Solitaire Klondike classic.

Author: Maple Media

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Solitaire Klondike classic. – Enjoy the most authentic classic solitaire on Android.

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File size: 47M
Update time: August 25, 2021
Current version: 2.3.2.RC
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Maple Media
Price: Free
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Customer review

Susan Gilman

It seems that when I went onto Samsung, the Klondike solitaire which I've played for yrs is so slow. To push a card it takes several seconds. It's just too frustrating to play anymore.

Mary Evans

I enjoy playing Solitaire Klondike. Just a small problem, there is a slight delay, with moving the cards . This is a timed game, so having a delay, ,it messes up the play. This game still needs a lot of work.

Mary Seegulam

Encouraging to spend time exercising my mind. Very good to work my intelligence.

Jerry Ripley


Linda Scammon

I love this game! It's really addictive!

Avril Herdman

I've played Klondike using patience cards since I was old enough to handle a pack of small cards. I choose the. Traditional pack as that's my favourite from childhood. Iwas an only child. ( though my parents gad hoped for more children . I was taught many games that could be played by a single person. I will continue to enjoy Klondike in its traditional form. .................................................................. .

Frances Weir

I am 79 years old and l still enjoy Klondike classic Soliataire because it helps me with my thinking process. I love the challange of a mixed Klondike because some are easy, and some are very challanging. When l lose a game, l always try again to improve. Over the last two years when we were isolated and l live alone, Klondike kept me sane. Thank you for offering me this Gift.

tj Porter


Polly Coles

I still miss my Solitaire Magic which disappeared a couple of weeks ago. This version is pretty good, but the ads between games sometimes stick and I have to exit out of the game totally to play again. EDIT: The ads still stick, and it is really annoying. 4/11/22

Abby B

Good solitaire game with some ads.

Margaret Baker

The control buttons cannot be moved out of the way so you can play cards that are within the bar. This is very frustrating.

Robert Crook

To many adds

Brother Michael M.I.C.

Unfortunately, it's an ad machine. Used to be one of the few that allows random deal instead of continuous stacked decks. Recently though, I have to endure 30 second Blairing loud ads for who knows what between games. And like malware, close it if you will, it keeps opening up because that millionth of a penny that they get is more important to them than the customer. Just another fly by night business infected by the "customer is the problem" syndrome. Now waaay unbearable.

Brian Mullens

Great relaxing game

Sibyl Cochran

I play it each night before bed matter what. It's part of my day now. Keeps my brain going until sleep. At 80+ you need things like this!

Betha Pierson

STOP putting ads over the play buttons!!!!!

Jeanette Davis

Easy to play.....mentally challenging.........good Alzheimer's prevention.

Harishankar Malvi

I don't want this app

cheryl dejesus

Cards move slow and you need to tap them several times to move them.

Aeniah Frost

Minimal ads. Simple game play.

c Potofgold

I love it

Dean Smith

Excellent game

Greta lehoski

I Love to play solitaire.

Teresa kliss-janas

It appears random like solitaire was intended, not pre stacked to win.

A Google user

It is a good challenge on the daily challenge the only thing I don't like about it is that some times it wants to play with in it's self.

Brett Munson

Uninspired design, poor animations. Uninstalled.

Regis Orth

I have tried many solitaire games and this a true game of Solitaire. Thanks for a great and fun product.

Carolyn Davis

Klondike is a brain teaser. Cant stop trying to get to a solution.

Ellen J. Waldron



Too many ads that block the controls

Vivian Schaefer

its challenging

Maureen Coyne

Good cards nice game

Steve Jack

It's exciting because try as you may you cannot keep a hundred percent winning streak

Donald Smith

Game is fun if you ignore all the ads.


Simple and Classic!! Would appreciate more card back options though.

Jennifer Dyoss

i would like to back to the days i hacent done but cant seem to do this !

Terry Foster

Love this game but way too many ads

Robert Calkins

Fun,challenge ,too slow to gather up,serious about this

Daryl Bryarly

Relaxing and brain twisting.

