Solitaire Cruise Game: Classic Tripeaks Card Games


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Take a Solitaire Cruise and enjoy your classic solitaire card games free! Train your brain & patience with classic solitaire tripeaks journey!

Bored of your gray, mundane everyday life? Tired of your tedious, routine job? Need a break after a hard day’s work?

Experience the thrill of a sea voyage: solve solitaire puzzle and discover colorful locations all over the world. Beautiful modern architecture, historical sites and natural landscapes await you. Relax with a free card game that’s more interesting and challenging than Three Towers and Tri Peaks solitaire. Its clean cards and polished design let you immerse yourself in this addictive game full of fun, excitement and new experiences. Train your brain and logic with thousands of unique levels and enjoy your solitaire tripeaks journey on a first-class cruise liner.

Say goodbye to boredom and misery. Enjoy a rich life and a world of entertainment from your mobile device. Have a refreshing cocktail and check out what Solitaire Cruise Game: Classic Tripeaks Card Games has to offer:

✅ Play challenging Solitaire games, Dice Tournaments and numerous events.
✅ Visit all 25 magnificent venues, including glitzy Las Vegas, majestic Paris, alluring Nassau, romantic Venice, stunning Dubai and other spectacular locations.
✅ Enjoy striking graphics and admire stunning views of modern cities, historical locations and natural landscapes.
✅ Discover the classic solitaire game from a new angle thanks to a huge number of bonuses and mechanics.
✅ Collect stars, spin the Wheel of Fortune, hunt down the Jackpot and win HUGE prizes.
✅ Build up your reward and multiply it risk-free.
✅ Place bets and win even more!

You can play card games free offline or online without ads – no Wi-Fi and no internet connection required. Age doesn’t matter – the only thing that’s important is your desire to succeed and the lure of a better life. Still weighing up the options? Thousands of people around the world have already made their choice.

Solitaire Cruise Game: Classic Tripeaks Card Games – a stylish free solitaire card game, premium travel and extravagant leisure for true connoisseurs. Download it now to embark upon your amazing personal adventure!

Detailed info

File size: 177M
Update time: August 23, 2021
Current version: 2.8.2
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: BELKA GAMES
Price: Free
1 votes

Customer review

Sheila Ortiz

This game is addicting

Reginald Davis

It was a wonderful experience playing solitary trivial

Patricia Schmidt-Lewis

Entertaining and able to keep this ADD girl focused!!

Mona Bullock

I am having fun

Aida Pitts

Just learning how to play it yet

Kathy Clevenger


Valerie Baldwin

Fun & get to earn $, too!!!

A Boren

It was fine until the ads started to show up. I uninstalled it once at second gin rummy add stayed on the screen. It wouldn't close and kept sending me back to the Google Play store to install it. 🤷

Tamela Lowery

Engaging & entertaining

Donna Gingerich

I have this game on my kindle, but I like this one better. It pays out more. Then other one doesn't pay out much. And I can't afford to buy anything. So I watch lottsa ads. But, that's ok! ❤️💕❤️ LOVE IT!!

David Sims

I love this game thank you for the opportunity to play.

Devang Dave

Nice and interesting game

Kim Richardson

Love it

Christina Cheek


gerry saldivar

Good game

Jeremiah Sheridan


Kristi Romine

I enjoy this game. On the last (or one of the last) update, they made a couple bad changes. 1) you used to be able to spend 35k coins for an obstacle smasher for 1hr. Now it's 16k PER game. 2) If you lost a level, you didn't keep replaying it until you won. Now you do. Plus, it's 10,500 coins to play 1 level & it takes 3 hrs to get enough to play 1 game. I hope you don't need help because customer service will give you the run around. I'd like to give more stars, but as it is now, I simply can't

Pettie Smith

I used to like this game a lot, until recently when I try to play it will not load or when it does load I still can't play. The game just freezes please fix this game, and not only that the last time I did play I had built up my coins, and when I tried to log in again I only had 400 coins, when originally when I logged out I had 26,350 coins so where did my coins go hopefully you can find out and replace the coins I lost.

Crystal Flores

Well it a fun game as far as rest I'm not sure yet

Jomar Cordovez

This game is the worst game i played. All my coins arw gone i recommend not to download this game im sure you will get mad for this nonsense game😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠

sabir sheikh


Barbara Murray


Kween Hannah

Love it

Hine Holland

This is a great game until you get to ads that are blown up so you can't exit them, you have to close the whole game and go back in just to play again. I am thinking of uninstalling if this issue is not fixed.

2legit 2quit

System app. It came with the phone

Lori Bowers

I just started I just started the game and they're already asking me to go ahead and rate it I guess it's great I started it 2 minutes ago good app

Bonnie Heath

Haven't received any more points for playing this app and has frozed up or faded and stalled since I installed it, so was never given the chance to enjoy playing it. There's enough storage because I was using a new tablet. I uninstalled it so there shouldn't be any more issues. The app was cramp not my new tablet.

Pat Griebenow


Toni Simonsen

Great way to waist time. I ay whole I'm standing in line or in a waiting room.

Yvonne G. Gutierrez

Pretty easy game

Patti Campbell

Great game love playing it

charles haddix


kit kat

Good fun😁

Lynn Keithan

Love this game & I think I am good at it!!!!!

Mavis Amponsah Smith

I loved the game But why are the challenges too difficult? And the price you need to pay to be able to play a level keeps increasing. Calling for additional cards can be even more than the actual price to pay for a level why? Am tired and am unistalling it right away.

Kristy Gibson

I hope this is real money. I don't like fake.

