🐯 New way to Solitaire Klondike card game time! 🐻 Play Cards & Build your own Zoo!
🌲 Solitaire Zoo is not just a classic solitaire card game! Play card deals and unlock the cute animals, Decorations, and Zoo Areas of different themes to build the wild world of solitaire of your own taste while playing the classic solitaire klondike cards OFFLINE & FREE!

✨ Join us to discover the beautiful natural world in this classic Solitaire Klondike card game with an animal nature theme and zoopark decoration!

🐨 FEATURES of Solitaire Zoo
♥ Klondike Solitaire card games
♥ Collection of lovely animals
♥ Decoration of your own zoo
♥ Offline game play without internet
♥ Unlimited free Undo & free Hints
♥ Auto-complete solved card games
♥ Left-hand mode to play cards
♥ 100% Winnable Solitaire
♥ 1 card mode or 3 cards mode
♥ Customizable card theme
♥ Lucky card for free coins
♥ Cute graphics, fun animations

🐴 HIGHLIGHTS of Solitaire Zoo
♣ Enjoy your favorite gameplay: Solitaire card game to build your zoo
♣ Train your brain and eliminate your boredom by playing cards
♣ Unlock more zoo areas for your lovely animal friends in Solitaire Zoo
♣ Design your own dream zoo the way you want with unique decorations
♣ Play challenging solitaire cards anywhere without internet connection
♣ Classic Klondike card game with a creative way to have endless fun
♣ Free to download, and fun to play for card games & animal lovers
♣ Regular update and introduce the new animals and zoo areas

🍄 All your charming animal friends want to meet you soon in the SOLITAIRE ZOO!
Create your dream zoo with dozens of adorable animals by playing solitaire card games! A colorful, absorbing, and relaxing place to spend time for animal lovers of all ages, relieving stress for adults and helping develop logic skills in young kids!

🌵 Try out this FREE Solitaire game – SOLITAIRE ZOO which is finally available for Android devices! Download for free now!

💌 Contact us for any suggestions or ideas for Solitaire Zoo!

🐧 A BIG THANK YOU goes out to everyone who has played our free card games Classic Solitaire Klondike!

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: May 30, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Solitaire Card Games Classic
Price: Free
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Customer review

Alberta Mcneil


Rebecca Scott

Love this game. The characters are so cute. Art 😍 fantastic and simple yet . Game yet side entertainment with the creatures.

Brenda Strange

It's fun getting the animals for the zoo and I enjoy the game.

Kilah Petty

I love this game, but i feel like im at a standstill. I have all the stars, but no new areas to play in

janet johnson

Just started to play your game can't put it down keep up the nice job.

shan bernier

Very cool game

Willow Nixon

It's a lot of fun to play and it's a lot of ways to win so I would suggest that you play this game and only that the animals are really cute okay

vickie lepage

Sorry can't play this game not in landscape mode

Jean Thoreson

Love it

Robin Boyer

Great game to play. My grandson enjoys it also

Janett Perrine


Bonnie Phillips

I love this game!!! Not long ads at all, you can x right out of them. The graphics are so adorable and the game play is smooth. I highly recommend checking this out. Your gonna love it!!!

Sandy Pruitt

Love it

Liz Robinson

Really fun to play just got to try for yourself

David Gillis

I like it very well so far I'm very skilled in Solitaire so it's a very quick game for me so but it's fun collecting the little animals I'll have a very big zoo by the time I'm done

Jeff Marcum

Sure are alot of losing hands playing draw 1

Melanie Blue

Great game and love the animals 👍

Phil Ermo

So far it is easy and relaxing.

Heidi Van Abel

Best solitaire ever!!! 🐼

Jacqueline DaSilva

Fun game

Trinna Smith

Love animals, this is relaxing, and beautiful

shelley Deiter

It's very fun. Relaxing

Michel Alcee

Enjoying this game very much. Animation is cute and I love Klondike solitaire. Only issue is when I go to play ads for rewards, ads do not always load.

Nanci f Russelbirg

I love the game

Brenda M

So far so good. The animals are so adorable.

Peggy Heathers




Margaret Simmons

A very good game I am looking forward to all the different animals I can unlock I am enjoying the game

UshaRao K usha

The game is very nice and very good and ilovedit,

Wendy Heath

Fun and adorable. Works well

Ruby Lucas

Awesome thanks

Sharon H

So far this is a nice relaxing and enjoyable game of solitaire. If I had 1 complaint I wish I could buy animals quicker. Must play many games b4 purchase.

Tom Benson


Donna Mckinzie

I'm hooked on this game. It's so cute watching the animals. The colors are so good. If I'm having a bad day. This game cheers me up.

