Solitaire 3D Fish

Author: Polar Bear Studio

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Solitaire 3D Fish – One of the most popular & best FREE solitaire card games for you.

Detailed info

File size: 69M
Update time: September 10, 2021
Current version: 1.0.30
Require Android: 4.1 and up
Developer: Polar Bear Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review

Les Barna


Mary Massey

Tired of everything rewarded with lottery and unable to choose fish.

Nicole Georgia

relaxing game

Sharon Coleman

when do we get to change cards background's, and other options?

Tabitha Villegas

Wayyyy to many adds

Jamia Span

I already love solitaire but this makes it pretty and fun!!

Sonnya Heinrich

Only problem is that there are too many adds.

Andrew Spiers

It's the best, and makes you have ture happiness 😊

Suzanne (Susie Q)

I really enjoyed playing this until the ads don't work right & I lose my points! Please fix your game.

David Hall

very fun game to play

Tonawonda Anderson

Love it! Very relaxing! A break away from social media.

Timothy Teague

I love this game so much I got addicted to it

Michael Vorhees

too many ads

Michelle Hineson

The game is great but I only downloaded to save the poor dying fish . Only to discover it was an aquarium building game. Change your ad. It's misleading.

Tiffany Brown

love it

brian ellison


Kamikia Walker


Tammy Waters

I just started playing but good relaxing game so far.

Donnamarie Aponte

awesome 👍👍 😎

Bridget Murphy

Fun game fish are so cute

Sally Graham


Rory Doell

cool but I don't like the hints


it's fun game to play it keeps my mind off the dog that just pasted away

Lynda Sanchez

To many ads

Cindy Turner

this. game. is. fun.

Linda Smith-Fort

No had it

Mary Jo Ronning

I am so addicted to this game. great graphics. Very fun game.

Janet Rafail

It's a little bit challenging but I still love it!

Mama Valkyrie

False advertisement like every ad for games like this

Scott Jones

I like it a lot.


would give 5 stars but you really do need to buy the ad blocker. it's a fun game but the ads are overwhelming

Leona Hill

like this game

Sheryl Myers


Vickie DuJat

Awesomely fun..

Lecia Reeve

Your constant 30 second commercials are ridiculous. Uninstalling. Really! 5 hands without any bingo ball or puzzle piece. What a fraud. Fake. Fake. Dishonest. Do not download

Cathy Cooper

To many ads!

Audrika Mitchell

cute little game

Rick Wright

Fun and very easy to play. The cards are bright and easy to read.

Darlene Genovese

too many ads.

Luis Lopez


Corinne Jackson

it was a little boring but then it got kind of interesting because it started throwing out fish

Debra Benson

Game is not played as advertised 🖕🖕🖕 UNINSTALLING

Susan Everett

This is very much fun, although there are way to many ads everytime you finish to collect any reward at all. Even though they responded that they will improve the ad situation I still feel the same until they do. I'm glad they responded, but most all games will say anything to get you to play.

Tracy Courtney

fast, fun, colorful, relaxing.

Shirley Raivo

enjoy game relaxing

Jazzmyn Marcel

love this game so relaxing


fun game

marilyn lemm

2games in it fun

Maria Campos

it's a cute game love feeding the fish

fran Stevens

love it

Rita Crowell-Gonzalez

to many ad's

Kevin S

Not the game they advertise. Don't bother wasting your time downloading.

Ray Mendoza

great game

Mary Jo Ray


ricky spriggs

Good game just not enough fish tanks

talitha hill

I like this game cause it motivated my brain and it fun to play when you be thinking about something that keep you stressed and all types of games will release all that stress off of us and read and watch gospel movie and listen to music it will do it all relax you and keep a lot of stressed off of us and motivated my brain and help us too learn and strengthen our bodies in my mind and give knowledge and help us do more and teach us more than we every know before and keep peace and our hearts

Dianna K

I love playing solitaire and I truly like fish 🐟 as long as you don't mess it up and just leave to enjoy my fish And my solitaire game all is good@

Kathie (Kathie)

I love solitaire watching the fish is fun

Sarah Howard

The game is fun and it's cool that they include facts about the different fish. I wish there was a daily challenge, though.

ML Smith

I would give it a 5 if it weren't for all of the adds for games that I would never play and find repulsive. I do like the graphics and animation of this version of solitaire.

Pamela Sewell

fun game!

Jerry Swartwood

fun so far

Monica Sandoval

fun, but ads after EVERY game is too much

Tyrone Terry

love it

Lisa Stutzman

It is fun &easy to play.....Lisa S.


I love ❤ this game but it has to many advertisements and it doesn't have a calendar or levels to play, to achieve higher levels. Nothing. Not even opt to pay free/ no advertisements. Nothing.

Robert Tuttle

good little game

Ronel Hoy

I really like this game

Kimberly Witcher

Here, 🐠🐟 fishy..

Gerry Stiner

I originally gave it a 5 star review until I kept watching full commercials and not receiving my bonus. There has also been a ton of times that the balls will not stop spinning in the bubble gum machine where I don't get a fish but still charged the coins.

Kathleen Thomason

this game is fun.

Betty Gaines


Pamela Babl

Lot of fun!!!

Christene Metz

Love the game but too many ads

Joyce Blythe

it's so cool and cute with the different kind of fish

Joan Elligott

It's a relaxing game

Pamela Gordon

This game is really great 😀💯👍

Leilani Singh

Totally boring one game put in after every ad,.

Rosalind Matthews

it's the animation for me the floating fish containing me why I play this game really has no answer keep up the good workout👍🏽👍🏽💜

Jean Ruble

Very slowly

Annie Washburn

I need help with the app that consistently closes before I can play and I've already uninstalled it and reinstalled it.

Lois Reece

I don't know why but I really like this game

Henry and EJ Belcher

fun game to play

Magdalena Vaca

I like the game, but they keep short changing on the coins, not a right count


Like the different kinds of fish, very decorative

Jessie Butterfield

It's a good game and kills time! I want to know what some of the videos you guys show with some girl with hairy legs and lighting a stove has to do with fish? Not trying to be rude or anything was just curious why you advertise a fish game with no fish in some of the advertising? All In all it's a good game.

Bonnie OLeary

I enjoy this very much! It would be nice if you earned more coins during play.

doug smith

lots of so far no adds

Mary Ellen Ross

great game, I wish it would get harder the longer you played it.

Jenni Montgomery

I should have listened to the other reviews about ads. It is a fun and relaxing game and I understand why ads are needed, however this is just beyond excessive. There is an ad after every single game & as others have said, there is no way out of them until they are ready to let you out. It also keeps repeating the same ad time after time which makes it more annoying! Unfortunately, I will be uninstalling.

Jeanette Harbaugh

fun relaxing

Rita Basmajian

I find it entertaining, while playing solitaire as well!

Shannon Adams

cute and easy to play. Very relaxing and entertaining

Demetrius Burleson

Not like game advertising

Chin Chin



fun game really like it

Rokue Jackson

This games is would be exciting except for trying to make you download a new version . I just started playing this game.

Joy McGuire

love the game...hate that every time you get logged out you lose everything and have to start over...

Thomas Fisher


AAletha Benadie

would recommend playing this game anywhere. so relaxing