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Author: BFK Games

5K+ install


Solitaire House is more than just a classic solitaire card game, here you can decorate home and renovate rooms!

Train your brain solving tripeaks card puzzles, in Solitaire House you’ll find tons of interesting levels. And you don’t even need internet to enjoy our game, you can play it offline!

Follow the solitaire story and help characters to makeover their houses. Show off your design skills, renovate and decorate old manors, create your own style!

Pass challenging levels, choose interior items that suit your style to design the home of your dreams! Unlock new rooms to try different styles and sharpen your designer skills.

Hundreds of thousands people play classic pyramid, tripeaks or klondike solitaire spider games, become a part of this community.

Solitaire House is a really addictive design & classic card game and a perfect time killer. Use different strategies to complete levels more effectively and get more rewards and bonuses.

Our game combines classic theme solitaire and home design.
Fun and addictive gameplay.
Solve solitaire tripeaks puzzles, renovate and decorate manor.
Beautiful graphics.
Different locations with tons of interesting and challenging levels.
Use powerful boosters to pass through levels faster.
Tons of rewards and bonuses.

If you want to boost up your pyramid, tripeaks or klondike solitaire spider game experience, our decor card game is definitely your choice.

Play our game to enjoy fun and relaxing gameplay with hundreds of challenging levels. Unlock various rooms with wide choice of interior items to create home design of your dreams!

If you like classic theme solitaire puzzles, then you will love this one. Don’t miss your chance to try probably one of the most engaging home interior decor card game.

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Update time: Jul 1, 2022
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Developer: BFK Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Jackie Schultz

Gr8 game

Kittikat Takesabreak

Three stars for the variety. Other than that, this game is tedious. The characters talk too much and nothing in their dialogues has anything to do with anything in the game. There's no storyline in the game to justify the need for the characters' endless and senseless dialogues, especially when they're not really talking about anything important or relevant to the game. Uninstalling to save what's left of my nerves

Charity Bescoe


Ginger Taysom

It's a really fun game 🎮 to play

Sherri Anderson

Enjoyable and relaxing

Angela Walsinger

I really liked the game but they dont give a lot of cards to get past level and always paying to get paat level. Ill play something else

Janee Webster

Super fun to play great graphics very easy to play i really enjoy solitare and decorating games now i found both in one

Lori Bronaugh

It's challenging but fun

Karen Sewell

Good game

Lucinda Landino

Great game love the game but they don't give you enough cards to clear the levels

Gina McGinty


Ethel Lewis

Love it

Denise Ann Hunt

Love it


It's an okay solitaire game, it's simple for the most part with mild difficulty. However it has long dialogue, as well as besides just the decorating and solitaire aspect there isn't much to it that personally held my attention especially with the majority of the dialogue (and normally I REALLY like dialogue!). For a decorating game it's good for what it is, but at the end of the day it's just decorating with solitaire.

donna mitchell

Game is not letting you get passed even after level 5. You get only 1000 gems to help. And each help is over 1000. Ridiculous, they are out for the money only. Not a fun game. Also the people in the game has to talk after every purchase and cannot skip easy. Deleting now. Do not waste your time.

Muriel Wilson

Oh yeah....happy and easy and fast. And the game practically MAKES you win. Started cause I wanted to do the design thing but having too much with the solitaire!

Marcia Poole

Nice game moves fast I like that good game

Jennifer Hayes

I like the game very much. But it keeps kicking me off the game.

Carmen Christians

Hi good game and stories with each client....becomes tough at times

Tierene' Inuolaji

I started out really liking the game. Early on (level 7) it began getting really hard to pass until you use most/all of the gems they give you at the beginning or your power ups and as you continue it just gets harder from there until it's impassable. The designs for the game are great and designing in different settings and for different people was great but I'm going to uninstall now. It's a waste of time to spend days playing the same level and not passing no matter what you do or use.

Gayle Grenfell

Loving it so far

RoseMary Salzman

Super game! Moves along nicely. Well done!

Joseph Candice Pridemore

I love this game

Dina Murry

Relaxing game

Andrea Foraker

Love this game

Chrystal Miller

Awesome game except one issue... There is ENTIRELY TO MUCH DIALOGUE. You get a novel read to you after you buy anything. I've missed so much story because I get frustrated and skip through. It would be great if you could tone that down. Other than that, it's a great game!

Elayne Fulcher

This was a very promising game, but level 54 is not passable. I have used numerous power ups and still stuck on it for days. I don't mind a hard level now & then, but to put an impossible one so early in the game? Not cool. Uninstalling now.

Donna Reid

Fun game and easy to play

Michelle Price Miller

It was fun. But you made it so infuriating and difficult to pass levels it is no longer relaxing. Uninstalled

Patti Adams

Very good remodeling game. Fun to play.

Kenneth Frers

Best decorating game ever

rebecca chick

Very good game and enjoyable experience

Wanda Smith

I like this game

Deborah Tobin

Nice game to play.

Laura Colwell

So far I love this gSme

Sarah Grangeaud

Fun but I have to close the game because it freezes going to uninstall it

Penelope Kefalas

Pretty good game. I just started the game and I haven't stopped playing it yet. It's addictive and a very interesting storyline and you get to decorate homes.

