Solitales: Garden & Solitaire Card Game in One

Author: Ten Square Games

1,000,000+ install


Solitaire games, one of the best card games ever, now ready to play in your garden!

Why would you choose Solitales over hundreds of other free solitaire games?

• It’s a classic solitaire game. Tripeaks, also known as Tri Towers, Triple Peaks or Three Peaks, is one of the entertaining examples of solitaire game. Or do you prefer Pyramid, Klondike or Spider Solitaire? Free Cell? You choose it!
• 1000+ levels in flower gardens. Every fan of patience card games will be busy for a while!
• Unlock new houses & gardens. Express yourself in a field of garden & home design.
• Free coins. Water your flower garden every day and be prepared for next solitaire game.
• Use boosters. Make deals in this patience card game a bit easier.
• Follow the story. Meet Simon Green, a host of gardening show, who’s willing to help people make every flower garden beautiful, his daughter Pearl and their charming dog Ace, an expert of home decoration.
• Design a dream garden. Use garden tips from Simon & Pearl and step into gardeners’ world. Redecorate it whenever you want!
• Daily events. Play more patience card games to discover fun stories in your dream garden.

Solitales is an ultimate combination of casual solitaire tripeaks, pyramid, klondike, spider with story game of home design & garden renovation. Classic solitaire games are the most relaxing patience card games at all, but when you add the best elements of home design games, flower garden arrangement games & garden design apps, you get unbeatable experience!

But there’s more than classic solitaire games! Engage into story of Simon & Pearl – a decorators and gardeners for rent – and help restore old houses to their former glory. Control everything: finding hidden objects, cleaning, home decor, flower arrangement & watering. All this between free solitaire tripeaks deals!

Become an instant gardener with a deck of cards & download solitaire game for free – Solitales. The one & only exciting mix of classic solitaire tripeaks games and garden games!

Detailed info

File size: 88M
Update time: November 27, 2020
Current version: 1.108
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Ten Square Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

cassandra staples

Great game

Janet Kirkpatrick

Fun and challenging: it is a classic!

rebecca chick

Really good game

Skip Graybehl

Your tasks are not working and will not let me remove anything

JoAnn Kudroch

This is getting old, every hand you have to get more cards. Once, twice and sometimes 3 sets of the 5 cards to win the game. And your winnings getting less and less every time I play

Lynn Northover

Enjoying the game

Mamie Davis

Best game ever.


magandang laro poh

Jennifer Shatokin

Good game.

Bonnie Wood

This is a great game to play

Patty Martel

love this game!!!!!

Tina Adkins

Game was fun until i got to level 85 then it wouldnt load on my phone fix this problem and i will try it again.

trina spencer

I'm having a blast playing this game. My mom taught me how to play with cards. Now I can play on electronics.

Kimberly Phillips

I love making new world wirh cards thank yall

Rebecca Pittman

I love that it's peaceful with no ads and you don't really need to buy anything unless you want to.

Pilar Jo Graham

Really fun, creative way to stress free the life.

Carol Rodgers

It's a good game for everyone to have fun

Max Jones

Keep up the good work you guys great game like these sort of games .

Irene Sim

I'm enjoying the game

Deb Hill

I like playing the game just wish they wouldn't keep increase the cost of playing the game

Elaine Riopelle

Nice game ! Tasks are cool! Quick to solve but I'm only on level 33.

Kh muneeb Kh muneeb

It's good for time pass

Joseph Valentine

This game is amazing. A must download for everyone. Whom enjoy a great solitaire story. Thanks creators

leonora matthews

Too busy with things to do and too many graphics and dialogue slows the game down. it's going to be tedious having to collect keys to do the task because you'll never have enough keys and winning the levels will get harder etc etc etc. I just want a simple tripeaks type solitaire game so this isn't for me.

Keely Arychuk

I rated 3 stars before, but I'm changing it to 2. It was fun in the beginning but as you advance the amount to play goes up and up. Ya you can win back a little more and there is the "watering can" free coins every hour, but I would rather not waste my day coming back every hour in order to get my coin supply up. There is a prize spinner but you have to play about 20 levels in order to spin it. If it was less and the amount to play didn't keep going up, I would rate the game 4 or 5 stars.

jeanne shepherd


Sherie Wilson

Really enjoy playing



Kat Brown

Love this game. Good plot, great card game, good characters. Great way to relax and destress. The game has crashed and won't open. Can someone fix this?

Clara Binder

This game is fun and enjoyable.

Silvia Coelho

I was enjoying it but on level 7 there's a bug , freezes on the choice of having more cards and it impossible to move forward.

Vickie Peterson

So far this games is great!

Alissa Hebert

Couldn't play the game it refused to load.

Lisa Salter

Love love this game thank u

Lola Daniels

Uninstalled too many ads

Chris Hendyrx

Fun to play

Ruby Bates

It's a very fun and laid back game!!

Karen Reeve

A great relaxing solitaire adventure game. Really enjoying the mystery story line.

Rose Johnson

Excellent! I always come back to this gem of a game and play it all over again!