Aashish Yadav


zahra vaghefi


Patsy Pendley

I love solitaire

Willie Sorrell


Akeisha Adams

It's a really nice game but too much ads

Angela Warren

Fun game.

Heather Johnson

Hard to keep playing cuz you run out of coins so easy!

Samsul Haque

Nice game

craxy4chu ¿

The new version not fun anymore all need to pay and ask you to buy more, like the reverse price actually you can buy and get for 2 hours but now only 1 time

shell jay

Love love love this game x

Engy Mokhtar

I love that game so much but it's getting so hard, frustrating, please make it easier, we are facing hard time in life, I don't want to face hard time also in a game

Michelle Remington

I downloaded this app through my Swagbucks says it pays 4000 at world 15 , played it faithfully everyday , until it forced me to update once I updated it , something pops up about saving my progress but it never lets me pick it so basically the game screwed me go figure what a waste of months of time ..terrible app

Kevin Parrino

Well I really don't know how to read it because I want to give more stars I like the game science has kept me occupied for many many hours but I receive 0 yep that's right big goose egg for my reward points that part is very aggravating that you do this through another app because you were supposed to get something and thank God nothing not one bit Oak Point I mean I should be at all the points and it's going to take me forever and a day to write this because damn she keeps stopping on me I have

Leoties Dontez Jordan

Cool game well designed great way to pass the time ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐🌈

Psychopathic Maniac


Faiz Rasool


Astarte Valentine

Seems like it takes forever to level up

Lala Martiznez

Love it

Christine Kendall

Nice relaxing game

Dean Wilfong


mbaadoove Alexander

I'm addicted to it already 😆

Shelly Matthis

This used to be one of my favorite games to play. But they recently took away being able to spend coins for an hour of obstacle sweepers. Spending 16000 coins to use that for one round is a waste and only makes you have to spend your own money to get more coins or deal with obstacles which make you use coins for more cards to beat the level. I have no desire to play without that feature

Shannon Sylvester


Andreas Böhm

Huge amount of unwinnable decks and you'll spending more time watching add ads than playing.

Crystal Sheaks

I love it

C singers Sieracki

Fun. I'm hopked.

Jason Baithavong

If you like playing 1 -3 levels at 50 minutes at a time This game is !!not fir you too. Ads are the normal. Intrusive asf most times (90%) on 1st login you can barley collect the daisy's! Its the exact same as buying a car! That how fun this game is! Except you walk away feeling like al bundy! No satisfaction! Yall with 5 stars!) Must be getting kick backs! .

Robin Leroux

Good 👍

snoop murphy

Loving this ga.e

Katy Emmert


Money Mack

This is not a bad way to pass away time anytime of day

nikki Lai

Hate this game really dislike the design of this game every time u need to pay a certain amount eg a few thousand to play the game and the cards are given to you cannot match at all and you needa pay extra a few thousand to get additional cards. full of Shxt this game. you end at bankrupt. plus this game has so many advertising, and even u watch the ads and get extra carss it wont match . cost more than 10k to finish a single game.

April Kapp

Game was pretty fun until the moment you need coins. God forbid if you do and you choose to watch videos. Go figure when you want to watch the videos for coins it tells you something is wrong. But, the videos work when you don't need coins and don't want to watch the videos. Go figure!! If it gets fixed ill change my review until then im sticking with 2 stars. Sadly, it would have been 5 but, i keep dealing with "something went wrong"

Hassan Farooq

This is a good game

Ariola Karen

Very nice game

Theresa Fouch


China Hinton


Asabea Dewindelyn

Very interesting

Alex Smith

Poor as i seem to be just flipping cards over and i cant hold cards to use in the later part of the level and the 5 extras are useless poor game

Noreen Murphy

I do enjoy this game.

Cynthia Phillips


Karen Buovac

Love it


Love it

Jennifer Hebert

Like playing this game

Laura Cochran

Fun but prices to purchase too high. I still play

Delwin Hill


Howard Brothers

Good game little to many ads

Amanda Stanley

Love playing this game but I guess after the last update it doesn't show the new season. Just keeps saying new levels coming soon.

desiree hoyt


Cristian Dumitru Popov

If I buy extra card packs to be able to finish the game, and the new cards are completely useless and if this happens multiple times in a row it means you are scamming me out of my money and this is the review you get.

Lara Nelms

Seems like fun so far. Just started playing.

michelle whitaker

Cool game

Jhoanna Thomas


Larry Pedder Jr

It's a fun game. Would enjoy it more if it stops kicking me out.

Shelley Colston

Used to love this game. Have been playing for months. With the new updates everything costs more money and the rewards are still the same. 16k coins for a boost, on a level I'm not going to win that many coins on? Seriously? Not to mention I do pay real money sometimes and your prices stayed the same but what I'm getting lowered? I'm going to spend the rest of the coins that I have and then I'm going to stop playing.

Flaurence Hennry

What was up with the same it's I'd be down to reappele moi sescussessesie

Cynthia Adams


Kristin Blaylock

Love this game!!

Latosha Mcknight

Game wouldn't load

April Stephens

Its challenging like it i had to go from 5 stars to 3 stars i try to play and app opens but game freezes up and closes when that guy we collect hearts for show ups. Ok redoing my stars back to 5 cause issue got fixed.

Arlene Maynard

Love 💘 the game

Cheryl Ruggiero

Moves quickly. No frustration, good mind exercise

Chelli Giovannini

Love game play but too many ads one after each game....REALLY

JT Bean

This is a fun game. The lastest update does not install. It freezes up. Almost readt to uninstall it. The ads are taking away the enjoyment. Way to many ads!