Solitaire: Fishing Go!

Author: ME2ZEN Limited

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🐠Solitaire: Fishing Go! Klondike Card Game is a FREE & FUN new solitaire game with a marvelous fish theme. Enjoy solitaire games, collect dozens of cute ocean fish, decorate unique aquariums and win massive rewards in your Klondike Ocean Tour! Train your brain & become the ultimate Klondike Solitaire master!

Discover more than 60 ocean fish (Clownfish, Yellow Tang, Pufferfish, Clown Triggerfish, Arabian Angelfish, Sailfish, Pirate Captain, Fairy fish, etc) by completing solitaire games! Your Klondike Ocean Tour begins here! Win solitaire deals to complete the jigsaw puzzle for more ocean creatures!


== Classic Solitaire Games ==
• Draw 1 Card
• Draw 3 Cards
• All Winning Deals
• Unlimited Free Undos
• Unlimited Free Hints
• Left-handed Solitaire Mode
• Magic Wand
• No Moves Alert
• Customizable Card Faces, Backs & Animation
• Auto-Complete Option to win solved Klondike Games

== Beautiful Fish-Theme Solitaire ==
A Classic Klondike card game with beautiful ocean theme & stunning graphics! Collect Fish & decorate your aquariums!
• Undersea World – Immerse yourself in the amazing undersea world while playing Klondike!
• Sea Collection – Complete Sea Collection to open reward boxes & win beautiful card backs!
• Decorate Aquariums – Collect fish to unlock different aquariums – Blue Depth, Emerald Reef, Atlantis, Undersea, and Farm.

Download Fishing Go Klondike Solitaire now and explore the mysterious undersea world. Collect cute fish, unlock decorations & aquariums when you complete classic klondike solitaire games. Decorate your dream aquarium with fantastic ocean themes and make the Klondike solitaire aquarium of your choice!

Easy and fun to play, Solitaire: Fishing Go! is the most fun free klondike solitaire card game out there. If you enjoy playing classic klondike solitaire games like spider solitaire, freecell, pyramid solitaire, tiki solitaire or other klondike solitaire card games, try our free solitaire game now and play offline anytime anywhere.

Train your brain, enjoy yourself in this klondike solitaire puzzle game for free & uncover your solitaire story!

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Update time: Aug 11, 2022
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Customer review

Emma Tyler

Very good game


Cute game. Love the graphics and the fishermen LoL

Mark Ortega


Sandra R Mercier

I love this game it's fun and very relaxing 😌 😎 it is a great game Thank you Google 😊

Sandra J Buchman

Great game. Keeps my brain working and at ease

Edward Walker

This one is a lot better than the others. More exciting.

Peggi Pennington

There's no excitement about it. I've played a few levels and it's more a kids match game.

Liz Robinson

Really fun card game get your fish 🐠🐟 you have to get it and try for yourself

debbie Fox

Love this game, great solitaire experience

Beth Storrie

Good game

Ann Zwiebel

The most awesome solitaire game

sheri stone

Very fun game

cindy ordiway

I can't get through my daily task. And it keeps giving me the same cards over and over. So I can't beat it. Very frustrating. Is anyone else having the same problem?

Sandy Todd

I just love my fish aquarium and I love playing the game over and over and over to win the fish and all the decorations for the aquarium. They're like my personal pets I love it

Marvin Loy

Very Entertaining!

Rachel Grimshaw-Browne

I have just started playing this game within the 2 weeks, & have been enjoying myself.

Bob Good

Cynthia Hengst

It is very fun, actually!👍

Anne Troughear


Linda Faulx

Love it

patricia stephenson

Super fun

Stacey-ann nicole Sharpe-henry

Love the idea of going fishing.

Daniel Klamert

Wonderful. This is by far the best solitaire game I have ever played. Thank you so much. I love it!

John Galieto

Fun gane

Peter Melson

Great game to pass the time

Lorie Sylstra

I love this game. I've downloaded 7 different games of solitaire and I play them totally addicted!🥴

Timothy Keenan

Fun game, I havevwon my first 25 games it is a good game

Joann Koble


Lori Frey


Toni Hurt

Fun good

Linda Mcwhorter

It's a great way to pass the day*I

Cynthia Pal

I really enjoy playing this game,but I don't know how to get money from playing it.

Jodi Brandl

This is such a cute game, I love it! It has quite a few different ways to play to make your daily tasks!

Susan Holdridge

I love getting the new fish for my pond

Riyadhyadh Aldiwani



Fun game . You earn tokens . You can buy items for your fish aquarium like food, different fish, little statue items your fish can swim in out .

noah davis

Love this game thank you

Charles Mansur


Donna Hageman

Like it

Anna Dobritt

Good game so far

Raymond Smith

It's very different very colorful and fun not boring at all try it you will see

Tahanna Adkins

Cute game especially if you love fish

Mark Gunder

Pretty good game, it even has fishies swimming about.

Rica Rira

Love it but trying to keep it on the comp.

Judy Mullett


patricia Barnes

So far enjoyable good ideas for getting fish but takes a few games to get enough coins maybe I'm just a tad impatient

Gerry Taylor


Tiffany Harper


Lee Higby

The funnest of all! I play it daily, bc i am crippled and cannot do very many things at all

Lindsay York

Fantastic solitaire game

M. Foster

So fun to play!!

Laurie Palumbo


Bridget Keller

I love the sound effects.

Peter Nightingale

So far so good,

Liza Oberholzer

The icon for ads doesn't work.

Margaret Hubbard

It's one of those games you can't stop playing

Jacqueline Amdal

Free fun

Patricia Nelson

It fun and relaxing

Barbara Bennett

It would not allow me to install and I have told y'all this several times I'm not sure what's going on but please help me get this in order thank you

Helen Ackers

Really good game for children and adults alike x

Aileen Heil

So cute

Amy L. Chadwick

Fun to play. Relaxing.

Wayne Baer

I like this game but I wish it didn't have as many commercials adds but but it's good real good when you can't do anything for 24 years when you disabled Thanks for making the game for people like me

Tammy Ketterman

Well the game was going good but it refuses to let you go fishing and catch a new fish so I'm done

Net Myersniesen

Excellent gameplay

Jazz Lowery

It is a lot of fun!!!!

Barbara Bruns

Love this game

Linda DeNeene

A fast fun game!

Dimple Simon


Sharon James


Catherine Baran

Trying to download the game keeps going off and on please fix this issue thankyou

Cathie Johnson


Jerode Ramsey

Great game for you and your family

Darwin Croff

Awesome and fun

Patricia Engel

Solid solitaire app, way too many ads.

Steven Reeves

Fun and enjoyable to play

A Google user

Love this so far can't stop playing

Barbara Ryder


Jim Byrd

Great game

Kathleen Levine

I like catching the fish best.

Ron Bernardini

Great game!

Rissi Givas

Great game

Carol Wittmuss

So far so good not over berring ads

Julie Musil


Jean Fitzpatrick

Lovely little game

Reba Miller

Great 👍

Karla Quattlebaum

Love it 😙

Ronald Middleton

Have been a fisherman all my life

Wanda Chambers

Love the games

Toni Mingsthompson

have fun


I find the game alot of fun and engaging.😊👍

Jo Leastman

It's a great solitaire game and getting the fish is not only cute it brings color to the game. So far so good.


This is very relaxing and your mind is right on it to make sure you are in the right place for it.

Phil Johnson


Yvonne Satterfield

Too many ads and the music is just too loud.

Sandy Robinson

It fun

Deborah Conners


Cindy Rock

Love 💘

Linda McCosh


George De Vita