Solitaire 3D Fish

Author: Polar Bear Studio

1,000,000+ install


Solitaire 3D Fish – One of the most popular & best FREE solitaire card games for you.

Detailed info

File size: 69M
Update time: September 10, 2021
Current version: 1.0.30
Require Android: 4.1 and up
Developer: Polar Bear Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review

Jason Alvis

I like turtles!

Lisa Pappoe

I love the game

Amy Vogel

Fun and Addictive and a great way to relax after a long day

Charles Moss

I turned off quick play so I could move each card.

Bumble Bee

There are a lot of beautiful fish and some crazy ones too. The only draw back is it takes a while to accumulate coins to get them. However I have played for a while and haven't had to purchase anything.

Robert Toon

I rate this one right at number 1 of my fav list

Mongziniqoue Basson


Denise Hughes

Best solitaire games ever

Debbie Gunter Wedd

I like this game but I'd love it if it had tourneys and leaderboards!!!

Johnny Lypka

l love the fish😃.

Wendy Moates


David Quartieri

good, better if would go faster.

Rose Amron

Lots of fun

Lynn Gardner

Cute game.

Debra Peters

I totally enjoy the relaxing calming affect.

Angelina Matthews

it's fun keep my mind off of bad things going on....

Timoffey Slobodyaniuk


Darlene Cade

Lots of fun!

Maggie C

love it

Ann Mc.

I ve never had any problems with the app, and I love the fish if you touch a fish on the screen,, it's as if they feel you and they will do tricks and flips for you ! It's a trip, I find it to be very relaxing before bed to unwind ! But they need to be fed more often, but you have to pay coins and money is short and buying and saving fish is expensive ! I saved a gang load of them, but a couple shakes of that food ,,, per feeding,,,,, it just won't do ! Hee hee hee. LOL great game guys

Lisa Jackson



I love that I can play without internet!!!

Kim Openheimer

cute fishing solitaire game🐬🦀🦪🐟🐠🐋🦈

Carly Stevens

addicted to this game. be good if you could save it and login if you have to change phone

Edward Sims

its my favorite game try solitaire fish 3D

Theresa Rogers

Fun game. I pretty much just started. will update later.

Marsha Mason

love the game. wish there were fewer advertisements, but I do love this game.

Misty Lynn Guidry


James Welch

Too many ads, game play is fun. Unless you play constantly, you won't win many of the side games, puzzles...etc. Still a decent game.

Ronnie Ray

I really enjoyed the game for a long time but the adds have gotten much more frequent and worse, some adds will just freeze up the game. I understand "free" and "adds" but so many adds have over powered the fun of the game. So it is time to uninstall the game.

Robert Prieshoff

good app

Snow Toh

The game keeps hanging once advertisement is run and i have to replay the game again. Please fix this!

Samuel Adam

really really fun

Virginia Arrington

I just started playing this game and I really enjoy it, it's very relaxing and fun to play I would envite anyone to play this game 👍

Michael Christie

Its like push button solitare

Diane Moore

Nice snd easy, relaxing😁

Atticus Fincher


Israel Acevedo

Very entertaining

ttv_modify671 l

Such a simple game to play. I win all the time. getting a prize at the end is so much fun no j

Nicole S

Could not update had to reinstall fun but too many ads, now it keep keeping me out. And they added a pickie bank will delete now they will cap how many coins you can buy... Ans i bet each time it gets full you have to bou another one 😂 lol...

Andrea Gallagher

Pretty fun game, not too too many adds.gets challenging the further u get.

Shawna Bordages

way too many ads in this game

Joe Pando


Dawna Cunningham

it's cute and fun

Karen Gezernik

really fun to play while in hospital



Patricia White

love 💕 it

Nancy Buckner

I "bought" a fish with 250 coins but he's never shown up in my game. after several days of playing, I can't get more than the 2 fish I have.

Ana Banana

This is a great game for teaching young children how to play solitaire. Most games are solvable, so there's little frustration. The graphics are very kid friendly, the ads aren't many and there are incentives to play. It's a fun game for the grown-ups too.

Laura Williams

lot's of fun!

Ingrid Beth

Very fun Solitaire Game! 🙂

Luis Rivera

Good app to start the morning

Beth Martin

so much fun

Scott Dunlop

AWESOME game! No hang-ups or any trouble at all! Colors are Fabulous!

