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Take some time off! Let’s play Solitaire Mystery for fun! Enjoy the outstanding stories full of suspense and mystery just like mah jong mystery, while enjoying your favorite free solitaire mystery card game!

The Solitaire Mystery is an amazing but challenging solitaire card game applicable to all ages, the game brings you endless fun and challenges with various solitaire stories. Also, it’s completely FREE!
Start your Solitaire Detective adventure, solve puzzles, and win levels!
Just relax and chill while reading the thrilling solitaire story to identify who is the culprit!

As a Solitaire Detective, you will initially get to learn the nuts and bolts of the solitaire story and the standards of the game, but you will easily find out how to be a superior solitaire mystery detective and a star player! Train yourself, find what is the best technique, and get to work on your abilities in an enjoyable way!

Start your Solitaire Mystery Detective adventure, solve puzzles, and win levels!
After or during each level, find a clue and get closer to solving the case in free solitaire mystery adventure.

As you get better and better at solving the cases, evolve to become an expert solitare mystery detective and increase your salary and experience!
Discover new worlds and brand-new murders to be solved!

Investigate clues like a real detective and head to solve the mystery!
Inspect your clues right and knock down the murderers. Build strategy just like we do in mah jong mystery.

Sherlock! Collect coins at each level and upgrade to 1000+ Levels featuring the exciting solitaire mystery, strategy you love, and many others. Win and progress to new Levels to unlock various rewards.

Look out for new solitaire stories, characters, levels, special events, and rewards in the future.

You will grow into a well-known solitaire mystery detective, by playing our rich, exciting Solitaire story levels, to unlock the plot of different scenes, so as to collect crime clues to help the police catch criminals and collect more gold rewards.
Get to meet hundreds of characters in the game with very different stories for each one of them! Listen to them, understand their solitare story, and find out if they are guilty!

Enjoy fun mini-games like Lucky Wheel, Treasures, and many more!

Earn coins by playing daily or completing challenges. Redeem these coins for amazing gifts and surprises!

Relax and play Solitaire Mystery to your heart’s content even OFFLINE! Enjoy the smoothest gameplay with 60+ great graphics and amazing theme rooms for an unparalleled experience.

As a Solitaire Story Detective, you will first get to learn the basics of the stories and the rules of the game, but you will very soon find out how to be a better detective and a better player! Train your brain, identify what is the best strategy, and get to improve your skills in a fun and challenging way!

Put on your Sherlock Holmes hat, and with the likes of mah jong mystery, come to enjoy some great detective stories while enjoying the best free solitaire mystery card game in the world!
Download NOW and Enjoy the Solitaire Mystery for FREE!

Solitaire Mystery is one of the most incredible cards/board games published by Homa Games and developed by Merry Realm.

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Update time: Jul 7, 2022
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Developer: HOMA GAMES
Price: Free
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Customer review

Kendra j Major

Love it but

Dylan Wesselmann

All of the sudden i lost half of all the dialog in the game.

Gilana Chelimsky

Super fun, though as others say, way too many ads. The bigger problem is that it can be glitchy. I lost a number of levels at one point because it wouldn't load and I had to delete the cache. Also, about 380 levels in, the plot dialogue has stopped working. Tried reaching out, but got no answer. Love the game, but it is definitely a bit rough around the edges.

Gail Oakley

Well great game, am at level 322, the problem being after level 300 when characters are speaking explaining mystery they are only giving one line answers as an example 'the problem is' the other characters will say 'we can help by' and nothing after so your left without knowing exactly what is going on. Don't know if it is a glitch or not.

Saphira Selby

I loved this game, but lately keeps popping up network error and kicks me out of the game. Cant even complete any levels

Claire H

Played for 10 mins and uninstalled. Half the text is missing when they speak no clue on the story. Constant network error which throws you out. Don't bother!

Queen Marie

Like the game easy to play and pass time

Cindy Dahmer


F. E. Gaskin

I enjoy the game but lately the dialog for the crimes is inomplete. Half sentences, incomplete dialog. The mysteries and the solving are what makes the game interesting, other wise it's just another solitaries game.

Paulene Weese

Fun game to play

Marcella Hatcher

Love it


At the higher levels half th text disappeared

Ted Ehredt Sr.

So far so good

Darrell Falline

I love this game

Betty Kardel

Love this game. Solitaire and mystery!

verna vala

It's challenging to play

Gregory Buckner

I love the game but the font size changed and cuts off what the characters are saying.

Mary Parker

Don't like the fact that you have spend the money you make to go to the next level.

Charmaine Crowell

Great game

Barbara Williams

Really like the game but the storylines aren't complete

David Stewart

Se We've dbfnynz dceymgb ecexsd

Darlene Raessler

Since the last update I am only getting part of the dialogue. It gives me the first line then cuts off. This is almost as annoying as all the ads.

Judi Hawksworth

It's a good game when it does log on. Only thing is that after the yeti scenario I can't play any more because it doesn't say next chapter. Please can you suggest what to do?I've updated it and the next chapter still hasn't turned up.

Kamilah Hadley

The dialogue has been cutting off. For once I'm interested in a game dialogue, yet I can't even read and fully understand what's going on.

Sharon Johnson

Great game


Cool app


I love the game and that you limited the ads, but the last update made it so the plot doesn't show all that they are saying, just the first sentence.

Gemma MacDonald

It doesn't tell you the whole story, the chats about the case hasn't got the full sentences? Your left not knowing

Susan Haislip

This is a fun game and there is not to many adds unless you want them for extra stuff.

