Solitaire Dragons

Author: Polar Bear Studio

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Solitaire Dragons is a fantastic solitaire card game for you with a marvelous Dragon theme. Based on the solitaire card games, it is true to the spirit of the classic solitaire game (also known as Patience or Klondike) and it will help you to train your brain.

Solitaire Dragons will take you to the magical world of the medieval island. You could play with the witch to go on adventures and encounter various kinds of dragons in the world of sword and magic. What’s more, you could create your paradise by collecting dozens of dragons there, for instance, torridity, foliage, aster, lava dragon, obsidian dragon, etc. It is not merely a solitaire game that makes your brain smart and active, however also a challenge for you to know more about the dragon and get along well with them in the game. Come with the witch and try the FREE solitaire game NOW!

Based on the classic solitaire game (also known as Patience or Klondike), we’ve added a CREATIVE dragon world with different Medieval Creatures for you.

Whenever you get a new dragon egg, you don’t know what the dragon inside is. Let the witch use magic to speed up hatching. Get more kinds of dragons from dragon eggs!

Put your hatched dragons into the Dragon Island and let them grow up naturally, they will provide you with magic to purify the lifeless habitat, so you can decorate the Dragon Island more beautifully!

Together with Daily Challenges, there are over tens of thousands of classic solitaire challenges for you to play anytime and anywhere!

If you enjoy playing Patience or Klondike solitaire games, it is inevitably a GREAT classic solitaire games for you on mobile devices! You can train your brain and share it with your friends and family members! If you also like dragons, don’t hesitate to download and play this classic solitaire game NOW!

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Update time: May 24, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Polar Bear Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review

Jimmy Paquette

Good but to many comersales lol

Debbie Wolfe

Fun game to play. Really enjoy solitaire.

Lisa Davis

It is fun

Karmen Cook


Candace Tschakert

Why is there No option to get rid of ads??? Your ads are beyond annoying! They pop up constantly!! Driving me insane to the point of deleting!! What's hilarious is the game company has pre texted comments on the reviews no matter if its a good or bad one! Shady company!!

Thomas standingwater

I continually block the notifications from this game, however I am continually receiving notifications from this game. I will have to delete this game if the notifications continue. This game does not work correctly.

Maria Ruiz

Nice like it

Dawn Thurmond

So far so good

TonyaD Miller

Fun game to help you relax.

Ana Mercado


Chantilly Ortiz


Jackie Hendricks

At 1st I gave you a 5 star I Really really like this game but when you stopped letting me watch ads to hatch the eggs faster it Irks me so Much that Only giving you a 3 star now you suck

Clare Gatenby

Relaxing fun

Ahnjelica Jones

Super fun

Mark Stanford

It's perfect

Pauline Ward

It's not bad, get rid of a few more ads and it would be great.

Miranda Krsnik

So many ads. Takes it away from a good game. Will uninstall. Absolutely awful.

Andhi indra

Bagus...and nyantai...

Pam murdaugh

I like solitaire.

Rachel Pillai

Not enjoying all the interruptions.

Sandi Adams

Ads said there would be ad-free game play. That's not true. Still a fun game!

Carleen Williams

Good for kids

Teresa Moossy

Pretty fun

Linda Hansen


Sandy Dolan

Cool 😎 game

Elizabeth Morrison


Robin Hood

The ads to get you to play do not reflect the game. Just started playing and I am waiting for more excitement. Hopefully it will get better soon.

Evelyn Jonas

I am enjoying the game, very much

Sarah Odine

It's cute but if you watch too many ads to get dragons, then you will lose more games. I was playing a game and the after game multiplier dropped from 4 to 3 after I tapped it. Also, once you get close to getting the second puzzle done suddenly you stop getting puzzle pieces and lose even more games so you don't get the puzzle done. I have 6 more pieces to get in two days.

Angie Whalen

Like the game, just wish I could earn more coins, & not run out of them so fast.

Ericka Mitchell


Rita Lafreniere


Candy Dial

Lots of adds but dun

Helen Couture Shinaway

Cool game

Paula Mensing

A fun little twist to solitaire

Susan Wood

It's OK as solitaire games go, but the dragons don't do anything in their habitat once you buy them. There needs to be more bells and whistles and FEWER ads!!!

Michelle Honeycutt

Fun and easy card game.

Kara Doom

Fun but seems to crash at ads even when internet connection is excellent.

