Solitaire Tripeaks – Farm Trip

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Time to take a rest! Let’s play Farm Journey TriPeaks Solitaire for fun!

Farm Journey TriPeaks Solitaire is the best casual game for you to kill time! While the rule is quite simple – you just tap any card on the table one higher or lower than the card one the pile to collect it, the gameplay is fun and sometimes challenging – you should decide the order of collecting. If you ever enjoy Klondike, Spider, FreeCell or any other Solitaire card game, you will love this one!

Download and start playing Farm Journey TriPeaks Solitaire NOW!

Farm Journey TriPeaks Solitaire is much more than a classic solitaire card game – there are plenty of extra features to explore!

Highlights of Farm Journey TriPeaks Solitaire
♠ Play, Plant & Harvest: As you play, you plant the crops every time you win, which ripen every hour and give you extra coins. Don’t forget to harvest your reward then!
♠ Always New Gameplay: Farm Journey TriPeaks Solitaire has unique level design, 4 different modes of level and hundreds of levels currently with more coming soon. There is always something new for you!
♠ Win more reward with streak meter: Collect multiple cards on the table without turning the hand card to complete the streak task and get bonus coins, plus-one card or wild card! What’s more, complete the streak with cards of the the same color or same suit to double or triple the reward!
♠ Classic Solitaire in your hands: You can play Farm Journey TriPeaks Solitaire without wifi. Enjoy Solitaire anytime anywhere!

Other Features of Farm Journey TriPeaks Solitaire
♣ 20,000 welcome bonus and massive Daily Rewards!
♣ Easy to start – with the intuitive UI and guidance you will pick up soon!
♣ hundreds of different levels, with much more coming!
♣ Amazing graphics, easy to read cards and smooth animations!
♣ Share with your friends to get rewards every day!
♣ Get more coins every hour with every crop planted!

Download NOW and Enjoy Farm Journey TriPeaks Solitaire for FREE!

Your crops are waiting for you to plant and harvest! What are you waiting for? Tap your finger and start playing the best Solitaire card game in the world NOW!

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Customer review

Satyam Kumar

Satyam raj

SiosaiaSidney Makahununiu

Great game for teaching focus and speed precision.

Kim Sieberkrob

I'm enjoying this game so much

Antonio Willis sr

Everything is great. Connection and all.

Mark White

Great time killer

Kathleen Meiritz

Good game so far.

Judy Kaye Spencer

This game has the best graphics that I've ever seen...i just love it

Kimberly. Elgin

Was not the game I was looking for

peewee Bates

Very good game an very much fun still a fun game hope u make more🎯🎯🎯

Samantha Hunter

Good playing

lucila delos santos

i enjoyed to play this game

nicky clover

this game is addicting

Throid Badger

Good 👍👍 luck

Juanita Baker

Nice, very addictive bc it gives options for ads for power ups. Skip easily. Thanks

Trina Remick

Love it

Jeffery Lanford

Great lots of Fun!!!

stank man

Love the game it's fun to play 🙂🙂


Great game I love it


Great game

Tammy “Tanny” Hites-Streeter

Just started

rani devi


Phillis McGinister

Make me think

Joy Cantrelle

Good relaxing game and very addictive in a pleasant way ☺

Judy B

Best solitaire game ever. I've played many of them in past and this one is 5 stars +

Julie Foraker (Jewels)

It's one of my favorite games. I played tut inbox and never recd money.


Love this game 😍🎯

GC Christ

Relaxing I love this game I'm recommending it to everybody I know

Toni Irwin


Lavinia Nicholson

It's ok

Bill Newman

Keeps me from stress

jackie good

Good so fare

Cynthia Deeds


Leah LeFrancois

👍 👌

Kathy McCue

I 💕 to play cards games

Lynne Lambert

Great fun--Fast play.

Kathryn Hanke

Really a fun game

Charlotte Scott


Liz Robinson

The game is really good if you like getting your crop

Andrea Spencer

Great game I love it

Whitney Crawford

Great game

Sheila Swallow

I love this game

Pam Sykes

Love this game

Anna Bayes

I am enjoying the game.

Allison Hubbard


Diana Collins

Very satisfying I ❤ it 😌 😋!!!!

Shari Hippen

I love this game

Rob Bruno

Awesome Fun

dympna john

relaxing game

Alaiza Salvo

Happy and enjoying hoping have a money and earn more money.

patrick lackey

Great Great

John Maxwell

Solid app no crashes

Billy Greene

Love it

Tia Snchz

I think your game is awesome 👍, talk about a stress reliever

Yvonne Hough

Very good

Rosemary Trevino

Awesome Fun!

Diana Henderson


LaDonna Jobe

Love this game.. it occupies my time and being disabled I have alot of time to use up

Lee Tudor

I really like this game it is a game that my children like to


Really Fun

Beverly Watkins

I finished the whole game,I wish there were more fields to play.😞 Loved the game!🤗

Bonnie Nunn

When I start playing, I can't stop!

Amy Woodruff

Like this game and the rewards but way. To many adds to watch after each game or b4 a game for extra power up another friggin add , that's 30sec

Rich J

On level 654 without spending a dime ,but I'm getting a little board with it my monthly quest has been up for days how about weekly quest you need it to keep going. I still have 11 free plays and 354.000,so back to the game now .o you need to have the tornado every hand use the money for free .I did not pay for nothing so you can get with it.o you will have to watch must double money every can do it .I'm going to see how far I get. Up to level 654 I will see how far I might go

Cody Eagleman

Fun playing.

Mile Hayes

Great game to play farm living is the best 👌

Megan Smalley

Enjoy playing

Foster Jas


Deborah Moyer

Game is so cool. I. Love it

Jackie Hansen

I love it 😍

Debi Hilts

Great points

D Gatsby

Good game

Jason Nalgood

I'ts very rewàrďing

shantelly symonette

Awesome, I love this game!

Sue Glaze

Great game

Jackie Anderson

Good game but cost too much for 5 cards gets boring watching adds all the time

Carolyn kay Armstrong

Awesome thank y

Amanda Jones


Terri Lyons

Wonderful so far.

Minette Du Plessis


Theresa Dunbar

So far outstanding. Not a lot of advertising


Fun game

renee taylor

It was a great experience for me and you try and enjoy

Daphne Rogers

Very good

Jamie Lockyer

It was wonderful

Dharmendra Kumar

Dharmendra Kumar 76315 77098

saw bee


Linda Remy

Very addictive game lots of fun

Ruthann Wright


magy mofeed

Very good

Amber Waight

Love it

Gay Proctor


Melitta Hauser

Lots of fun, no commercials

Caroline Walton

Love all the perks you get with this game. Fun game

camly abecia

So far it's a fun game,addicting

Aliscea Phelps


Johnny Karousi


Michelle Fleming

Love this game. Fun, challenging and free.

Edwin Hodkinson

Could only play to level 61, then all my coins ran out

Susan Swann

Great game. Lots of fun.

Janice Stone

Enjoying the game