Sniper Mission:Free FPS Shooting Game

Author: JoyMore Inc

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Sniper Mission:Free FPS Shooting Game – Hold your breath and observe calmly…quietly wait for the arrival of the prey!

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File size: 86M
Update time: July 26, 2021
Current version: 1.1.1
Require Android: 4.1 and up
Developer: JoyMore Inc
Price: Free
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Customer review

amol Desai

Best game

Stuart Barbarini


Rosalindq Basco

😍😍😍😄😄😄sniper mission ok

Anton Thomas Punzalan

Funny and awesome

Shah Baloch

ᗯOᗯ! ᑎIᑕE GᗩᗰE ᑭᒪᘔ ᗰOᖇE ᑌᑭᗪᗩTE I ᒪIKE TᕼIᔕ GᗩᗰE ᗯOᗯ😍

Rushikesh Baswat

Verry nice game


Thought this game was great

Oliver Stiles

it would be five stars if the Lucky thing wasn't so annoying it makes you want to play until you hit a bomb and lose everything also the game is nearly impossible to progress in after the joker boss because the rifles cost Dimonds which are super hard to get without buying them they expect me to have diamonds for a sniper rifle please fix this please make it that you don't lose everything in Lucky and that snipers rifles cost in game cash or I will never progress past chapter 6 without help

Jose Santiago

Very good games

Ajay Gupta

Good game but the most frustrating and awful thing is ad's are not coming.I download today and also I'm using good internet connection as well but still ads are just not coming for prizes.Lucky wheel ads are same as well.This game deserves 4 starts but because of this I'm giving 1.If it continues I'm gonna uninstall this game.

Bernard Leonard

I don't play this game very often!! But when i do it's always entertaining and fun!!

Pappu Boss

Very nice game

Tyler Jacobs


مهدی س

کیرم دهنتون

Surjitsonu Birdi

Best game Ever

Sabelo Mdakane


Jon Ferguson

This game is awesome and lots of fun. Please keep up the great work on this game.

Kenneth Sandusky

No new updates! I'm at level 10 and no level past that! Needs a update.

Lonnie Smith

Nice set up


Totally satisfied ☺️, more games like this would be very appreciated 👍. This game i really like. Thank you 😊.

Ali Muhamid

Lovely game

Ashish Murmu

Athena is

carey cacay

Nice game. Very entertaining.

Rehan Ahmad


Sai Shanmuga

Super ♥️♥️♥️ Bhshrhehh

Thandram Subramanyam

Sniper mission

Mahmoud Sparta

Nice 🙂

Nyein Min

Good Sniper Mission:Mafia...

Lonnie Sides

Same scenario over and over again.

Miles Carpenter

Okay guys for your weapons y'all really need to fix that because all your weapons are set where you have to use your diamonds you need at least have one tier weapon for your regular currency on every tear at least one!

Faiza Atique

It's good game nice action good graphics nice aim system long live Pakistan ever


You guys can make a ww2 game

Jim Ball

The game is fine, but be advised, the adverts to get double points etc, freezes then you lose money, I think all the time I have been playing this game, I must have lost 300,00 coins and 650 diamonds due to this. Are the developers aware of this problem..

Dennis Lottering


Shilpi Biswas


Dana Keewatin

It's a great game for everyone so I like it

Jimmie Blackburn

It's ok, lots of ads. Gotta pay the bills though.

Christian Singleton

Is cool game I like it

Pete Florez III

Fun, but whenever I try to watch an ad to double my reward it doesn't allow me to watch the ad

Totie san Agustin



Great game

Den West


Eddie Dilbeck

Haha this is a different presentation of these shooting games! I like the change from the Same Ol'

Derek Smith

Was a Awesome game now it's boring. Only lvl I play is PVP Mode and it's would be awesome but I shoot at there head and miss and they shoot me and I get killed. Would like to c more levels and more Clothing more Sniper Rifles. Also would like to have a Hand Gun for short range kills.

Terence Goh

Sniper team what do you need us

Debbie Flowers

Nice game

William Monz

Easy to play so far!!

Rico Alminar

Im giving a 4star coz the game is awesome

james salmo

i liked this game at first but then you get to chapter 6 and it expects you to have 1,600 diamonds to able to buy a tier 6 rifle to progress through the story the problem with that is the fact that the missions don't give much diamonds so you're only two options would be to watch a dozen ads or buy the diamonds. Please fix this

mujabir hussain

Lovely game

vishnu sahrma

So swit game then you play free time

Siddhant Gogia

Game is awesome, levels are good, user interface is good overall 4 out of 5. I only hate the fact that as the game reaches its end it keeps showing more and more ads, 3 ads just to get to next level. I have also made a gameplay on this game you can check it out on YouTube @Sigog and you can check the out on my YouTube channel and can decide whether to play it or not.

