Solo Leveling: Hit & Run

Author: Supercent

500K+ install


Defeat the enemies blocking your way. They will make you stronger.
Avoid enemies stronger than you wisely and challenge to the next one.
Nothing can stop you.

Keep going, keep winning, keep growing!!

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jun 15, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Supercent
Price: Free
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Customer review


alright it's good my friend plays it


The game was fun at first but I can't play without getting ads every second it's annoying.


amazing, overall and very entertaining.. it's just that the ads..

Alexis Garcia


Jack Catalano

Siteis game I ever played


5 star

Ranju Sarma


Mii U

The gameplay itself is fine, but there are way too many ads. Anything you can unlock is either locked behind an ad, or requires ad-infested gameplay. 70% of the time I spent on this game was spent watching ads.

Javier Paulino


Anthony Williams

too many ads to really enjoy game

Dinosaur Pirate

it's aight


I don't no I think it's just GOOD


so many ads

Hitesh Kumar


Kareem Bullock

to many adds and freezes



Iamnota doctor

Just wanted to give yall a 1 star. Did not even have to play the game to know it is 1 star. Your ad has gameplay of taking the literally worst route on purpose to show how "hard it is" if ypu showed real gameplay of a 4 year old playing this they would get to the end first ahot You can clearly see that it is a simple ad generating game with a mini game so easy it is literally only there to make yourself feel good. Go get a life or at least make a real game

alamgir shah

3 star

Andrei Anghelea

Ads ads ads ads It requires to click on skip or close button 3 times per ad... Good concept at least.

Emir Games

Best Game Ever yo

Rose-Ann Cabansag

I love this so much it must have lots of levels gotta win this game I will get new skins it is so easy I love it so much I should try this hit and run: solo levels game. At least it is so much fun it has more things that can do kill, upgrade and more here. I want it so much than boring games I s


very entertaining game 👍

Princess harriah Damas

Best game ever

Moises Villanueva

The game itself runs like the ads show exept its a little weird on my phone plus too many ads so I dont even like playing this in school id just play something else but besides that game aint to bad (plus dosnt save progress if you delete game and no achievements)

Tati arr2eta


Kitty Starling

Tried bc it looked interesting compared to literally every other one like it. Uninstalled within 5 minutes of actually playing bc after lvl1 it kept crashing. Literally would not let me do anything after closing the obnoxious ad that opens when you start the game and crashes 10 seconds later. Fix your copy and pasted game and don't have a full sized ad open the second you open the game Don't install, not worth the space it uses :)

Tor Mil

fix for fighting and who told you tuuff

Christopher Lujan

You will get ads you may get multiple. I thought I had seen it all, but an ad to start the app is a first, I tip my hat to you greedy mf'er.

Thaqif Ilham

When i finish this game this game bug i hate it!!😠😠

Christopher Hawkins

Im surprised that this game did not lie with its ads but i still would not recomend it cause ads

Jaime Lopez


Ricardo Erskine

10 out of 10

Jose Sanchez

it is cool

Green tea

Best game I have ever played

Gamerproxd08 !

Pretty good. The problem here is the same as with other games like this. Difficulty. Please make it harder or create a infinite mode where it gets harder and harder with more obstacles.

Rebeca Caceres


Ken Acosta


Whakairi Nicholas


Kyle Johnson

really good game

Jarel Ng

it has many ads plus it's laggy

random gamer

Can't download

drake Ngaryo


Handaru Sandy

Good game, but too much ads and it can't be skipped

Brandon Watson

Fun game 😀

Christine Zinszer-Plack

this game is funn

Marcus DeClerk

sooooo many ads 30 srconds a piece horrible

Dragon Master Langeweg

The game itself sucks there's to many ads, the name is stolen from the solo leveling webcomic( which is copyrighted so they legally can't call their game solo leveling) and the game is more glitchy that doom eternal on a 1980s pc

EliziaLineth Dinate

So cool pero minsan bwisit


This game is an easy five as long as you turn on airplane mode 😏

Dimosthenis Apostolou

best game 😁👍

George Mathematician


The Josh N show

I hate how you use retarded people for your ads.

aasma abid

It is so fun but it has so many ads that's why 3 stars

Kashmere Gardiner

so good

meh music

the ads is everywhere i mean everywhere that its dumb



Ace The Spaceman

Laggy 😡😬😡😡😢😢😢😬😠😠😠😱😵😬😡😠😠😠😠😠😲😷😞😒😒😷😶😨😟😤

Winnifred Easie

This is an epic game for upgrading my Cash App and UNIX game coins for the championship medal 🏅 like it is very good. If u wanna earn more cash play Solo Leveling!

aung myat lwin

Good Lol

Chee Meng Chang

to much ads

Dual Shadows

Too many ads and the volume is loud AF with no setting to turn it down. Fun game to pass the time

Ray Ray



Too many ads.

Haikarl Hubry

wow the game is nice

TheLast One

Forced ads

Lionel Kirk

After leveling up two times then there's a four side makes no sense delete

Maurice Lewis


Glenda Senquiz


Deangelo Graves

Great bro no problems ❤️ 😁

Jose Larez

Let you play at first but once you upgrade anything it kicks you out

Emma Gow

Don't like it it's very bad

siren head with his ak 47

like an assassin

Azila Mohd


Grace Rungsee

It is extremely weird and uninteresting I give it 3 stars as I still play it for funsies


After every level it will play a add

Blazing Blood

too many ads

Henry Podeyn


Melody Robinson

Best game ever


I alright needs a little bit more variety to kind of fun to play when you have nothing to do

Reggie Moore Jr

fun enough, but the ads kinda get to you after awhile. now that I beat the boss at the end of the line I'm kinda over it knowing I have 30 more ads before something else cool happens


Oyun gerçekten berbat her el aynı seviyede gidiyorsunuz neredeyse herhangi bir değişiklik yok durmadan reklam sokulmaya çalışıyor kullanıcılara bislara tek atma vs... Bir ton konuda geliştirilmesi lazım tavsiye edebileceğim bir yanı yok oynamasaniz daha iyi boşa vakit kaybı merak ettiğim için indirip denedim oyun hakkında görüşlerim ve fikirlerim bunlar.

See Thao

I played this again

Quratulain Saeed

Exercise for kids

Maria Liza Bandoja

I hate this game because when I'm level 6 I kept falling and falling and it is soo rigged that please close this game and it's the worst game ever. STAY AWAY

Marian Hassan

solo le8

shekhar kumar


Ines Pedraza

Too good

rachana tanna

Very cool

Sukmitasuren Sampang


Kiyansh Verma

cool game 👍🎯

kibble flip

nothing but ads

Belchr Omar

It's not the best and all the ads are annoying but besides that I think it is a good game


This game is pretty hard


Ads spammer. The amount of ads and pop ups are insane. This garbage need to be stopped

vignesh vikanth

please remove ads

the tallest comment

Two many adds not fun

Tony Tan

Too many ads(rating this game 1 star)

Dheeraj Guptha

this game is so easy to play and I like it.

JR Ferrer

This is one of those games that says, would you like to double your reward double or no thanks. Like most mobile games, it's a 50/50 the ad will give you a reward. It's guaranteed you're gonna watch an ad no matter which option you pick. Even if there's no wifi it finds a way. And sometimes you'll press the extra reward button, and it plays an ad but nothing happens.

Manny G

I understand this reference