William Lux

Love playing its a challge


Love this game cards are easy to see

Mario Walsh

Brilliant for the brain

Carol Gielen

I love this solitaire game it is fun and I enjoy it alot .it is a nice and easy game to play. It is amazing and I like it I would recommend it to Friends and family

Sean Stephens

I like the challenge

robert gay

Klondike solitair helps relieving stresses of every day problems besides being very entertaining. Enjoy emensly.

Ted Turner

Good without updating.

John R.

Great game love it. J.R.

Susie B. Case

3 years and I keep coming back to this game! It's simply a great game, the controls are easy to maneuver and if I leave and come back it's right where I left off! Love it.

Rose Flaig

Easy to use for quick game and diversion for stress

Greta Reese

I really like the idea that you can get a lot of it.

Dianne Neal

Play it all

feisty one

Well, that was fast, won 2 of first 5 games playing offlne, not gonna cut it, absolute uninstall. I play for fun, not the need for a "challenge", what we like to call it, isn't it.

Bill Drinkwater

Keeps things interesting.

Andrew Doyle

Wishing for the original PC Solitaire!

David Waite

To much adds and lag time

Richard Urbanik

I enjoy Klondike alot. I play it alot.

Safiya Bhayat

Good game but the autocomplete option takes way too long. That needs to be reduced but overall a really nice game. Edit: please make the autocomplete option faster! It robs a person of the vital few seconds to make a new high score.

gilles rondeau

Thank you very much

Jenny Baker

Daily challenge not working anymore

Chuck Vant

Daily Challenge ls Broken! I've played this game for years and now the Daily Challenge Menu is grayed out and if clicked, it locks up the app. PLEASE FIX!

Donna Peters

Fast moving and works the brain.

MaryEllen Wallace

very challenging as other solataire games

Dolly Scharneck

I enjoy the solitaire klondike but your ads is too much. Please remove ads from the game

Yuda Gilang

Ok siip

Peter Maslin

Yeah pretty good.

Naty Alejo


Linda Glasgow

This is a great game very relaxing.

Frederic Bishop

My favorite by far, best play experience

A Google user

I enjoy this game very much! Still enjoying it!!

Shar DeMont

I got all the way to level 250 ! Pandemic made me do it LOL

Joan Christopher

Lots of fun. Easy to play.

shirley wamsteeker

I love playing this game

Renahbe Gulane

Love this game

Cedric Toombs

Fun game to pass the time

Vernon McFadden

Great way to past time during this pandemic while staying safe.

Ted Andrews

Your deal times slow you down wIting for the cards to retourn to the deck you loose time on the clock for that. And you card movment is to slow..

Maverick Martin

"Way too many" advertizements

Lorelle Bailey

I like it very much

Nancy Yurcak


A Google user


A Google user

The great solitaire version I remember my dad playing! It has a purpose, scoring, not just endless card turning.

A Google user

Love playing daily game.

A Google user

Love the game

A Google user

A great way to kill time with an old favorite that everybody knows.

A Google user

It is very challenging and the game relax your mind

A Google user

انه لعبه لتقشعر لها الابدان

A Google user


A Google user

Great game and lots of fun, I enjoy it a lot.

A Google user

Miss the international ranking of Crystal squid solitaire.

A Google user

Great game for timepass. Enjoy every moment.

A Google user

Very good some uprising mooves

A Google user

Daily challenge every morning...good fun

A Google user


A Google user

Very relaxing to play at night or in car during the day.

A Google user

good. Lovesitting relaxing for ten minutes btn jobs. I would like to add now that I am self-isolating I take a break from household jobs. I need this break.

A Google user

I love playing the game olive it.

A Google user

I usually enjoy playing some games av,able on my cell phone. At times it is frustrating..

A Google user

Great game..

A Google user

I enjoy it!

A Google user

Good for me to keep the brain active and entertaining