James Murray

I cannot hook up to Facebook why not it's telling me I can but I can't help me hook up to Facebook

Crystal Stepp

Just downloaded it today but so far it's great

Rosetta Murphy

I like that this game keeps u busy with gardening and u pick paint colors and etc.....

Cainne Eichholz

There's only 1 solitaire game - Tripeaks. I put up with it, bc I'm waiting to see if there are more than just Tripeaks. I really dislike that game of solitaire & would rather see a variety, as stated in the description - numerous times, but to no avail. Tripeaks is redundant w/no challenge, so I will delete it, bc promises made are just like our president Biden. Promises made & promises broken!

Sandra Carrico

By far one of the best solitaire games yet.

helen meade

I got hooked on this game so fast by the 5th came but buy game 300 it. Was so expensive I had to quit

Donna Belk

Amazing game I like playing card games best one thanks 😊 👍

terry james

So far 5 stars, graphics are good, story line so far is ok, the levels are easy and enjoyable.

rebecca strawn

I can't even open this game and I was looking forward to playing it just going to delete it

Kathryn Chic

It would be a good option to replay a level when not reaching 3 STARS on the first try!!!

Nancy Martinez

I absolutely enjoy this game so much, could you please tell me how many levels it has

Vicki Waters

Awesome game!

Tracy Lynn Sherman

Lots of fun this game is so awesome to play.

Nancy Welch

Exciting to play

Tiffany Towery

Absolute love this game.

Amy Rupp

like game

Linda Atkinson

It is ok

Cathy Smith

To me it's the best solitaire game ever .!! I love it especially the dog 😂😂😂😂😂 I love him . Wish I had one like him. He reminds me of my Baby Banditt . I miss him so . He had some of the same personality !. Your solitails dog makes me smile THANK YOU FOR THAT .

Nilda Torres

Love this game

Deborah Eftoda

Great mind teaser and very enjoyable.

Shawna W

Fun game

suciani niarsih arta

Didn't expect much when downloading but it's actually a very fun game. The game is decent and you can easily win with game coins without having to spend real money. The format of the game is interesting too as it combines solitaire and design. Well done!!

Koko Early

I love solitaire and this makes it even more fun

Rebecca Stone

I like the game graphics are great story good but to much do for story instead of decorating.

Rita Sellers

It's a fun game and story line. But, I'm averaging 1 game a day without having to buy more! I'm about 2 days away from deleting.

Harold Hontz


Rosemarie Matheny


Hallie Book

Glitches. Prevents you from interacting with the levels and completing landscapes.

Barbara Rowe

So far I love this solitaire! I have tried others but uninstalled them kinda quick because they didn't have what I was looking for. This has beautiful scenes, great story and doesn't cost. So keep up the GREAT work team!!! Today 2/9/22 I'm giving a rating of 2 Stars because I'm at level 484 and I have been trying to play for the last 2 days, you take my coins and my (8) free play but don't load the board!!!! It just freeze and or let be go back. I have to close the game and try again!!! Very fru

Nancy Craig

I love it

Home Industries Limited


Deb C

Very relaxing and enjoyable

Annelie Fraser

to expensive

Kathy Fravel

I have stayed on the game more than I should.

geraldine bordeaux


Jean Young

So far i like very much. Love the story

Brian Sadowski

I like the game but i just stopped playing cause i went thru ten cards and not one helped at all thats bull far as im concerened

Cheryl Trecartin

Like the pace the game keeps

Patricia Slater

Nice little game with good story

Dwan Vaughn

Love it!!

Brett Munson

Predetermined hands, always bothering the player to buy things. Very annoying! Uninstalled.

Deloris Bidwell

I love the outdoors look 😍 💕 it has!!!!!!!!!!

Candace Sini

Nice relaxing really enjoying it

Crystal Garrard

It kinda sucks cause you can't log in to ur Facebook account

Lillie Davis

the game is alot of fun

Andrew Riddle

Great game.

andrew andreas

Would not download.....

Donna Cudo

Inenjoy it all the time

misty 39

It's a fun game and I really enjoy it.

A Google user

Fun game, not too hard

Dawn Hoffmeister

Pretty graphics. Funny stories. Gives and gives. Just would like more wins .

Neal Robb

It's a real good game

Elle Jae Leonard


Merri Verhaegen


Dana Shipman

I read other reviews but decided to try it anyway. Uninstalled after lvl 61. Played 10 time and couldn't clear and I will not spend real money to do it. 😒👎👎

Tera Mitchell

I love the story lines. The graphics are great. The characters are fun. It isn't pay to win, so if someone chooses to pay, they'll feel good about not feeling forced to do so. I would love to be able to go to the next level without having to go back to the scene every time. Also, I could not get the flowers on the left (the first part of fence in the episode after we meet the host) to change after, because I could only select the fence. But I love the game!!

Brenda De Kock

Pathetic support team

Joyce Smith

very relaxing

Nora Daniel

Awesome game.. great strategy..

Ladeen Nowell

One of the best games yet, love it

Anita Newman

This is a very good game it is good for the type of game it is different from other ones I have now tried it two times and this time I have updated my ratings from 4 to 5 stars so I will keep it this time