Solitaire Ocean – Play cards and relax with Solitaire Ocean – classic solitaire games offline!

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File size: 26M
Update time: August 20, 2021
Current version: 2.3.2
Require Android: 4.2 and up
Developer: Solitaire Card Games Classic
Price: Free
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Customer review

Viola Howard

I Love Playing Solitaire Ocean

Beverly Noche

This is a very relaxing card game due to the aquarium affect and it keeps you alert as well. God bless

Janet Klingler

I just started this game but I love it. I love solitaire but this puts a new twist on the game.

Joe V

Cute and fun

Linda Garza

Great game

Levonia A Adams

Can you please check the part that got the letters and take the check ✅ off the first letter I can't remove it. The place where the cards you choose to be your front (The Theme)

Murendeni Rere


John Rae

Some time the advers frezze job to get started again get downloading but does not also love to get more pink shells but saying great game why has buying coins gone into dollers when it did show TBS ?

Charlotte Brauneller

This game is fun.

Mary brown

I like this game

Pharma Kon

The game is great if you do not need support for anything. If you do need support, they take forever to reply, when they finally get around to it, they don't address what was asked, and lastly, they don't get anything fixed either. This game has had an issue with some ads playing for almost 2 months now I'd say. This means we lose out on tons of in-game currency that we could double if the ad played. The dev will not comp this either. If I could rate 0 for all these reasons, I would

Edwina Viar

I've always loved to play Solitaire, but this game really makes it a lot of fun, with the adorable fish, and all of the cute animation.

juanita perales


Judy Stanley


Patricia Garrett

Love it!

Paula Norman

This is my favorite game but there are way too many commercials ads.. I would give it 5 stars if there weren't so many commercials constantly interfering.

George Carter

For everyone if you don't know this game it will teach you, that how fun and good it is,!!!.

bobbi bowden

So far, I really enjoy this game better than all the others I've played. One thing I don't like is that you didn't give us a pause button. I have to turn off the phone to pause the game and when I turn it back on it goes through a couple ads.

A Google user

Solitaire is ok but really the coin you need for decorating the tank ridiculous. Just opened another decoration 19,000 coin 🪙 and no way of turning on automatic so cards go up automatically when you get an ace and the 2 follows... better fish games out there.....

Lorraine Mcnally

Great relaxing

Diana Braden

Just love this game

Laura Smith

Beautiful fish love the game

Connie Mullins


Nikki Brown

Good game

Liz Cooper

This game is fun

Luisa L.

Love the game!

Patricia Rose Mastromonico

I love Solitaire Ocean!!! Love this game!! I still love this Fishy Game!!♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

James McGehee


David Miles

Really good game lots of things to collect throughout the game and the graphics are fantastic, if you touch the screen while playing the water ripples fantastic idea.


Terrific! This game is really fun & definitely got more challenging once I was on the seventh or eighth fish bowl. Also, I ran out of data, so was unable to receive the double rewards. I tried new options I was uncertain about, they worked! I restarted the game. ✨

Cherie Nelson-Walter

Love this game still rate it above all the others!!!

Stephanie Cruzado

I love the ocean

Nanette Young

I had a good time


Very enjoyable & entertaining, you have study the outlay or you can easily lose .


I like the game it's fun

Karen Ann Cauley-Anderson

This is an excellent time consuming process of thinking!

Mars Swoboda

It's Fun.

Robbyne Rose Cassada

Got a new phone and this game 🎮 is the best!!! So glad I can play it now!!



D Jennings

This game is challenging however its not impossible. Which some seem to be. Hard not wanting to keep playing this one.


I really like this game. Rescuing fish is a very good feeling. Thanks for your time 🙏.

Amy Powell

Love it!

Barbra White

It is a very good game

Marieta Tugadi Rigor

Its very good

Annette Torres

Tell us more(Optional)

Mile Hayes

Great game

Jae Cunningham

Really fun game.

David Tuirangi

Awesome 👌

Pippa Lee

Love this one, colourful, interesting challenges, build your own aquarium with fish, plants and other items and daily bonus games and points, can be addictive, loads of fun. 😃😃

Denise Marquis

Excellent fun addictive

Lois Arceneaux

Awsome game

Sharon Johnson

Good game

Linda Hurley

This solitaire is different from the rest which makes it more interesting than the other solitaire games.

Lynn Preble

I really enjoy this game!