Sathya Kumar

Pwuiiw Simon sush

Tim Cox


Luis Colon

Not for me

Robert Robillard

I, am giving a 5-Star Rating for the Game, Overall Gamplay ... However, the ONLY Gripe, is the "Removal of Ads" Seeing that You would have to Pay, either $6.49 (Month) or $2.59 (Week) in Order to Join *Premium, which Disables Ads .. it is not Practical. You should be able .. to BUY, anything within the Store & any Purchase over $5.00, should "Disable the Ads" Having to Pay a Monthly or Weekly fee, to do so ... is NOWHERE Practical for Me. The Game is VERY Fun, Good Controls, Sounds & Gameplay & with NO BUGS to Speak of, makes this a *Instant or *Must Download If, You like 'Sniper' Games. The Above mentioned Gripe, about the Ads, is it's ONLY Downfall. Thanks Developers for a Good Game!!! Regards :)

Robert Minch

Its just fun even though its cartoon quality. But killing bad guy's pficeless

Winston Besada

I love this app

Josh Fox

Your first gun they make you pay for the second one that's pretty lame everything from the first gun on is pay to play

Richard H

Wonderful game. Just wish there was more levels.

wullie rodger

Fun enough would be better if they didn't want to sell you upgrades and premium though as they're too expensive.

Valencio Rojas

I like It play everyday it so fun

Jarrod Lack


Richard Plunket

Not much realism , forces you to upgrade if you want to or not better games out there uninstalling

Robert Hernandez

It is a mission, Sniper Game.True it😁👍

Daeng Salleh

Now everything still hang for "downloading". You want us to play but how do we want to play when we cant download the progress?

Jaime Andrade

This game is cool but I was on episode 4 level 3 & before it game me a choice to get the next gun with the mission money or buy it with Dimond but know that I have enough money it doesn't give me the option.

Natalie Genoe

I think it's good because it's is a really good sniper game for young kids and teenagers and adults if they want

Brandon Berry

Good game overall, could pay more prize $, and its a little heavy on the ads. Short levels. I like the Interesting graphics style

rinku saha

Worst game ever made moth*rfuc*king game always crashes.

philip acebuche


Lommryla9826 Begum


Tim Cox


Terry Kilduff

Fun but too many ads and pay walls

J Free

This is a great n fun game to play but it keeps kicking me out after u watch a couple ads n then its not want to to load the main missions in chapter 3 its is a really awesone game though i wish they hurry n fix it cuz i really enjoy it

Jason Johnson

Entertaining game to pass the time!

Namarome Annet

Let it not be online because every other thing that talked about their under paper where they send some notes to see whether the game is good or nice but all of them are true I just know it but I don't have that I don't have that to play it everything I just beg of you please people support me I don't know what it's online or come back and see

Eric Patterson

Very realistic scenerios. . .


Same forced ad garbage where you spend more time with forced ads than playing.

Daniel Thompson

That is so cool game thanks

Sai Sankalp Das


David Pemberton

Make sure you don't ever get a new phone after spending money on this game, you'll lose everything.

Mark Mitchell

Not a bad game, too glitchy start and stop wait.

Amirabbas Dashtdar

بیست 20

Chad Banks

Love the game, but sometimes my screen goes crazy after I watch an ad!! Other then that, I like it!!

Robin Evans

👌 nice

Michelle Palmer

Far few adds but 5 seconds so doesn't really matter but overall good game to play pretty easy.

Manasa M

This game is sooooo cool and cool sniper

Sorena parsapour

its for under 10 years old...and every 10 second show u ads ! Between 2 mission show 2 or 3 ads 👎 tnx for support 🙏

Ronald Medley

This Game is fun 😊, but it want U to spend money on stuff, but it's up to U to spend the money 🤑 💰 on this game, but all could say in this it's fun 😊 and my Grandson loves it too

Tim Ferguson

Fun easy sniper game

Arman Alamdari

this game is awesome belive me download and enjoy

Patrick Longberry

Ehhh... Its Aight I Guess ;)

Chris Patton

A good game to pass time with.

John Campbell

What's with all the ads all of a sudden? Used to play flawlessly but now there are ads constantly every few seconds!! Disappointed as this game was class.

Ava Alina

The game is lagging Please do something

Jett Thomas

Ads even before game starts. Ads shut down game and log you off. Game fails to upload mission and logs you off.

Scott Nunya

Game use to be fun. Now they have more ads and it takes 2 to 3 shots (with a level 9 gun totally hopped up) . Not worth playing anymore. P.s. I only play pvp because you can't use any gun on just any level. You have to choose the gun that is the same level you want to play on.

Ty Ty Jackson

Awesome 👍👍👍👍👍

Stacy Carlson

I loved this game but with the latest updates I can't play any of the missions now. I can only play the pvp