Elena Lerch

i like the game, very relaxing. but i dont like sound or music, i have it off but the sound keeps coming on. i cant stand it !!!!!

Jodie O'Toole

good game easy to use fun for all ages



Diane Miller

fun winning new fish

Toni Remer

I understand that ads are a necessity in order to keep the game free but JEEZ, an ad after every single play??? That's annoying as all hell. Uninstalling the game immediately!!

Marion Chupp

It is an easy and fun game to play. Helps to keep my mind from over loading. It is relaxing.

Eva Fimbrez


Liz Sands

I used to look forward to this game but recently the ads are longer than the moves. It is too much and NOT FUN ANYMORE.

Donna Cummins

fun to play. keeps my attention.

Willie Glenn

Where did the girl go the game was fun other then that

Aya Hoss shaar


Lecia Reeve

Your constant 30 second commercials are ridiculous. Uninstalling

Rose Co

nice to play it so easy


Any app from UNITY IS A SCAM I Had 3 Amazon gift cards pending for 6+ weeks I tried to get support to get me my payouts. No such luck

leslee shrewsbury

to many adds

Lori D

Too many ads! The game started off fine, but now after every game, there is a stupid ad. Uninstaller because it is quite ridiculous.

Marsha Patterson

I love it soooo fun & colorful & prizes of fish !!!!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳🙋😁😁🤣🤣🙋

Charles Chism

moves automatically

Pastor Sonja Lynette Burch

Awesome card game.

Catherine Knight



Good game I think

Stacy Beletzuy

good game to play when relaxing love it....

Selena Smith

Fun game to play


I do enjoy playing

Richard Young

Ads Ads Ads then more ads, and not new Ads but the same idiot ads over and over! And when you win a game, you get 10 coins and watch a Ad, you can watch the same Ad for 25 coins without playing Solitaire. STUPID STUPID STUPID !!! It just crashed on me, went to get a 1400 point fish, ate the points and crashed.

Charles Anderson

fun relaxing game

Brady Rhinemiller


Victor Herrera Daliva Sr.

very good

Lorraine Viljoen

i love this game i like solitair games but this one is different in the beginning it was sticking but seems to be ok now thank you for this lovely game

Karen Bertschy

Love the game but I got a new phone & installed it but it took me all the way back to level 1 & I'm currently on level 267. Anyway this can be fixed

Anna Domingue

love playing it is fun

Roxanne Vialpando

I love the game it's challenging and fun

Kim Webster

Too many ads. If I get ads, it's okay to get boosters for watching them. But I get pissed off if I have to watch them for nothing.

sharon williams

love 💕 the fishies I wish they would play more like real life

Candace Crupi

This game was supposed to be a 3-d multi level solitare. And after soooooo many games I'm still at the same level!

Annie Lovell

it is so fun I love it

Sharon Leason

Enjoy playing this game

Wayne Lewis

Fun way to kill some time

Emma-louise Fish

i like the game and its a good time waster, however whne it comes to needing the 'magic wand' when youve ran out of moves i think you should always have the option to either pay the 25 coins or watch a video, not just watch a video or give up because you end up spending more time watching 30 second adds than playing the game

Gordon Galbraith

I am about to Uninstall the game. I previously gave it 5 stars... it now plays in game commercials I can't get out of. For a phone reboot to get out of the gane. I can then restart the game as normal (what ever that meanz).

Christina Lynn

a fun game ilove solitare card games.

Stephanie Sundstrom

The fish and aquariums are adorable. The challenges are fun but tough. Though not impossible. I HATE that you start all over if you change phones or have to reinstall this game. DoNOT buy any fish. The ones in each aquarium aren't themed for the specific aquarium. But the special fish from challenges are. You get most for free and have coins saved up for when there are special offers. BEWARE their contact us link just brings you to PayPal to send them money. You can't get help or ask a question

Jordan Baker

the children love it. it is a good way for them to learn their nmberd.

christopher laird

wonderful play and not a lot of ads

Carl Pharis

This is the most entertaining game that I have played in a long time. Games within the game. I love it!

Christal Ellard

Great game, ads optional for boost only!