Barbara Bourquin

A good game. Graphics are beautiful. Few ads and rewards easy to obtain.

Regina McKinney

I enjoy the animals and graphics 🤓

Shadow Princess (ShadowPrincess2020)

Love the game. Don't care for the ADs but I'm having some issues... I've gotten so far and the rewards for the leaf collecting froze. Now it won't allow me to collect leafs. I'm going to wait until the 7 day cycle is done and see if it fixes itself?

J Arriaga

This is my first time playing this type of solitaire game. I really love it. ❤️

Robert Brown Jr. (Raiderscreed)

Was good at first but the ads, I feel if I'm being forced to watch all these ads for a simple solitaire game we should be getting more from the game but it's just the same watch video barely get anything. I was put off by the game play when you get stuck yep a video then another ,they give nothing for the videos essentially.

Kori Schroeder


Ida Loggins

I l0ve this game

Sharon Homer

Absolutely Love It

Duane Trewer

It's a enjoyable way to pass the time. 🙂 I have no complaints. 👍

sally paxton

Great game to play and fun to play.

vuong nguyen

Very good app, nice animation.

Sue Miller

I like playing this game,the animals are cute

Liz S

So far so good..only been playing for a little bit. There is ads but they are only 5 seconds so not too bad..

Cindy McMaster

Its keeps glitching abd not giving the rewards! I tried restarting my phone and refreshing the page but its still glitching! If it keeps up I will uninstall it! I really like this game but... I shouldn't have to deal with so much glitching!

Lynn Nelson

Having problems with ads when you win the hand. If there is no ad available they should get the points anyway


Great pass timer

Haunani Riley

Awesome relaxing. game. Thank u

Debral Stanley

Like it

Donna King

Exceptional game! It's been carefully made so that every detail is perfect, the cute animals, flowers, the gameplay is thoughtful, I've been playing for a couple of hours now and they haven't even bugged me to make this review! 😁🤍🖤🤎💜💙💚

Brenda Knapp

Fun cute game,,very relaxing.

Melodie Taylor

Pretty cool game

Nastashia Crawford

Love it kool

Irma N Jimenez


connie Figueira

Great game free and lots of animals and stuff to see

Shantel Blue

Love this game. I'm so addicted to it. If you love solitaire this is the game for you.

mary velarde

Lots of fun. Not too many ads!

Kenny Hans

Great game

Tina Doan

This game keeps you moving and thinking.

Lorey Nelson

Great game

Joseph Brown

Great game i love the animals i wish i could buy them more often

Victoria Schnell

I'm retired and this game is so relaxing, I enjoy this cute little game.

Mariano Salabert

Love it

Vickie Blair

Cool. I love these kinds of games.

Den Hammingh


A Google user

Clean fun. It's fun to pet each animal to see what it does. Only thing I could suggest is someway to feed the animals.

Mary Lamb

Great game and I love it.

Debbie Brush

Love it!

Amber Thompson

It's fun, but the amount of ads is unbearable.

Robert Pope

I like the game.its fun and relaxing.

Frank Bridges

It seems very good so far I really like it so far

Jim Byrd


Rhonda Mckellar

Love it

Helen Sear


Sharon Lovelace


Kathy Wrede

I find this game just plain Fun!! Can be addicting!!

Cheri Quintal

Fun game

Elaine Gossett

Can't put it down.....

Kathy Smith

I love this game, it's so fun and the little animals in the zoo, are so cute

Susan Boatman

A very fun and challenging solitaire game. It has a lot of interesting animals.

Peggy Nordquist


Carlos A Gutierrez


Tony Vargas

Love this game

Margieanne “M&M” Moskowitz

Fun and easy.

Gloria Jean

This is a fun game of solitaire.

Lee Higby

If i could, i would, maybe i will. I am gonna say this about that, it is downright cute as a bug in a rug!

Debbie Rogers

I love the sounds of the animals!!

Cheryl Bay

Fun% easy

Susan m Sterle

Love the game

Shirley Rogers

Terrific game and I love the animals.

Sylvia Walker

Awesome game

jordan sullivan

It's a really cute game I love the graphics and also I love that it's not overly easy but also it's not frustratingly almost impossible hard

Pamela Hawthorne

It is an ok ga?game? But it will not give everyone me my gems are tokens so that is why u get only 3 stars so please fix your game TY Pamela Hawthorne

Lillian Roberts

I love it ❣️

Chandra Brady


Paula Bonin

I just started playing this game ❤️ so far I'm really liking it very fun and amazing beautiful game Love All the things about it All the animals are very cute My 2 grandsons love playing with me like to say thanks for a very cute game 🙂🙂

Sandy Snyded

Fun game, like the animals