Tania Holl

Only 1 area to renovate ? Were is rest of game.

Sharon Marsh


Adelaida Pico

It's a stupid

Ruth Shapiro

Love this game

natalie bryant

This is a fun game it makes you think and evaluate how to make it work and it's my relaxing and congratulating it's it's really nice I love this game thank you 😊

Shirley Austin

This Solitaire House and is an awesome gameIm glad you invented more games.please keep it up.ty

wendy wiley

So far so good

susan dietrich

Solitaire House, This game is fantastic and I love it

Sierra Shaw

Fun yet challenging

Jacquetta Nash

Challenging and fun

Gwendolyn McKnight

Ok Rjnya1

Cute game, nice graphics

Robin Randall

This game is so different than the other home makeover design games. I love it!!!! Pairing solitaire with home design.....brilliant!

Bernadette Ross

So far I really like this game. The actual card games are challenging but not too ridiculous. The art work is really nice. So for now 4 stars. Let's just pray that it continues to get better

Bernice Tollikko

So far it's great

Donna Wadlow

Not really sure yet

Bambi Olschager

Got to level 7 could not pass. Used all but 100 of my diamonds and I refuse to pay real money to play a game. Guess the developers are in it for the money.

Tashja J

Fun twist to regular solitaire or blocks games usually associated with decor games.

Becky Zopp

Love the game so far!

Julie Turley

You will reach a point early in the game where it's impossible to win. Not enjoyable...don't do it

Lemau Nguyen

Cause this game the best game ever played

Rosie Allen

it is agood gameto play

Nicole Meir

Very good

Loretta Geiser

.. Like and Love This Cute Game 🎮 .. .. Like and Love The Music 🎶 🎵 Too.. .. No Problem With This Cute Game .. .. Great 👍 👌 Job Guys 👨 ..

J karms P

I myself like the game I love that the ads I have not come across yet but I am only on level 6 Still that is great compared to other games I have played. The story line has humor

Kathy Roy

I just love this game best solitary game I played

Jon Pederson

I bought coins and recieved then 10 minutes latwr my entire balance was wiped to 0. They refuse to respond to it or make it right. Its bs

Viola Wilkerson

I love this game it is so fun.

Debral Stanley

Love it 😀 😍 ❤️

Marissa Romine

Started playing the game, and within 1 hour of playing, I was greeted with a 'new levels coming soon' when I hit the play button. I am only on level 21, and from the reviews I can tell that people have done higher levels. I have a hard cap on the levels that I can play, and there is nothing that denotes that it is timed, it was coming up. Refreshing the game, exiting the pop up, etc does not work.

Samantha Worth

Relaxing game

LaRaebwb Lol

Was great at first but after you make it past the intro the game is almost impossible to win without the help of the gems that you mostly have to purchase.

Carol Render

First time playing games. I will be better informed after I play more games. I am developing my cognitive skills at a rapid pace.

Jeanette Sharpston

So good

Sarah Darconte


Lisa Terkelson

It's a fun past time

Mistry Aarzoo

Very nice game

Jean O'Dett

You just want money. Forget it i dont have money to put on games. So bye

tanya dennis

Yes I Do like this game

Kathy Kuzas

Love the game but waaaay too much dialogue!

Dave Paterniti

Great game love it I can't stop

Wendy Swanston

So much fun

Jean Cottell


Mary Watkins


Mary Deppen

Having fun especially decorating love the choices

betty mccaulley

I'm new to this game so far good

Judy Hill

Love solitaire!!

Susan Robinson

Good day

Patricia Keane

Like solitaire plus decorating

Ezza Bella

It was really good at first. The design options are pretty nice and the solitaire was challenging but possible to win. I've been stuck on level 69 for 4 days now and I play consistently every single day. It's impossible when you don't get the right cards. Diamonds aren't given often enough to be able to afford power ups and things. I understand you need some way to make money but this isn't it.

Roselle Egan


lorena stalkfleet

Love solitaire and I love decorating

Sandra Cartlidge

Nice game, fun to play.

Barbara Roos

very enjoyable

Heather M

Good but some improvements needed. The dialogue between the characters after every item purchase is excessive and no option to skip all.

sherri costigan

I just started playing and so far I like it alot so I can start by giving it 4 stars if it gets bad then I will change it if it gets better I'll give it a 5

Tracy Worlding

Great game

Sharon Sharmar Sharmar

Havent really started yet, lets see where it goes from here...I will get back

Patty Thompson

I really like this game alot very relaxing not stressful I hope it stays that way how do you save your progress just wondering I am a beta tester for many years of many different games I know what I like this is very good Patty if it starts getting stressful I will let you know

Sherry Taylor

Just Found This Amazing Game Love The Decorating Options So Many To Choose From Solitaire Is So Relaxing And The Storyline Is Fantastic Having So Much Fun Have A Great Weekend

Khadija Nadat

Love the game but add a tab with a gift for decorating, make decorating with stars, add pets to story, add notifications and cloud saving. Also give gems from card left over so you can use them as the game gets hard and add daily challenges

Teresa Hancock

Very enjoyable and fun to play 🙂

Valerie Jones

Fun and good in stuff you work with!!!! Love it-