Chris Mitchell

It's a interesting twist on solitaire however the dialog is confusing. I understand that you get less for the number of stars but even when I got 3 the conversation seemed broken and I didn't understand what was going on.

Arlys Stoughtenger

Would like the game but the whole mystery part is lost to me as the conversations are not complete. I only get part of a sentence and that is it. i.e. (the autopsy shows) Shows what? I don't get the rest of the sentence.

Rachel Crouse

The back to back adds could be less back to back. The timer in the game if you have unlimited should be paused during the story and when you're exiting/entering a level

Mary Jane Humphrey


marie swiger

I really like it

Dalip Soni

Beautiful amazing game 😻😻

A Google user

Great game 👍

Anna Marie Leopardi

Interesting and Fun

Joanne Darling

Great game ,but the ads take up time ,I've just counted one ap to take 15 secs ,lose the ads n I will give a full 5 star ,til then I can only give 3 stars ,.

Elif Karaatay

No fun because the forced adds are way too many. You should have give us the option to have adds without forcing us by pop up 15 or 20 sec adds.

Amber Mac Craig

I explain why ppl should be wary of installing. They offer you a big rewardat the end of each "case" you solve, you get your pick of ten prizes (rewards) if you collect enough stars while playing, which you can also achieve by watching videos. The first case i solved i received my rewards but since then i have not. I have watched videos and played well to earn these rewards and, even thougj they offer it to me the whole time, after i solve the case i get nothing. Very frustrated subscriber!

Barbara Estep


Emilia Borzęda

I'm having problems opening this game ... once it's installed it says 'failing to log in? Don't understand why is that happening? Please explain

Garrett Miller

Fun and interesting

Experience Daphoenix


Audrey Leonard

Too many ads

Lois Drysdalei

Good game

Stephanie Hall


Susanna Jenkins

I 💕 it

Kareen Tucci

Good game not too many ads yet.

Jana Hudson

Fun, frustrating

Monique Evans

It's not a bad game for solitary

Jot Chahal

Very boring plzzz don't waste your time

LaWanda D

Awesome game

Jerry Calvert

Interesting game

Melvin carter

Very interesting and a fun game to play good work developing this game I love it

Alberta Lloyd


Mike White

Great game to play

Megan Buchanan

Fun way to kill time.

Brenda Rose

I like it

Jamie Noyes

Game is entertaining!!!

Jessica Meyers

Too many ads. 2 ads before next game can be played. Fix and game could be 5 stars. Frustrating with all the ads

Michael Claffy

OK so far. Ads are tolerable.

Kimmie Shaulis

Love it.

Shauna Fyan

Great game

Lorraine Lowe


Lisa Storback

Great game, but the cat says it needs to be fed. There seems to be no way to feed it. I've tapped on it and i get coins which are great, but still have not found a way to feed it. I keep getting messages saying "why won't you feed me".

Gooy Hungu

Real fun

Julie Owen

Love this game !

Hasmukh Deaf Metaliya

Hasmukh Metaliya

Marcy McLean

Interesting and fun

Rebecca Mcalister

Love the game

Chrissy Peterson


Christina Lowigus

Way to many the game in the beginning but watching 3 adds every time there is a change is to much...

Donna Sumter

I love being a spy or a detective.

Laura Brown

So far so good relaxing game and fun

Rodney Payne

Like it

linda seger


Serena Cottrell

Excellent game

Phyllis Brownfield

So far good but we will see

Neil Mahoney

Subscription to remove the ads and not cheap a month either. Plus advert after advert , even watch one ad fast forward go onto the level map and straight away another advert . All in all a game that forces you to pay to remove ads,I wouldn't mind if like the start you got one every three levels but soon changes to two a level , deletion incoming solved three crimes and i cant put up with it anymore..

Rico Devereaux

I had to uninstall your game immediately because it was annoying the heck out of me! I don't need a commentary on every move I make nor do I need you to tell me how to play the game like six levels into the game. You guys got to correct this you'll get more people. I spend a lot of money on these games and I would never spend money on this game because I couldn't even get past level four without it annoying the heck out of me. Some games provide a means to turn off the tutorials and the extras.

Evelyn Rivera

It's fun 😁

Minnie Spinney

Best of the best. Super Graphics 🥳🥳lots of fun.💫⭐2 more stars.

Renee Moody

Just like this game

Sabrina Steele

Its a great game it keeps you interested in it

Bold Queen

Paid for no adds yet they're still showing me ads? I want a full refund and will contact my bank to start the fraud process now

Detondra Cooper


chris polanco

Takes too long to load and also freezes a lot. Have got to a level where it will not even load, a shame because enjoying the game, will have to uninstall if it won't let me play. This game has got even slower and takes too long to load on everything and sometimesit ignores what you press, getting very frustrated now and tempted to unload. What is wrong with it. *Has this game finished as reached level 2000 and nothing, no message saying game over or anything!!!!*

Diane Brooks

Fun and addicting

Katrina Evans

In the past I was bored and not challenged by old original solitaire. Early this year, i played and I got hooked on solitaire tri peaks. Just this week, I decided to try solitaire mystery card game. Now, there are two new "guilty pleasures" in my life. I enjoy playing the game.

Josie Davis


Clayton Schulke


Dario Boschini

Proppa publicity

Luna Raine

Good story so far. Thank you.

Jesus M Perez

Solving mystery is cool


I love it and I'm fast on scene.7,23,2022

Wesley McIntosh

Nice combo - Solitaire And Clue


This is a fun, quick game! I like that you only watch ads once in awhile!

Shayne Gilbert

Very fun and exciting game to play

Lanita Howard

Fun game