Jenny Marchetti-Torkelson

Super fun!

donna kay

This is a game you can continue to do without getting stumped permanently

Grace Smith

Something is missing

Jimmie Somers

Good game but to many annoying ads can't realy get going every time ads pop up also i like to listing to music an it keeps shuting it off goog bye

Carmen Rosa


Donald Woods


Lydia Hicks

I love it so far

V Jones

Fun to play but hard to earn coins unless you buy them

Dennis Clark

Not the game the ad shows

Terri Kashon


sandra scott

It's a great game

Lori Obojski

Fun. Colorful. Old card came with a new twist difference

Nora Fisher

Love this solitaire game

Catherine Shiflet


Susan Boylan

Fun way to play solitaire


A little time filler, got bored quickly.

Debbie Doebley

The game is cute and was hoping it be something my great- nieces and nephews would enjoy but it's so hard to earn a dragon that they will get angry and throw my tablet across the room, I found that it's taking over 8 games to earn 1 piece piece. It's time to delete the game and look for something else for them.

Sharon Andrews

Great game.

Natures water Natures Water Water Water

Okay lang

Susan E

so far very addictive

Mary Pedtke


sue robbins

On level 10, so far so good. Relaxing and cute. I love the little dragons

michelle dulac

Solitaire .... Love it

Cindy Casler

Very enjoyable

Judy W.

Fun to play

Rose Eley

Love it

Deb Curtis

It's a lot of fun and I 💘 love dragons

Ann Vandehei

A little more challenging would be good

Timothy Luko

Pretty good so far.

JoMarie Adams

It is challengeing and fun. Can't wait for my next dragon.

Joyce Rice

It's just a cute game

Nancy Knowles

Fun time killer

Toby Bayer

Fun. Typical solitaire. Cute dragons

Mary Montanino

Want to continue just to see more cute dragons i can get and watch them play.

Anette Tomilson

Love this GAME

Donna Clouser

I love dragons

Aubrey Bailey

Need instructions how it works

Rob Crozier

First there was fish now there dragons it amazing

Eddy Davis

Loaded for game rewards for another game and I love it. Wish I could name my dragons.

Kristen Spiegel

Was fun, but the constant ads made it completely unplayable. You spend more time watching ads instead of playing the game. Uninstalled and purposely avoiding every stupid game that was shoved in my face while I was trying to play.

Kathy Hockey

I like it

Candy Girten

Its fun snd adictive

Katie Anne

What's not to like about something that combines solitaire and dragons

jonathan bynum


Jerome Jones

It's a ok game

Brittany Hill

Its pretty fun..

Marsha Bergeron

Colorful, easy, not complicated! Stays fun, none competitive. Just Fun...

Glynis Longbottom

Great fun just started cant put it down

Ttyki Kat

This would be a great game if there wasn't ads after every level. Uninstalled it within 1/2 an hour only because of the ads.

Ashley Wheeler

I really like it is fun game

Lori Patrick

Love it

Brandi Litherland

I would give this game a half a star if I could. The dragons are nice but the fact you have to use coins to get each one of them is stupid. Once you complete a game you should just get one, or maybe get through 2 or 3 games and get one free. The spinning wheel spins incorrectly and it spins in a way that makes it impossible to win anything good. It does a half spin and stops instantly, it barely completes a full spin and stops instantly. It had alot of issues. I'm not sure I will keep the game.

Joshua Farkas

It's ok

Dawn Braun

The game is kinda cute. Takes forever to level up to unlock dragons and the ads are ridiculous.

Peggy Mcclendon

Like it

Traci Ledger

It's fun

calyco thomas

Update: Been playing this game for a couple weeks, was enjoying it, but today it is glitching badly!!!? While playing, if I try to claim any bonus points, whether the spinning wheel or the hot air balloon that drifts through the game, I get kicked out completely from the game?!?! Not only do I lose said points but my game restarts!? Might need to uninstall, what a shame, I was enjoying it.

Snickle Worm

I initially liked this game, but I don't now. I figured out that unless you spend actual real money to buy coins, it is going to take you so crazy long to rack up enough money to buy the extra stuff you want. And I mean a LOOOONG time. The solitaire part of the game is okay, but the rest of the stuff is kind of pointless unless you're going to spend real money for coins. And I don't spend real money on free games. 👎

Mary Cox

The adds freeze my game but I still enjoy it

Rebecca Howden

So far so good. I don't like the ads, but most games have them.

Patti Despres

Just started playing, will reassess at a later time.

Charity Bescoe