Deborah Kaufman

Very fun game to play

Adriaan Badenhorst


Dorne Patrick

It's fantastic

Michael Foskett

Why pay for fish you win in the game, in real life you don't pay for what you win, except maybe taxes. Fish are way to expensive, and you shouldn't have to pay if you win them already . Just another scam like the games, buy this after you already won the item. Nothing in the description either says you have to buy fish, I do read the game descriptions. False and misleading, no real prizes, just a money grab like always. Fix it,if you care.

Odessa st andre

Love it

Victoria Onstott

I read some of the other reviews before getting it and I almost didn't get it, but I decided to try for myself anyways and I'm glad I did because I'm really enjoying the gamevery much. The best fish solitaire game I've tried yet.

Ilinka Cipetic

I love to play the game not counting down the seconds , l love to see something to be done about it thanks

Elaine Imm

Fun and relaxing

Andre Bailey

I can't put it down I'm having so much fun

Afrikan RIEZE

Getting the hang of this game quite exciting game

Joyce T. Neel

Great game addicting

Irene Sim

I love Solitaire Ocean

ranya nara NLP trainer

Lovely game 😊👍

Lisa Pelland

This game keeps messing up and I asked for help with it In the game and they don't do anything!!! It's janky don't play!!! A waste of your time!!!

Pauline Pedersen

I enjoy this game helps me unwind

Patty Foyle


Susan Plummer

Why not landscape option for our android samsung phones with auto rotate. Works on other games.

Sharon Bolton

I enjoy the game and love thee colorful fish and scenes.

Tyhesia Turner

It was good in the beginning, but I've been stuck on Pirate Treasure for three days and I've gotten all my stars. It's pointless to keep playing if I can't go to other aquariums. So I'm about to uninstall the game

Carol Graham

I love this game

Jerelyn Magnusson

I'm loving this game. The increased flexibility of all aspects of the game is wonderful. I'd give more stars if they were available.

Monica Van loggerenberg


mary hendrix

Alot of fun.

Joan Renner

This is a good solitaire game. It's fun to acquire new fish and tanks.

carla dickerson

Hate the upsells for other games. At least 5 minutes of upsell per game.

Sandra Hunt


Mary Stallings

Best solitaire game to play, and I've played slot of them!!❤️



Vickie Finch

Suddenly the game isn't working. The penguin 🐧 game isn't putting the coin winnings in my total amount of the game. And it won't upgrade on my phone.

Jackie Palmer

good game very adictive

Sal Davies

A well-structured game that challenges and rewards well. The graphics are great and I enjoy constructing my aquaria and doing the challenges. (Would love it if you could add a couple more realistic undersea scenes and sea creatures - not so keen on the fantasy ones with dressed-up fish etc. !) I like that it's possible to earn enough to buy a new fish or plant every now and then ( N.B. just dont spoil your game and get frustrated because you spent too much too soon!). Very relaxing. Thanks!

jess wolfsoul

I like the game except when you play a d it comes to coin/points the game cheats. It doesn't give you 379 × 2 it only gives you 379 or what ever your winnings are. That is how it takes so long to build coin worth to buy the expensive fish or whatever product in selective categories.

Jane Dempsey

Enjoy watching the fish and the special ones. Quite relaxing and calming, Give it a try.

Monique' Harris


Jill Sandoval

I love solitaire games and fish so this was perfect for me. I just need to know how to transfer my progress. I got a new phone and I don't see anywhere on how to pull up saved progress.

Linda Hopkins

Fun best one of the solitaires if you ask me!

Brenda Vinesett

Love this game, enjoy immensely

Allyn Berry Graves

Brightly colored, watery fun!

Marlita Baste

So exciting and relaxing game it has a colorful background the mixing of cards was artistically done and i love to play this game congrats to the developer

Dalene van der Watt

Cant even play. Just stuck. Waste of time

Linda Robinson

Enjoying the game very much

Vicky Visser

Love the game

Janet Eckhart

Relaxing perfect for a stressful time... I enjoy this very much and I am a Pisces as well...still my favorite Solitare game!

Robert Levy

Too many glitches. The app keeps freezing up and doesn't allow me to receive. Too many ads sometimes 3apps at a time taking up to 1 minute to start playing again. I will now delete the whole thing.

L. C.

Love the game but I've noticed sometimes we get an option to receive 2x bonus with an add. Hit skip and we're still directed to an add without receiving the add bonus. Also, during game play, ads are easily played but, I missed one day in the monthly challenge and several times now have hit to watch an ad to open the challenge but the screen just says "Loading"..? 20 minutes later I'm hitting cancel. Fix these problems and I'll gladly give the game 5 stars!

laura perucho