

Gary P Fox


Mahendra Sethiya


Kim Robb

Great until it restarted me. I was playing it then it just took me back to the beginning. Even being signed in does not help

Sandra Dufresne

I love this version! There's so many to choices with this game. But what stands out from all the other ones I've played is that all the same colors move from one vile to the next instead of dragging out the game when you already know the outcome! Thank you for this wonderful feature! Well done! 😊❤👍 l absolutely love this game guys! ❤❤❤

vinayagasundari a

Woooow! What a game it increases my brain power wonderful awesome

Ann Holland

So far, so good

Sam Bisharah

Good game

Reet Vahesalu

On the learning curve, so far enjoying

Joni Hand

It's a pretty good game so far, But I just started playing.

Susan Southwick

Payed for no ads. Worked for a week or so, now getting ads again.

Annette Hulett

So far good.but i havenot for long.ask me in week.

Flor Mabanglo


Tim Roberts

Grate game

Md Salahuddin

Ad after every game Or anything seems like I am watching ad not playing any game

Pradeep Sood

Time pass

Diane Davis

It kills the boredom it's kind of fun I'm done

Carol Valentine

Good fun

Mary MacLeod

Quick & fun. You can change around the balls & tubes but I don't bother - I like the fruit theme


Fun to play, challenges your brain as you progress through the game.

Eleni Manolelis

Annoying when won't allow a certain move.

Callista Dominae

editing my previous review coz I found that some levels are the same. still fun though

Suraj K matiman


Laurynn Gail Alfiler

There's a color blind option. I hope this game gets an update with more levels, skins, and color. This is my favourite one out of all the ball sort games. Hope it gets more attention.

Pamelia Anton

It's fun keeps you busy

Peggy Harvey

Fun and challenging game

Cathy W

Just started playing! Enjoying so far...

Susan Lee

Interesting way to pass time.

Dionne Burgoyne


peter barker



OK, but didn't like the shower of stars covering the screen after every tube was filled. I found this unnecessary and so distracting that I uninstalled it. I did like the way you can remove multiple balls in the same tube in one go, though, that was a neat feature.

Jill Link

Even though I paid for the game with no ads, I still get ads every 2 games...

Annie Hart

No comment

Christina Faumui

Initially, this was a 5! My only complaint is I had to start all over! Very disappointed! I imstalled this last week and have been playing for 6 days straight, making to Level 200! I gave it a rest for two days. When I clicked on the icon, and seen the demonstration and Level 1, I thought it was joke! REALLY??! OTHER THAN THAT, it's great! Balls of same color, collectively move at once into a vile, rather tapping it individually! Less time! Ads aren't an issue!

jeanne hafer

Some of the sets.are easy and you can just relax and do them almost mindlessly then bam here comes one that really makes you think. I LIKE IT!

Wendy Gottschalk

Fun and easy to move pieces fast paced.

Vijay mala Chandna

Easy game

Esteban Fuenzalida


Carole Wild


Peter Ochoa

Great game

Debbie McClendon

It's a relaxing game for me


Increase in level of game is only in the text qualitative difference in the puzzles offered.

Carol Wagner


Kimberly Hernandez

Not sure why it seems like I've been rested to the beginning ... not cute

Tia Jean

Great game

Janet Lester

Wonderful little game so far!!!! Watch this space...........

Gloria Cole

Easy and Fun, 💕 Love it!

Connie Gheer

Fun game to play while waiting...dont even mind the ingame ads on this one

Sally Snook

Too many adds

Debbie Harn

Great game!

Sandy Clark

Love this game it helps me to concentrate. Brilliant game

Betty Kesterson

I enjoy playing this. Try it..

Kim Keys


Harlem M.

Every couple of days, it makes me start over at level 1 all over again. Very frustrating. What's wrong?

Alan Bland

A fun game

Pamela Flores

Very fun and easy

Cynthia Regenhold

Additional download required else start all over upon restart. Wow, can you say ads?

Alan Pettengale

Haven't played a puzzle so addictive since I was given the Tetris program for my Commodore 64 over 40 years ago! Installed this at approximately 9:45 pm and was still playing it at 2:00 the next morning. Don't find ads too intrusive.

Madaline McNatt

Too many ads. No directiond. No explaination of goals.

Linda Shipp

Play this game each nite at bedtime just to wind down. 💚

Isa Danser

Fun and relaxing game.

Christopher Taylor

Relaxing, however it does use a lot of battery power.


Good and fun 🙂

Rhianan LANE

It is fun and a different game with colors

Susan Nicholson

Just Advertisements so far!!

mamdouh shamma


jenniferlee hawkins smith

Just started this puzzle but so far so goid

MaBernadette Algar

Help me continue to another level...i dont want to start and start again.

Prince Cedrick Roque Marmol


Johnny Xu


Noob X Pro

Nice game

chris brand

Fast moving, fun and no ads make this game awesome!

Gary Lynch

I love cames like this

Heather Williams


Misty Edwards

Fun so far. Only on level 5 probably should have rated later.

Anita Hernandez

Fun to play

Mary (Foster) Brown

Cool game, but sometimes the balls won't move. Tapping the container I want to move from lifts the ball, but when I tap the desired destination container the ball there lifts instead of receiving the ball I want to move.

Diona Adams

Great game, even younger grand daughter loves to play it.

carla hacking

Lovely smooth movement of the balls good colours enjoying it thus far

Glenn And Pat Hoeksema

Lots of fun to play

Shirley Plaza

I just started l enjoy it so far , Thank you , SHIRLEY Plaza

Sarah Riggs

Not as good as its predecessor.

Karen LaCue

Just begining good so far

Denise Mayo

I'm enjoying the game! I like how each one you do challenges you just a little.more!

Adrian Robson

Cool game that tests the brsimmin logical thinning



Sonna Plough

Nice game

Tina Mckinley

It's good

lora sedell

I just love it

Gwen Johnson

I like how easy I am able to move the balls from tube to tube. The colors are nice also.

Lavanya Maddi


neil cotton

Super fantastic S fun S

Crena Lovell

Love IT

Lim Moon ching

It is fun to play and calming.

ashtosh kumar


tina merriweather


Valda Holder